WWE Raw Results 4/29/13 - He's Only Hurt, Not Hurt Bad


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WWE Raw Results - Monday April 29, 2013
From the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio
Report by Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw, we're live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Michael Cole says the show is sold out with an attendance of 14,282.

Triple-Threat Match
Winner gets to choose the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Extreme Rules
Big E Langston vs. Zeb Colter vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

The entrances:

The only televised entrance was Ricardo Rodriguez, who came out with Alberto Del Rio. Justin Roberts, flu and all, is the ring announcer and goes over the stipulation of the match.

The start:

The bell rings and this one is underway. Jack Swagger is at ringside as are World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. It's Big E Langston and Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring. Langston, in control, easily shoves Rodriguez to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

Clubbing forearm from Big E Langston on Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricado goes for a counter but is greeted with multiple powerslam backbreakers. Basically, Langston slams Ricardo down on his knee, back first. Big E backs Ricardo into the corner and just dismantles him. The crowd seems pretty quiet as Langston charges Rodriguez shoulder-first into an opposite corner.

Ricardo builds a counter and even hits a kick to the jaw. Zeb Colter is involved in the match and he wants Rodriguez. Loud USA chants as Big E mows Rodriguez down with a clothesline. Langston works on Rodriguez with Zeb helping with the attack on Ricardo. Colter actually pushed Big E Langston aside so he could get his own shots in on him. Colter claims his knee went out as Swagger gets in to check on him.

Meanwhile, Ricardo sneaks in with a bucket and hits Langston with it. Langston is unfazed and gives him a belly-to-belly suplex with authority. Langston drops the straps but Alberto Del Rio comes in and hits an enzuigiri. Ziggler hits a dropkick on him. When Swagger gets involved, Langston hits a clothesline, sending him to the outside.

Rodriguez is laid out in the center of the ring and Colter goes for the cover. AJ Lee grabs the referee. While Colter protests the referee, Ricardo rolls up Colter for the three count and the win.

Winner & gets to determine the stipulation at Extreme Rules, Ricardo Rodriguez

We go to announce when Michael Cole announces that John Cena was injured at the Raw live event in Nottingham, England. Cole said account to a Tweet from Cena, he seems like he's ready. Jerry Lawler reads from Twitter as the Tweet is shown on the screen. John Cena is here to celebrate World Wish Day. A photo of Cena with a little boy is shown.

They roll a replay of Del Rio, Ziggler and Swagger interrupted the previous match. We head to our first commercial break of the night.

Back on the air, Michael Cole talks about today being World Wish Day. Jerry Lawler says today is a day where children have their wishes granted. Cole leads us to footage of John Cena's appearance on Kathie Lee & Hoda this morning. We have video of the appearance online at this link. Cena has granted over 300 wishes with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Justin Roberts announces the boy and his family along with WWE Champion John Cena when we cut back to the arena. Cena's music hits and he comes out with the kid and his family. No jeers here as the announcement before the entrance tamed the Cena haters. Cena announces three "wish kids," to applause from the crowd. Cena has the kids give the WWE Superstar names they chose for the night.

John announces the three kids as the three newest members of the WWE Universe. He says these kids were granted one wish and their wish was to come here and hang out with all of us on Monday Night Raw. Cena asks the crowd for a pop. He says not bad for a warm up but tells the crowd to let the kids hear and feel what it's like to be a part of Monday Night Raw. Cena thanks the crowd for making a very special moment that much more special. I got chills here, that was awesome. Great job from the crowd and of course WWE Champion John Cena.

We cut back to announce and Michael Cole puts over the work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We're shown footage of Randy Orton making his way to gorilla. He's in action next, live on Raw as we go to commercial break.

Cody vs Orton

They lock up, work the mat, then back up and circling. Chants for Rhodes' mustache. Rhodes takes Orton down. Rhodes runs the ropes and into a back elbow. They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. Rhodes with a cheap break. Orton sends him out, but Rhodes skins the cat. Rhodes gloats and eats a back elbow. Drop kick on Rhodes for one. Big upper cut by Orton in a corner. Orton up and on Rhodes with ten blows, then another upper cut. Orton stomps Rhodes' hand, then his knee, then Rhodes' thigh, but Rhodes trips Orton face first into a bottom buckle. Rhodes uses this time to stomp Orton, and get down on him with blows for two.

Rhodes sets up for a suplex, but Orton blocks and hits it himself for two. Orton drops a knee on Rhodes for two. "RKO!" chants. Rhodes with a drop kick for two. Rhodes starts using Orton's own defense with stomps. Orton ducks a clothesline inside, but outside hits one of his own.


Orton sends Rhodes into the ring. Orton climbs on the apron and eats a disaster kick. Rhodes out and rolls Orton in for two. Rhodes again pins for two. Rhodes all over Orton, even choking him with a knee. Rhodes pins for another two. "Cody's stache!" chants. Rhodes comes back with a drop down upper cut, taking from Golddust's playbook. Rhodes chokes Orton with a book to the face in a corner. Rhodes whipped, but comes back with a big kick to Orton's face. Rhodes climbs, but Orton trips Rhodes who lands painfully. Orton climbs and sets up. Orton hits his father's superplex on Rhodes. Orton pins, but only gets two for it. Orton is in shock that Rhodes kicked out. Orton hits his fast power slam, then suplexes Rhodes back. Rhodes on the apron and eats Orton's DDT. Orton makes a show of it, pounding the mat. But Rhodes grabs Orton and counters! Rhodes gets two for cross Rhodes. Rhodes goes for the disaster kick, but ends up eating the RKO.

Winner – Orton (16:21)

Video recap of the match. Striker is in the ring talking to Orton about his partner turning on him at WrestleMania. Orton says he's never felt so focused, or so extreme. Rhodes had tried to sneak up on Orton, but ate another RKO for it. Orton poses for the fans. Video recap of the second RKO.

Backstage Segment

Bellas talking about their new show Total Divas and how none of the Divas are anything like them.



Recap of Totally Divas. The same video that they showed last week.

Naomi vs Brie Bella

Bellas are in the ring waiting.

Brie takes Naomi down, but Naomi takes Brie down with a Thesz Press. Brie hung up top, so Nikki switches out and pins Naomi for three. Cameron complains to the ref. The ref disqualifies the Bellas, Naomi wins. The Bellas in and send Naomi flying form the ring. They then work over Cameron before leaving the ring.

Winner – Naomi via DQ (1:13)


In Ring Segment

The Shield to ringside, and then in. Ambrose grabs a mic and says that they said when they arrived in the WWE they said they'd bring justice to an unjust world, and that's just what we've done. Rollins says, brick by brick by brick we've torn down the wall of injustice that's been building for years. Since the moment we began our crusade at Survivor Series, until, well right now, not a person who's stood in our way has been able to stop us. As a matter of fact, we changed the course of WWE history when we stopped Ryback form becoming WWE Champ. A still from Survivor Series when they put him through announce. Reigns says nobody can stop the halls of justice. The picture changes to The Rock. Reigns says, not the great one. Rollins says not even a giant – still of Big Show. Reigns says, not a warrior – still of Sheamus. Ambrose says not even the Champ – Cena. Those men were mortal, last week we looked immortality in the face and force fed justice to Taker. Call him what you want, but call him a victim. The Shield bows to no one. Reigns says, rest in peace.

They go to video of The Shield destroying Taker last week when they bombed him through announce.

Ambrose says that justice doesn't care who you are, when your number is called, it's your turn, without mercy. Rollins says that despite repeated lessons...

3MB's music cuts them off. Slater tells them to shut up. They think they have business with Cena and Ryback? They have unfinished business with 3MB. McIntyre asks who they think they are? They were about take out Trip, but they got involved. Now it's their turn. Mahal says it's time to rock their faces.

The Shield back together in the ring as 3MB climb up and in. They attack and the fighting ensues, but then fire erupts. Team Hell No come out to the ring. They get to the ring, but The Shield flee the ring. Team Hell No attack 3MB. Mahal is the one taken down in the center of the ring with a chokeslam. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants from the fans as The Shield watches in the stands, then flee.

Backstage Segment

Cena is getting his ankle taped. Ryback comes in and talks about Cena being hurt. Cena says he's hurt, not inured, and still better on one foot than Ryback on two.


Ziggler vs Kofi

Ziggler, Big E and AJ to the ring. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring.

They lock up. Arm bar on Kofi, reversed on Ziggler, they muscles around, back and forth until Kofi hits a Russian leg sweep, kicks Ziggler in the head, then again in the face for two. Ziggler comes back with blows. Ziggler takes Kofi down and keeps him on the mat. Side headlock on Kofi. Shoulder block on Kofi, then Ziggler dances. Ziggler them dances into a back elbow, and takes a kick to the top of the head. Ziggler comes back with a huge kick that drops Kofi the floor outside.


Elbows to Ziggler. Forearms from Kofi, but then he's whipped and taken down hard by Ziggler. Ziggler hip thrusts before hitting his neck breaker. Ziggler rushes Kofi, but ends up eating corner. Ziggler on Kofi with blows in a corner. Ziggler to a knee and they botch a bit, but then Kofi takes Ziggler down a couple times, then a big clothesline. Boom drop on Kofi. Ziggler ducks TIP, but ends up eating a big DDT. Both men are down and struggling. They start exchanging blows. Kick to Kofi's knee, but then Ziggler ducks. Kofi pins, but AJ puts Ziggler's foot on the ropes. Big E pulls Ziggler out, shake him awake. Kofi flies out on top of both of them. Kofi rolls Ziggler back in and climbs. Big cross body, but somehow Ziggler kicks out. AJ up, Big E tries to get involved. They go back and forth trying to pin. Ziggler comes back with the zig/zag for three.

Winner – Ziggler (12:11)

Video of the high points of this match. Big E grabs Kofi. Kofi tries to fight back, but can't get through Big E's power. Big E takes Kofi down. Ziggler calls for one more time. Big E hits his finisher one more time.


Backstage Segment

AJ and Kaitlyn get into it verbally, but then Kaitlyn receives a studded hat with a note from her secret admirer. Looks like we might be seeing AJ and Kaitlyn fighting for the Divas Title soon.


Recap of the history between Brock and Trip. Last week Heyman was in the ring reading his email from Trip, and then ripped him apart, but then Trip was there. Trip says he lied.

Backstage Segment

Vickie and Maddox talking. Ryback in and says Cena has left him to face The Shield alone the last time. Vickie says it will be a six man tag match. The Shield vs Team Hell No and Ryback. Ryback shakes his head, says Ryback rules, and no. Ryback leaves and Maddox wants to know what Ryback saying no means.


Swagger vs Ryder

Swagger and Zeb to the ring. Ryder out showing video of Zeb getting pinned by Ricardo.

Ryder quickly backed into a corner, knees to the gut. Swagger short clotheslines Ryder hard. Swagger with his arm wrenched back, but quickly taken down hard by Swagger for two. Swagger stomps Ryder's leg, then trows him across the ring with purpose. Swagger bomb on Ryder. Swagger sets up again, but Ryder gets his feet up in Swagger's face. A kick to Swagger's chest through the ropes, the Ryder sends Swagger out over the top. Ryder takes Swagger into the barricade, but back inside Ryder takes a gut wrench powerbomb. Patriot act and Ryder taps out.

Winner – Swagger (3:06)

Swagger wipes blood from his mouth, then chokes Ryder in the ropes. Zeb grabs Ryder's hair and punches him in the face.

Backstage Segment

Henry heading to the ring with a huge length of thick rope looped on his shoulder.


In Ring Segment

Henry introduces himself. He doesn't need our approval, but came out to prove he's the strongest man in the world. Vickie offered two opponents for Henry to prove this. Sweet T is the first out to the ring. They each grab the rope and tug-o-war. Sweet T didn't sell well, but Henry made quick work of him. The second Superstar out was Funkasaurus. Sweet T gave him a pep talk as he got in. Henry works at it, then pulls Clay across the line and wins again.

Sheamus' music and out he comes. Sheamus asks about one more competitor? Henry's the worlds strongest man, he's not afraid, is he? Out comes Sheamus, into the ring with a pissed Henry. Henry was in control, but Sheamus held tight. Sheamus gave all he could to Henry, then let go so Henry landed on his bum. Henry got up really pissed off, then ate a brogue kick. Sheamus gives an endearing shrug to the fans.


Recap of Cena with three wish kids on stage.

Backstage Segment

Maddox says Ryback has left the building. Kane says they're better off without Ryback. Kane says after what they did to his brother. Bryan says they want this match, no matter what. Vickie agrees. Team Hell No leaves. Vickie says Maddox has something to do, and whispers in his ear. He doesn't look to happy.


Backstage Segment

Cena to his feet and refers to Maddox as Braden Walker. Maddox corrects him, so Cena calls him Bad Mattress. Cena finally says it right. Cena tells him that he will be in the main event. Maddox says Cena's hurt bad. Cena says no, he's hurt, Maddox will be hurt bad if he doesn't tell Vickie. Maddox turns to leave and Cena tells him it's a good choice.

ADR vs Cesaro

Justin announces Ricardo, including that he beat Zeb earlier – making Ricardo giggle. They head to the ring together. Cesaro is waiting.

They lock up. They struggle around the ring, then break. Cesaro creatively gained control over ADR's arm. ADR reverses it. Shoulder block drops Cesaro for one. They push and fight back and forth. Cesaro backs him into a corner. Cesaro blocks a suplex and hits his own. A kick to ADR's head, then rakes his boot on ADR's face. ADR reverses and shoulder blocks Cesaro. ADR runs up the corner and lands a lovely kick to Cesaro's arm. Down on the mat ADR is still on that left arm. Cesaro reverses on ADR. ADR to his feet, but Cesaro pulls the back of ADR's trunks down trying to pull him down. ADR's arm in a horrible hold, but not too bad that he couldn't fix his trunks. Back cracker on Cesaro in a corner.


Chinlock on ADR. ADR up with a jaw buster. ADR rolls Cesaro up for two. Cesaro takes ADR down for two. Cesaro with a sick running upper cut for two. Cesaro with blows, but only got two form it. Cesaro back on ADR with a submission. Back and forth until ADR into a corner, then into a back suplex. Another upper cut, followed by more. ADR comes back with clotheslines and a back breaker. Ricardo is pounding the mat, but Cesaro rolls ADR up for two. ADR with a suplex and pin for two. Cesaro landed hard on the back of his head. "Ole, Ole!" chants. ADR climbsand flies, but right into an upper cut. Cesaro pins, but only gets two for it. Cesaro rushes ADR, but shoulder first to the post. ADR kicks Cesaro in the face for a long two. ADR goes for the cross arm breaker, Cesaro counters! ADR counters back, locks on the hold, and Cesaro has to tap out.

Winner – ADR (12:42)

ADR and Ricardo celebrate in the ring. ADR says that thanks to Ricardo he can pick the stip for his Extreme Rules match. It will be a Ladder Match!

Backstage Segment

Split screen - Fandango and Summer Rae head for the ring, as does Khali and Natalya, for a Dance Off!


Dance Off!

Fandango and Summer Rae to the ring, dancing the whole way. King, Khali and Natalya are already in there waiting. King says Fandango and Khali will compete in a dance off.

King asks Khali has experience with ballroom. He says he does. King asks about DWTS. Khali goes off on a tangent, but then says he's better than Jericho. Khali and Natalya dance – sort of.

King asks Fandango how Jericho did on DWTS. Fandango says, clumsy. Fandango and Summer dance, but are rather chopping with it.

The fans love Khali and Natalya. Fandango and SR get some pop and a lot of heat. Khali and Natalya win, but Fandango with a chop block and Russian leg sweep on Khali. Fandango bounces up on a corner and hits his unique leg drop, jumping more than half the way across the ring to do it. SR does her split, and he pronounces his name for the fans.

Smackdown Rebound

Recapping Taker facing Ambrose on Smackdown last week.

Cena & Team Hell No vs The Shield

Cena out to the ring first. Fire erupts and out comes Kane and Bryan. Bryan and Cena cover their ears for Kane to call fire from all four.


The Shield out, surround the ring, then rush in together. Kane and Ambrose end up starting the match. Knkl stomps Ambrose down, then into a floppy delayed vertical. Ambrose sells the landing. Head butt to Ambrose. Ambrose wiggles free and tags out. Reigns in and taking big blows from Kane. Reigns into a back elbow for two. Kane backed into the heel corner and Rollins tags in.

Kane comes out and makes Rollins eat a big boot. Rollins in the face corner and taking blows from Kane. Kane chokes with a foot. Cena tags himself in to stop an almost DQ. Ambrose gets the tag and beaten down on by Cena. Bryan tags in and on Ambrose hard as Cena sells his injury. Bryan drops elbows and lands kicks on Ambrose. Kane tags in and nails Ambrose with an upper cut as Bryan holds him. Kane gets two. Ambrose's arms wrenched back with Kane's knee in his back. Bryan tags in and Kane whips Bryan's drop kick into Ambrose. "YES!" kicks from Bryan. Bryan locks up Ambrose's feet, wrenches him abck into a surfboard. Kane tags in with a low drop kick on a kneeling Ambrose.

Kane climbs, takes too much time and Ambrose tags out. Rollins helps double suplex Kane. Rollins stomps Kane on the mat.


Ambrose has Bryan on his knees, arms wrenched back, with a foot in the center of his back. Bryan takes the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans and takes back a tiny bit of control before being taken down by Ambrose. Rollins in with a single foot drop kick to Bryan's chin for two. Cena wants in, Rollins just taunts Bryan. Abdominal stretch on a sitting Bryan. Bryan up and throwing punches as the fans get behind him, but then Rollins with a sick kick to the back of Bryan's head that drops him for two. Reigns tags in with a facelock on Bryan. Bryan elbows free, but is slammed back on the mat. Bryan pulls the top rope down and Reigns flies out. Bryan drags himself to his partner and tags Kane.

Kane all over Ambrose, right to the side slam. Rollins sent flying from the ring, and Kane off the top onto Ambrose. Ambrose sent flying out of the ring, and Kane goes out after him. Kane starts clearing announce, but Ambrose comes back with a big DDT on Kane on the floor. Bryan was also take out outside. Kane makes it back in at 9, but Ambrose right back on Kane hard. Ambrose yells smack, and taunts Kane, but then runs right into a big clokeslam. Cena tags in, as does Reigns. Shoulder blocks on Reigns, then slams him to the mat. Hand waves in front of Cena's face, then a 5 knuckle shuffle on Reigns. Rollins flies off the top and Cena catches him, but his ankle crumbles. A spear from the legal Reigns and he gets three on Cena.

Winners – The Shield (15:23)

Ryback is on the stage staring down at Cena in the ring. Video recap of the match. Cena is holding his ankle, the doctor is in tending to him as Ryback watches from the stage.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
The Shield

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