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Raw Results 12/1/14 – Sheep Hate Bullies That Make Them Bleed

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RAW Results December 1, 2014
From BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

The Authority is out of power. Bryan was the GM last week, and the Anonymous Raw GM is in charge tonight!

Raw Starts


Recap from Survivor Series, and The Authority being tossed out of power on the start of Raw last week. Trip says we'll beg for them to come back, then Bryan came out and got right in their faces! Bryan worked over Rollins, having him tag with J&J Security against Cena and Ziggler. Bryan ended Raw with "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

In Ring Segment

Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! To serious heat.

Cole – Can I have your attention, please. I just received an email from the Anonymous Raw GM! And I quote, "I'm back and I'm not happy. With The Authority out, this company needs a leader, someone with industry-wide respect. I can't leave Raw in the hands of a row of washed up Superstars, so tonight, live...

Cena's music cuts Cole off. Into the ring, Cena points at one of his besties and give him crap.

Cena – What a paramount night we have on Raw, huh? I'll tell you, this BoD has their act together, again running Raw is the Anonymous Raw GM. What I love about the Anonymous Raw GM? Nothing! You know what the Anonymous Raw GM and Brock have in common. They both show up once a year. Let's say we live in the now. I'm here tonight, you're here tonight, but The Authority isn't. They're gone and never coming back! At Survivor Series Team Cena won, despite everything. Big Show turned his back on us and joined The Authority. Trip's underhanded attempt after underhanded attempt tried to stop us, but my teammates held on, because they had to. Everything was on the line. That night they showed what being a Superstar is all about. Why did they work so hard, and give so much? I'll tell you one reason they did it...

Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding!

Cena leaves the ring, gets in Cole's face. Cole backs off, saying he's not the Anonymous Raw GM.

Cena – I'm not going to let the most important Survivor Series, in possibly history, hand Raw over to a faceless, nameless, heartless computer.

Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding!

Cena closes the computer to pop.

Rollins' music hits, and he comes out with J&J Security in tow. Cena stays at the podium.

Rollins – Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena, give him a hand. John, I have to give you a hand myself. You're just ultra talented. You're just so good at so many things. You've got bad jokes for days, my friend.

Cena – I've got a lot of them.

Rollins – Yeah, and you're really good at waving your hand in front of your face, like a stupid little kid trying to figure out what your fingers are for.

Cena – You mean right before I defeat you? Exactly.

Rollins – Don't worry, I'll get to that. You've also become quite efficient at getting half the crowd to tell you how much you suck on a nightly basis.

Cena looks around with a smirk as a "You sold out!" chant runs through.

Rollins – You know what you're really great at John? Taking credit. Particularly taking credit that you are not due. You didn't win anything at Survivor Series. If I remember correctly, I eliminated you! I pinned your shoulders to the mat for 1-2-3. On top of that, I would have been the sole survivor, and The Authority would still be in power, if not for one man. Sting!

Cena – It was exciting to see Sting. But Team Cena had one man left. A man you had outnumbered 3-1, this man almost single handedly eliminated The Authority, including yourself. That man is Dolph Ziggler. I'm not out to talk credit, I'm out to give it to the man who got The Authority and beat you, Ziggler.

Rollins – That's neither here nor there. You say Ziggler, I says Sting, apples to oranges. That's really not why I'm out here. The question is, after a week, you have to honestly ask if the WWE is better without The Authority in power.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – No, no, no, no! You honestly believe it? All you put in to get The Authority out of power, only for the BoD to give the power to Anonymous Raw GM?

Cena – Currently taking a leave of absence, by the way.

Rollins – Last week it was Bryan. What's next, JBL?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cena over and puts JBL's hat on JBL as he laughs and poses.

Rollins – Okay, cool, but it could be anybody. It could be Batista! He's proven he's terrible at wrestling, terribly at acting, maybe he'd make a good GM! Or, if we're going to the Wayback Machine, why not give Eric Bischoff a call, right? He'd make a great GM. My point is that every single week it will be a guessing game. Every single week everything you worked for could be up in smoke, whatever their agenda might be!

Cena – What's your point?

Rollins – My point is that every week you come out and say this is their show, and you say you always do what's best for them, what's best for them, you and WWE, is also what's what's best for business. You are the only one with the power, before this entire show devolves into complete and utter chaos, you basically have no choice but to bring back The Authority. The power's in your hands John! You have to do it!

Cena – It's awful bossy, seems like you're barking orders at me. You're in no place to be barking orders, because I have a news flash Mr. MITB. Your trump card is gone, The Authority is fired, and they are not coming back! Before, when you had Trip and Steph in your back pocket, you could walk around and say what you wanted, and do what you wanted, and now to all of us you're a normal dude with a golden briefcase, wear way too much latex, and have two wannabe mall cops with ya! (Cena gets in the ring.) So you're not going to order me to do anything. I have the authority to bring them back.

Rollins – Do the right thing!

Cena – Ask me!

Rollins – What are you talking about? I did.

Cena – Ask me nicely.

Rollins thinks through a dueling Cena chant.

Cena – You want The Authority back? You're going to ask me nicely, and you're going to ask me nicely now!

Rollins – Will you please bring back The Authority?

Cena – I just don't believe him. He wasn't nice enough. Get down on your knee.

"Beg!" chants.

Ding-Ding! Ding-Ding!

Cena – It's their show! Maybe a pretty please? Ignore the computer! You want to bring The Authority? It's using AOL! No one uses AOL these days!

Cole – From Anonymous Raw GM, "John Cena, you and Rollins will compete in a Tables Match at TLC, further more, just ask The Authority was challenged to make them the strongest possible leaders, so shall you John, in the hopes of making you the strongest possible Superstar. If you lose at TLC, you will no longer be the #1 contender for the WWE WHC. And a new #1 contender...

Cena turns around in shock. Rollins attacks Cena from behind. They fight and Rollins tossed out. Noble and Mercury on Cena, so he fights back on them. Kane is in, a chokeslam on Cena and Rollins is in there yelling smack at Cena. Rollins under the ring, pulls out a table and slides it into the ring.

"Feed me more!" and Ryback to the ring. Spinebuster to Kane, face plant on Mercury. Clothesline on Noble. Rollins lifted high, then slammed. Kane back into the ring and attacking Ryback with a chair. Front and back, blows on Ryback.

Rowan's music. He comes out with a big boot to Kane! Noble tossed out. Rollins slammed back into the corner. Head butts to Rollins' face.

Big Show is there on Rowan, tosses him from the ring and attacks Rowan outside. Big Show with the top layer of stairs. He lifts them, then knocks Rowan down with them.

Ziggler's music, runs down, dives for the ring, caught by Big Show. Ziggler free and Big Show eats post! Ziggler pulls out a ladder.

Ziggler turns and Harper slams him back to the apron, pinning him between apron and ladder.

In the ring Rollins sets up table. Cena fights back, gets Rollins up for an AA, but then Harper is in the ring with a big right to Cena. Big Show in with a KO on Cena. Rollins tells J&J Security to lift Cena. They get him to his feet, then they lift Cena, and they triple power bomb Cena through the table Rollins had set up.

(Through all of this, the Anonymous Raw GM laptop screen never changes. It looks exactly the way it did before Cena cut Cole off in the beginning of this segment.)


Ringside Segment

Cena can barely stand. Selling the KO punch with the DOC and ref trying to help him up the ramp. More with Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler.

Announce Segment

Cole says Anonymous Raw GM set up a match between Big Show and Rowan. Also Harper, Kane and Rollins faces Ryback, Ziggler and Cena in the main event.

Tag Team Turmoil Match for #1 TTC Contendership – Dusts vs A New Day (to start)

Dusts to the ring.


A New Day out to the ring. They work the fans the way they did on Smackdown, lots of clapping. Rock, paper, scissors and Woods is out.

Kofi on Stardust, drop kick by Kofi. Stardust hisses at the fans, but then eats another drop kick. Stardust tags out. Hip toss on Goldust. Big E tags in, whips Kofi into Goldust. Big E on Goldust for two.

Shop block on Big E, Stardust tags in and on Big E with blows. Stardust to the mat, kicks up on Big E. Kofi with a blind tag, and hit their new finisher for three.


Kidd & Cesaro


Cesaro flips Kofi and slams him to the mat. Kidd tags in, kicks Kofi in the ribs, then chokes Kofi in the bottom rope. Snap mare on Kofi, then Kidd with a reverse side headlock on Kofi on the mat! Kofi up, elbows free. Kidd scoops Kofi and slams him to the mat. Big E is able to tag in with clotheslines. Big E lands a belly-to-belly, wipes sweat, tosses towel, then splashes Kidd. Kidd scooped, but Cesaro in to save Kidd. Cesaro over the top to the apron, then Kidd on the apron. Both clotheslined off the apron. Kofi tags in, Big E lifts and tosses him out onto Kidd and Cesaro. Kofi off the top, but then Dusts are there, distract and Kofi is pinned.



Jimmy on Cesaro, but then thrown by Cesaro. Cesaro takes rights, then a bum slam in the corner. Jimmy pins for two.

Jey tags in, off the top on Cesaro. Kicks on Jey, and Kidd tags in. they both stomp Jey down in the corner. Kidd loses grip on Jey's hand, so Jey changes the move. Cesaro with a blind tag. Outside Kidd uses Nattie as a shield, then Cesaro attacks Jey from behind.


Facelock on Jey on the mat. "Usos!" chants from the fans, led by Jimmy. Jey dives for his brother, Cesaro catches him, then powerbombs Jey to the mat for two.

Kidd tags in, but Jey fights back on Cesaro and Kidd. Both Jey and Kidd are down. Jimmy tags in, clotheslines Kidd, back kick, then upper right. Samoan drop on Kidd, but Cesaro breaks the count.

Jey clotheslines Cesaro from the ring. Kidd holds Nattie's hand to keep from being dragged in. Kidd kicked to the head, Jimmy tags in. Jey flies out on Cesaro. Jimmy on Kidd for three.


Rose & Bunny

JBL thought it was over, then more music hit as the last team came out.

Jey rolls Rose up for two. Rose fights back hard on Jey. Naomi is watching the match on a monitor backstage. Bunny steals the tag and climbs. Rose yells at him to get down. Rose pushed into the corner, Bunny lands hard. Bunny fights back and takes Jimmy down hard for two.

Rose tags in, yells at the Bunny to get out of there. Bunny won't leave. Superkick on Rose into Bunny. Jey tags in and flies on Rose for three.

Winners – Usos (17:20)

Video recap of the high points of the last match and the win. Usos celebrate in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Naomi is all smiles at her husband.

Miz – Congratulations. I'm, ah, looking forward to facing Usos, and seeing you in action tonight. I voted for you to be AJ's partner on the WWE App, so...I saw your music video. Impressive twerking. I normally wouldn't do this, but talent shouldn't be wasted. I, uh, I know this producer that would be interested in working with you, you should give him a call.

Miz pulls out a business card and hands it to Naomi.

Miz – Think about it. We'll be in touch.

They leave, then Mizdow comes back, pulls out an invisible card and hands it to her. Naomi plays along and takes it!

Backstage Segment

Limo pulls up backstage. McMahon steps out in a pinstriped suit, blue shirt, red patterned tie with blue knot. (looking snazzy)



Seth Green is going to be hosting the Slammy Awards next week on Raw!

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the start of the show. Shows video of Big Show flattening Rowan.

Backstage Segment

Tom Phillips is backstage with Rowan who is wearing his mask, and playing with Rubik's Cube.

Tom – After being smashed by those stairs earlier, are you regretting targeting Big Show last week?

Rowan simply looks up and shakes his head slowly.

Tom – Can I ask why? I mean, you've been a mystery to the WWE 'Universe', and I did a little investigating. You have an IQ of 143, which is bordering genius level. You're a classically trained guitar expert. You're a vintner. An award winning vintner, which is a wine maker.

Rowan simply slowly nods.

Tom – So, with all that going for you, why target Big Show?

Rowan slides up his mask.

Rowan – He's a bully.

Down comes the mask. Rowan puts the completed cube in Tom's hand, and walks away.

Rowan vs Big Show

Big Show comes out to the ring, talking the whole way.

Big Show – You're damn right! You're damn right, I'm a bully. Why? Because I can be! That's why. I have to be a bully. You think I've forgotten the people who betrayed me?

"You sold out!" chants. Big Show into the ring.

Big Show – You sold out on me. You think I care about your respect now? I just care about hurting people now. You just send the next person down, Rowan, and I'll show what a mean and nasty giant I am!

Rowan to the ring. Off comes the mask.

Rowan on Big Show with blows, takes Big Show to the mat. Big Show rolls out yelling, pissed off. Big Show in, Rowan follows and eats a clothesline from Big Show. A blow on Big Show. Another blow on Rowan. Big Show all over Rowan on the mat. A big boot to kneeling Rowan. Big Show kicks Rowan around on the mat, talking smack the whole time. More kicks and stomps to Rowan on the mat, continuing to talk smack. Rowan up, gets a blow in, but taken down again by Big Show. "You sold out!" chants. Big Show chokes Rowan in the second rope. Short clothesline on Rowan. Big Show pulls Rowan up by his beard. Big Show to a knee, putting a neck and arm hold on Rowan. Rowan back up and lands a couple clotheslines, then splashes Big Show in a corner. Rowan clotheslines Big Show over the top. Rowan out, on Big Show with a huge forearm to Big Show's back. Head butt to Big Show. Big Show reverses and Rowan into the stairs. Big Show takes the top of the stairs and slams them onto Rowan. The ref calls for the bell. Big Show lets go of the stairs, the problem is that they bounce when he drops them, and a corner (forked end toward the ring) of the stairs nails Rowan in the top of the head.

Winner – Rowan via DQ (4:20)

The ref out and yells at Big Show to leave. The ref checks on Rowan who has a big red mark on the top of his head.

Backstage Segment

McMahon is walking along backstage. There's a heavyset guy dressed in a striped shirt and sombrero, and he's talking to a much smaller and shorter guy dressed in what appears to be a gladiator outfit. McMahon looks at them, has nothing to say, and continues down the hall. McMahon starts to strut, then Renee stops him to talk.

Renee – Mr. McMahon, given the state of the WWE...

McMahon – I'm so happy, Renee, I could whistle! Unfortunately I never learned how to whistle, but I'm so happy because tonight, immediately after Raw, and exclusively on the WWE Network, I'm a part of SCSA's podcast. It's going to be so much fun.

Renee – But I was wondering, perhaps you were reconsidering bringing back The Authority.

McMahon – The only person who can do that is Cena. So, that's in Mr. Cena's hands. In my hands, SCSA. Right after Raw, exclusively on the WWE Network, and it's going to be fuuuun!

McMahon leaves laughing, and Renee is left laughing as well.

Announce Segment

Choose who do you want to tag with AJ tonight?
A – Nattie
B – Naomi
C – Fox


Fandango vs Swagger

Rosa is in the ring dancing with too much red lipstick on Fandango dances out to join her. They dance together in the ring. Swagger's music, but no Swagger. They play his music again, but nothing.

Backstage Zeb is down and yelling about his leg. Swagger calls for help and wants to know who did this!?!

Fandango poses in the ring. Rosa smiles outside the ring.

Lilian starts to announce the winner, by forfeit, but Rosa rips the mic from her hands.

Rosa says, Fandango in a very sexy voice. Fandango looks down at Rosa, then gets down and gets close to her.

Rusev's music, and he comes out abusing his flag, Lana in tow with the US Title. They head to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Sgt. Slaughter in the ring with Rusev and Lana, right in their faces, until they leave the ring without fulfilling what Bryan told them they had to do.

In Ring Segment

Lana – While you American pride yourself on freedom.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup! While you Americans pride yourself in freedom, Rusev and I were forced to recite your pathetic Pledge of Allegiance. Not only did Rusev refuse bravely, he was punished for his valor, then forced to enter in the Battle Royal to defend his Title on Smackdown. 19 men tried to defeat Rusev and they all failed! America, when will you learn that Rusev is the greatest US Champion that this pathetic excuse of a superpower has ever seen? (heat)

Rusev – For those who foolishly challenge me, have been crushed. For those who don't listen, like Zeb Colter, have been broken.

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut tup! I demand, we demand that you all rise and respect a true pledge of allegiance.

Their flag unfurls.

Lana – I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Russian Federation. And to Mother Russia for which she stands, one nation under Putin, unbreakable, with reverence and for Rusev for all. (serious heat)

Swagger's music, he comes out, strips off his shirt, and rushes the ring. Swagger takes down Rusev, beats on him on the mat. Rusev fights back with blows to the back of the head. They fall out through the ropes. Rusev sent into the barricade. Then into the next barricade. Then back to the first barricade. Refs out to stop them. Swagger pulled back, but gets free and on Rusev again. Rusev free, and at least six refs hold Swagger back



WWE 2K15, shows Taker vs Sting.

Mizdow vs Fernando

Miz and Mizdow to the ring. Los Matadores and El Torito in the ring. Video of Miz and Mizdow getting into it with El Torito before the show. El Torito stole one of Mizdow belts, posed, then fled. Miz is on announce.

Snap mare on Mizdow who is rolled up for one.

Arm bar on Mizdow, he fights back, gets an elbow up into Fernando's face. Fernando on Mizdow on the mat as Miz talks agents, managers, Seth Green and Naomi. Fernando on Mizdow on the mat. Mizdow whipped, but moves. Mizdow with clotheslines, then Miz's neck and back breakers. Fernando ducks SCF, Mizdow back with the fig 4. Fernando tags out as Miz says he made the fig 4 famous!

Winner – Mizdow (2:25)

Jimmy walks straight out to Miz, Miz stands. Jimmy punches Miz out. "Stay away from my wife!" Jey out in a hoodie, trying to calm his brother down. Video recap of the punch. Miz and Mizdow are sitting against the barricade, holding their faces, talking about what happened. Both check their teeth.

Backstage Segment

Bray – Tulsa, I'm here.



Slammy awards next week on Raw.

Announce Segment

Jimmy will face Miz on MainEvent tomorrow on WWE Network.

R-Truth vs Bray Wyatt

R-Truth in the ring. Bray to the right through serious fireflies. Video of Ambrose facing Harper last week on Raw. Ambrose was getting a chair, but then Bray attacked him. Ambrose tossed over announce, then chairs and other stuff tossed on top of Ambrose. Bray into his chair, then shirt off and to the ring.

R-Truth ducks Bray, gets a few blows. Bray comes back fast with blows. On R-Truth, yelling smack, whipping R-Truth. R-Truth moves, then Bray out of the corner with a clothesline. Bray yells for Dean, where is he? Blows on R-Truth. R-Truth whipped so hard that Bray and R-Truth both end up on the mat. R-Truth pulled up to his knees by his hair, then a reverse necklock on R-Truth on his hands and knees. R-Truth pulled up to his feet. Blows on Bray, but Bray with head butts to the back of R-Truth head. Bray drops the hold to scoop slam R-Truth. Bray with a back splash, but R-Truth moves. R-Truth with blows, then a side kick. Splash on Bray, then a full body clothesline-type move takes Bray down. Bray easily comes back, sets R-Truth up on the apron, then dripping him to the apron, face first. Back in the ring, Bray in a corner, stirring up the fans, lands his back bend and walks out that way. Bray grabs R-Truth, kisses him, hits Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Bray (4:22)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Bray stands over R-Truth, looking around, then from the ring. Under the ring, and Bray pulls out chairs. Chairs tossed into the ring. R-Truth is mysteriously gone so he won't get nailed by chairs. Next a ladder is slid in.


In Ring Segment

Bray – I'm going to tell you a little story, about a man named Jacob. Jacob used to have these dreams, these visions. He had these dreams of this great ladder! This was a very special ladder. The angels adorned this ladder because it led straight to heaven. Hahaha. This was a ladder to Jacob's maker. His maker stood atop this great ladder, and He spoke to Jacob. He told him where to lead his people to safety, and He promised to never leave his side. Oh, how glorious. Hahaha! See, I, I too dream of this great ladder, in my dreams are a little different. In my dreams, I ascend this ladder to praise no one! I look down at his world and his vile creatures he has created. All these simple minded insects, just like Dean Ambrose there. In my dreams, I see tables, ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Hahaha! Didn't have to be this way Dean.

Ambrose's music and out he comes. To the ring, and pulls Bray out. Blows, back and forth, head butt on Ambrose. Ambrose into the barricade, comes out with a huge clothesline. Bray bounced off announce, then again. Bray on announce, taking blows and head butts. Ambrose flips up the skirt, pulls out a ladder and climbs as ref are tree yelling at him. Bray to his feet. Ambrose to announce, flying off onto Bray. Finally the ref separate them and Bray staggers up the ramp. Ambrose into the ring, seething. Bray looks down the ramp at Ambrose. Ambrose tosses everything around the ring. Then Bray is held back by the refs as Ambrose throws around, trashes, and destroys Bray's chair. Bray freaks out, then backs up the ramp seething. Ambrose is under the ladder, yelling smack up at Bray.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the start of show. They go to video of Cole telling Cena he will lose #1 Contendership if he loses to Rollins at TLC. Fighting commence and both teams from Survivor Series come out and fight it out. Team Authority getting the upper hand.

In Ring Segment

Bellas to the ring.


Slam of the Week

Brie faced AJ with Nikki's help. Brie won, but AJ with some biting remarks about cheating and kissing their way to gold. Then to Smackdown when Nikki ripped AJ down verbally. AJ attacked Brie.

Bellas vs AJ &

Bellas still dancing in the ring, posing for the fans. AJ skips down to the ring.

King – It's time to see who the WWE 'Universe' voted to be your partner.

Nattie – 32%
Naomi – 48%
Fox – 20%

AJ doesn't look thrilled. Naomi out to tag with AJ. "CM Punk!"

Both Bellas with a cheap shot on Naomi. Nikki with one on Naomi.

Naomi off the ropes, into a kick to the thigh/hip. Nikki chokes Naomi with a foot to the throat, back of her neck to the bottom rope. Brie tags in with a running knee to Naomi's face for two.

Naomi whipped, Brie on her. Nikki tags in. Brie sends Naomi into a clothesline for one.

Knee to Naomi's back as Nikki wrenches her head back. Ref on Nikki for hair pulling. "AJ Lee!" chants can be heard, but not loud. Naomi slammed down by her hair. Nikki pulls Naomi up by the hair. Naomi flipped over, manages to get to AJ. AJ on Nikki with blows. Splash, then neck breaker on Nikki. AJ on Brie getting in the ring. Tornado DDT on Nikki off the corner, but Brie stops the count.

Naomi in kicks Nikki. Brie sends Naomi out. Then AJ sends Brie from the ring. Shining wizard on Nikki. Black widow and Nikki tries to hold on, but taps out.

Winners – AJ & Naomi (3:25)

AJ is still mad, but gets her arm raised with Naomi. Nikki falls out and gets in a pulling match over the strap with Brie. AJ laughs at them leaving. AJ laughs at the Bellas.

Backstage Segment

Foley is beautifully dressed at Santa, and Noelle Foley is his blonde elf!

Foley – Hohoho! It's your old friend Santa Claus at WWEShop Headquarters right here, at the North Pole. We have deals up here that will melt even the frostiest of hearts of your Grinch or Scrooge, I'm afraid I have some bad news, because it's Cyber Monday.

Foley goes on about the sales, what's for sale, etc.

Foley – We even have something for you Kane fans out there!

Foley holds up a candy cane.

Foley – If you want a special deal, listen to Saint Mick, Cyber Monday's ending soon, you'd better come real quick.

Noelle – Did you just say Mick?

Foley – No, I said Nick.

Noelle – No, I think you said Mick.

Foley – No, I specifically said N! N! Not now Noelle. Happy Cyber Monday everyone, have a nice day!


Announce Segment

Cole again goes on about Cena losing his #1 Contendership, and goes to video. Heyman is on satellite. Cole asks him about the new stip for Cena at TLC.

Heyman – I'll be happy to address that, but let me address what Cena said at the top of Raw. John said Brock Lesnar only comes around once a year. That's funny for Cena to say, because here, in the Christmas season, the family around the tree, and all the little kids get the toys that they want, it's a festive atmosphere. Why not do Christmas 365 nights a year? Because that would be stupid. It defeats the purpose, because it's special. It's unique, like an appearance by my client. Why not have each Monday called WrestleMania? It defeats the purpose, because WrestleMania is once a year. Can't miss. Must see. Like my client. If John Cena gets by Seth Rollins at TLC. A war weary John Cena has to face a fresh, rested, properly trained Brock Lesnar. The beating John Cena will receive will make the one he received at SummerSlam pale by comparison. What happens Mr. Cole if John Cena doesn't get by Seth Rollins? Who becomes the #1 Contender? My client and I are very intrigued by this. Who becomes #1 Contender? Will it be Seth Rollins who curb stomped Brock Lesnar? Who can't hide behind The Authority any longer. My acceptance of Seth Rollins' apology for that curb stomp is hereby rescinded. So who becomes #1 Contender? How about Taker? If you can find him, which you can't, since Brock Lesnar taught him that losing does Sting? How about Sting? Make him #1 Contender. You don't even have to advertise it as a retirement match. If Sting stepped in the ring with Brock Lesnar, it would be a retirement match. Let's make it fair, make the whole WWE locker room the #1 Contender. Line them all up against Brock Lesnar, it would be like throwing the human beings to the lions at the Coliseum. Brock Lesnar will eat through the entire locker room, and en masse, because Mr. Cole, there is an authority here in the WWE. There is a power, and I said it years ago when SCSA was the Champion. He who has the gold, has the power, and he who has the power, has the gold!i represent that power, because Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for that power. The can't miss, must see, reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar!

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring.


6 Man Tag Match – Cena & Ziggler & Ryback vs Rollins & Kane & Harper

Ziggler to the ring to join Cena. Video of Ziggler getting into it with Harper earlier in the show. Ryback out to join them. Video of Kane beating down Ryback earlier on Raw. Rollins out with ja in tow. Kane out to join him. Harper rounds out their team.

Cena wants Rollins to start the match. Rollins yells smack at Cena, and Harper starts. Rollins keeps yelling smack as Cena on Harper with blows. Harper whipped, comes out into a clothesline for one.

Harper runs the ropes into a clothesline. Rollins brought in the hard way and an STF on Rollins as Harper stomps end. Cena plants Harper for two.

Ziggler tags in and they double drop kick Harper for two.

Blows on Harper, but Harper blocks a neck breaker. Kane tags in with a right on Ziggler. Kane telegraphs and is kicked for it. Ryback tags in. On Kane with kicks and blows. Kane with blows, but Ryback ducks and Thesz Press on Kane. Kane slammed down over and over. "Stupid!" and a splash on Kane for one.

Harper tags in and on Ryback with blows to the ribs. Ryback comes back, stomping away at Harper in a corner. Ryback whipped, comes out with a clothesline on Harper for two.

Front facelock on Harper. Harper with blows, and upper cut, then Rollins tags in. Rollins stomps away at Ryback in the ropes, then in the heel corner. Blows all over Ryback in the heel corner, the ref yelling at Rollins for it. Front facelock on Ryback as Harper tags in and on Ryback. Ryback reverses on a distracted Harper. Chops on Harper in a corner. Harper reverses on Ryback, on him with chops. Harper yelling, Ryback's head under his arm, but Ryback blocks the move. Ryback gets Harper up, but can't hold him. Ryback gets Harper up there again, and holds him in the delayed as they go to commercial.


Back to the delayed on Harper, then the suplex for two. Ziggler tags in, but then eats an upper cut. Kane tags in. Harper with one last kick, then Kane gets Ziggler in a corner with blows. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and on Kane's back with a sleeper. Kane backs into a corner. Ziggler comes back with a kick to Kane's knee. Splash on Kane, and blows. Ziggler is then caught, but free. Ziggler off the corner into a hard right to the jaw for two.

"Ziggler!" chants. Gator roll on Ziggler. Side headlock kept on Ziggler on the mat. Harper keeps wrenching on the hold, tightening it. Ziggler to sitting, then standing. Blows to Harper, but a double chop to Ziggler's throat. Vertical suplex on Ziggler for two.

Kane tags in and pulls Ziggler up into a short clothesline for two.

Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up, blows on Kane to get free. Ziggler off the ropes into a high knee. Rollins tags in, whips Ziggler, and Ziggler to the mat. Rollins whips Ziggler again, Ziggler to the mat. The ref checks on Ziggler. Rollins works over Ziggler on the mat as JBL talks about Ziggler not caring about his body, his career, and calling him a cockroach. Ziggler pulled up by his hair. Snap mare on Ziggler. Facelock on Ziggler on the mat as fans cheer and chant for Ziggler. Ziggler bounces, wiggles, and reaches. Ziggler to his feet and Jackson Rollins' jaw. Rollins rushes Ziggler, eats corner. Hot tag to Cena. Cena with clotheslines on Rollins, slams him to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle on Rollins. Harper in, then removed by Ziggler. Ryback helps Cena suplex Kane. J&J Security knock Cena down through the ropes and Rollins gets two for it.


Blow to Cena, but then Cena with cheap blows on Harper and Rollins. Sidewalk slam on Cena for two.

Chinlock on Cena on his knees. Cena to his feet, muscles free of Kane, then lands a drop kick on Kane! Harper takes the tag and slams Cena face first to the mat for two.

Harper pulls Cena up, lands blows in a corner. Cena reverses a whip and Harper to the mat. Both men are down. Ryback and Ziggler want in. Big boot to Cena for a long two.

Rollins tags in, yells at Harper to hold Cena. Rollins up top, waves his hand, mocking Cena, off the top onto Cena. Rollins punches and mocks Cena. Cena comes back with a big right and both are down! Cena reaches for a tag, eats a clothesline. Rollins stomps away on Cena, drops a leg, then locks onto Cena's face on the mat. Cena up to his feet, muscling free, takes a forearm to the back of the neck. Rollins tries to splash, eats corner. Both are down. "Feed me more!" chants! Ziggler gets the tag, as does Harper. Ziggler all over Harper, lands his epic elbow. Harper shoulder first to the post. Ziggler with a famouser, Rollins breaks the count.

Ryback in, and they're all fighting in the center of the ring. Cena climbs and take out everyone in the ring. Cena gets Kane up, but then free and Cena eats a big boot. Ryback takes Kane down. Rollins flies with a knee to the side of Ryback's head. Ziggler takes Rollins out with a DDT! Harper swinging side slam on Ziggler for two.

Harper pulls Ziggler up, sets him up, but Ziggler down Harper's back and pins him for three.

Winners – Ziggler & Cena & Ryback (25:48)

The fighting continues, all of them fighting in the ring. All of them back and forth. Big Show out with a head butt on Ryback. Kane and Big Show on Ryback in the ring. Then Rowan is there, coming down the ramp with the top part of the stairs! Harper is taken out on the ramp. Then Kane at the bottom of the ramp. Rowan holds the stairs and Ziggler sends Rollins into them. Big Red slides the stairs into the ring. Big Show grabs Rowan in one hand, Ryback in the other, but then eats a superkick from Ziggler! Ryback clotheslines Big Show. Cena in, lifts Big Show and lands an AA! Rowan lifts the stairs again, as Ziggler, Ryback and Cena lift Big Show and send him into the stairs! Rowan tosses the stairs out. Raised hands across the ring, and all four celebrate with Big Show prone on the mat.

Cena tentatively extends his hand to Rowan. Rowan shakes it. Rowan then stands over Big Show. The knot on his head is huge. Rowan rubs the knot, then points down at Big Show with two and yells at him. Rowan continues to point down at Big Show, talking and rubbing his face and head with the other hand.

Biggest Pop
AJ Lee

Biggest Heat
Big Show

Greatest Surprise
Santa Foley & Elf Noelle

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