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WWE Raw Post-Show Spoofs

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After WWE Raw went off the air The Rock hit the ring again and acted like he was trying to FaceTime CM Punk. There were questions about the reality of it all. Then a fake AJ Lee and a fake Paige hit the ring. Fans reading all this online thought that The Rock was actually talking to Punk from a WWE ring and that AJ was there live, but as pictures and videos started to trickle out it was obvious that it was not actually AJ and Paige in the ring together. This is all part of The Rock's new movie in conjunction with the WWE about Paige's life.

Filming of the movie before Raw had already been reported, but the confusion caused by The Rock and the lookalikes warranted another post.


— Coach (@CMPunk)

Thanks Los Angeles. Nice to hear from you. @STAPLESCenter

— Coach (@CMPunk) February 21, 2017

">February 21, 2017

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