RAW Results 1/13/14 - Oh, You Didn't Know?


RAW Results January 13, 2014
From Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole says they have all the info needed for the WWE Network. At the Royal Rumble Cena will face Orton, both will be in action tonight!

RAW Starts


Bray - You heard the good news? He needed me! He was lost! Now, he has a home. He only hears my truth. He has a home.

Usos vs Bray & Bryan

Usos in the ring. The Wyatt Family appears ringside. Bryan and Bray to the ring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Jey on Bryan with elbows, then a huge slap in a corner. Bryan fights back in a big way. Jey beaten down in the heel corner, stomped to the mat. Bray tags in, then chokes Jey with a foot before taunting Jimmy. Jey back with blows, but doesn't get far and beaten by Bray before Bryan tags back in and on Jey in the ropes. Henry watching, one foot on the stairs, Rowan by the rocker, mask still on. Bryan drops a let on Jey's face on the apron. Bryan slingshots Jey up into the bottom rope and Bray tags in with a foot on Jey's throat, then allover Jey in a neutral corner. Bray taunts Jimmy with Jey, then tags out. Bryan on Jey with kicks. Bryan straddles Jey and rips at Jey's face. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Facelock on Jey on the mat. Jey to his feet and feet, his first kick is caught, but the one to the side of Bryan's head lands and Jimmy tags in. Jimmy on Bryan with kicks, then a sloppy Samoan drop. Bum slam to Bryan in a corner for two. Bray breaks the count.

Bray sent out over the top, then Bryan out. Flying Usos! Jey struggles a bit, but both Usos up to roll Bray and Bryan in. Usos up, but then Rowan and Harper push the Usos and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Usos via DQ (5:37)

Rowan and Harper all over Jey, set him up, but Jey ducks, kicks Bryan in the face and the Usos flee the ring, tripping over Bray's chair and sending it flying. Bryan is slow to his feet on the mat, slower than Bray. Bryan looks pissed as Bray yells at Bryan to get to his feet! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and Bray whispers something in Bryan's ear. Bryan drops to his knees in front of Bray, arms wide. Bray pulls Bryan up, Bryan doesn't fight. Bray hits Sister Abigail on Bryan. Off mic Bray yells, "I do this for all of us. This will make a change!" Bryan rolled from the ring, then pulled up the ramp by Rowan and Harper. Up on stage an arm around Bryan's head and he walks out pulled close to Bray.


Sandow vs Cena

Sandow in the ring posing. Video recap of Sandow cashing in his MITB last month. Sandow worked that match hard, but Cena beat him. Sandow is seething as Cena's music hits. Cena bounce out, "It's a madhouse out there. I like it like this. Let's get to work." Sandow bounces around the ring behind Cena, talking smack off mic. Cena's music keeps playing, Cena poses.

Side headlock on Cena, really wrenches it on through dueling chants for Cena. Cena pushes off, Cena hits an arm drag into an arm bar. To their feet, into a side headlock on Sandow. Sandow pushes off. Sandow under and over Cena beautifully, then Cena blocks and hits a lovely hip toss. Sandow with blows knocking Cena to the mat, into a corner, really working Cena over as Cena's jorts rest really low, showing way too much of his red and yellow skivvies.


Sandow beats Cena down, tries to drop a knee but Cena moves. Shoulder blocks, then the 5 knuckle shuffle on Sandow. Sandow up for the AA, but wiggles free and slams Cena back to the mat for two. Sandow grabs Cena, they hide their faces and call moves, but Cena back with a drop toe hold, but Sandow back with a kick to Cena's knee. Sandow locks up Cena's legs into a lovely submission hold. Cena free, Cena tosses Sandow up, lands a DDT on Sandow for two.

Cena climbs, but Sandow up, knocks Cena to sitting. Sandow up, but knocked back to the mat. Sandow rushes Cena, eats foot. Big DDT on Sandow off the top for two. Cena looks shocked. Sandow up for the AA, but Sandow slides down, rolls Cena up for two. Cena face first to the mat for two. Both men slow to their feet. Dueling Cena chants, Sandow grabs Cena, Cena counters into the STF! Sandow to the bottom rope to break the hold. Sandow grabs Cena and locks on a crossface, but Cena muscles to his feet, Sandow on his shoulders! AA for three.

Winner – Cena (10:26)

Cena to the front row to hug Cena Sr. RAW is in Rhode Island, not that far away from where Cena grew up, so I'm not surprised to see his father there for the show. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Announce Segment

King is harassed by Cole that this week isn't Old School RAW, as his shirt is very much Old School King. They they push the WWE Network, showing a video about the new network and how it will work. They then show a countdown clock.

Backstage Segment

Maddox – Boy, that's some start to the show. RAW is already in chaos with The Wyatt Family.
Kane – You should be enforcing the rules, so enforce.
Maddox – Okay, let's have the Usos vs Bryan and Bray rematch tonight, in a cage.
Kane – I say to chain the door and lock it. I will have the only key.

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring.


Big Show vs Swagger

Video recap of Brock and Big Show getting into it last week on RAW, and Brock getting tossed across the ring like a toy. Wait, suddenly the bell and Swagger is in with Big Show, Cesaro outside with Zeb.

Big Show tosses Swagger around a bit. Swagger gets his feet up, but Big Show comes back with a clothesline. A spear from Big Show and Swagger can barely catch a breath. Chokeslam from Big Show for three.

Winner – Big Show (1:16)

Cesaro into the ring, but then quickly flees. Cesaro through the fans to get away. Zeb in the ring with Swagger, and Big Show smiles. Big Show back into the ring, walks up on Zeb from behind. Zeb stands, slowly turns to see Big Show. Big Show grabs Zeb around the throat. Big Show lets go to send Cesaro flying from the ring. Big Show turns and grabs Zeb by the seat of the paints. Zeb by the throat, Big Show winds up, ready to punch. Zeb tries to talk Big Show down, Big Show seems to agree, then punches Zeb out. Big Show salutes, raises his arm high, then makes his hand into a fist in the air.



Another Batista promo.

New Age Outlaws & Punk vs The Shield

New Age Outlaws out, Road Dogg gives his famous schpeal, and the fans love it. Billy actually gets the mic, Dogg up on the corner pointing to him, two words for ya... "Suck it!" Road Dogg back on mic, "Our partner isn't Rikishi, Godfather or Flash Funk, no it's Best In The World, CM Punk!" Punk out to tag with them to solid pop. He's all silly and smiles in the ring with New Age Outlaws. They all pose, Billy late to the party. The Shield to the ring, through the stands, to face them.

Billy on Ambrose, takes him to the mat with a side headlock. Back and forth into a corner, Ambrose with wild blows on Billy. Billy whipped, fights back, then Ambrose tags out. Rollins in and on Billy with blows. Back elbow on Billy, but Billy back on Rollins for two!

"Someone forget to tell Billy to age? He looks better now that in 2000!" says JBL. Dogg tags in, as does Ambrose, ripping at Dogg's face in the ropes. Ambrose taunts Punk, then takes Dogg's blows and dancing before a knee to the face on the mat for two. Snap mare on Ambrose into a chinlock on Ambrose as the fans chant for Punk. Punk comes in off the tag and Ambrose tweaks, bounces around in a crazy way before working with Punk. Ambrose into a corner taking elbows to the head from Punk. Ambrose tries to fight back but elevated. Ambrose free and tags out. Rollins grabbed by Punk, so flees and tags out. Reigns tags in. Reigns slowly in, steps up talking smack. Punk talks right back before swinging a forearm. Blows back and forth, Punk seems in control, but a big blow drops him. Punk elevates Reigns, but Reigns free. Reigns out, Punk flies onto him out there.


Punk runs the ropes over and under Rollins, into a neckbreaker on Rollins for two. 'Flash Funk' trending right now, making announce laugh. Reigns tags in and works Punk with a running kick through the ropes. Ambrose tags in and on Punk,but they replay Reigns' drop kick from the floor onto Punk's head through the first and second rope. Rollins tags in and works Punk for two.

Ambrose tags in and stomps Punk. Ambrose leans down to Punk's head to call the move, takes Punk down for two. Ambrose grinds a foot into Punk's gut on the mat, then leans down with a thumb in each of Punk's eyes. Punk tries to reach Dogg and Billy, but can't get there. Punk out, Ambrose with him. Rollins, off mic, "We have him where we need him, no need to get crazy." Punk reverses sending Ambrose into the stairs. Reigns out, throws Ambrose into the ring, right to Rollins to tag in. Reigns then tags in, takes a roundhouse kick and is down. Punk to his corner, but both Dogg and Billy drop off the corner and leave to HUGE heat.

Punk alone takes Rollins off the apron. Ambrose taken down, then Rollins out onto announce, but a spear from Reigns ends it for Punk.

Winners – The Shield (15:37)

Video recap of New Age Outlaws dumping Punk and leaving him to his own devices. The Shield leaves the ring, but Reigns calls them back and they triple power bomb Punk. Reigns down talking smack to Punk before they leave again. Another video recap of New Age Outlaws ditching Punk at the worst possible moment, then Punk speared and it was over with a triple bomb to finish him. The ref with Punk who is barely sitting.

Backstage Segment

Bray - They're fools Bryan. They know not what they ask for. The last thing in the world they should want is to be in a cage with us. We've been in this cage our entire lives. Society is our cage. Inside that cage we find redemption, absolution.
Bryan - Inside that cage we find... Monsters.
Bray – Run.


Dactyls vs AJ & Tamina

Dactyls in the ring dancing. AJ and Tamina out to face them. AJ is 5 days off of being the longest reigning Divas Champ.

Cameron rushes Tamina, is tossed down hard. Cameron thrown again, but came avoids the leg drop. Cameron tries a drop kick, but almost completely misses (too far away), but Tamina sells. Tamina works Cameron over, stomps her on the mat, then a bear hug from behind. Tamina scoops Cameron up and slams her. Tamina drags Cameron by her hair to AJ who tags in. neck breaker from AJ, then she skips around Cameron before pinning for two.

AJ with a headlock and body scissors on Cameron on the mat, calling moves into the top of Cameron's head. Jaw breaker on AJ, but AJ from behind stops Cameron from tagging out. Cheap shot on Naomi, then a shining wizard on Cameron for three.

Winners – AJ & Tamina (2:50)

Tamina in to stomp Cameron on the mat. Naomi attacks AJ from behind, takes Tamina down hard, then AJ into the rear view. Naomi is ready for a fight, but AJ and Tamina back up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Orton stomping around demanding to know where The Authority are. He's yelling for Hunter and Steph, hauling around both belts.


Backstage Segment

Orton – Where's The Authority? I know they're here, where are they hiding? Cena gets a rematch, Brock wants a piece and Batista is back.
Kane – I'm aware, but I can only work with tonight. So you can vent your frustration on Kofi.
Orton seems to like this idea.

Announce Segment

The countdown clock is in the corner. Cole talks up the HOF the night before WrestleMania XXX. The first inductee is Ultimate Warrior. They put together a solid video for Warrior.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Mr. Heyman, I want to take you back to last week when this happened. (Video of Big Show tossing Brock like a doll.) Big Show's path of destruction continued. How will Brock work at Royal Rumble?
Heyman – Beauty is skin deep around here. Royal Rumble is coming up, and Big Show tries to impress my client by knocking out an innocent elderly gentleman. My client lives by the credo – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. Big Show may be a freak of nature, it's a little known fact that the surgical removal of the pituitary gland to offset the onslaught of acromegaly can lead to the side effect complication of rampant case of stupidity! It is one of the greatest bonehead moves in the history of the WWE for Big Show to pick a fight with my client, Brock Lesnar. It's one thing for him to chokeslam Swagger, or knock out Zeb. I'm not impressed, and neither is my client, the obvious #1 contender, Brock Lesnar.

In Ring Segment

Orton to the ring.


Orton vs Kofi

Kofi bounces out in green, gives the shirt off his head to a kid who doesn't want it on his head – and is the kid Cena hugged on his way out after his match earlier.

Orton on Kofi, tosses him out. Orton out, calls the moves into Kofi's hair, hits an upper cut. Kofi into the barricade, then a clothesline. Into the ring Orton gets two for a lazy cover. Orton rakes Kofi's eyes on a second buckle as the ref counts. Kofi whipped, but gets his feet up, then kicks on Orton! Orton backed into a corner. Orton reverses a whip, then Kofi out into a clothesline for two.

Orton mocks Kofi, wiping off his hands as if Kofi is nothing. Stomping Kofi, then lifts Kofi and hangs him up top. Kofi lands outside, the ref counts, but Orton out to grab Kofi. Kofi blocks eating announce, then Kofi bounces Orton's face off announce three times before back into the ring. Orton pulls Kofi face first into a corner to give him time to regroup. Orton looks over Kofi, walks slowly, pulls Kofi up, sets him up top, then on Kofi with blows. Orton up, sets up, hits his father's famous superplex, then yells for Kofi to kickout of this, which he does!

Orton stomps his way around Kofi. Forearm across Kofi's face and Orton gets two. Orton poses slowly, then on Kofi, but Kofi fights back, clotheslines Orton from the ring, but then stops himself from flying out. Kofi out and continues working on Orton, then a big clothesline off the apron on Orton.


Orton back slams Kofi onto the top of the barricade. Kofi eats announce as Orton yells smack at him. Kofi rolled in at seven, but Orton only gets two for it all. Cole talks about how 'Ultimate Warrior' is trending. JBL talks about how he'd have never thought back in 1995 that Warrior would be trending. Cole rips of JBL for not knowing anything about tech. Orton beats Kofi outside, then rolls him back in. Orton stomps Kofi's face for two.

Chinlock on Kofi the mat. Kofi whipped, but gets an elbow up. Kofi briefly in control, but then his drop kick is swatted away. Upper cut on Kofi. Kofi pulled up, sets up an upper cut, but Kofi with a backslide on Orton for two. Orton comes back with a chinlock on Kofi on the mat as Orton smirks. To their feet, then Kofi slammed back by his hair. Kofi avoids a knee drop, then lands a drop kick on Orton. Boom drop, but Orton moves. Kofi to the apron, Orton sets up, but somehow Kofi reverses into an SOS for three!

Winner – Kofi Kingston (16:46)

Orton is seething in the ring, wild eyed over his loss. Kofi flees the ring and up the ramp as Orton is livid. Orton kicks the stairs aside, then yells at the announcers about laughing at him. The front shield of announce is tossed. Orton yells at fans, some of the fans yelling, "You suck!" at Orton. Orton attacks Cena Sr. Security to Orton, grabs him, drags him off Sr. who is down and not moving. Cena runs down the ramp, looks over the barricade at his father, then runs to the doctor and yells at him to get to Sr. Cena yells at people not to touch Sr. who is face down on the floor and not moving. (I've seen Sr. take some serious bumps in the ring as a heel manager at local shows up here in Maine. What Orton did there didn't look like much for some of what I've seen Sr. do these past couple years since I first met him.) Cena, standing over his father says, "Motherfu..." He barely cut that off, then says, "What the fu..."



Recap of Kofi's SOS, then Orton tweaking out about it. Then Orton throws his tantrum and attacks Cena Sr. A fan behind Sr. seemed to try to stop Orton, then backs off. Backstage Sr. is being loaded into an ambulance, Cena by his side.

The Brotherhood vs RybAxel

Cody and Goldust to the ring. RybAxel to the ring to face them.

Goldust tosses Axel to the mat. Axel comes back with blows on Goldust. Axel runs the ropes over and under Goldust, then taken down. Ryback tags in, they lock up. Cole talks about Ryback's Twitter rant, Cole says he's crazy. "Goldberg!" chants. Goldust on Ryback, then tags out as Cole talks about Ryback on announce last week. Moonsault on Ryback, then Goldust tags back in. Axel with the blind tag, Goldust turns to Axel, but ends up taken down with a blow. Axel beats Goldust down in a corner. Goldust off the ropes into a drop kick from Axel. Ryback tags in and takes Goldust down for two.

Chinlock on Goldust on the mat. Goldust free, but then raised high in the air – by the chest and the family jewels, and barely up there – then slammed to the mat. Axel tags in, whips Goldust, but then eats Goldust's back-spring elbow. Ryback tags in and taken down. Both slow to their feet, and Goldust barely able to tag out before Axel gets him. Cody on Axel for two.

Cody with a top rope missile drop kick on Axel. Cody climbs, but Ryback rushes him on the apron. Disaster kick on Ryback, then Goldust takes him down. Axel on Cody for two. Cross Rhodes on Axel for three.

Winners- The Brotherhood (6:04)

The Brotherhood celebrate together in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Rey heading for the ring.



Batista promo.

Rey vs ADR

Rey to the ring in black. Split screen Rey says he's won the Royal Rumble, match and knows what it takes to do it again, booyaka! ADR out to the ring.

ADR muscles Rey to a corner, on him with blows. Rey slammed to the mat hard for two. Rey comes back with head scissors, setting ADR up, but ADR from the ring. Rey after ADR with a seated senton off the apron. ADR rolled in, Rey climbs the corner, lands another seated senton. ADR with a sunset, Rey rolls through and kicks ADR in the head for two. "619!" chants.

ADR on Rey's arm with an arm cracker, then stomps Rey. Rey taken down, arm bar with Rey face down on the mat. Rey up, fights back with forearms, but a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker takes Rey down for two.

ADR talks smack to Rey sitting in a corner. Rey whipped to the opposite, but then Rey moves and ADR shoulder first. ADR rolls out, the ref counts, but ADR back in. ADR rushes Rey in a corner, eats feet, but then tries to set Rey up, but eats head scissors and 619! Rey up top, but ADR knocks him to sitting, hanging off the corner. Kick to Rey's head and he lands. Cross arm breaker and Rey taps out.

Winner – ADR (4:55)

Video recap of the end of the match, including how ADR got the wonderful noise for his kick by slapping his own leg.
ADR – Batista, how do you like your friend. You show up next week and the same will happen to you. In the Royal Rumble Match, it will be me throwing you out. Then, all this ignorance will stop talking about Batista and start talking about ADR!



More about the WWE Network with clips from Wednesday's huge announcement.

Backstage Segment

Punk – Where's the so-called Authority?
Kane – They're not here this evening.
Punk – I have to deal with their hired assassins, and now their DX friends, then New Age Outlaws? It's like five on one. If Trip has a problem with me, he doesn't have to hide behind five guys, behind you, behind his wife who's no better than...
Kane – I'm sure Trip has no idea what you're talking about. I just got notification that you could main event WrestleMania. The Authority is giving you the opportunity to win the Royal Rumble Match.
Punk – I'm in the Royal Rumble Match? I have no problem with that, but I have a problem with you.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the Cage Match about to happen. Video of Usos talking about their match coming up. A mixture of Samoan, split screen of the brothers, half a face on each side of the split – but very obviously taped earlier to make it more perfect than their last time on mic.

In Ring Segment

The Wyatt Family to the ring, the fans clapping with their music.


Announce Segment

New Age Outlaws will be facing The Brotherhood on Smackdown. There's a few New England Patriots in the front row!


Recap of Orton losing to Kofi, then attacking Cena Sr. Cena to his father with the doctor, then Sr. was taken to the hospital. Cole says Sr's heart is okay, but has an eye injury, possibly a fractured orbital socket.

Cage Match – Bray & Bryan vs Usos

Usos out in red. Fire erupts, and out comes the Big Gray Suit, chain in hand to lock the door of the cage.

Bray on one twin, Bryan on the other. Bray elevates a twin into the cage and he slides down the outside of the ropes. The other brother fights back on Bryan, jumps, scales the cage to the top. Bryan up top with him, they both sit up there, exchanging blows. The Uso up top, Harper and Rowan outside waiting, but Bray catches his hair and the Uso down on Bray. They continue to fight until all four are down on the mat.


Bryan exchanges blows with an Uso. An Uso off the corner on Bray in a big way for two, Bryan breaks the count. An Uso hung upside-down, taking "YES!" kicks, then the running feet. Bryan climbs over him, but his twin up to stop him. The second Uso joins him and the three of them backward off the corner, taking Bryan down. "This Is Awesome!" chants. Bray fights an Uso, sets up Sister, but eats the other Usos' foot.

"Uso!" chants. Both twins start climbing, Harper and Rowan outside, but Bryan and Bray are there and climbing too. An Uso up top, head butts Bryan off the top rope, knocking Bray to hang him up on the top rope, the hard way, right in the slats. One Uso flies off the top half of the cage onto Rowan! The other twin lands outside and takes out Harper!

Winners – Usos (10:52)

Bray is in the ring laughing his head off. Bryan isn't impressed. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans. Bray whispers in Bryan's ear. Bryan puts his arms out, drops to his knees. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans. Bray grabs Bryan, but Bryan free of Bray's hold, glaring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bray yelling at Bryan, pointing to him. Bryan backs up to a corner as Bray yells. Bray to his knees, arm wide. "Come on big guy!" yells Bray. "That's what I thought, you're a coward!" Bray rushes Bryan, but Bryan ducks. Double feet to Bray in a corner, then another. Bray to his knees and takes all the "YES!" kicks!

Bryan is seething, starts unzipping his jumpsuit, then sheds it to show his red, gray and white ring gear. More "YES!" kicks. Rowan and Harper are trying to get into the cage, but the door is still chained. Harper starts climbing, so Bryan throws Bray into that side of the cage and Harper falls. Rowan climbs, Bray into that side, Rowan falls. Bryan leads the slow "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and every fan I can see are on their feet, pointing high and chanting with him. A final running knee to Bray and Bryan climbs to the top of the cage. Bryan sits up top and leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and the fans are wild! More "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" led by Bryan as he sits up top and looks around, though looking a bit less happy than he did before the whole thing with The Wyatt Family.

Biggest Pop
Bryan turning on The Wyatt Family!
Big Show

Biggest Heat
New Age Outlaws turning on Punk

Most Mixed
The Wyatt Family

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