We open back up with, with some great back and forth action. Some great false finishes. Ricochet and Black pull out the upset, then Roode attacks, but is quiconly brought back down by Black. Great showing from both teams, we then get a backstage promo of Elias stating, he will put on the show of the century, and anyone who interferes will get the beating of a lifetime. This should good well, after a Dean Ambrose entrance we head to commercial break..... 

......Great first hour. We opened with Seth accepting the Champion vs Champion challenge from Kofi. Our Main Event for tonight.

Hawkins and Ryder getting the upset victory over The Revival in an tag team rematch.

Baron Corbin getting great heat from the crowd, before Angle interrupts him, giving him the Angle Slam, and Angle lock. Before he is interuppted by a hungry Lars Sullivan, giving him a power slam, and diving head butt

Alexa Bliss makes a in ring comeback against Bayley, after challenging either Boss n Hug Connection online earlier today. Getting the win after a nasty DDT.

Becky comes to the ring and after some talking, Lacey enters, does her strut, pretends to turn before giving Becky the Woman's Right. Fight ensues. My favorite segment so far in the first hour...... 

Now, We open back up with what was supposed to be Bobby Lashley vs Deam in his final match on RAW, but the match never gets started, before Bobby gives him a beat down. Thank You Ambrose chants. We cut to commercial break to a returning Sami Zayn heading to the ring. Could this be one of the best Raws of the new year? 

We open back up to Mojo Rowley talking to himself in the mirror again for the 1000 time. Only this time he has blue viens painted on his eye.

Sami makes his way to the ring, to the crowd performing his entrance music. Crowd definitely missed him. After saying how he is ready for competition, Finn Balor makes his way to the ring accepting the challenge. After brief discussion between the ref and the Announcer. It is revealed Finn, who regained his Intercontinental Championship last night at WrestleMania against Bobby Lashley. Finn will put the title on the line. This should be a great match between the two.

We open back up with some great back and forth, sidebar. The announcers tried to talk to Renee about Dean who says she doesn't want to speak on it. And Corey stumbled over his words, then says it's been a long three days. He isn't lying guys. Sami is looking great, and does a little dance after out wrestling Finn in the early part of this match. I missed him in the ring. Truly did. After some great back a forth, and some wicked chops to Sami from Finn. We go to commercial break, after Finn decides to him Sami with an overhead kick.

We open back with a recap of Kofi's big Wrestlemania moment, and an advertisement for the celebration with the New Day tomorrow night on Smackdown Live.

Back to the match between Sami and Finn. Finn gets the upper hand with a few sling blades in the corner, but missed the stomp to the chess and Zayn almost gets a roll up pin. I'm sweating. After a miss from Zayn, Finn gets the second stomp on Zayn to remain champ. I could've watched them go another few minutes. But the closing seconds seeing Finn with the stomp as said. A disappointing Zayn remains in the ring and grabs the Mic again, to explain him coming back and losing has reinforced what he was thinking for the past 9 months, which is. That we missed him. And that he didn't miss any of this or anyone of us. Explaining how WWE is a toxic environment because of the audience, boos ensues... he is right though, my heel moment. He bashes the crowd more; saying how they are ugly inside and refuse to open up and see it. (I think this promo was written by Vince.) And says the right thing to do is come out and hold each fan accountable each week. This shall be fun.....

Before commercial break, we get a strum of the guitar from Elias. Surpringly another strong hour.

We come back to my favorite segment of the night. The brawl between Lacey and Becky. Now a backstage to a Dana Brooke interview, declaring she isn't in the back of the line anymore. And will seize the moment. 

Elias complains about John Cena ruining his Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Which I totally forgot happened. Elias goes in on John Cena, before the crowds chants Oh walk with Elias. He proceeds to rap, no guitar needed. His words, not mine. He is interrupted by none other than! The Undertaker. Elias stands in the ring, taking off the mic and extra gear slowly, to holy sh** chats. A stare down. Will Elias live up his word? He tries a sneak attack which leads to a clothes line from the deadman. Didn't Elias say anyone who interferes with his performance is deadman? The Deadman gives him a Chokeslam, then he "pinned" him, in the way only the Deadman could. Great segment. Great use of Taker. Great moment for Elias. And we head to another commercial break.

Advertisement for the two day Superstar shake up next week. And we come back to the Main event. Winner takes all. Both titles won last night. Seth Rollins vs Kofi. After some amazing back and forth, with both nearly hitting their finishers, Trouble in Paradise and the Curve Stomp. We go to commercial break at a stale mate, and Kofi all smiles. He's enjoying this moment. 

We own back up with some action, chest chomps from both competitors. Later, Kofi tries to go on the top rope. Seth catches him, but to everyone's surprise,Kofi knocks him off the top rope to the floor pin the life, Kofi tries to go for a top rope move, but is knocked off by The Bar Sheamus & Cesaro. Match is cancelled. Seth ask Kofi to tag with him to take on The Bar. Crowd is not happy, chanting bullsh**. Horrible cop out, but we head to commercial break, after Cesaro slams Seth on the ringside. Even the angry crowd agreed it looked brutal. 

We are back with action on action. The 4 men still hasn't seemed to pulled the crowd back in. Horrible way of introducing the new champions honestly. The Bar feeds off the crowd, instead of letting it get to them. Using this to up the intensity. The crowd chants we want refunds. Kofi is tagged in, the crowd stops chanting. The crowd is back with him. Only a few can get a crowd back like that. Sadly this is only for a moment, until they are misbehaving again, pulling antics and such.

Meanwhile, back in the ring Sheamus goes for the big knee to Kofi, but the pin is broken up by Seth, who used Cesaro to break it up. The match is ended in a pin fall victory, after Seth is tagged in by Kofi, after he hits the Trouble in Paradise. Seth hits the Curve Stomp. The crowd is back behind these two. Curse the writers for throwing those two men, Kofi and Seth, in the fire like that. But great ending, to an overall great show.

Tonight was fun, 3 hours went by fast. I still think Becky and Lacey had the best segment. And I'm ready for Smackdown tomorrow. A solid 4.

No Roman or Drew, let's see how that plays out in the Shake Up next week, which I will be right here to give you guys all the draft picks, etc. 

 Thank you for tuning in. See you next time, CHEERS!

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