WWE Raw Results - 11/7/2011 - Cena Did Get Got!


Written by Kendra Bunyon on Nov 7, 2011 - 11:29:15 PM

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Cena out to the ring to mixed reaction. He likes the lively fans and warm welcome that really isn't warm. He knows why they're upset. He's upset too. Much going on in the WWE. Tickets for WM went on sale, don't want to miss that one. The Rock... Rocky chants. He accepted Cena's invited to tag. They will team at SS. This brings him to why he's angry. The 'Universe' isn't talking about this week, they're talking about Rock on RAW next week. He thinks tonight's important. The first time Liverpool hosts RAW! Miz and R-Truth are tagging against Cena and a future HOFer.

Miz and R-Truth out to the stage. Miz says Cena's teaming with a future HOFer? Really? Really? Really? He doesn't seem to be tagging with him or R-Truth. All Miz has heard about is how Cena embarrassed Miz last week. He's done things HBK, Batista and others couldn't do, pin Cena in the ring. But yes, Cena beat him and took out R-Truth. He's replayed it over and over in his mind. Hopefully Cena DVRs it as it's the last time that will happen. As a matter of fact, in tonight's Match they will leave Cena with a lasting impression he won't forget!

R-Truth asks if Cena's head the Jimmys laughing at him. The fans are all 'What?' at R-Truth and this upsets R-Truth. He rants on about how later Cena will get got!

Cena tells everyone to hide their kids, R-Truth's lost his mind again. Miz looks like he's steaming mad! His partner isn't just anyone. His partner is on fire and... Cena goes on and on, but Miz cuts Cena off as Miz says, 'It doesn't matter...' ala Rocky. This whole time Miz and R-Truth came down to the ring. They both get in and after Cena, but Woo Woo Woo and Ryder makes the save.

Backstage Vickie and Dolph heading for the ring.

> Commercial

Dolph w/ Vickie vs JoMo

Vickie comes out in white shirt, black shorts, black tie and black knee high boots. She looked very nice and not over the top. JoMo out in slo-mo.

JoMo and Dolph chain wrestle a bit until a hammerlock on Dolph until Dolph pins JoMo for two. Side headlock on Dolph. Side headlock take over by JoMo. Dolph free, takes JoMo down, then right back in the side headlock take over. JoMo runs the ropes, then hits flapjack on Dolph for one. Chin lock on Dolph, but he hits a jawbreaker, then kicks JoMo to the mat. Dolph pins for two.

Big elbow drop from Dolph for two. Dolph and JoMo take so long to set up a move that they looked horrid. JoMo free from the move and kicks Dolph in the head. JoMo runs the ropes right into a huge clothesline from Dolph for two.

> Commercial

Elbows to JoMo's neck and shoulder from behind. Dolph slams JoMo to the mat. Knee to JoMo's head as he grinds JoMo's face into the mat. Elbow drop to JoMo's back for two. Both up and JoMo runs into a drop kick for two. Dolph was so casual in pinning. Neck breaker on JoMo as both Dolph and Vickie gloat. Dolph all over JoMo's neck. JoMo gets pissed and slams Dolph into a corner then blows. Dolph back with a big back elbow on JoMo for two. Headlock on JoMo on the mat for quite a bit! JoMo rolls Dolph up quickly for two, but then eats a clothesline. Chinlock on JoMo. Dueling chants for Dolph and JoMo!

JoMo to his feet, ducks the clothesline, then sends Dolph into the corner snake eyes. Couple clotheslines then a dropkick to Dolph. JoMo reverses on Dolph into a beautiful DDT for a long two. Vickie all screaming outside the ring as JoMo sets up for starship pain. JoMo lands on his feet, then rolls up Dolph for two. Sunset flip on JoMo for two. Dolph slams JoMo's face to the mat for two. Both struggle to their feet. JoMo reverses on Dolph and nails a kick to Dolph's head but Vickie on the apron stops the ref. The two men back and forth until JoMo manages a backslide on Dolph for three.

Winner: JoMo

Wow, Vickie had an all out cow in the ring. The screeching was amazing!

> Commercial

Cole announces the Traditional SS Match between Team Orton and Team Barrett.

Mason Ryan vs JTG

JTG is in the ring, but they go to a video about Ryan and that he's from Wales.

They lock up and Ryan tosses JTG down. They lock up and JTG is slammed again, harder. Shoulder block on JTG, but the fans are dead! JTG ducks out and Ryan eats a corner, but it doesn't last long. JTG up on Ryan's shoulder and takes a couple back breakers. JTG in a corner with shoulder blocks, then a clothesline. JTG tossed across the ring. JTG up with blows and kicks, but then eats a big boot. Still the fans are dead. JTG up in a press slam. Full nelson on JTG and he's whipped around like a ragdoll. Ryan slams JTG to the mat for three.

Winner: Ryan

Video of the high points of the Match as Ryan poses.

Video celebrating ticket buying in Miami for WM!

Backstage the Bellas talking about Liverpool. Ryder up to the Bellas and so excited. They all Woo Woo Woo! He reminds them to sign his Twitter petition.

> Commercial

Cole says his challenge won't take place this week. He got an email from the TSA. The TSA objected to the BBQ sauce JR carries at all time, so JR can face Cole next week in Boston.

ADR w/ Ricardo vs Kofi Kingston

Ricardo announces ADR who comes out in a Aston Martin DB9 convertible. Video of Punk locking an anaconda vice on ADR last week until ADR agreed to face Punk at SS. Kofi out to the ring without his partner. ADR glares at Kofi as he poses for the fans.

ADR on Kofi with kicks and blows. Kofi back with blows on ADR. ADR stops himself holding the ropes, but still runs into a drop kick. ADR out and Kofi flies, but ADR side steps. Outside ADR kicks Kofi in the ribs, then sends Kofi into the ring for two. An arm bar on Kofi and Kofi has a wardrobe malfunction. I had noticed his trunks looked like really short boxer briefs rather than regular briefs. Well, they ride up terribly while ADR keep him on the mat with the arm bar. Kofi adjusts, but could only get to one side as the other side ride up even further. He appears to have another layer on under his ring gear as the camera doesn't get a full moon! Kofi to his feet and tries to get free, but a couple headbutts stop that. Kofi does gain some strength and Kofi off the top on ADR for two.

Back and forth, then ADR sends Kofi shoulder first into the corner. Arm stabber, then ADR locks on his finisher for Kofi to tap out.

Winner: ADR

Kofi's bum is still mostly hanging out through the finisher and ADR's attack on Kofi's arm after the bell. Punk's music and he's out on the stage.

> Commercial

ADR tells Punk he didn't think Punk would have the guts to face him like this. According to Laurinaitis Punk was supposed to ask ADR for the Match, but he waited until Big Show knocked him out and forced the Match. "CM Punk!" chants. ADR say these people are a joke, pathetic and and ugly like Punk. Chants stop ADR who has to wait. ADR says no one cares about them, but ADR is the WWE Champ. " CM Punk!" chants. Laurinaitis says because of the way Punk asked, ADR can ask Punk to cancel the Match. Punk is to cancel or ADR will force him too. "CM Punk!" chants.

Punk says no one seems to punch people in the face when he has a problem anymore. He didn't know he had to politely ask. His fault, he apologizes. But think about it, how did ADR become Champ? Right, ADR cashed in his MITB after Nash had powerbombed Punk in the ring. Then, ADR beat Punk with a pipe at HIAC. Maybe Punk should have asked politely. But being a slimy, greasy, weasely, cheap shot artist, it works. That's why Punk did it to him. "CM Punk!" chants.

ADR says he's the WWE Champ and they will treat him with the respect he deserves. Punk agrees that ADR is a hell of a competitor. Like ADR on mic is one dimensional. It was his destiny to come to the WWE and become Champ. Between all the destiny speeches, the fans fast forward their DVRs and they don't miss anything, do they? "CM Punk!" chants. ADR demands Punk listen. Punk says we've all listened to ADR. ADR is a hell of a competitor, but Punk's going to win and so something ADR couldn't do, make the WWE Championship interesting again! ADR laughs. He doesn't care what Punk and the fans think. He's WWE Champ and that makes him the best in the world. For the last time, Punk, will he cancel the Match at SS, yes or no?

Punk strikes a thinking pose, thinks about it, then thinks so more. No! ADR hits Punk with the strap to the head, then punches and stomping on ADR. ADR's finishing hold, but Punk punches free. Punk tries to lock on the anaconda, but Ricardo gets involved by attacking Punk with little girl punches. ADR gets free and Punk nails Ricardo with GTS. Punk is left in the ring smirking!

> Commercial

Video of the Muppets on RAW last week and into a promo for the movie as well as other clips of the Muppets that didn't make RAW last week.

Swagger w/ Vickie vs Santino

Swagger and Vickie to the ring. Video of Swagger talking about losing last week to a Muppet. He then wiped his face again. Swagger's eye twitched a bit too. Santino out in his new t-shirt and a cobra sleeve.

Chants for Santino and he smiles. Swagger takes Santino down. They roll and Santino to the ropes. Swagger then talking smack with Santino. A big right from Swagger drops Santino. "Santino" chants. Santino comes back, but is then whipped and slammed to the mat. Swagger rolls Santino up for two. Swagger slams Santino to the mat, then chokes Santino under the ropes with a foot. Swagger wrenches Santino's arms back. Santino up and free, then slammed back to the mat. Swagger tries a bum slam but Santino moves. Blows from Santino who then splits to avoid the clothesline, but a belly-to-belly on Santino. Santino shoulder first into a post, then an ankle lock and Santino taps out.

Winner – Swagger

Swagger takes a victory lap around the ring, then Vickie raises his arm.

Backstage Kelly in a tight red wrap dress with cut outs at her waist.

> Commercial

King into the ring and he introduces Kelly who will be on the cover of Maxim magazine next week. She comes out and hugs King. She's all smiles. She says when she started here five years ago, she was such a kid. She's grown up so much. She's had her ups and down, but she always strives to be better. She's thrilled to be a former Diva Champ and a Maxim cover girl. Beth's music and she comes out with Natalya. The two of them taunt her for being a Barbie doll and her body and her hair and on and on. Kelly says that she wouldn't interrupt if they were on the cover of National Geographic. They laugh at Kelly. Beth says that she's there to show the little girls that it takes more than a pretty face and a bucket of perkiness. They then taunt her to cry and Natalya even called her a mutt! Eve and Fox ran out to the ring to side with Kelly. They drive Beth and Natalya from the ring. Fox asks why they left the ring. Eve tells Kelly that this isn't for them, it's for Kelly. Fox and Eve reveal Kelly's cover.

> Commercial

Laurinaitis out to the stage. Justin announces him, then Laurinaitis introduces himself. He's signed Nash and here he is. Nash comes out to nWo music with his hair dyed. Nash to the ring and over the top rope. Video of Nash's attack on Trip two weeks ago. Nash thanks Laurinaitis for bringing him back. For the past two weeks everyone's asked is why. He doesn't owe anyone of them a reason. The person who does deserve an explanation is in Connecticut with a slight headache. Trip walked in in 1995 in slack and a sports coat. Shadowing Killer. Nash says he should have buried Trip then! HBK watched Trip on the monitor, said Trip had something, so Nash let Trip into Nash's Kliq.

"You suck!" chants. Trip won Nash over. They had a real friendship. He was honored to be at Trip's wedding. Then the Rumble, Nash gets, without a doubt, the biggest pop of the night and calls up Trip to get the band back together. Not only does he not get a no, he doesn't get a response. Trip betrayed Nash. Without Nash Trip's nothing. Trip took their friendship and put his own little career together from it. He doesn't care what anyone says, Trip's still the measuring stick in the WWE. Give Nash a has-been Legend's contract? He still has it! On any given night Nash could become WWE Champ! What Nash did was book himself in a main event Match. He took Trip's sledge and used it against him. Sat for six hours contemplating how it would feel. It felt good. Looking at the monitor and seeing them put Trip on that board, Nash knew he could do it again. Trip was like a baby. With Trip's sledge, Cerebral Assassin. Nash just showed that's how you play the Game. Nash's music plays and he leaves the ring.

King and Cole talk about what Nash said and what Trip thinks of all this. Trip won't be back for at least a month.

Video promo for Brodus Clay.

Backstage Laurinaitis and Otunga talk about things. Otunga said he thought Brodus was supposed to debut tonight. Laurinaitis says Brodus will be huge and he can't waste him out here in Liverpool. He needs to debut in front of sophisticated audience in America. Otunga agrees. Punk appears and says Laurinaitis doesn't have a clue about any audience. Otunga says he doesn't see the WWE Champ look like someone who'd work in a gas station. Punk had a laugh and says that's almost as funny as, what would you like sir, regular (right fist) or unleaded (left fist)? Otunga took unleaded first. Blows on Otunga, then ADR grabs Punk and slams him back through the table. ADR beat Punk down while Laurinaitis threatened to take off his jacket of ADR didn't stop. Security and refs pull ADR off Punk.

> Commercial

Video recap of ADR beating down Punk.

Miz & R-Truth vs Cena & Ryder

Awesome Truth out to the ring. Video recap of Cena versus Miz last week with R-Truth getting involved. R-Truth took the AA and lost his Scream mask. Zack Ryder out with his camera in hand and going. Ryder waits for Cena before entering the ring.

Cena and R-Truth lock up. Shoulder block drops R-Truth. Miz tags in and Cena smirks. Cena takes Miz down, then works him over in a corner. Miz whipped, then splashed. Miz from the corner into a clothesline for two. "We want Ryder!" chants! R-Truth tags back in. R-Truth talks smack, then flees. Miz drops down when Cena rushes him. Miz and R-Truth talk outside and R-Truth back in. the fans still chanting for Ryder. Cena tags out and the fans love it!

R-Truth on Ryder with a kick, but they both drop from the shoulder block. Flapjack on R-Truth, then R-Truth sent flying out over the top and lands hard on his head/back.

> Commercial

Ryder over the top of Miz, then takes him down for two. Cena tags in and they double team Miz for two. Miz back on Cena stomping him in the heel corner. Video replay of R-Truth sent flying out over the top and how hard his head hit out there. King says he's impressed that R-Truth is still standing, never mind still in this Match. R-Truth pins Cena for two. Headlock on Cena. Cena backed into the heel corner. R-Truth pins Cena for two. Chinlock on Cena by the heel corner. Cena keeps working toward, reaching to Ryder, but R-Truth slams Cena to the mat for two.

Miz tags in and taunts Cena. Miz chokes Cena on the bottom rope. Knee to Cena's face. R-Truth tags in and on Cena's ribs. Cena's arms wrenched back on the mat, Ryder wants in. Cena muscles his arms out and tries to get out and up but slammed back. Elbow drop from R-Truth as there's dueling chants for Cena. R-Truth stomps Cena in the heel corner. R-Truth tags in and they try to double team Cena, but he moves. R-Truth's shoulder to the post and Cena tags out.

Ryder in with clotheslines, then his knees up into Miz's face. Cena in the ring, puts on Ryder's shades and they both kick a heel in corners. Miz ducks Ryder and R-Truth attacks from outside. Ryder beaten down by Miz, then R-Truth in and gets two. Blows to Ryder's face, then chinlock as the fans chant for Ryder in a big way. R-Truth holds the ropes and avoids Ryder's dropkick. R-Truth tags out and they both hang Ryder up top. Miz taunts Ryder to his feet then punches him down. Miz taunts Cena, then stomps Ryder. Dueling chants for Cena. Forearms to Ryder's back. Ryder and Cena reach, but nowhere near reaching. Ryder with a small package almost gets Miz, but then eats a clothesline. Ryder in a corner and then eats Miz's huge clothesline. R-Truth tags in and kicks Ryder in the gut. Double teamed head kicks to Ryder for two. R-Truth on Ryder with a chinlock on the mat. The fans behind Ryder as he tries to get free. Blows on Ryder, then the hold again.

Double clothesline and both down. Both tag out. Shoulder blocks to Miz, then the slam. R-Truth takes the slam too. Cena looks up at Ryder and smirks. They both hit the 5 knuckle shuffle! R-Truth tossed out,t hen he pulls Ryder from the ring. Miz up for the AA, but Miz reverses and kicks Cena in the head. R-Truth reaches in and holds Cena's leg and Miz gets the three.

Winners: Miz & R-Truth

Cena smirks on the mat as he did get got. Miz and R-Truth on the stage when Cena starts talking smack.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Most mixed

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