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Tonight's results:

  • RAW GM Kurt Angle opens the show to hype the Tag Team Title and Intercontinental Titles being on the line. Before he can announce Roman's challenger though, Jason Jordan's music interrupts him and the young upstart heads to the ring garnering himself a lot of heat. He wants Roman for the title despite his knee being taped up and brings up past opponents that he's held his own against in the ring. This brought about the appearance of the Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns who said that he has no interest in facing Jason but rather wants his hands on Samoa Joe. However, Jason verbally attacks Roman for being exactly what the company wants though Roman fires back by saying that he's earned his keep. Samoa Joe is next and gives Roman five seconds to withdraw his challenge because he 'knows' he can't beat Roman. Jason gets involved in the conversation again, stating that he is tough unlike Joe who only "talks" tough and attacks people from behind. Therefore, Jordan challenges Joe to face him right now. Roman backs him up though... so Jordan nails the champion with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Angle ushers his son out of the ring but Roman says Joe can wait til later. As for Jason, we're doing it right NOW.

MATCH #1: Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Championship.

Samoa Joe is watching the match from the top of the entrance ramp. Roman is relentless in his early assault of Jordan even whipping him all the way to the outside of the ring. Roman takes his challenger's head to the mat and then whips him hard into the barricade as well as the steel steps. When they get back in, Jason tries to mount a comeback but Roman clocks him with right hands and a clothesline to send him back outside the ring again. Roman nails him with the Drive-By and scores the first near fall. Roman uses a chinlock to wear his opponent down but gets drilled into the corner and then back and forth between the opposite buckles. Roman goes shoulder-first into the ringpost and crumbles to the outside.

After the break, Jordan has Roman in an armbar, who eventually fights out with right hands and a couple of massive clotheslines. Roman slugs away on Jordan in the corner and nails him with a running big boot but only gets a two count. Jason manages to counter an attempt at the Superman Punch with a dropkick for a two count. Roman fights back and sends Jordan outside again but another attempt at the Superman Punch is countered when Jordan drives him into the ring steps on two occasions. This gets him a very near fall. Jorda counters a THIRD Superman Punch with a back suplex but yes, it's another two count.

After a second commercial break, Roman nails Jordan with right hands and scores a DDT for a two count. He then goes to a half-crab on Jordan's injured knee but he refuses to tap out and cradles Roman for a two count. THIS TIME, the Superman Punch from Roman connects but he only gets a near fall. Roman now goes for the Spear but Jordan kicks him in the head and hits rolling Northern Lights Suplexes (while selling the knee very well) for a near fall. Jordan goes for something but Roman counters and hits the Superman Punch/Spear combo for the big win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Roman Reigns (20:36)
THOUGHTS: That was a wonderful match and made everyone involved (especially JJ) look great. The match told a terrific story too with Jordan escaping one of Roman's signature moves on three separate occasions.

  • Samoa Joe hits the ring and immediately puts Roman in the Coquina Clutch but Jason comes up rom behind and nails the Samoan with a back suplex! Joe wants to go back in but the referee stops him. After that, Roman decides to hit Jordan with the Superman Punch to send him out of the ring.
  • Kurt Angle is not happy with Jason's actions but his son demands another shot because he got so close to winning the title. He wants to get a match with Samoa Joe but Angle tells him to cool off and leave. Joe then comes out of nowhere and assaults Jordan, telling him if he wants a match tonight, he can have it.
  • A video package details the debut of Absolution.

MATCH #2: Sasha Banks [w /Bayley & Mickie James] vs. Paige [w /Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville]

Women's Champion Alexa Bliss joins the announce table for color commentary. They slap each other around a little bit but Paige takes early control with a kick to the gut and a headbutt. Sasha comes back with a Thesz Press and snap mares her over a few times but Paige comes out of it and kicks Sasha in the chest for a two count. Paige decides to repeatedly stomp on Sasha in the corner before putting her in a modified chinlock. Sasha manages to get a rollup for a two count but Paige quickly escapes and then hammers away in the corner. Sasha makes a comeback and gets a cross-body for two before trapping Paige in a straitjacket submission hold. Paige makes it to the ropes before tackling her and the two get into a slugfest. They both end up tumbling to the outside as we take a break.

Paige is still in control and chokes Sasha on the ropes before Sonya just paintbrushes her away. Paige takes down her opponent and heads up top but Sasha stops her. However, Paige manages to drop her with a sunset flip powerbomb (actually dropping her before Sasha took the bump). Paige manages to counter Sasha by choking her on the ropes but her attempt at the Rampaige is blocked and Sasha gets the Bank Statement! Paige gets to the ropes and rolls to the outside but Banks follows and sends her right back in. This leads to a brawl by the secondaries and the heels leave Bayley and Mickie laying. Sasha is distracted, gets kicked in the face and nailed with the Rampaige for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Paige (16:05)
THOUGHTS: Paige looked rusty here. It wasn't bad or anything but it was a rather dull match for the most part and way too long.

  • Absolution decimate Banks while Paige watches on from the corner.
  • Elias requests another Intercontinental Title shot but it was granted to Angle's son instead. He plans on hosting a musical performance tonight since he has no opponent now and refers to Jason as Angle's "bastard son" who is constantly in his favour. Angle tells him to go have his concert and he'll find him an opponent.
  • A video package details the history between Braun Strowman and Kane.
  • Enzo Amore gathers up his Zo Train to talk about the opportunities for Drew Gulak and Tony Nese in tonight's fatal four-way match. Enzo then comes face-to-face with Nia Jax, who gives him the eye and asks "how you doin'?"

MATCH #3: Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

Cedric and Mustafa clear out the other two guys right off the bat and begin to square off, going through a number of pinning combinations. Ali gets pulled to the outside by Gulak and Nese so Cedric takes them both out with a huge dive. Gulak & Nese double-team Cedric in the corner but a disagreement about using top-rope moves allows Ali to move in with a cross-body on both guys for a two count. Ali is now double-teamed but he manages to kick Nese while Cedric comes back in with a clothesline for Gulak. Downward spiral on Gulak gets him a two count but Nese runs in with a forearm smash to the head. All four of them each take the other down with high-impact moves leaving everyone laid out as we take a break.

Cedric gets a big kick to the face for a two count on Gulak but it's broken up by Ali. Tempers flare between them but Nese breaks it up and kick both guys. Cedric and Ali take Nese down with a double superkick and then turn their attention to each other with Cedric nailing him with a crazy Spanish Fly for a near fall. Later on, a springboard Spanish Fly from Ali gets another near fall but it's broken up. Ali and Gulak square off this time and it looks like he might be finishing off Gulak with the Inverted 450 but Nese breaks it up. Cedric then comes in with the Lumbar Check on Nese and one for Ali but Gulak tosses him out of the ring and steals the pin over Ali to get the big win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Drew Gulak (14:52)
THOUGHTS: Some solid action from the cruiserweights that even the crowd enjoyed through sheer force of will from all involved.

  • Drew Gulak wants a celebratory PowerPoint presentation but the commentators announce that we're out of time.
  • Elias came out to sing a ditty about Los Angeles until his "worthy competition" shows up to face him. It turns out to be Braun Strowman. The match never officially starts as Elias heads for the hills but Strowman is all over him. Elias even breaks his guitar over Braun's back but it has literally no effect on him. Strowman then clotheslines him on the outside and drills him with the Running Powerslam in the ring. The steel steps come into play but before he can use them, Kane's music plays and the Big Red Machine appears on the big screen. He delights in being a monster and mentions that they will face each other next week on RAW.
  • Alicia Fox says she is about to end Asuka's undefeated streak.

MATCH #4: Asuka vs. Alicia Fox

Foxy actually takes Asuka down immediately but it doesn't last as Asuka doesn't budge off a shoulderblock. She takes her down with a running hip attack but Fox takes her down with a big boot for a couple of two counts. She uses a knee to the back in an attempt to wear down Asuka but then starts slapping her around like an idiot. Asuka takes her down with a running dropkick and then quickly goes into the armbar to get the win.

WINNER via SUBMISSION: Asuka (2:20)
THOUGHTS: Too much offense from Fox but otherwise Asuka continues to look good.

  • Absolution comes down and surrouns the ring much like they did with Asuka last week. Again, much like last time, Asuka simply leaves the ring because Absolution makes no attempt to attack her. Paige then gets in the ring and tells Alicia that they're best friends... but she doesn't think Sonya or Mandy feel the same way. On cue, Paige's cohorts get in the ring and destroy Fox.

MATCH #5: Finn Balor vs. Bo Dallas [w /Curtis Axel]

Bo takes Finn down with a shoulderblock but gets rammed into the corner and snap mared over in response. Balor gets a seated dropkick but gets pushed back into the corner. Bo slugs him but ends up getting kicked in the chest from the outside. Curtis Axel kicks the steel steps to distract Balor, allowing Bo to take over and bury some kicks in his opponent's chest. Gutbuster gets the Miztourage member a near fall. He locks in an armbar on Balor but he fights out and hits a double stomp to make his comeback. Bo manages a rollup after a hard whip to the corner but Balor comes back with Sling Blade and a dropkick into the corner. Coup de Grace puts Dallas away for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Finn Balor (5:38)
THOUGHTS: It was whatever. Just a quick match to give Balor another win.

  • Bray Wyatt and #WOKEN Matt Hardy went back and forth with their pre-recorded promos to signify the start of Matt's new gimmick and his feud with the Eater of Worlds. The announcers are flabbergasted.

MATCH #6: The Bar vs. Ambrose & Rollins for the RAW Tag Team Championship

Ambrose starts off with Cesaro but that doesn't last long as Sheamus is tagged in and Dean-O hammers away at both of them. He goes for the tag to Rollins but Cesaro pulls him off the apron at the last second, which allows Sheamus to take over. The Bar use some basic double-teaming to take over with Sheamus putting Dean on the top rope. He flings over and tags Rollins though, who takes Sheamus down with a sling blade for a two count. Sheamus takes an UGLY clothesline to the floor but they both avoid a plancha. Sheamus drives Rollins into the post though and we take a break.

Sheamus maintains control over Rollins choking him against the ropes and then deprives the fans of counting along with him before tagging in Cesaro, who manages a two count. Sheamus now wears down Rollins with an overhead wristlock but Seth fights out and plants him with a DDT. Cesaro cuts him off from making a tag and goes to work on the arm. Again, Rollins goes for a tag but this time Cesaro boots Ambrose in the face to cut it off. The Bar executes a press slam/uppercut combo for two. Rollins is finally able to make the tag and Ambrose is a house of fire. Ambrose takes down Cesaro, hits a seated dropkick on Sheamus but then runs right into a Cesaro uppercut. Ambrose rolls through a cross-body for a two count before countering another move with a cradle for a near fall. He goes for Dirty Deeds but Sheamus breaks it up. Dean then ducks the Brogue Kick and rolls up Cesaro for another two count. Sheamus finally manages to get a shot in on Ambrose to turn the momentum but Dean is able to rana Cesaro into the corner and gets the tag. Rollins immediately comes in with the superplex/falcon arrow combo on Sheamus but Cesaro breaks it up at the last second. Cesaro tags himself in and goes for the Neutralizer. Rollins counters but Cesaro counters that, goes for it again but Rollins counters hits the knee to the face for a two count... broken up by Sheamus. After that, Sheamus unleashes a relentless assault on Rollins... and we have a DQ finish. Sheaus is elated that his plan has worked.


Kurt Angle comes out and says that this match is not over and will continue as a No DQ match. The champs slowly back up towards the ring and are taken out with stereo dives by the Shield! Cesaro is taken into the crowd while Sheamus is sent into the steps. Back in the ring, Dean hits a clothesline and Rollins gets a top-rope splash but it only gets two. Suddenly, Samoa Joe is out thereand he kills both guys in quick succession. Roman Reigns runs down to go after Joe and takes out Cesaro on the way but one Brogue Kick from Sheamus puts Ambrose down for the count.

WINNERS via PINFALL: The Bar (18:41)
It looks like we're going to get a 6-man tag at some point in the near future and they've been testing it out at the recent live events as well. The match itself was the usual great one between these two teams.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Best RAW ever? I think so.

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