WWE Raw Results - 11/21/2011 - Truth of The Awesome Implosion


Written by Kendra Bunyon on Nov 21, 2011 - 7:35:25 PM

This post Survivor Series RAW starts with music and pyro.

Booker is on announce with Cole and King. Justin announces the new WWE Champion, CM Punk. Punk comes out with a huge grin on his face and that ugly spinner belt around his waist. Cole rips on Punk for not dressing up for this as he has black shorts over his trunks, his Punk shirt and his ring boots. Took a bit but the fans got a cohesive 'CM Punk" chant out. He wants to tell us a story. He remembers sitting in Miss Worth's 1st grade class. She asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Some said astronaut, police officer, fireman, noble jobs. Cliff said he wanted to be Teen Wolf. Punk said he wanted to be a professional wrestler. Not sports entertainer, professional wrestler. As someone who's worked his way up from the bottom to the top. It meant so much to walk into MSG and win the Title. He did it on his own terms. He didn't want to be an astronaut, play police man, would have been cool to be Teen Wolf, turn into a wolf, but he did it as him, Punk. He's never tried to be anything else. Now that he has the Title the little game of WWE Hot Potato is over. This Title is where it belongs. Sits on the shoulder of the best in the world and will stay there. "Thank you Punk!" chants. He says he's the new face of the WWE.

Punk plants himself in the center of the ring. As he told former Champion ADR, he's going to make this interesting again. Bring the air of danger back to RAW, where it's been sorely lacking. He wants to be an agent of change. He wants to know where the hell the WWE ice cream bars are. And wants to change soon is the term 'Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis' to former RAW GM Laurinaitis. The reason he wants to do this is...

Laurinaitis cut Punk off. He says supposedly Punk is the rebel rowser. They don't need to be adversarial. They both want the best for the WWE Universe. He's taking the high road, as he always does and doesn't understand why Punk has an issue with him. "You Suck!' chants fill the arena.

Punk says he couldn't hear a word Laurinaitis said. It has a lot to do with their chants. Punk says when it comes to VKM, he's a greedy soulless bastard, but will tell you that to your face. Laurinaitis is typical middle management. Like Bill Lumberg from Office Space without the comedy, a reference so lost on Laurinaitis who's out of touch. Laurinaitis says he wants the best for the 'Universe', they're fans. It's a buzz word to keep his boss happy. Unless Laurinaitis thinks he can be an innovator of change, then he'll be a sorry excuse for middle management soul sucking douche bag stooge. (Of course this was edited and bleeped.)

Laurinaitis says he's upper management. Punk has him all wrong. Just because he's not pierced and tattooed all over his body, doesn't mean he doesn't have a wild side. Punk was all giggles. He can be just as creative and dynamic as Punk and will prove it now. ADR has a rematch clause in his contract. They're not waiting for the next PPV, it will be on the next RAW.

Punk says he's such an agent of change, why not have it now? Laurinaitis says Punk has other plans. A very wise and old man told him that if he puts himself in the fans' shoes, you'll never go wrong. Punk will face Dolph in a Champ vs Champ Match.

Punk says it's not innovative, it's stupid. He's not afraid of Dolph, it shows that Laurinaitis doesn't listen to his 'Universe'! They don't want to see Dolph vs Punk. "WE want Ryder!" chants fill the arena. Punk says they want Dolph vs Ryder!

Laurinaitis says Ryder is facing ADR tonight. Ryder couldn't beat Dolph and neither can Punk. Punk leaves the ring, says he will beat Dolph. Next week he will beat ADR. Up the ramp to Laurinaitis. Punk says somebody, nobody in particular, will beat some sense into Laurinaitis. Punk motions at Laurinaitis quickly, then leaves. Laurinaitis, still standing on the stage dials his cell.

Video from after SS. "We want Ryder!" chants cut in on Rocky. He says he's a fan too. Woo woo woo, all that.

Ryder out to the the ring.

> Commercial

Zack Ryder vs ADR w/ Ricardo

Ryder in the ring smiling. Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a
Bentley Flying Spur. Just as Ricardo gets to the height of ADR's name, Ryder grabs the mic with a woo woo woo!

ADR on Ryder with kicks and stomps. Blows on Ryder on the mat. Arm cracker on Ryder for two. Arm bar on Ryder. "Let's go Ryder!" chants. ADR on that arm and shoulder with blows. ADR rips at Ryder's face, then back on the arm. Ryder to his feet, blows to get free and whips ADR. ADR with and elbow up. A couple clotheslines and then a flapjack on ADR. Ryder whipped but gets his knees up. 'Woo woo woo!' Big kick to ADR's head and sets up, but ADR reverses. Enziguri on Ryder in a corner. ADR locks on his arm breaker and Ryder has to tap out. ADR held onto the hold until forced to release.

Winner > ADR

ADR is all cranky, stares down at Ryder holding his arm on the mat. Video of the high points of this Match. ADR backing up the ramp talking smack the whole time.

Backstage Sheamus heads for the ring.

> Commercial

SS #1 > Yesterday, SS led all cable TV shows in total activity on social media.

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger w/ Vickie

Cole talks about social media as Sheamus heads to the ring. Cole and Booker talk about Sheamus' temper. A pissed Swagger head for the ring, Vickie in tow.

They lock up. Sheamus taken down. Blows to the back of Sheamus' neck. Both up, Swagger put in a corner. A big blow on Swagger, then more and they appear to be working stiff. Swagger slides from the ring and demands the ref contain Sheamus. Scoop slam to Sheamus, then Swagger leg drop missed as Sheamus moves. Swagger slammed, then a running knee to Swagger's face for two. Sheamus gets Swagger in a corner, then backed off. Sheamus eats and elbow, then slammed to the mat. Swagger uses the corner to splash Sheamus on the mat as Vickie screeches outside. Arm hold on Sheamus. Knees to Sheamus' gut, then forearms to his back. Swagger wrenches Sheamus' arms back. Sheamus to his feet but Swagger takes him right back down. Sheamus back to his feet and slams his head back to get free. Ax handles to Swagger's chest, then blows in a corner. Slams Swagger to the mat for two.

Sheamus climbs, Swagger knocks the ropes, Sheamus lands on his feet, then Swagger ducks the Brogue kick. Swagger grabs Sheamus' ankle and locks it on, but Sheamus kicks out. Brogue kick to Swagger and it's over.

Winner > Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates and looks down at Swagger who rolls out of the ring in the direction of Vickie.

Backstage Nash is heading for the ring.

> Commercial

WWE Slam of The Week – Nash attacked Triple H up on the stage with a sledge. Backstage Nash continued the attack.

Nash's nWo music and to the stage. Last night Nash watched SS from outback. MSG is sweet to Nash. He won the Championship when he heat Bob Backlund there in 8 seconds. A few years later four guys put friendship before the business. Those four guys: Hall, HBK, Trip and Nash decided their friendship was real and for life. He comes back to the WWE and thinks he has a friend in Trip, but he has a boss. Last night should have been him and Trip in the main event against Rock and Cena. You know why? Trip, the powerful, the cerebral assassin, taken out with his own sledge, back broken by Nash. As Thanksgiving comes upon us, Trip know one thing, SS might be gone, but one thing is crystal clear, the one survivor of the group stands before them now.

> Commercial

Cody Rhodes vs Santino

Cody Rhodes in the ring. He says to call it shame, the shame for feeling disfigured, makes him vulnerable to predators, predators like Orton. But the constraints have been removed. A rabid dog without his muzzle. Cody Rhodes has been unmasked. Cody Rhodes is uninhibited. Cody Rhodes is unbeatable. Cody Rhodes is completely unrepentant. Cody then laughs maniacally, creepily! Santino out, runs around the ring, gets in and throws his cobra to the fans, then the shirt comes off and into the crowd.

They dance a bit. Santino around back, Cody to the ropes. Santino on Cody's leg, but then hit to the mat. Cody stomps Santino in a corner. Cody's leg sweep was missed as Santino held the ropes. Santino goes for the cobra, but then cross roads and Cody has the three.

Winner – Cody

Cody poses with his strap. Video of the finisher. Cody leaves the ring to announce. Cody gets in Booker's face. He can head Booker. Booker says he doesn't have any personal beef with Cody. Cody throws water in Booker's face. Booker to his feet, but then Cody is gone, around the ring and all smiles. Booker is drying off as Cole complains about being wet.

Josh asks Dolph about being the only Superstar in two matches. Dolph says he won two matches. Josh says Dolph was the first eliminated. Vickie stepped in and said Dolph was on the winning team, so he won. Rock didn't do it. Cena didn't do it. That disgusting disgrace of a human being Punk didn't do it. He doesn't want to be a show off, but he's the new face of the WWE.

> Commercial

Cole teases Booker for the water.

Champion vs Champion Match > Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie vs CM Punk

Dolph out with Vickie in tow. Cole talks up Dolph as the new face of RAW. Punk back out to the ring, still all silly and smiles. "CM Punk!" chants.

They lock up, Vickie screeches. Side headlock takeover on Dolph. Punk holds onto Dolph and lands another takeover. Dolph with his leg around Punk's head to get free. Punk reverses to a double arm hold. Into a corner, Punk releases. Side headlock takeover on Punk. Punk reverses and gets the side headlock on Dolph. Shoulder block drops Dolph. Punk runs the ropes. Dolph leapfrogs. They have a standoff. Dolph jumps at Punk who jumps over Dolph. Dolph touches Punk's back on his way by, then slides from the ring to regroup.

Big kicks to Dolph's thigh. Kicks back on Punk, then a neckbreaker for two. Stomps on Punk. Elbows to the back of Punk's head. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk kicks Dolph, then blows. Dolph back on Punk with blows. Elbow drop on Punk for two. Head and arm lock on Punk on the mat. Punk free with blows. High knee take Punk down for two. Dolph stomps Punk, then rakes Punk's face on his boot. Stomps to Punk. Punk reverses a neckbreaker into a backslide for two. Big clothesline to Punk for two. Crossface locked in on Punk. Punk up, punches out and slams Dolph to the mat.

Vickie on the apron blowing kisses to Punk. Punk didn't react to Vickie. Dolph is whipped, but moves quickly and avoids Punk's high knee in the corner. Punk falls out and to the floor. Dolph stands on his head and shows off in a silly way as Vickie cheers outside the ring.

> Commercial

Chinlock on Punk on the mat. Punk to his feet, blows to Dolph. Dolph punches back, kicks from Punk. Leg lariat, then clotheslines to Dolph. Swinging neckbreaker to Dolph for two. Dolph up, but reverses it to a sleeper on Punk. Punk crumbles to his knees, then the mat. "CM Punk!" chants and Punk to his feet. Punk reverses back for the GTS, but Dolph moves and pins Punk holding the ropes, the ref stops it. Punk then pins Dolph, him using the ropes, the ref stops that. Punk ducks Dolph who then ducks Punk's kick. Blow to Dolph. Dolph gets a sleeper, but Punk was in the ropes. High knee to Dolph in a corner, then the running bulldog for a long two. Booker really talks up 'The Zig/Zag Man!' Scoop slam on Dolph and Punk climbs. Dolph rolls and slides too far away, so Punk drops to the mat. Drop kick to Punk for a long two.

Both are left on the mat panting. Punk set up top. Dolph climbs, blows on Punk the whole way up. Blows to Dolph's gut, then double blows to Dolph's face. Dolph hits the mat at Punk pays homage to Savage for two. Punk motions for GTS. Dolph up, then down and completely flips Punk, slamming him to the mat for two. Dolph then stomps on Punk wildly. Te ref yells and admonishes Dolph. "CM Punk!" chants. Dolph rushes Punk, but is countered and slammed. GTS and Punk gets the three.

Winner > Punk

Punk celebrates, poses on a corner, then blows a kiss to Vickie. Punk appears to be bleeding a bit from the mouth. High points of the Match. Punk sits in the ring and makes the GTS motion. Then back up posing.

> Commercial

Big Show out to the stage, big smile on his face. Stills of Big Show with the chair on Henry's leg last night at SS. Big Show says if you missed SS, you missed an epic night. Last night he proved he was stronger and tougher than the world's strongest man. He proved he's better than the world's strongest man. Big Show proved he can fly! Face it Mark, when he realized the Title was slipping away he took the easy way out and kicked Big Show in the groin. But he told Henry only one would walk out of SS. Henry might still be WHC, but was carted out. Henry might be as tough as he said, the leg might not be broken. But know that when Henry comes back, Big Show has something waiting for him ( Big Show's fist) and make sure he brings that Title back with him.

Backstage Kelly and Fox are playing WWE 12. It's Kelly on Beth. Natalya and Beth in behind them and Beth gives a cheap plug for the game. They both talk it up, but the Barbie dolls in the game don't cry like the girls do in real life. Beth and Natalya leave and the other two go back to beating up Beth on the screen.

> Commercial

Cole talks about the Twitter talk about Booker and Cody. JR has been Tweeting too.

Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Wade out to the ring. Video from after SS. He proved the Barrett Barrage works on five as easily as one. Next stop, the WHC. Kofi bouncing out to face him.

Kick and elbow to Kofi, then slammed to the mat. More kicks on Kofi, then blows in a corner. Kofi kicks back, but then into a suplex on Kofi for two. Kofi back into a corner, then whipped to the other. Elbow greets Wade, then clotheslines and a drop kick. Kofi reverses on Wade for two. Clothesline to Kofi. Wade gets Kofi up for wasteland, but Orton's music hits and Wade is shocked. Kofi free and goes after Wade, but Wade slides out to see Orton coming down the ramp, slowly, at Wade. Wade backs around the ring.

> Commercial

Chinlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Orton sitting ringside and watching Wade closely. Looks like Orton will be feuding with Wade as Cody moves on to working with Booker. Tilt-a-whirl side slam to Kofi for two. Blows to Kofi on the mat. Wade chokes Kofi in the middle rope, then chokes Kofi with the top rope. Wade then runs and hits a big boot on Kofi who is sitting on the middle rope, with his body outside. Kofi falls to the floor. Wade only gets two from it. Kofi is whipped and hits the mat. Wade stomps at Kofi's face under the ropes. Another big boot and Kofi to the mat. Blows on Kofi on the mat. Wade pins Kofi for two.

Knee to the center of Kofi's back, arms wrenched back. Kofi slammed to the mat. Kofi pulls the rope down, Wade out over the top. Kofi flies out through the ropes. Wade sent in, but Kofi only gets two. Kofi climbs, but Wade knocks koto sitting up there. Wade sets up for wasteland up there, Kofi fights free and sends Wade to the mat. Kofi flew in a crossbody on Wade for two. Kofi hits his boom drop. Kofi sets up for trouble in paradise, Wade ducks. Wade gets Kofi up and hits wasteland as he stares at Orton.

Winner > Wade

Orton to his feet, watching Wade closely. Video of the high points of the Match. Wade is all smiles as he says that in case Orton missed it, the winner of this Match, Wade Barrett. Orton stops, looks down, thinks. "RKO!" chants. Orton moves quickly in Wade's direction. Wade drops the mic and backs away from the ropes quickly. Orton then continues his way up the ramp.

Backstage Cena heads for the ring.

> Commercial

Video clips of Henry and Big Show from SS, setting up for SD!

Cena out with a grin, tells the camera that she (a fan) wants him to deliver her baby, but he's not qualified. Cena to the ring and gets some pop, more heat. Then even more heat. He says it's almost deafening in there, most of it heat. He said it's been an interesting 24 hours. He can hear the excitement and energy. Finally the world knows who Zack Ryder is. Follow him on Twitter, he's funny. Punk is the new WWE Champ. And the big question, can Rock and Cena coexist as a tag team? Yes. They defeated Miz and R-Truth. For those who missed it, it was truly magical. When Rock came to the ring, there was a reaction like never before for a Superstar who's been absent for seven years (what other Superstar has been gone for 7 years to return to the ring?) from the WWE. For Cena, business as usual. The WWE 'Universe' has always been honestly vocal for how they feel about Cena. Much heat. He loves it. It's the emotion, the honestly like that that makes moment truly unique, but emotions run high, people get carried away. They had already won, he was congratulating his partner, Rock stops everything and asks Cena into the ring. He knows Rock wasn't asking him in to share a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. "Fruity Pebbles!" chants. That's why he loves the fans, chanting a breakfast cereal on Monday night RAW. When a man calls you out, you meet him face to face. They shared some choice words he won't repeat, then it wasn't Cena's night and he found himself on the business end of a Rock bottom. The fans like this! Chants of, "You can't wrestle!" "Boots to asses!" and a couple men yelling, "Rocky sucks!"

Here it is. Last night that happened, boots to asses. Rocky proved he's never lost it. WM will be exactly what it needs to be, the two biggest...

Awesome Truth cuts Cena off. Really? Really? Really? Really? Two biggest? Two biggest what? Two biggest egos? Cena's ego won't even let Cena admit how much the Rock showed him up last night. He's out there painting this happy picture of how emotional it was, what a great tag team they were, but failed to mention that Cena had 17,000 people chanting to the Rock, "Don't tag Cena!" That same chant starts thanks to Miz. Always saying you can't see me, well last night, no one wanted to see Cena.

R-Truth starts, gets a 'WHAT?' and yells at them to not 'what' me! What color is the sky in Cena's world. He talks about what WM needs to be, R-Truth tells him what WM is going to be. The Rock putting boots to asses from the rooter to the tooter or Cena's fruity booty all over Miami. Ce-nation about to turn into see ya later nation!

Cena tells him to shut up. Right now they need to worry about one member of the Ce-nation, him. He'll knock the makeup off Miz's face and shove his veneers down his throat. R-Truth will have the braids ripped off his head and melt down the gold in his teeth to sell to Mr. T. Two thing, the world found out Rock still has it, so all eyes are focused on April 1st in Miami for WM. Two, nobody cares about them, at all! After all this they try so hard to be a legitimate threat. What is awesome is Miz thinks R-Truth is a whacked out nut job who never had any talent and is riding Miz's coattails. R-Truth looks pissed. The truth is that R-Truth thinks Miz is a pompous, arrogant attention stealing D-lister who's main accomplishment was being a skinny loud mouth on a reality show.

Cena leaves the ring. He tells them not to boo him, they should be booing themselves. Miz and R-Truth look rather shocked by it all. Miz looks at R-Truth, R-Truth gets in Miz's face. Miz says R-Truth is stupid, Cena's trying to play them. R-Truth is pissed that Miz called him stupid. Miz is then pissed R-Truth bowed up at him. Miz says they're all there for Miz. R-Truth's eyes bug out and he says Miz about to cross the line. Miz pushes R-Truth, R-Truth punches Miz to the mat. Miz backed into a corner on his bum and tries to get R-Truth to calm down. It's Cena trying to play them. They need to get Cena. Off come their jackets and they go after Cena. Up on the stage Miz grabs R-Truth and hits his SCF! Miz stares down at R-Truth on the stage, then turns and walks away, looking over his shoulder the whole time. Video recap of Miz and R-Truth destructing. Cole then talks up Miz and King actually is shocked into replying even though he had virtually no voice.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Awesome Truth

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