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WWE Raw "Open Thread" Watch Party - Live Results & Discussion


Pre-RAW Commercial

Taker, Punk, Cena, Trip and The Rock are there live tonight on RAW!

Show Starts


Tonight on RAW – Cena says it's a shot at redemption, but The Rock knows he can beat Cena. They're both there live tonight. Cena says his time is now. The Rock says he'll beat Cena again. Then Taker give Punk one chance to save his soul and return the urn. But Punk made it even more personal. Punk says he will beat the streak. Has this dishonorable act sealed Punk's fate?

In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he comes strutting out in his hoodie and black sweats, Heyman in tow, this time holding the urn high. Punk to the ring, Heyman follows holding the urn and smirking. Cole says people think Punk will be the one to break the streak. Heyman motions that he has a tear in his eye, then throws the urn from the apron to Punk in the ring like a football!

Punk puts the urn down in the center of the ring. Punk says, they says Taker's streak will never be beaten. That this Deadman is unstoppable at the grandest stage. They say that this urn feeds him hiis power and is a representation of his spirit. They say a lot of things. Who are they anyway, Paul? Do they know what they are talking about. I don't think they do. I know they don't. Everyone has opinions, but when I speak it's irrefutable fact. Let me explain. Taker, last year at WrestleMania went 20-0. 20 times he came to the ring and dispatched his opponent. It should have ended with Trip, HBK and Taker skipping off arm in arm. But Taker ruined it by coming out on his show and pointing to his sign. But now his storybook career is being rewritten by the best in the world.

Heyman claps and agrees. "ECW!" chants.

Punk grabs the urn and says to blame Taker, it's his fault. He didn't take the urn to disrespect Bearer, but because of what it means to Taker, but it means nothing to Punk, like the streak. Punk drops the urn and gets serious heat for it. Punk goes on to say Taker's a man who doesn't possess anything that Punk wants. The streak is Taker's, but Punk will break it. Now he has something Taker wants and is at a disadvantage. He's scared. Him coming back against anyone else would have been fine. He could have gone 30-0 or 50-0, but I'm Punk. No one in the world is smarter or better than me. No one will beat me at WrestleMania. I am the one in 20-1. so here I am Philadelphia. I'm waiting for the lights to go out and the magic words, rest in peace. Rest is something I've never been afforded, and peace is something I've never had. Taker, at WrestleMania, you and your perfect record will rest... in... peace.


Lights are out. GONG!

The lights come up and Taker is there attacking Punk in the ring. The urn bounces around, Heyman recovers, tucks it like a football and runs. Punk gets away and joins Heyman on the stage. Punk is all smiles as he juggles the urn. Taker runs his thumb across his throat, rolls his eyes and sticks out his tongue.


Another short Fandango promo, he will be on next.


Fandango vs ?

Fandango and his female dancer come out. He's in yellow and purple and glitter and sparkles. His outline above the ring fires up. In the ring Fandango grabs a mic and gets some solid heat. Fandango can't get through his own name before Jericho's music hits.

Jericho runs into the ring, tackles Fandango, then on him with chops. Fandango runs the ropes, catches himself and slides from the ring.

Fandango backs up the ramp with his female dancer yelling, What's my name?

Jericho vs Ziggler

Ziggler comes out with AJ and Big E. Jericho will be facing Ziggler now rather than later.

Jericho circles, but then tackled Ziggler and on him with blows. Ziggler runs the ropes into a big back elbow. Snap suplex on Ziggler. Jericho seems to have a black eye as he kicks Ziggler, but Ziggler back with blows on Jericho. "Y2J!" chants. Jericho runs the ropes, grabs Ziggler for the walls, but Ziggler kicks out. Jericho climbs, cross body for two. Jericho calls for pop from the fans with a hand to his ear.


Chinlock on Jericho on the mat. During the commercial Big E pulled Jericho feet out from under him. Ziggler with a big drop kick on Jericho for two. Ziggler stalks, then thrusts his hips as Jericho who gets to his feet, and eats a splash in the corner. Chops back and forth between the two, but then Jericho is caught in an abdominal stretch. Jericho elbows free, then hip toss on Ziggler. Shoulder tackles on Ziggler. Jericho sent over the top, lands on the apron and climbs. Double ax handle. Jericho whipped, gets a foot up, drop kick to Big E on the apron, but a big DDT on Jericho for two. Both are down.

Ziggler after the sleeper, but Jericho holds the ropes. Jericho tries for the walls, Ziggler flings Jericho off. Jericho grabs Ziggler again and locks on the walls. Ziggler taps out!

Winner – Jericho (8:54)

From behind Big E takes Jericho down. Big E gets Jericho up and hits the 5 count. AJ bounces into the ring and raises Ziggy's hand. They head up the ramp and Fandango and his dancer are out. He lifts her up on the apron, he bounces over the top rope and they dance a bit. Fandango sends her out of the ring and he attacks Jericho, the whole time yelling, Say my name! ""You can't wrestle!" chants from the fans. Jericho chops at Fandango, but then Fandango drops him. Fandango up top and hits his interesting and unique leg drop. Fandango on his knees over Jericho say, it's Fahn-danh-goh! Video recap of Big E's attack and then Fandango's attack on Jericho! Fandango and his girl dance on the stage and she drops into a split before he lifts her back to her feet.


Backstage Segment

Striker shows video of his Smackdown match to Sheamus where he got into it with Big Show. The Shield didn't make it into the ring. Striker asks about his issues with Big Show. Sheamus says that he realized that WrestleMania... The Shield attacks Sheamus and beats him down on the floor. A chair swings in on Rollins, but he's beaten down. Big Show appears and cleans house. The Shield flees as Orton and Sheamus on the floor. Big Show pulls them to their feet. Everyone glares a bit.

In Ring Segment

Henry to the ring.


WWE Rewind

Two weeks ago on Smackdown Henry facing Ryback, the The Shield attacked. Henry attacked Ryback after he was beaten down. Henry hit three WSSs.

2 On 1 Handicap Match – Henry vs Usos

Henry is still pacing in the ring, glaring. Usos are in the ring.

Henry tosses one Uso around, then he tags out. The other into Henry and kicked down. Drop kick to Henry, then the other hits back kick. A back kick, then a splash from an Uso for two. One Usos tossed from the ring. The other takes a clothesline the way his father used to – flipping through the air. WSS and Henry gets three.

Winner – Henry (1:38)

Henry leaves the ring, but then sees the Uso outside. He's sent back into the ring and Henry follows. Henry yells at him to get up! Henry pulls him up and hits a WSS on him. Henry yells, That's what I do! Henry then walks to the first Uso, pulls him up and hits another WSS. "Feed me more!" chants from the fans grow. Henry splashes the second Uso. Henry leaves the ring glaring at everyone in sight. Henry yells smack at the fans as he heads up the ramp, sweating the whole way.


Cesaro vs ADR

Cesaro to the ring in what appears to be a new Cesaro t-shirt! Justin starts to introduce ADR, but Ricardo comes out on crutches and says his legs might be weak, but his voice is strong. As he starts saying ADR's name, a crutch slides. He fixes it and finishes. ADR out and walks to the ring slowly with Ricardo. Cesaro looks as his wrist looking annoyed at how slow they are heading to the ring.

Cesaro on ADR's left arm. Arm bar, but ADR fights back in like. ADR into the ropes and Cesaro breaks. Big upper cut on ADR, then elbow drop for two. Cesaro with a headlock on ADR. ADR punches free, but takes a knee to the gut. ADR comes back with clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Cesaro. Zeb out and distracts ADR. Cesaro uses this and attacks ADR. ADR whipped, but gets Cesaro over the top. Head butt from Cesaro to ADR's jaw! Cesaro climbs and ADR pulls Cesaro's legs out. ADR climbs and hits a big superplex on Cesaro. Both men are down.

Swagger is suddenly there and tosses Ricardo into the stairs. Swagger drags Ricardo off by his broken ankle into the time keeper's area. Ricardo's ankle into the barricade. ADR out of the ring and attacks Swagger. They fight through the fans, a beautiful back kick from ADR, but then the bell and ADR is counted out.

Winner Cesaro via Count Out (3:23)

Swagger flees as ADR goes back to Ricardo and helps him. Cesaro celebrates in the ring. The doctor is working on Ricardo and ADR sees Cesaro celebrating. ADR in, pulls Cesaro from the corner and works him over. In the center of the ring ADR locks on his cross arm breaker. Cesaro taps, but to no help. ADR lets go and goes back to his bestie by announce. Video recap of Swagger's attack on Ricardo, then ADR's attack on Swagger.


Recap of Punk in the ring with the urn to start the show, including him dropping the urn and calling out Taker. GONG! Then Taker is there and attacking Punk, but Punk and Heyman flee with the urn.

Backstage Segment

Team Hell No are heading for the ring.



The Rock won a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Male Butt Kicker and was slimed.

Prime Time Players vs Team Hell No

Prime Time Players are in the ring. Fire erupts and out comes Team Hell No, Bryan yelling "NO!" the whole way. In t ring Kane calls fire from all four.

Kane kicks on O'Neil, then a back elbow for one. Bryan tags in and they double team O'Neil. Bryan on O'Neil with kicks yelling "NO!" the whole time. Kane tags in and whips Bryan at O'Neil, then a big right from Kane for two. O'Neil fights back with blows, Young tags in and they double stomp Kane, but Kane comes back with blows on Young. Bryan tags in and they double hip toss. Knee drop on Young for two.

Ziggler, Big E and AJ to the stage.

Bryan with more "NO!" kicks, but Young comes back with a big belly-to-belly! O'Neil tags in and on Bryan with stomps and blows. A big upper cut from the barking O'Neil. Young tags in. O'Neil lifts Young and slams him onto Bryan for two. Gut wrench on Bryan on the mat. Bryan to his feet and elbows, then knees to get free. Bryan with a big clothesline on Young, then Kane tags in. knee to Young's gut, boot to his face, then big drop kick to Young's face. Young whipped but gets a foot up. Young out into a big boot for two.

Young wiggles free of Kane and on him with blows, but into a sidewalk slam, but O'Neil breaks the pin attempt. Bryan pulls the rope down and O'Neil falls out. Kane on O'Neil, then Bryan off the apron onto O'Neil. Chokeslam on Young for three.

Winners – Team Hell No (4:39)

Bryan motions for them to come to the ring, but Ziggler yells smack down at them.

Announce Segment

The Shield will all fight tonight. Trip will talk about his WrestleMania match.



Recap of almost the entire contract signing last Monday.

In Ring Segment

Triple H out to the ring looking really pissed off, water bottle in hand, leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans. Trip does his normal spitting thing on the apron, then into the ring to pose on the opposite corner. Trip has a mic and says, for the first time ever he's going to WrestleMania where he loses he can't compete in this ring again. His career is over. If you go to the ring thinking your career might not be over when facing Brock, then your career is over. But he's had a 20 year career where every night he fights like his life depends on it. If Heyman thinks he's made this grand coup by backing him into a wall, by painting him into a corner then he's mistaken. Brock, I have advice for you. Show up at WrestleMania like your career is on the line. Come to fight like your life depends on it because it very well night. I'm not coming to wrestle or fight, I'm coming to kick your ass! Trip drops the mic and leaves the ring. Barrett's music hits and he comes down the ramp. Barrett motions with his head to Trip to get out of there, to go. Barrett motions with his thumb for Trip to get out of there. Trip kicks Barrett (in the slats?) and leaves him laying on the bottom of the ramp as he walks up the ramp and out.


Barrett vs Miz

Barrett is in the ring squatting in a corner recovering from what King calls a low blow from Trip. Miz to the ring. Video highlights from their Triple Threat Match with Jericho. Miz almost won, but Barrett pulled it out.

Miz ducks Barrett and hits an inverted atomic drop on Barrett and Miz tries for the fig 4, but Barrett flees the ring. Barrett back in to more inverted atomic drops. Barrett flees the ring again. Barrett back into the ring. Barrett on Miz with kicks, then whips Miz who can't float over but lands on the apron. Miz across the corner and kicked. Barrett on Miz's back with forearms, then a high knee to the gut of Miz still across the corner. Barrett gets two on Miz.

Chinlock on Miz on the mat. Miz up and elbows free. Miz reverses and rolls Barrett up for two. Back breaker, but Barrett avoids the neck breaker. Miz then elevates Barrett over the top and out hard. Miz with the ax handle on Barrett out there. Barrett rolled in, Miz in after him for two.


Barrett pins Miz for two. During the break Barrett threw Miz into the barricade. Miz in the ropes, then send outside the hard way. Barrett out and back Miz into the apron back first. Miz rolled in, Barrett pins for two. Miz's arms wrenched back, a knee in Miz's back. Miz whipped, but gets an elbow up. Miz with a drop toe hold so Barrett eats the top buckle. Miz on Barrett with lefts, then a flying forearm and a running knee. Miz's clothesline in a corner, and Miz climbs. Double ax handle for two.

Miz beats the mat in frustration. Barrett free of the SCF, then hits winds of change for two. Barrett is frustrated. Miz counters Barrett, trips him and goes for the fig 4, but Barrett pins Miz for two. Miz takes Barrett's legs out and goes for the fig 4, but is kicked shoulder first into the post. Barrett pins for two. Back kick to a kneeling Miz's head for two.

Barrett readies his elbow, loads it up. Miz ducks, rolls Barrett up for a long two. Miz then hangs Barrett up top, right in the slats. Fig 4 and Barrett taps out.

Winner – Miz (12:06)

Miz looks a bit rocked, but still standing. Video recap of Barrett getting crotched on the rope, then the fig 4. Miz stares out at Barrett on the floor.

Backstage Segment

I need you to be focused. I need you to have your mental faculties.

I need you to stop the I needs!

Kane says they're fine.

Bryan says against Prime Time Players they are, not against Ziggler and Big E, and AJ outside. She's the one who will cause all the problems.

Bryan says Kane's not over her.

Kane says Bryan isn't over her. AJ left him at the altar!

Kaitlyn shows up and says AJ screwed them all over, move on.

Bryan says AJ isn't going after her Title at WrestleMania.

No, I tried to get her to drop the troll of a boyfriend – you! (AJ appears behind them all.) This is a new AJ, the wheel is spinning, but the hamster's dead. Beady eyed, Mad as a hatter, four quarters short of a dollar certifiably crazy...

AAAARRRRRG! AJ attacks Kaitlyn from behind and really beats her down.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Superstars for Sandy Relief.

Khali & Gabriel & Ryder vs The Shield

Khali, Gabriel and Ryder in the ring. The Shield out through the crowd to face them. Video recap of The Shield attacking Sheamus, then Orton, but Big Show cleans up the mess.

Rollins on Khali with blows. Khali slaps him down, then backs him into the face corner for a chest slap. Ryder in, whipped, gets his feet up, but then Rollins beats Ryder down. Ambrose tags in and on Ryder with blows. Knee to Ryder's gut. More blows on Ryder, then a drop kick on Ryder against the ropes. Ambrose holds Ryder and tags Reigns. Ryder comes out into a huge clothesline! Ryder lifted by his head and tossed into a corner. Reigns stomps Ryder down in that corner. Ryder comes back with a back elbow and tags out.

Gabriel in and on Reigns, but Ambrose with a blind tag and a big clothesline on Gabriel. Rollins tags in and off the top onto Gabriel held in a surfboard type hold for three.

Winner – The Shield (2:36)

Khali in and tries to fight them all down, but they took his legs out. They stomp Khali down, then triple bomb Khali to the mat. Khali slowly rolls out as The Shield puts fists together in a show of solidarity.

Sheamus' music and he comes to the stage. Orton out and they come down together. The Shield wants them until Big Show appears over by announces and The Shield backs up together. Sheamus, Orton and Big Show in and The Shield attacks. Orton on Rollins, Sheamus on Ambrose, Big Show on Reigns. Big body drop on Rollins who rolls out to his team. The Shield flees through the crowd, seething as Big Show's music plays. Sheamus, Orton and Big Show celebrate in the ring, then look at the WrestleMania sign.

Announce Segment

King talks about Cena and The Rock later. Cole then sets up for video of Fandango attacking Jericho after Jericho's match, and dancing over him, then dropping that unique leg drop of his.

Backstage Segment

Jericho comes from Vickie's office. Josh asks what they discussed. Jericho says when you've been in the WWE as long as he has, he becomes a target. He's done so much, been Champ. Fandango has attacked him twice, but it means nothing. But because of Vickie, Fandango gets his shot at Jericho at WrestleMania! Now that the bullseye is on Fandango's forehead, he will never, ever, be the same, a-gain!

In Ring Segment

Here we are in the city of Brotherly Love. A city that is famous for greasy sandwiches, and a stadium that has a prison inside of it. Silence! Fear not, because tonight Rhodes Scholars has a gift for all of you. Avert your eyes so your not blinded by the dazzling incandescence of Brie and Nikki, the Bellas! The four head to the ring together



Punk facing Taker and the streak at WrestleMania in two weeks.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Funkasaurus & Sweet T

Funkasaurus and Sweet T dancing in the ring, then there pyro.

"Albert!" chants. Clay takes Sandow down. Sweet T tags in and they double team Sandow. Sweet T rushes Sandow, but misses. Sandow taken down, but Sweet T's back splash misses. Rhodes on Sweet T, then tags Sandow in and they double team. Sandow pins Sweet T for two. Rhodes tags in and and stomps Sweet T, then on with a sort of abdominal stretch. Rhodes to a corner, then clotheslined. Clay in and cheap shot on Sandow, then a rough suplex on Rhodes. Clay splashes Rhodes in a corner. Rhodes rolls out, then Bellas tend to him, then the Dactyls attack. In the ring a disaster kick on Clay for three as Sweet T pulls the Dactyls off the Bellas.

Winners – Rhodes Scholars (2:29)


About the making of GI Joe, with actors and others talking about the coolness of it all.

Backstage Segment

Ryback heading for the ring.


WWE Slam of the Week

Ryback and Henry faced off on Smackdown. Meathook took Henry down and Ryback called "Feed me more!"

Ryback vs 3MB

3MB in the ring playing air instruments. Ryback out to face them. Ryback in and all three step back a bit, in unison.

3MB confer, but we hear "Feed me more!" Slater in with Ryback, but Ryback tries to attack the other two. A Thesz Press on Slater and then a splash. Slater rolls and tags in McIntyre. McIntyre slammed into a corner, then chopped. Shoulder blocks, then Slater knocked from the apron, Mahal from the apron, but a SICK big boot from McIntyre! Mahal tags in and stomps Ryder. Slater in with blows on Ryback. Knee knocks Ryder down. Slater pins for two, but a big kick out.

Front facelock on Ryback as they replay McIntyre's big move. McIntyre tags in and on Ryback for two. An arm hold and pulling at Ryback's face, but Ryback up and slams McIntyre free. Mahal tags in with a high knee for two. Mahal stomps Ryback. Slater tags in and is whipped at Slater. Ryback moves and Ryback on Mahal. Ryback takes out McIntyre and Mahal. Slater on Ryback, but Ryback blocks Slater in a rough way. Spine busters on Slater, then Mahal. Ryback gets Mahal and Slater up and marches. Shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (4:07)

Video recap of Ryback's high points in the match. "Feed me Mark Henry!" from Ryback into the camera. On Smackdown Ryback and Henry will have a weightlifting competition.


Recap of Swagger 'breaking' Ricardo's ankle last week. Earlier Swagger showed up and attacked Ricardo again, but ADR fought back and kicked Swagger's jaw in a big way. Cole says that Ricardo's suffered a setback, but great that Ricardo was wearing that cast.

Backstage Segment

AJ skipping along and heading for the ring.


AJ vs Kaitlyn

AJ skips out in short shirts and a black boob shirt with skulls. Kaitlyn out in black pants and a black sheer top over a black bra top, Divas belt in hand. Video recap of Kaitlyn talking up AJ's craziness, then AJ attacked earlier.

AJ looks all smiles, buckle tackles her. AJ whipped and comes out into a back elbow. AJ whipped and hits the mat. AJ whipped again. AJ hugs the ropes, but then comes back with a slap, then another one. AJ pushed to run the ropes and into a really stiff clothesline! Kaitlyn gets AJ up, then a gut buster. AJ rolls out, but Kaitlyn out and kicks AJ in the gut. Kaitlyn rushes AJ, but she side steps and Kaitlyn hits the barricade in a sick way! AJ into the ring, all smiles and giddy. She lolls on her stomach on the mat watching Kaitlyn who can't get back into the ring within the count of ten.

Winner – AJ via Count Out (2:01)

Video recap of the high points of the match. AJ skips her way up the ramp, Kaitlyn is pissed.


Announce Segment

Cole says it's official that Sheamus, Orton and Big Show will face The Shield at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment

King is in the ring. He says at WrestleMania, the match between The Rock and Cena will make history. They will answer the question about who will be Champ. But tonight they will answer questions from Hall of Famers and Superstars. Out comes Booker T to King talking him up going into the Hall of Fame. Booker T is all smiles. Out comes Foley (in a suit – sort of), also getting a great Hall of Fame push from King. Dusty Rhodes comes out to join them – Hall of Fame Class of 2007. Handshakes and hugs all around the ring. Bret Hart comes out – Hall of Fame Class of 2006.


In Ring Segment

The Hall of Famers are sitting at a table. King announces the WWE Champion, The Rock! The Rock comes out to the stage, one side, then the other, then to the ring patting a child on the head on his way by. The Rock poses on a corner with the belt. The Rock shakes hands and hugs everyone on the Hall of Fame panel and King. The Rock sets up his belt on his podium and paces. King them announces Cena. Cena out shaking hands with a couple kids, then into the ring. Cena shakes hands with the Hall of Famers then looks at the WrestleMania sign and poses with his music.

King says that each of the Legends will ask one a question, they can respond, then the other can. Foley is first.

Foley says it's an honor to be on a panel with these Superstars. He teamed with The Rock at WrestleMania XX. He lost that match and felt regret for costing The Rock what they thought would be The Rock's last WrestleMania match. He felt a weight off his shoulders when Cena lost last year. Are you prepared to live with the type of regret that could accompany another lost this year at WrestleMania?

"Cena sucks!" chants.

Cena says there's no mistaking that April 7th will be a historic day for the WWE. If I win or lose, it will change the face of the WWE forever. I win I get satisfaction, the WWE Championship and redemption, if you asked me last year, I said losing wasn't an option and I lost. Losing is a very real option. Foley wants to talk regret? He will make Foley feel how he would if he lost. Donovan McNabb. (heat) Donovan McNabb. (heat) Statistically the greatest quarterback to ever wear an Eagles uniform, but Mick, listen to those in his own city remember him. Why? Because he couldn't win the big one. Philadelphia fans love their teams and deserve someone who can win the big one. Same for the WWE 'Universe' and look to the man who can win the big one. If I lose on April, 7th, I will carry like McNabb. I will carry that disdain everywhere. I may be good, but can't win the big one. That's one hell of a lot of regret, but The Rock know nothing of failure. Well, not yet, but he soon will.

"Boring!" chants.

"Rocky!" chants.

The Rock looks around and says, I don't know about failuyre? I know about failure. Let The Rock tell you something. When I was 23 I was so broke I had to get a mattress from a dumpster, from the back of an hourly motel. And I can't begin to tell you all the fun things that were soaked into that mattress I had to sleep on. A year later I got my big break, but tore my knee up. I was sent home. But I worked my ass off and came back. I came back to the WWE 'Universe' and I said just give me a mic. Two years later The Rock was the youngest WWE Champ, headlining WrestleMania right here. And The Rock has to says something and that's Finally, The Rock has come back to Philadelphia! The Rock came back to Philadelphia the youngest WWE Champ, riding high at that time. WWE Championship in one hand and Pat's cheesesteak in the other! (pop) What happened that night The Rock had his ass kicked by SCSA! I sat alone in that locker room thinking about that failure, but was going to work hard and come back as the greatest of all time. Those failures made me into the man I am today, and the man I am today is going to whip your ass at WrestleMania!

"Cena sucks!" chants.

"Rocky!" chants

King says the next question is from Bret Hart.

You're both good friends to me, but I gotto say it pained me that you both got overtaken by bad blood last year. It almost became a Bret Hart Shawn Michaels kind of thing. Looking at you right now I can see something has changed. I want to know and the 'Universe' want to know, what changed?

The Rock says he'll tell you what happened. Two guys went at it wanting to be the best. No cheap shots, just two guys going at it. After he beat Cena, Cena didn't bitch, didn't moan, took it like a man. I respect that.

Cena says I started all this when I called The Rock out in an interview years ago. The Rock said he loves the WWE, and I simply said prove it. And he did. He came back to WrestleMania 27, then defeated me at WrestleMania 28. It was billed as once in a lifetime because I thought that The Rock picked his hometown and opponent and would walk off into the sunset and we wouldn't see him, hence once in a lifetime. But the next day, the guy who says he loves the WWE and proves it saying he won't stop until he's WWE Champ which he is now. The Rock you've proven your love to the WWE. The number of times they've hung out since WrestleMania, a staggering zero. The Rock, damn it I respect you and appreciate you saying I took my loss like a man, and in 14 days we'll see how you take yours.

King hands it to Booker T.

Booker T says he's the only one who's been in the ring with both of them. It's not a question, I just think it's pretty cool. John, you say that you think you can beat The Rock, but why? Everyone want to know why you gonna beat Rock at WrestleMania?

Cena looks at Booker T, then at the fans and looks a bit pissy taking off his hat. Cena says, because I have to. That's it, because I have to! Cena wipes a tear.

Because you have to? That's it? Because you have to? What kind of shallow weak answer is that? Biggest match of your life? Why don't you wipe a monkey's ass with, I have to? Why don't you tell everyone the truth about why you have to beat me. Rip yourself open! Tell the truth!

Because you didn't beat me! You didn't beat me! You can't beat me! I beat me! (heat) That's the first time I've said it publicly, but it's fact. I get caught up in one personal moment. I come out here every single week. Some like me, some don't, it's fine. (bigger heat) Every single week for ten years I come out here and half of them are over here, and half are over here, and I just go along for the ride! You are the only person who has every clouded my judgment to make a stupid decision. King, you were there. I watched it back a hundred times, I had your ass beat! You threw every Ace you had at me – rock bottom, people's elbow – not enough! You gave the best you got, had you down and out, but what better way to beat him in his hometown than using his stupid move? (Cena is seething) One time you personally got in the way of the easiest decision of my life. That is never going to happen again. This year at WrestleMania, I step into the ring with you and do it my way on my terms because I know! You want a reason, here's your reason, I know! I know I am better than The Rock! And much more importantly, The Rock knows I'm better than The Rock!

The Rock says, here's what I do know. If you had me beat, you would have beaten me, but you didn't. King you were there, Cena threw everything you had. Before the people's elbow you threw an AA, I kicked out and left you speechless. Speechless still beat you 1-2-3. In front of these Legends of this business who I love, and admire and respect, there's one more Legend who I wanted to be just like him. He has a saying and I'm going to quote him, "To be the man,woooo, you've got to beat the man." John Cena you can't beat the man, because you are not the man! With all due respect Dusty, and you know I got The People's Elbow from the Bionic Elbow, with all due respect, between us, the rest of our lives, you will never, and The Rock means ever, be the man.

Dusty says, that's what I'm talking about. Y'all need to take those gloves off. WrestleMania ain't about respect, it's about winning and losing. There ain't no guarantees in this business, none. You don't always get what you want, and what you want, ain't always what you get. Let me ask you this question, what do you want? What do you guys really want on April 7th.

I want to win the big one. Not only win the big one, I want to dominate The Rock. I want The Rock to be looking up at the open air, and look at this ball cap wearing punk who he said should never have been in an Attitude Era, belongs. And not only that The Rock will realize that I am better... than... The Rock. What I want is to do to The Rock what he did to me, hand him a loss so devastating that it will haunt him for the rest of his life. That, is what I want.

Haunt me for the rest of my life. Who do you think you're talking to? I'm not wired that way. These aren't just words on a shirt, I live this. Because I live this I'll wake up the morning after WrestleMania still WWE Champ, but you will wake up stuffing your face with Fruity Pebbles asking yourself why? Why you couldn't get the job done again. You bring it like no one else in that locker room, that's why we're going to WrestleMania. You want to prove The Rock wrong? Prove The Rock wrong. You want to prove them wrong? Prove them wrong at WrestleMania. Better than that, how about you prove me wrong right now?

The Rock steps up a bit.

King tries to calm it all down.

Off comes Cena's shirt.

King tries to calm them.

Off comes the dog tags. Cena steps up. Cena waves his hand in front of his face, his top lip curled up like back in the day when he was a heel. The Rock pushes Cena's chest, Cena gets The Rock up for an FU. The Rock gets free and hits a rock bottom! The Rock looks down at Cena, talks smack, robotically waves his hand in front of his own face, then makes an improper gesture with his hand cutting at his elbow and the other hand coming up (but no middle finger). Trip steps over, grabs his belt and leaves the ring. Cena is left struggling to sit up, looking like he's been beaten down. Then Cena's eyes clear and he looks up the ramp at The Rock who is standing there yelling smack back down at him. Cena gets that petulant little boy who's lost it all look. The Rock give his 'just bring it' hand motion as RAW fades out.

Biggest pop
The Rock
Legends – Booker T, Foley, Rhodes & Hart

Biggest heat
The Shield

Sorry the ending of the show was a bit slow, but I know most of you would rather I get segments like this word for word, nuance for nuance, than just gloss over it. Writing what The Rock and Cena say is some of the hardest to follow and write, and I thank you for both sticking with me, WNW and the "Open Thread" Watch Party!


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