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WWE Raw Results (10/17/2011) - Laurinaitis' Dirty Dealings

(Pre-taped) RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Jutsin announce Laurinaitis to the ring and he gets HUGE heat. Video of the walk out on Triple H. He isn't a quitter and won't be intimidated. Then VKM came out and removed Trip from running RAW. They named an interim GM, Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis' introduces himself to the fans who hate him. Tonight will be the return of Rey Mysterio, but won't be on the show. He's just kidding. You Mexican people have no sense of humor. He's going to instill control, itegrity and honor in the show. He won't let the board down and won't let us fans down. He'll make some mistakes, but asks for our understanding. He made a mistake in firing JR. He received many mean spirited and nasty Tweets. Not very PG. As our GM, he listened to what we had to say. So welcome back to RAW, good 'ol JR!

Cole is pissed, King is loving this. Cole won't even look as JR came to announce. Laurinaitis asked JR to the ring for a public apology. JR to the ring and Laurinaitis hugs JR who isn't impressed. He's sorry, but JR's not there to commentate. But really, after JR did his walk of shame and left the arena, something happened that JR should watch.

Video of Cole in the ring wants to get the fans singing JR out. No one in JR''s hometown would join in, but ADR did.

Laurinaitis says he doesn't know what the problem is between JR and Cole, jealousy on JR's part or what, but they should settle the difference between JR and Cole on RAW. Laurinaitis will help JR a bit. The main event will be Cole teaming with ADR to face JR and Cena. JR's music and JR over to taunt Cole a bit. Cole up on the table and yells back at JR. King is disgusted by Cole.

Orton's music and out he comes. The fans are wild for Orton!


WWE Slam of The Week – Orton faced Henry, Cody distracted and Henry attacked. Cody then beat down Orton and paper bagged Orton and gave the best promo of last week.

Orton & JoMo & Sheamus vs Christian & Cody & Henry

JoMo out to the ring. The Great White Sheamus joins them. Christian out to the ring, talking smack with Sheamus. Cody out with his bag boys. Henry stalks out to the ring.

Orton and Christian dance around, then a kick to Orton's gut. Christian runs the ropes and Orton does an amazing split leg jump over Christian before clotheslining Christian to the mat. Christian in a corner and blows from Orton. Upper cut to Christian, but Orton tags out and Christian flees Sheamus. Cody tags in.

They lock up, then Sheamus takes him down. Blows on Cody in a corner until Sheamus stomps him. Cody whipped, but comes out with kicks and blows. Sheamus telegraphed and is kicked. Cheap shot to Orton, but then turns into a sweet body drop. Cody tags out. As Henry slowly walks into the ring, Orton runs around and clotheslines Cody. Orton on Cody up the ramp, then backstage.

> Commercial

JoMo on Henry with blows, then eats a head butt an JoMo on the mat. Christian tags in and flies, JoMo moves out of the way. JoMo slingshots off the ropes in a crossbody on Christian for one. Blow to Christian, then Christian eats a back leg for two. Christian sets up, but JoMo manages to hit his new flipping move for two. Henry starts coming in, distracts JoMo. Christian slams JoMo to the mat on his neck. Henry stomps on JoMo. Head butt to JoMo. JoMo dragged to the heel corner and Henry uses the ropes to stand on JoMo.

Christian tags in and pulls JoMo up before hitting him. Christian wrenches JoMo's neck. JoMo free, but Christian grabs his hair. A back kick, but only Christian is able to tag out. Bear hug on JoMo. JoMo slammed back into a corner. Henry rushes JoMo, but eats an elbow, then a foot. JoMo hangs Henry up top, then a drop kick to Henry's knee. Christian outside and on Sheamus. Their fighting ends up in the stands. Christian flees with Sheamus on his tail.

In the ring a back kick to Henry's head, but Henry reverses and slams JoMo to the mat for three.

Winners: Cody & Christian & Henry

Henry talks smack at the camera/fans off mic. Recap of Henry hitting his slam on JoMo. Henry poses with the strap and continues to talk smack.

> Commercial

Video promo for Brodus Clay.

Backstage Laurinaitis is on the phone. The Bellas in to see him. They call him Johnny. They want to make sure he knows how important they are to RAW. He says he knows, they kiss him. They leave and he's back on his cell. Ricardo in and makes sure Laurinaitis knows ADR is there. ADR thinks this Match is beneath him. Laurinaitis says the winner of this Match picks the stipulation for the ADR vs Cena Match at Vengeance.

Eve w/ Kelly vs Natalya w/ Beth

Eve in green, Kelly in a black rubber dress. Beth and Natalya both out in ring gear.

They lock up, Eve backed into a corner. An upper cut to Eve, but then she fights back with blows and chops. Eve then walks into a clothesline for two. Abdominal stretch on Eve. Eve elbows out, climbs up and down Natalya, then takes a stomp on the mat. Eve is then slapped on the mat before slammed face first to the mat when Natalya called her a mutt. Eve up and a back elbow on Natalya. Eve slams Natalya to the mat, then climbs. Eve's moonsault almost overshot Natalya, again, but gave Eve the three.

Winner: Eve

Beth in to check on Natalya as Eve and Kelly celebrate on the mat.

> Commercial

CM Punk vs Miz w/ R-Truth

CM Punk comes out to the biggest pop so far of the night. Punk really got the fans wild, then Miz comes out saying something in Spanish. Miz and R-Truth then started singing their theme song. Punk sits cross legged in the ring smirking. They get in the ring, Miz says Punk might be smiling, but he's sweating because he knows they beat him down at HIAC. What hurts more, that they made sure Punk won't get a Title Match for a very long time, or that they did what Punk couldn't, have Trip removed from running RAW? R-Truth says they cain't stand someone who runs their mouths. Punk won't be smiling when Miz beat him tonight or when they face them at Vengeance. At Vengeance he's gonna get got. Miz says it's the truth. Punk continued smirking. Trip's music hit! Trip out in a suit, but off comes the jacket, tie, collar unbuttoned.

> Commercial

Trip watches from outside at Punk ties Miz in a submission hold, but Miz gets to the ropes. They lock up, side headlock on Miz. Around to a body hold on Miz, then takes him down. Side headlock takeover on Punk. Shoulder block drops Punk. Miz runs the ropes and into a drop kick from Punk. Miz rolls out, Punk flies out onto him. Miz rolled back in. Punk flies over the top to land on Miz. Punk pins for two. Miz in a corner and is chopped by Punk. Miz whipped and moves. Punk's high knee fails and he ends up on the floor. R-Truth heads for Punk, Trip cuts him off. Lots of glaring, but no blows.

Punk hangs Miz up top, then flies in onto Miz. Miz face first into one corner, then another. Snap mare on Miz for two. Chants for Punk. Elbow to Miz's head, but Miz comes out with blows and kicks on Punk. Miz stomps Punk on the mat. Punk up and kicks back. Blows, chops and kicks to Miz. R-Truth trips Punk from outside, then Trip in the ring. The ref actually sees R-Truth attacking and backed R-Truth off. Chinlock on Punk on the mat. Punk to his feet and slams out, but then eats a clothesline. Miz hulks up and slams into Punk in a corner. Miz up top, then double axe handles to the back of Punk's neck.

Recliner on Punk in the center of the ring. Punk works to his feet then suplexes out. Punk rushes Miz in a corner, but eats a foot. Miz climbs again, but eats Punk's foot. Both are down for five. Miz sends Punk out of the ring. R-Truth over and nails Punk in the head with a water bottle. Trip chases R-Truth.

Laurinaitis out and stops the Match, telling Trip he has an immigration issue. Laurinaitis said he caught the problem. Trip's not impressed that he has to go with the suits right then. R-Truth was taunting Trip needing to leave, so Trip punches R-Truth out – one big blow.

> Commercial

Backstage Laurinaitis said they just caught the problem. After the show is lover Laurinaitis will be there to work it out. Trip says he wonder how THAT could have happened.

Chinlock on Punk in the center of the ring. Punk up to his feet and free with blows and kicks. Clothesline to Miz, then another. Swinging neck breaker to Miz. High knee on Miz in a corner. Short clothesline on Miz. Punk climbs and hits his elbow. Punk motions for the GTS, but R-Truth on the apron. A blow from Punk, but the GTS was reversed. R-Truth on the apron, so Punk sends Miz into R-Truth, then rolls Miz up for three.

Winner – Punk

Of course they both attack Punk. They beat on Punk until all the refs run to the ring. Both back off and leave the ring. The ref with them on the ramp, but R-Truth runs back down and attacks Punk once more. Miz acts like he's taking care of things, then ran back to hit his SCF on Punk. Finally they leave the ring to celebrate on the stage.

> Commercial

Video promo for the WWE Network.

Cole talks up Spanish announce. They then do a little bit in Spanish. Cole goes back to talking about the Network and how WM Rewind wins the poll. They talk about the Legends reality show. Cole then readies himself for teaming with ADR later.

Swagger w/ Vickie & Dolph vs Zack Ryder

Vickie, in a native dress, sort of, leads Swagger and Dolph to the ring. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She lives in the States, but she's a goddess in Mexico. She's more than just a pretty face. Due to her incomparable business acumen, Dolph and Swagger get a Match against Air Boom at Vengeance for the Tag Title. Dolph gets on mic and talks about how they all want to escape Mexico and never look back, just the way he wants to. Then move on to the greatest country in the world that he's Champion of. But they will never make it. But they get the next best thing, they can see Swagger and Dolph in action! Swagger takes the mic and asks them to rise for Swagger to sing the American National Anthem. Wow, is he horrible! Ryder out to face Swagger.

Swagger grabs Ryder up and slams him to the mat. Splash on Ryder in a corner, then blows in the next corner. Swagger preens, but then into double knees. Ryder hits his finisher for three, then flees before Dolph can get him.

Winner – Ryder

Outside the ring Dolph and Swagger want to corner Ryder. Mason Ryan comes out to protect Ryder from attack. Dolph is supposed to be facing Ryan, but the three flee together. Ryan on mic tells Dolph to get back there for their Match.

> Commercial

Mason Ryan w/ Ryder vs Dolph w/ Vickie & Swagger

Ryan sends Dolph flying to the mat. Dolph rolls out and is pissed off. Dolph back in and on Ryan with kicks and blows, but eats a sick shoulder block! Dolph rolls out to regroup. Dolph in and tossed into a corner where he goes up, over and out. Vickie screeches through this whole thing. Dolph back in and on Ryan, but then slammed to the mat. Dolph ran the ropes, then into a high knee that was well sold even though I'm not sure it connected. Dolph out, Ryan out after him. Vickie gets in the way and slaps Ryan! Dolph in the ring, Ryan goes in to take it out on Dolph. A blow, then Dolph into a corner. Ryan takes Dolph apart in a corner. The ref couldn't get him to stop, so the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Dolph via DQ

Ryan has Dolph up over his head and doing lifts with him, but has to drop Dolph to hit a big boot on Swagger. Ryan grabs Dolph again and slams him to the mat. Ryan stomps off with Ryder bouncing around behind him like a puppy.

Backstage JR says he doesn't want to screw this up for Cena. Cena talks up JR as the best voice the WWE has ever had. JR just stay in the corner and let Cena take care of it. JR then says he's like to get his hands on Cole who is a sniveling, rodent like smarmy little SOB.

At announce Cole wants everyone's attention. He's heading to the back. He's taking that windbag and putting him out of his misery. He might even pin Cena tonight. Cole says his wife is Mexican, so they have to cheer for him.

> Commercial

King and Cole laugh at Cole, then go on to talk up the matches for Vengeance.

ADR & Cole vs Cena & JR

Ricardo announce ADR who comes out in an 2009 Astin Martin Vantage. Cole is out in his orange singlet and headgear. Jr's music an he's out in black jeans, his football jersey over a long sleeved white t-shirt, hat on his head. JR waits for Cena to join him outside. Cena and JR into the ring together. The fans are wild for Cena!

JR grabs the rope on the apron. Cole wants to start the Match against JR. Cena tagged JR in. Cole talks smack at JR, taunts him. One big blow from JR and Cole is on the mat. Cole tags out. ADR rushes in, but JR tags out and ADR stops in his tracks! They lock up, side headlock on Cena. Cena pushes out. ADR runs the ropes, Cena does a split leg jump over ADR. A high and beautiful jump, but nothing compared to Orton's earlier in the show. Hip toss on ADR for one.

Side headlock on ADR. ADR pushes off, Cena runs the ropes and they do the exact same sequence, right into the hip toss on Cena! Chinlock on Cena on the mat. ADR rips at Cena's face a bit. Cena to his feet, suplexes out. Cena gets a one. Chinlock on ADR. ADR pulls Cena's arm band down and is able to suplex free. Chinlock on Cena! Cena hits a terrible gut wrench on ADR. ADR fights back sending Cena badly into a corner. Cena into the heel corner. Blows on cena's back, the ADR distracts and Cole takes a cheap shot on his close friend. Blow on Cena on the apron. Cena rolls in and stomps Cena for one. A kick to Cena's upper arm, then ADR up with a double axe handle to Cena's face for two.

Another kick to Cena's arm. ADR mocks Cena, then kicks at him and chokes him with a foot below the ropes. Serious snap suplex on Cena for two. Chinlock on Cena in the center of the ring. Cena up and powers free, but is kicked in the upper thigh. ADR up for the AA, but he reverses and hits a German on Cena for two. Kick to the center of Cena's back, then again. Cena free and tries to lock on the STF, but ADR reverses and hits a back breaker on Cena for two. Cena in a corner and ADR runs up the front of Cena and kicks him in the head, but ADR only gets two.

A kick to Cena's head, then ADR climbs. Cena moves and ADR hits the mat with a splat. Shoulder blocks from Cena then a slam. King says Cole's not there, so he'll say it, this is 'vintage' Cena! 5 knuckle shuffle, then ADR to his feet and tags Cole in. Cena goes over and drags Cole in over the top. Cole, on his back is begging and crying that he didn't mean it. Cole offers a hand to hake as he begs Cena. Cena takes Cole's hand and gets him up. AA to Cole and Cena is about to lock on the STF, but then he notices Cole's tattoo on his leg and laughs. Cena points to JR and the place goes wild. JR in and locks on an ankle lock for Cole to quickly tap out.

Winners – Cena & JR

Celebration, then ADR grabs an ankle and drags Cena from the ring. I watch closely to make sure JR is well away from there. Cena ducks a clothesline and manages to hit an AA on ADR on the floor in front of announce.

Cena grabs a mic and stands over ADR counting. ADR up and flees, but Cena takes him down. Cena puts the stairs on their side, then pick up the top. Cena uses the stairs as a battering ram to ADR's head. Cena then sits on the stairs and counts. The fans count right along with Cena. Cena says you don't have to be a genius to know why he's counting. He's chosen the terms for their Match at Vengeance. This Sunday vengeance will be Cena's when Cena faces ADR in a Last Man Standing Match! Cena is all smiles as ADR struggles to get his feet under him.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Miz & R-Truth
Dolph & Swagger

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