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WWE Raw Preview - The Miz Returns, Brock Lesnar Appearing?

Brock Lesnar

This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will broadcast from the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA.

On the return front, The Miz is officially advertised for the show after being away filming the ABC Family film "Christmas Bounty." Dot com takes a look at the folioing points in their weekly "Raw Five-Point Preview":

  1. Cena's Achilles heel
  2. Render unto Cesaro that which is Cesaro’s
  3. Hell is other people
  4. Climbing the ladder
  5. It’s quiet. Too quiet …

While neither Triple H nor Brock Lesnar are on the list of officially advertised talent for this week's show, Paul Heyman Tweeted the following:

Chris Jericho is listed in the local show information as the dark match main event is WWE Champion John Cena & Alberto Del Rio vs. World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler & Ryback.

Join us at 7:30 PM EDT on Monday night for our "Open Thread" Raw Watch Party for streaming results and discussing here at

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