RAW Results 7/29/13 - Bryan Proves Himself Yet Again!


RAW Results July, 29 2013
From Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about the double main event – Bryan vs Kane, and Cena vs Ryback in a Tables Match, all by orders of McMahon!

Show Starts


Recapping Cena being able to choose who he was to face at SummerSlam – Bryan. But then Maddox got up in Bryan's face last week at the contract signing. Bryan ended up in a Gauntlet Match. He faced and beat Swagger by submission. Then Bryan faced Cesaro in a seriously great match that Bryan won. Then Ryback came out, and Bryan won, but only by DQ as Ryback put Bryan through a table – after not protecting Bryan outside. McMahon decided that Bryan should have to face someone bigger, stronger, and his friend – Kane. And Cena will be facing Ryback for standing up for Bryan last week.

In Ring Segment

McMahon's music and he comes out with Maddox in tow. McMahon in a pinstriped suit, light shirt and pink tie. Maddox in a putty suit jacket, plaid shirt and putty tie with dark pants.
McMahon – We're going to have some fun tonight! (He hands the mic to Maddox who looks very uncomfortable.)
Maddox – I would like to apologize for my boneheaded decision to let Cena pick his opponent for SummerSlam.
McMahon – Last week you referred to Bryan as a troll. A troll is a caveman, a hideously ugly dwarf! You may be on to something calling him a troll. You said he's undersized, has psychological problems, and doesn't have the aura of being a WWE Champion. You said all of those things, did you not. How do you really feel about Bryan? (McMahon hands the mic over to Maddox, but Bryan's music cuts them off.)

Bryan comes out to huge "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants. Bryan shakes McMahon's hand and waits through the "Daniel Bryan!" chants.
McMahon – Let's have a little decorum out here please!
Bryan – With all due respect Mr. GM and Mr. McMahon. Those words came out of Maddox's mouth, but I believe they were dictated by you.
McMahon – I'll handle this. You said with all due respect, but you're interrupting the Chairman of The Board. That's a lack of respect.
Bryan – Funny thing is it's a two way street. Despite giving all I have night after night, year after year for your company, you haven't given me an ounce of respect.
McMahon – Do you respect Cena?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

McMahon (to the fans) – I would ask you to behave yourselves! Be quiet! Do you respect Cena?
Bryan – I respect Cena as a human being, as a Champ, and that he picked me for SummerSlam.
McMahon – Would you respect Cena if you knew he was lying through his teeth when he made all those complimentary remarks when he chose you for SummerSlam? I don't think so. Cena is a master manipulator. He says you earned and deserved the opportunity. That you're the hottest thing in the WWE today.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

McMahon – Cena is making you look foolish. Are you a fool Bryan? If all you people believe in Cena, are you fools? Cena knows what I know, you can't beat Cena. You can't even beat Kane tonight. The reason you can't, you don't have that intangible quality. You don't have ruthless aggression! That's what sent Cena to the top, and you don't have it. Cena doesn't any longer and is ripe for the picking. Do I want Cena to be Champ after SummerSlam? No, I don't. Cena walks around like he owns the place, a better man than I. Cena's not better, and I know who owns this place, it's me! If I don't want Cena to win, does that mean I want a half-pint troll that would be the biggest embarrassment in the history of the WWE to win? The only way that I see anyone winning is me. Here's what I would do, and let me get on your level to tell you. (McMahon spreads his legs so he's shorter, looking Bryan in the eye.) What's going to happen, I hope, at SummerSlam. You're in the ring, you lock up, then kaboosh! Spontaneous combustion! Little particles of Daniel Bryan and Cena float through the air never to be seen or heard from again. Then I win at SummerSlam.

Bryan – Well, Mr. McMahon, if Cena is lying, he'll have hell to pay. See, here's the thing I like about the boss, here's the thing I like about Vince McMahon. Just a second, let me get on your level.

Bryan up on his tippy-tippies and smiles that devious smile of his. McMahon to his tippy-tippies. Bryan lifts his head, McMahon lifts his head. Bryan lifts higher and tilts his head back, McMahon does the same. Bryan smirks through all off this as McMahon looks annoyed. McMahon turns and walks away.

Bryan – You're always honest with me, tell me what you think. In your own words, it doesn't matter what you think, it matters what they think!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Just by listening, it sounds like they want a new Champ at SummerSlam. His name is Daniel Bryan. I just want you to listen to your own advice, listen to the WWE 'Universe'! Do you want a new WWE Champion?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan leaves the ring leading the chants while McMahon looks unhappy. The Shield's music hits and they come through the stands. McMahon leaves the ringside area as they approach though the stands.


WWE Slam of the Week

Last week on RAW Henry and the Usos work over The Shield after they attacked Henry.

6 Man Tag Match – The Shield vs Usos & Henry

Ambrose and Henry lock up. Ambrose tossed off. Head butt to Ambrose, then he's tossed out of the corner. Rollins tags in, ducks Henry, then butt bumped. Hip toss from Henry and Reigns tags in. Henry is seething as Reigns gets in and walks up. Henry talks smack in Reigns face. Henry wants a test of strength, when Reigns reached, Henry attacked. Reigns tossed off, then into the face corner and beaten down when the Usos cheer him on. Jey tags in and stomps Reigns. Jimmy tags in and then double team. Running head butt on Reigns for two. Front facelock on Jimmy, but then Jimmy backed into the heel corner as Rollins tags in. Then Ambrose tags in.

Ambrose slams Jimmy face first into the corner. Jimmy slams Ambrose down, then Henry in and takes down both Rollins and Ambrose. Henry sends Ambrose and Rollins out. Reigns in and he's also tossed out by Henry. Usos fly out through the ropes on The Shield.


Rollins on an Uso who can't finish a sunset. Reigns in and on the Uso. Jey on the mat with his arm wrenched back as the fans chant for the Usos. Jey tries to get to his corner, but he's caught and Ambrose tags in and takes some rights, but Ambrose comes back at Jey. Snap mare on Jey, then Ambrose on him on the mat, but Jey gets free. Jey jumps out of the way and Ambrose lands shoulder first to the post.

Rollins tags in and stops Jey from reaching his corner, then a cheap shot on Jimmy, but then Jey takes him down and tags out. Henry with clotheslines on Rollins, then Ambrose in illegally and slammed. Another clothesline to Rollins, but a spear from Reigns. Outside an Uso takes out Reigns and flies onto Ambrose after tagging in. Rollins in for a super kick from the Uso. Samoan drop on Ambrose, but then Ambrose gets his knees up when the Uso flies. Ambrose with a DDT for three.

Winners – The Shield (12:03)

Henry attacks Ambrose from behind, then tosses Reigns from the ring. The Shield outside looks pissed, but they head off to regroup.

Announce Segment

Cole asks King what he thinks about Ryback. King doesn't like how Ryback has been acting, a total jerk. Video of Ryback rushing into catering, pushing people out of the way for food, then demanding to know what people want to say to him, if they have a problem. He pushes this guy around, asks if he's hungry, slaps him, slaps food in his face, and asks if that's what he wants. That's the type of table he's putting Cena through later, does he want to go thought that table now? Ryback turns to leave, then grabs the guy and slams him through the food and the table.



Recapping the Wyatt Family videos and all the abuse they've put out on RAW.

Backstage Segment

Kane – Where are the Wyatts?
Maddox – You won't find them, they're not here. (Kane starts to leave) But if you want to send a message to the Wyatts, to show you're a monster, how better than against your former friend Bryan?

In Ring Segment

RVD to the ring in red, white and gray.


Slam of the Week

RVD faced ADR last week on Smackdown. ADR with a cheap kick picked up the win.

RVD vs Fandango

RVD still in the ring, getting the fans riled up. SR out in brown, Fandango out in a new mottled gray and white outfit, of the same cut as everything else he wears. They head to the ring.

"RVD!" They bounce around. Side headlock on RVD, pushes out, takes a shoulder block. RVD back with a kick and scissors Fandango to the mat. They again circle as the fans chant for RVD. Side headlock on RVD, into another shoulder block on him. RVD splits in the air, Fandango flips over him, but then takes a kick to the face. Fandango out, RVD with a moonsault off the apron. Back in RVD leads an "RVD!" RVD hung up top, then comes over the top with a left leg drop on a bent over RVD, for two.

Chinlock on RVD as he sits on the mat. RVD elbows free, but takes forearms. Fandango ducks RVD's foot, but then lands a solid kick for two! RVD fights back, taking Fandango down, slams him, hits rolling thunder, then RVD with his monkey flip. Back kick on Fandango, then RVD slingshots a kick. RVD up top, but Fandango rolls out. SR in front of Fandango so RVD can't land on him outside. The ref counts Fandango out as they head up the ramp.

Winner – RVD via Countout (4:02)

Fandango – Shhhh! Shhhhhhh! It's Fahn-Dahng-Gooooo!

In the ring RVD looks confused.

Backstage Segment

AJ – I've beaten Kaitlyn twice. She's just going to yell at me and spear me. Every time she spears me a baby cries and why? Why, because you just stand there! You stand there and you do nothing! You let it happen every time E, what's the matter with you?
Big E – I, uh, look...
AJ (laughing) – I know what it is. You stand there and you watch, because you like me. (Big E rolls his eyes a bit) You like what I do in the ring, right? You just never know what I'm going to do next, do you? (Big E steps up toward AJ, but she turns and skips away laughing.)


Kaitlyn vs AJ w/ Big E

Kaitlyn in the ring. AJ skips out to the ring, Big E in tow.

AJ pie faces Kaitlyn with a smile. A forearm to AJ's face drops her. AJ kicks up from the mat and lands it in Kaitlyn's face. AJ out and hangs Kaitlyn up. AJ in and wraps Kaitlyn's arm in the ropes. The fans chant, "Let's go AJ!" AJ on Kaitlyn's arm, then bridges the hold in a lovely way. Kaitlyn almost to the ropes, then finally makes it. Kaitlyn face first into a corner, then takes kicks to the gut. The ref makes AJ back off. AJ rushes Kaitlyn, but takes corner to the chest. Knee to the side of AJ's head for two.

King talks about the horrible Tweets he got from the way he worked with the Divas last week. High back elbow to AJ, then a back breaker to AJ. Kaitlyn stalks AJ, but AJ gets a knee up to avoid the spear. AJ crawls at Kaitlyn and pins for two. AJ back on Kaitlyn's left arm. "AJ!" chants. Kaitlyn up and punches at AJ, but a blow drops Kaitlyn back to the mat. A forearm to AJ's face drops her, but AJ with an arm buster on Kaitlyn for two. Big E watches stoically. AJ pushed to the ropes, then eats clotheslines, but then AJ with a knee to Kaitlyn. AJ comes back with a spear out of nowhere.

Winner – Kaitlyn (4:51)

The ref tries to raise the arm AJ has been working over the whole match. Video recap of the high points of the match. Kaitlyn backs up the ramp with a smile. AJ, on her knees in the ring, screams her head off. Big E tries to get close, but she lashes out. Ziggler's music and he comes out.

Ziggler – Congratulations on your loss. Maybe your new friend Big E can be your shoulder to cry on, maybe later you can return the favor – as much as you can – and maybe you can be his shoulder to cry on. I want a match with E right now!
Big E (off mic) – Come get it.


Ziggler vs Big E

Ziggler ducks Big E, but is tossed into a corner. Ziggler out with blows. Big E pushes Ziggler and he slides out. Big E out and chases Ziggler. Back in Ziggler on Big E with blows, but then Ziggler runs into Big E's chest and hits the mat hard. A blow to Ziggler, then Big E yells smack in Ziggler's face. Ziggler with a back elbow, then gets his feet up. Ziggler manages to get away, but then is grabbed by Big E and slammed. Big E runs the ropes and splashes Ziggler for two. "Ziggler!" chants. Big E with his hands on Ziggler's throat until the ref frees Ziggler. Bear hug on Ziggler in the center of the ring. Ziggler elbows free, goes to a crossbody, but is caught and takes two back breakers, but Ziggler somehow kicks out.

Big E wrenches Ziggler's head back, a knee on a prone Ziggler's back! He fans clap and cheer for Ziggler, and he's up. A forearm to the back drops Ziggler. Ziggler lifted to his feet in a corner, then hits a shoulder block on Ziggler. Big E yells smack through this whole thing, then gets a knee to the back of Ziggler's head in the ropes. A big right to Ziggler's gut, then a shoulder block. Big E rushes again and Ziggler side steps. Shoulder first to the post! Ziggler struggles up, hits Big E in the guts an head, then a lovely drop kick on Big E. Ziggler kicks Big E low, rushes him, but is caught. Ziggler free and sends Big E out over the top. AJ in and on Ziggler's back.

Winner – Ziggler via DQ (5:33)

AJ grabs at Ziggler, screaming and yelling, clawing at him, pulling his hair out. Ziggler gets free of the ring and AJ is left on her knees screaming. Big E into the ring demanding to know what AJ was doing. Big E yells at AJ who again crumbles. Suddenly Ziggler is in the ring with a zig-zag on Big E from behind. AJ stops screaming and glares at Ziggler as he's removing the rest of the hair she pulled out. AJ left on the mat pulling her own hair out.

Backstage Segment

Cena on his cell.
Cena – I figured you'd show up.
Bryan – Is it true?
Cena – Is what true?
Bryan – Is it true what McMahon said out there earlier tonight.
Cena – You're asking me if McMahon is telling the truth? The consummate promoter? The man who preys on man's psyche to sell tickets? I wouldn't believe a word he says.
Bryan – Like I said earlier, good or bad, McMahon has always been honest with me.
Cena – Well, Daniel, you calling me a liar? (glares and stares from both – then Cena leaves)


Christian vs ADR

Christian out to the ring. ADR out to face him.

ADR all over Christian, but with no grace, backs him in a corner, then a side headlock takeover and ADR keeps the hold on. Christian takes down ADR who actually appears to fall from the right, not sell the move. Side headlock takeover on ADR, and he keeps the hold on. Up and Christian backed into a corner, then stomped to the mat. The ref backs ADR off, then he's back with more stomps. Suplex on Christian for two. ADR yells smack, but Christian up with blows.

ADR into the ropes, Christian out, but ADR avoids the right. ADR takes Christian down in the ring, then shoulder blocks in the corner. ADR rushes Christian, is elevated, and lands outside on the floor! The ref starts counting, then Christian tries to slide out on ADR, but ADR moves and sends Christian into the stairs shoulder first. The ref is counting, but ADR with a low drop kick on a sitting Christian's arm, against the stairs. Christian rolled in.


ADR stomps Christian on the mat. ADR gloats in a corner, then slowly sits up top before standing on the second ropes and landing on that left arm for two. ADR stomps Christian, then hangs him upside-down before stomping Christian. Christian pulled up, then rips at Christian's face. Christian manages to come back with a huge tornado DDT, but only for two. They exchange blows, Christian on top with a big forearm. Christian off the corner with a missile drop kick for two.

ADR says no more, then lands Christian in a corner. Christian takes ADR down for two, but ADR back with a clothesline and head butts. Kick to Christian's head, then ADR scoops Christian up and lands him on the mat badly, and recklessly. Christian fights back with his upper cut through the ropes, then hangs ADR up backward! ADR somehow comes back with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Christian for two.

ADR stands on Christian's chest, then sits up top again. Christian moves out of the way and ADR lands on his back awkwardly. Christian sets up, but ADR rolls out of the ring. Christian out, ADR back in and kicks Christian in the head as he comes back in, but only gets two for it. ADR is frustrated. ADR sets up for his enziguri, but Christian ducks. ADR free of the unprettier. ADR goes for his finishing submission, but Christian rolls him up in the hold for three!

Winner – Christian (13:26)

ADR is pissed. Recap of Christian's finish. ADR yells at the ref and kicks at the barricade as Christian is on the stage celebrating.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about the Tables Match. Video recap of the Gauntlet Match. Swagger had to tap out, then Bryan had a stellar match and beat Cesaro. Then Ryback out making hash of Bryan's great work by putting Bryan through a table to give Bryan the win via DQ. Cena to Bryan's aid, so Cena will face Ryback later tonight.


Barrett vs Cody Rhodes

Barrett in the ring. Cody out to face him. Video from Smackdown where Orton faced Sandow, and Cody stole Sandow's case. Sandow then ate an RKO. After the match Sandow was looking for Cody. Vickie contacted the authorities. Cody was outside. Sandow went out and talked Cody up, but then Cody threw the case into the Gulf of Mexico. Sandow in after it, but it sank and he was left a sputtering mess.

Arm bar on Barrett. Barrett ends up set up top and beats on Cody. Cody reverses on Barrett, but ends up clotheslined from the ring. Barrett celebrates, then outside and attacks Cody from behind. Cody into the barricade, then rolled back in. Barrett pulls Cody up then double reverse chicken wing flips Cody, then slams him into a corner. Cody's face ground into a corner, but then comes back with a couple blows before Barrett takes him down. Slingshot back breaker on Cody for two.

Chinlock on Cody on the mat. Cody struggles all around, flopping like a fish, but manages to get up. Cody whipped, but gets an elbow up, then feet up. Cody up top and hits a moonsault from up top. Cody struggles to his feet through a "Cody!" chant. Cody blocks blows, hits back, then kicks a telegraphing Barrett. Cody kicks a kneeling Barrett for two. Barrett ducks a disaster, then kicks back at Cody. Cody counters the cup handle into cross Rhodes for three!

Winner – Cody Rhodes (4:23)

Sandow – Damn you, Cody! Damn you for throwing my case into, of all places, the Gulf of Mexico! Just so you know, I've already filed a complaint with WWE Management about this. I tried to bring you to my level, but you grew a mustache. This isn't your fault, I come from a family of scholars, and you come from a family of clowns. Maybe now I should send you back to the circus where you belong. (Cody starts heading in Sandow's direction) Then again, carny folk are below my constitution. You're welcome!

Backstage Segment

Kane is heading for the ring. Then to another hallway and Bryan is heading for the ring.



Recap of McMahon in the ring ripping Bryan a new one to start the show, then to Bryan asking Cena about McMahon backstage.

Bryan vs Kane

Bryan out while all the fans yell "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and he leads the chants. Fire erupts, and Kane comes out to the ring. Kane stares in at Bryan before getting into the ring. They again stare off after Kane gets in.

The bell rings and they both just stand there. Finally Bryan rushes Kane and on him with double knees, then blows, but Kane knocks Bryan down. Kane telegraphs and is kicked. Bryan with more kicks, but then runs into a high knee. Bryan rolls Kane through to a single leg half Boston crab. Kane powers out of the hold. Blows from Kane in a corner. Bryan whipped, runs up, flips over Kane and barely makes it as Kane seems to be to the side too much. Kane takes Bryan down with a big boot, then puts him in a corner for an upper cut. Kane stomps Bryan in a corner as the ref yells at him to back off. Bryan pulled up by his hair, then a suplex from Kane for two.

Kane wrenches Bryan's head as he sits on the mat. Bryan up and elbows free. Blows to Kane, but then Kane catches Bryan and slams him to the mat. A low drop kick to a sitting Bryan for two. Kane elbow drops on Bryan, then again for two. Kane again wrenches Bryan's head to the side. Bryan up and fights back with blows and kicks, but Kane back with a clubbing blows. Bryan's "YES!" kicks, then a clothesline that doesn't drop Kane. Kane rushes Bryan in a corner and eats feet. Bryan off the corner is caught, gets free of the chokeslam, then uses his legs to send Kane out. Bryan runs the apron and lands the knee on Kane's face.


Bryan eats a back elbow for two. Kane wrenches on Bryan's head on the mat. Bryan up more quickly this time, but then whipped and takes a clothesline. The second whip lands Kane face first with a drop toe hold. Bryan with a lovely missile drop kick, then another drop kick in a corner. Bryan hits a third to a sitting Kane. Bryan pins, but only gets two for it.

Bryan off the top takes a blow to the gut from Kane. Bryan whipped, comes out into a side slam for two. Kane climbs. Big clothesline off the top, then Kane waits for Bryan who reverses and sets up for the "YES!" lock, but Kane and his wig struggle free. Low drop kick to Kane's knee, then the "YES!" kicks, but the biggest is blocked. Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Bryan reverses and rolls Kane up for three!

Winner – Bryan (14:37)

Kane up and chokeslams Bryan to the mat. Video recap of the high points of the match. Bryan leaves the ring and Kane is about to call fire from all four, but then Bray is on screen with their entrance, cutting Kane off. Their music hits and they come out to the ring. Bray with his lantern leads Rowan and Harper to the ring. Bray sits in his chair at the bottom of the ramp as Rowan and Harper hit the ring. Kane leaves her ring and grabs Bray, but Rowan and Harper chase and grab him. Kane rolled back into the ring as Bray watches. Kane fights back, but then eats a sick big boot from Harper! Rowan and Harper then work Kane over in the ring. Rowan sends Kane into a huge clothesline from Harper. Bray smiles and heads to the ring. He motions for them to get Kane up. Bray hits Sister Abigail, kiss and all.
Bray – I heard you like to call yourself The Devil's Favorite Demon, but you son are no demon, and the Devil, no man, shhhh, shhh, shh. (Bray down and lifts Kane's head to look into his face.) Kane, I'd like to let you in on a little secret, you should be careful who you say those things in front of, because you never know who might be listening. (Bray laughs, then throws his arms out and his head back.) (off mic) Follow the buzzards!



Recap of Wyatt Family's attack on Kane.

Brie vs Natalya

Brie and Natalya in the ring. Video from earlier when the Bellas and Natalya push Total Divas and the Bellas are jerks to Natalya, calling her the ugly ducking.

Natalya on Brie hard, Brie into the ropes. Brie flipped back, then a snap suplex on Brie. Brie hides in the ropes, then hangs Natalya up top. A drop kick to Natalya, then a stomp to Natalya's back. Another stomp, then Brie wrenches Natalya's head back on the mat. Natalya slammed back on the mat for two. Leg drop on Natalya, then Brie back to wrenching on Natalya's head. Natalya elbows free, then locks on an abdominal stretch. Brie elbows free, then slams Natalya face first to the mat for two.

Natalya slammed face first to the mat. Brie rips at Natalya's face, then wrenches her head back again. Brie demands the ref ask Natalya if she gives up. Natalya is pissed and comes back slamming Brie to the mat hard. Drop kick on Brie, then Natalya kicks and clothesline Brie for two.

Natalya sets up, but Nikki comes out quacking at Natalya with a duck call, and on mic, giving enough of a distraction for Brie to get the three.

Winner – Brie (4:13)

Natalya is crushed on the mat. Brie joins Nikki on the mat and blows in her duck call before they head off.

Backstage Segment

Axel is warming up for his match.
Heyman – It's time to show the world the greatest IC Champ of all time. Champion... (Heyman motions for Axel to head to the ring.)


R-Truth vs Axel w/ Heyman

R-Truth in the ring. Axel out to the ring with Heyman in tow. Heyman introduces himself.
Heyman – I find it ironic that Axel's opponent tonight is known around the world as R-Truth. Because our truth is that I, Paul Heyman, am the most exclusive manager, advocate, agent in sports entertainment history. Take, for example, my client Brock Lesnar, the Beast Incarnate, who, at SummerSlam, will end the career of my former best friend, CM Punk. It's a match they're calling The Best vs The Beast. Take for example my client the IC Champion, I wish you would understand, being a Paul Heyman guy means you're among the most elite Superstars of top tier talent in history. A fact perfectly personified by Curtis Axel.
Axel – You know something Paul, my father won the IC Title right here in Texas! (heat) But, despite that, despite that, he went on and became Mr. Perfect. (pop) As for me, well, I already am already more perfect than perfect.

Axel kicks at R-Truth a couple times, knocking him to the mat. Axel runs the ropes, over and under R-Truth, into a back kick and clotheslines. R-Truth slams Axel face first for two. Clubbing blow to the back of the head by Axel. Axel stomps R-Truth, then pounds on his head on the mat. R-Truth upp with a couple big blows, but then pushed and bounces off the ropes into a drop kick.

"CM Punk!"

Axel's finisher, but then Punk is there and he pulls Axel from the ring. (2:02) Punk takes Axel out and stares across the ring at Heyman. Heyman tries to flee as Punk into the ring and out the other side. Heyman tries to get over the barricade behind announce, his big bum in the air as he struggles more than he needs to. Punk grabs Heyman's walrus ass and pulls himback over the barricade. Punk briefly on Heyman, but then Axel is there attacking Punk. Punk takes Axel down, then jumps up on announce to find where Heyman went. Heyman ran (jogged) up the ramp and to the stage before removing his jacket and heading backstage. Punk is seething on announce, and I notice that his lip ring isn't in his face.

Backstage Segment

Steph and Triple H walking along talking. Heading for the ring?


Backstage Segment

Trip – Are you done jerking Maddox and Bryan around? Three matches tonight, Ryback and Kane tonight. What are you doing?
McMahon – Maybe I'm trying reverse psychology on Bryan. Maybe he reacts to that negative reinforcement and maybe down the road we want Bryan to be WWE Champion.
Trip – You can't even say it with a straight face.
McMahon – I can't.
Trip – I get it he's not your typical Champion.
McMahon – I want somebody to beat John Cena!
Trip – Maybe he can!
McMahon – No, he can't! I want someone who can beat John Cena. I want someone like you! I want someone like you that's 20 years, maybe 23 years younger.
Steph – Dad, you really can't throw stones at age like that. I have an idea. I think Bryan needs a little help. The people did pick Bryan as much as Cena did. I think if we just helped his image along. I have an idea that I would like to personally supervise.
McMahon – Yup?
Steph – I think we need to give Daniel Bryan a corporate makeover!
McMahon (big sign and eye roll) – Good luck with that one! (McMahon leaves)
Steph – No?
Trip – It's worth a shot.

Tables Match – Cena vs Ryback

Cena to the ring to mixed reaction, but much of it pop. The ramp is lined with tables, as well as the stage that has tables stacked on tables. Ryback out to face him. Recap of Ryback being a bully backstage and putting someone through a catering table. Ryback is the Jerk of The Month in the WWE Magazine. Cena's shirt comes off and the women cheer for some reason. And continue to cheer.

Cena rushes Ryback and is kicked down quickly. Blows to Cena. 'You think you the man around here?' yells Ryback. Cena sends Ryback flying from the ring. Cena out and sends Ryback into the barricade. Cena looks under the ring and pulls out a table as there's not enough already set up. Ryback attacks Cena from behind. "Cena!" chants from the kids. Cena slammed to the floor and Ryback lifts the table and rushes Cena with it, but Cena moves and Ryback slams it into the post, breaking it. The show goes to commercial in the middle of King's comment – oops!


Belly-to-belly on Cena, and he celebrates as Cena rolls from the ring. Ryback out and kicks at Cena, then a clubbing forearm. Ryback grabs a table, pulls it down, runs it into a cameraman. Cena up, wiggles free, fights back, but sent shoulder first through the stairs. Ryback talks more smack, then grabs the bottom part of the steps. Ryback slides the stairs into the ring, then grabs Cena, but ends up back first into the apron – a couple times. Cena sets up a table, then sets up Ryback for a suplex, but Ryback blocks and suplexes Cena to the floor. Ryback sends a table into the ring, then slides Cena in. Ryback into the ring in a rather cocky way. Drop toe hold on Ryback, right into an STF! Ryback screams the whole way to the ropes, but the ref won't break it. Ryback crawls from the ring. Cena grabs the table in the ring and tosses it out, but Ryback had crawled under the ring! Cena out, looks under the ring, but Ryback out the next side and tackles Cena to the floor.

Ryback grabs the top of the other stairs and slams it into Cena's head. Ryback looks under the ring and pulls out yet another table. The table is set across from the apron to the top segment of stairs on their side. Ryback grabs Cena, but Cena pulls Ryback gut first into the corner of announce. Ryback back up, gets Cena on his shoulder, but Cena pushes free sending Ryback to knock over one table from the apron to stairs. Ryback up for an AA, gets free. Cena lifted, about to go through a table – the other from the apron to stairs, but Cena manages to land on the other side. Ryback with the top half of one set of stairs. Slams it through the table. Cena grabs the other top half. They're at a stand off, finally they both throw them and they crash in the middle.

Into the ring, Cena manages to slam Ryback back first onto the bottom stairs segment in the ring. 5 knuckle shuffle on Ryback on those stairs. Cena out, grabs a table slides it in, and slides in. Ryback grabs Cena onto his back, Cena's chin over his shoulder, and hits a chin buster type move, though King was yelling about Cena's spine after the move.

Ryback sets up a table leaning in a corner, then poses for the fans. Cena is pulling himself to his feet in the corner. Cena up and eats a meathook. Ryback rushes Cena, but Cena side-steps and Ryback stops before landing in the leaned table himself. Cena grabs Ryback and hits an AA, right through that leaned table.

Winner – Cena (15:45)

Bryan bounces out yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan grabs the WWE Championship belt and into the ring. Cena is ready to fight, but Bryan holds the belt out to Cena. Cena reaches and Bryan pulls it back. The "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants start. 'You've got a long way to go before you get this,' said Cena off mic. Bryan starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants to end the show.

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