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RAW Results 3/17/14 – You Hit Like A Girl!

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RAW Results March 17, 2014
From AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

In San Antonio tonight. Last week Bryan stopped the show with #OccupyRaw, but what are the repercussions? Bryan and Trip are both at RAW tonight. Also, Cena, Bray and Batista are there for RAW tonight!

Raw Starts


Recap of Bryan's #OccupyRaw with #YesMovement last week on RAW, and how wild Steph and Trip became at the hands of Bryan hijacking RAW. Trip agreed to all of Bryan's demands.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces Trip who is in the ring. Lots of heat for Trip.

Trip – I want you to understand something. When this is all said and done, all of this is your fault. ("What?") It didn't have to come to this. ("What?") I'm going to crush your dreams. ("What?") I'm going to crush #YesMovement. ("What?") That's on you, because you forced my hand. ("What?") Now, I've thought and had a week to think about it, and quite honestly I'm going to do to Bryan what I always do, cold, calculated, without remorse, just like I always have. Until then, I have a couple of things I have to say to Bryan, and I'm going to say them to his face later tonight. Man to man (Trip looks down when he says the second 'man' trying to show how short Bryan is.) Until then, we have a hell of a show for you tonight!

Batista's music hits and out he comes in his skinny jeans and No Paparazzi t-shirt and shades. Trip isn't impressed with the interruption. Heat for Batista.

Batista – You may have big problems with Bryan, but you have bigger problems with me. Who the hell do you think you are, giving that Billy goat-faced an opportunity to be in my match? My main event at WrestleMania? It's not what I signed up for. I came back to be the WWE WHC, and I earned it by winning the Rumble, Royal Rumble. I didn't come back for a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania. I didn't sign up for a match that I don't even have to be pinned to lose. I'm not cool with that man, not cool with that at all. What the hell were you thinking?

Trip – What the hell are you thinking? You think Bryan has a chance in hell of beating me?

Orton's music hits and out he comes. He puts his belts in the ring, then gets in himself.

Orton – I'm sorry H, I'm sorry, but I agree with Big Dave on this one. What were you thinking, even making it a mere possibility that the main event could be a Triple Threat Match.

Trip – A possibility? You think there's a possibility that Bryan is going to beat me? That what you're saying. Let me say it so both of you, so you all understand it, that is not going to happen.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – What the hell is the matter with you guys? Has Bryan really gotten that far inside your heads?

Batista – Apparently not as far as he's gotten into yours.

Orton – Hunter, give me Bryan tonight, a No DQ Match, let me prove what I can do to Bryan, and that I can do what Dave couldn't do last week.

Trip – Not a bad idea, you want Bryan No DQ, you got it.

Orton – Batista, this idiotic #YesMovement has people cheering Bryan. The reason they cheer Bryan is because they don't believe in you. I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but when you left, nobody cared, when you returned, people cared even less. If you'd just lived up to all your hype, we wouldn't be in this situation right now.

Batista – Let me tell you something. The reason they love Bryan, because as WWE WHC, you suck!

They argue off mic a bit.

Batista – The only reason you have these titles is because of his (Trip) support! You wish you could be me, you know you can't beat me. I should be Champion right now. You think you can beat me? You know you can't!

Trip tries to stop them arguing off mic, but can't and each of them pushes Trip away, so he leaves the ring. Then Batista notices this.

Batista – Hey, where do you think you're going? You're gonna fix this! Take care of this!

Trip – You want to know where I'm going? You want to know what I'm sick of. I'm sick of everything around here. I'm sick of little troll faced gremlins like Bryan. I'm sick of them cheering for him. I'm sick of all this crap. I'm not just sick of them, I'm sick of Hollywood movie stars coming back here trying to tell me what's right for this business. (Standing on the bottom rope screaming over the top and in Batista's face.) Thinking they know more about this business than I do! You know what else I'm sick of? (He moves on to Orton.) I'm sick of technically gifted guys who are so screwed up in the head that they can't win a match without me holding their hand! You wanna know what I'm thinking right now? I'm thinking the old man is right. The only one you can trust is yourself. There's going to be a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania! Bryan is not going to be in it because he's not getting past me, but when I beat Bryan, it's going to be Batista, Orton and me!

Trip leaves the ringside area while Orton and Batista both pace and pitch fits. Batista yells about not signing up for this, then turns around, right into an RKO! The fans actually cheer Orton a bit for this. Orton poses.

Backstage Segment

Usos heading for the ring.



Recap of Trip's declaration before the commercial.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Batista, can I get your reactions?

Batista – My reactions? Coming back here was a big mistake. I'm outta here.

The Real Americans vs Usos

The Real Americans are in the ring with Zeb. Usos out in purple, with the people chanting with them.

Swagger takes Jimmy down. Jimmy up, side headlock on Swagger. Swagger pushes off and takes a shoulder tackle. Jimmy takes Swagger down with double legs between the legs for two. Tag to Jey.

Big chop on Swagger, then a splash for two. Arm bar on Swagger, but Jey eats an elbow. Cesaro tags in. Jey with a blow, but Cesaro with one right back. Jey whipped, but comes back with a clothesline. Jimmy tags in and on Cesaro for two. Jey tags in and Jey tries to jump over Cesaro but takes a back breaker for it. Swagger tags in to heat. Swagger chokes Jey with a reverse chinlock. Jey to the corner, gets a foot up. Jimmy tags in and on with clotheslines and then a drop kick. Jey off the top onto Swagger for two.

Cesaro distracts, is knocked down with an elbow, but takes Swagger's boot.


Headlock from Cesaro. Swagger tags in, but Jey can't tag out. Swagger takes him down for two. Swagger bomb as Cesaro tags in. Cesaro on Jey for two. Cesaro stomps Jey, but then Jey up with blows. Cesaro back with blows, then tags out. They try to double team, but Swagger is kicked and Cesaro sent over the top and out. Swagger grabs Jey' foot to stop him, but Swagger is kicked in the head and both are down. Fans chanting for the twins and both are able to tags out. Clotheslines and a kick to Cesaro. Jey gets the fans chanting again, then bum slams Cesaro in the corner for a long two.

Cesaro takes Jey down, but Jimmy in. Swagger in, but sent out. Big double team Samoan drop on Cesaro for two. Jey in shocked that he didn't get the three. Jey climbs, but Swagger pulls Cesaro out. Swagger in and double teamed bu the Usos. One Uso flies on Swagger, but the other eats an upper cut as his head clears the top rope. Cesaro in with a neutralizer for three!

Winners – The Real Americans (12:22)

The Real Americans celebrate in the ring with Zeb. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Cole goes off about The show how it works. It comes out in March.


Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE Network and an announcement later. They go to video from Smackdown where Kane faced Big Show. Kane order The Shield to be ringside. They didn't help Kane and he lost. He then grabbed Rollins, but Reigns speared him and they left him in a heap.

Backstage Segment

Kane – Things got out of hands on Friday night and we all made some bad decisions. Decisions that could have detrimental long term consequences.

Ambrose – Yeah, of course, but not for you.

Kane – This is no time for pettiness Dean. The Authority has given us a mission and I need a united Shield by my side. You see, if I can't count on you, then The Authority can't count on you, and if The Authority can't count on you, then you cease being an asset. Any you become a liability. So I'm only going to ask this once. Can I count on you?

Rollins – Yeah, we're united.

Reigns – Believe that.

Kane – I believe that you will do the right thing when asked, or you'll find out how replaceable you truly are.

Ringside Segment

Hornswoggle is passing out St. Patrick's Day stuff to the fans around ringside and having fun with it until Barrett's podium rises high in the air.

Barrett – Look at that! That is a real life leprechaun in the building celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The legend is that St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland, but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Because the reality is that most of you will spend this stupid holiday getting inebriated and vomiting all night. Then you will wake up with a hangover, realize you've done some truly shameful things, and then spend the rest of your lives regretting them.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus out in a green Bod 13 shirt to celebrate Brian O'Driscoll from the Republic of Ireland team. He and Hornswoggle pose in the ring, Hornswoggle trying to copy Sheamus' poses.


Sheamus vs O'Neil

O'Neil in a striped tie, orange beard and felt shamrock top hat is ringside. Christian is on announce and says he's in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Sheamus and O'Neil struggle in the ring. Big short clothesline on O'Neil. O'Neil with forearms on Sheamus, but telegraphs and is kicked for it. O'Neil out, so Sheamus flies off the apron onto him. Sheamus into the post back first. Christian claims he's undefeated, he's only beaten himself. Back in the ring O'Neil with blows on Sheamus on the mat for two.

O'Neil lifts Sheamus up over his head and drops him back. Sheamus rolls out. O'Neil out and grabs Hornswoggle. O'Neil tosses Hornswoggle into the ring, then heads in himself. Hornswoggle tries to flee, but can't. O'Neil taunts Hornswoggle and the fans. O'Neil slaps at Hornswoggle, then lifts him. Sheamus catches him. Sheamus sends Hornswoggle's head butting into O'Neil's slats. O'Neil on the apron and takes the forearms. O'Neil lifted in and slammed to the mat. Sheamus set sup with Hornswoggle on the apron. Brogue kick for three.

Winner – Sheamus (4:07)

Video recap of the high points of the match. JBL mentions Crusher Casey being happy about that win. (I have some great stories about Crusher from when my Dad was a kid and used to hang out with him. It will be an article on before long!)

Renee – Sheamus congratulations on your victory tonight. How do you plan on spending the rest of your day?

Sheamus – First off, I have to say, WWE 'Universe', Happy St. Patty's Day! I couldn't think of a better Patty's Day. I just kicked Tite-Arse O'Neil's head off, and this weekend Ireland pipped England in the 6 Nations Trophy. Speaking of trophies, right now it would be my honor to enter the competition named after the greatest and most iconic Superstars in history. I'm talking about the 8th Wonder of the World, because at WrestleMania, I'm going to with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Christian (on announce) – He's not going to win it, I'm going to win it!

Sheamus leaving the ring and Christian attacks from behind. Sheamus into the stairs, then the unprettier as Christian says he'll be winning the trophy.



From Arnold's new movie, and Schwarzenegger will be on RAW with others from the movie Sabotage. They have Arnold doing the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

In Ring Segment

Cena out, poses on the stage, doesn't say anything to the camera, then heads for the ring, much heat for him.

Cena – Lot of energy here tonight in San An. Some excitement, some disappointment. I get it, I've been here for 12 years, have had over 3,500 matches. That boils down to spending a lot of time together, we're like an old married couple. Sometimes we get along, sometimes, geesh, not so much. I think everyone knows I've always given you my best, and always been honest. I want to say something tonight to get it off my chest, and so I can come to grips with it. I'm afraid of Bray Wyatt. I'm afraid of who he is, what he stands for, but what my biggest fear is that you're actually listening to what Wyatt is saying. Bray is different from anyone I've ever faced, from Trip to The Rock and everyone in between. The object has always been the best in this ring, and get in here and prove it. Bray doesn't give a care about being the best, he just wants to destroy. He wants to destroy my legacy, everything I've worked for. I can feel it happening. He's tried to convince you that I've lived a lie for 12 years, that when the lights go out, all this is phony. That I'm not who I say I am, that Cena is filled with evil. I say the hell with that, I've been here too long, done too much, but I believe. I believe in everything I've done, stand for, and everything I will do. For me, WrestleMania is not about fighting Bray, it's about fighting for every scar I've got on my body, for every injury I've had to fight to come back from, for every man, woman and child that has believed a word I've ever said. At WrestleMania, I will fight for everything. I will fight for my legacy.

The Wyatts music. Cena's in the dark and they're on the tron, whistling. Bray is wearing a Cena shirt!

Bray – Children believe in super heroes, John. They wear masks, costumes because they want to believe the world is good. They haven't lived long enough to understand that everything, everything is a lie! My childhood, let me fill you in about my childhood John. My childhood wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. (unintelligible) I've got a few scars too. They gave them to me because it was my birthright to have them. They taught me that fire is hot, that blades are sharp, that everything I love in life is going to wither away and die. Hahaha.

"Cena!" chants – mostly women and children.

Bray – Listen to them John. I could be just like you. I could sign autographs, kiss babies, and make sure that everyone buys all my merchandize! I could go home to my plastic girlfriend in my castle! (heat) I could take everything I fear and hide behind laughter. Make sure I feel better about myself, that's you John. You were right about one thing, I am different from anyone you will ever face. Because at WrestleMania, I don't care if I never leave. I don't care if I die, as long as the world sees you the way I do. Follow the buzzards.

Backstage Segment

Splits screen – Bryan on the left, Orton on the right, both heading to the ring.


No DQ Match – Orton vs Bryan

Orton to the ring. Video recap of the RKO on Batista earlier, then Batista's response backstage as he left. Bryan out with a huge smile to huge "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton kicks Bryan, then head butts. Bryan with blows, but is kicked. A chop to Orton, then he's whipped. Kicks to Orton in the corner, then Bryan with a high knee. Bryan slides out, grabs Orton's legs, wraps one around the post. Orton's leg into the post again. A blow to Orton's head, then Bryan slides in with a big kick, then upper cuts. Orton fights back with an upper cut. Orton slides out and on Bryan on the apron. Bryan choked against the bottom rope. Orton back in with an upper cut, then another. A third upper cut, but then Bryan with a drop kick knocking Bryan out. Flying goat on Orton and the "YES!" chants. Bryan grabs Orton, but Orton with a kendo stick to Bryan. Orton yells about it being No DQ and no bell to ring. Bryan bounced off announce. King checks on Bryan as Orton comes stomping through.


Orton beats Bryan with the kendo stick in the ring. Bryan rolls out and Orton poses with the stick. Orton out, grabs Bryan and lands him back first off the barricade. Back in the ring Orton gets two. Out again and Bryan into the post, slats first. Orton with a back breaker off the post that Bryan was still hugging like a koala. In the ring Orton gets two for it.

Orton stomps his way around Bryan. Orton stalks Bryan into a corner. Bryan up, takes a punch, then another. Orton kicks, then taunts the fans. Bryan whipped, but runs up and over Bryan. Clothesline on Orton and Bryan is a wild goat! "YES!" chants. Running feet on Orton in a corner. Bryan with a frankensteiner off the top on Orton for two.

Bryan with a kendo. He hits Orton and lands "YES!" kicks between each kick. Bryan hits the final kick for a long two. Bryan climbs, but Orton knocks his foot out. Orton shakes out the webs as Bryan looks to be in pain. Orton grabs Bryan's beard and head butts Bryan. Orton up and hits his father's superplex for two.

Orton stomps away at Bryan, then pulls him up by his hair and sends him to the apron. Orton's DDT and Orton smirks. He calls for the heat, poses, then he drops and pounds the mat, but Bryan rolls out of the ring. Orton smirks again. Orton leans out through the ropes and eats a kendo stick. Orton out and Bryan beats him with the kendo. Bryan with his running feet sends Orton into the timekeeper's booth! Bryan grabs Orton, but Orton hangs Bryan up on the apron. Orton grabs a chair and lands the top to the gut, then swings the flat to the back of Bryan. Bryan tossed into the ring, and Orton slides in with a chair. Batista is there and spears Orton! Bryan with his running feet knocks Batista from the ring. Bryan gets the three.

Winner – Bryan (14:36)

Bryan leaves the ring and Batista back in. Batista bomb on Orton! Batista stares down at Orton while the fans chant, "One more time!" Video recap of the high points of the match. Batista up and poses up on the stage.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE App and the free week. JBL shows us how to get the free trial as Cole explains it all. Heyman is up next.


Stage Segment

Heyman out to the stage.

Heyman – My name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. I came here tonight to illustrate the point that Taker's last couple WrestleMania challenges have been against competitors that the Phenom has barely survived. It is against those very same challengers that my client has proven his dominance. Those same opponents have been man handled, victimized and conquered by Brock Lesnar. I give to you this footage without embellishment or exaggeration, for it's this footage that will provide irrefutable evidence that my testimony before you tonight shall remain uncontroverted.

Video about Taker and Streak at WrestleMania. Clips of him early on, but showing how much harder it's been with each new battle. As Taker struggles with immortality on the WrestleMania stage, and Brock has emerged, taking the same heroes to their limits. At WrestleMania, Brock shall conquer death itself.

Heyman – I know it's an uncomfortable truth, but Taker's Streak will be conquered by Brock Lesnar. On April 6, 2014 at WrestleMania, Taker and his Streak shall rest in peace. (heat)

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Heyman's compelling points about Taker. They show a still promo for the match.

Backstage Segment

Steph – You just want to talk to Bryan tonight.

Trip – How many times do I have to say it? Yeah, I just want to go to the ring, call him out there like a man, and I'm going to get some stuff off my chest.

Steph – Now, I know you're not being condescending when you say you're going to talk to him like a man, like I can't relate to what that means, but maybe you can't relate to what happened last week. I don't know if you've just calmed down, or if you've forgotten that Bryan absolutely disrespected us, our authority, my family. He spit in the eye of the McMahon family.

Trip – I haven't forgotten a thing, alright? I will take care of it at WrestleMania, the match is already set. I'm just going to the ring to talk to him.

Steph – So, at WrestleMania, after you defeat Bryan, and you wind up in the Triple Threat Match and you become the WWE WHC, then what? Then what happens to the business, Mr. COO? What happens to our family when you're on the road. Have you even thought about that? Are you even thinking at all tonight? (turning her back on him) God.

Trip – Maybe for the first time in a long time I'm thinking real clearly. I've got this. Just leave it alone and let me take care of it.

Steph (up in Trip's face) – You better!

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae out in red, Fandango joins her and they dance to the ring.


Fandango vs Goldust

The Brotherhood to the ring together.

Goldust in a corner, waiting, so Fandango dances a bit for him. Goldust crawls out slowly, creepily, then looks at Summer Rae who is freaked out. Goldust grabs Fandango's leg and dances around with it a bit. A shoulder block drops Goldust. Goldust back with a hip toss, then inverted followed by regular atomic. Summer Rae up on the apron, Cody behind her. Gls hits some disco moves, then huffs at her and Cody catches her as she falls off the apron. Cody continues to hold her as Fandango tries to work the ring. She likes it, until Fandango sees them and acts freaked out. Fandango gets a one count on Goldust.

"Goldust!" chants gets him out of a facelock, but he ends up in the ropes. Knee drop on Goldust's face. Goldust back with blows on Fandango. Fandango reverses a whip and Fandango with two.

Goldust's paint is wiped off and he's busted open by his right eye. Goldust whipped, gets a foot up, then a hurricanranna that was really handled badly by both of them. Goldust is down, looks hurt, but no X from the ref. Fandango gets two. Fandango tries for a suplex, but it doesn't happen and they land wrong, but not badly. Fandango hits his suplex and tries for his leg drop, but Goldust moves. Goldust with his finisher for three.

Winner – Goldust (5:11)

Cody in and Goldust is visibly shaken. His head, by his eye hurts, he's holding his gut and head, and when he gets up, he kicks the corner buckle padding. He's really pissed off about the match and is letting it show.

Backstage Segment

Kane heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Kane to the ring.

Kane – As Director of Operations, it's my job to execute the vision of The Authority. This ring is a place for action, but there's some actions that don't don't belong in this ring like last week's #OccupyRaw stunt, orchestrated by Bryan. It was dangerous, inappropriate, and violated numerous safety codes put in place for the protection of you, our audience. On behalf of The Authority, I've held an investigation into last week's debacle, and concluded that Bryan couldn't have pulled off that stunt alone. One man made it possible. This man is a native of Memphis and used his connections to allow members of #YesMovement to join Bryan in and around the ring. For that we will now take action. The kind of action that does have a place in this ring. So if you will join me in the ring, Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

"Jerry!" chants.

Kane – I was afraid you were going to pull something like this.

The Shield's music and out they come as King looks confused and nervous. JBL says King knows he's guilty and should admit it. The Shield around announce and look at King. Rollins pulls his chair out and Ambrose taunts King toward the ring. King heads up the stairs with The Shield behind him. He gets into the ring. Kane removes his jacket, then his tie. He unbuttons his top button.

Kane – We've known each other for a long time Jerry, and we know you're not exactly in fighting shape, so I'm not going to enjoy doing what I have to do. But I guess is should ask if there's anything you'd like to say for yourself.

Rollins – Jerry, I see that look in your eyes, but I got a good feel Bryan is not coming to save you.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Rollins – The Shield always does what's best for business.

Rollins drops his mic and Kane steps up, but The Shield turn together to look at Kane. They line up in front of King, facing Kane. Kane yells at them about being liabilities and they don't know enough about this business to do what they're doing. Kane swings and The Shield is on him. He gains control until a kick to his head by Rollins, then a Reigns spear. The three of them bomb Kane to the mat! Rollins shakes the ropes and yells, he's riled up. Ambrose is yelling at Kane. Reigns puts his fist in, and the other two follow and they pose together. Video recap of the high points of the fight.



Recap of the triple power bomb on Kane.

Dactyls vs Tamina & AJ

The Bellas are on announce. Brie is wearing a Just Say "YES!" shirt. Brie talks about preparing for her wedding on Total Divas. AJ and Tamina to the ring. They show Naomi's studded eye patch.

Tamina pushes Cameron. Cameron with an interesting arm drag, but then eats a sick clothesline. Tamina gets two for it. Another short clothesline for two. Knee drop on can, then another, but only gets two for it. Cameron is slapped, then AJ tags in and takes Cameron down. AJ pins for two. Chin lock and body scissors on Cameron. Cameron up, but slammed back by her hair. Tamina tags in and scoops Cameron to slam her to the mat for two. Cameron on Tamina's shoulders, but wiggles free and lands a drop kick on Tamina. Both tag out and Naomi with drop kicks, knocks Tamina out, then bombs AJ, but Tamina breaks the count. Cameron in, tossed out. Enziguri takes Tamina out. Naomi grabs AJ, but AJ locks on her finisher, but Naomi fights back and slams AJ to the mat. Naomi with her split leg moonsault on AJ – who was too close to the corner, but they made it work – for three.

Winners – Dactyls (3:37)

Video recap of the high points of the match. AJ and Tamina get into a fight in the ring. AJ blames Tamina on the losses, and that AJ wins when she's alone. Tamina pushes AJ down to the mat. They glare at each other, seething and breathing heavy.



Cole talks about how it was broken earlier, but if you didn't see... Video from the first WrestleMania. They go on to show Mr. T. He was a huge star at the time, so he brought a big element to WrestleMania. Hogan got the pinfall, but Mr. T was a huge part of it. Mr. T and Piper had a boxing match, and he made WrestleMania so much bigger than it would have been otherwise.


Recap of Hogan starting RAW last week by announcing Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

8 Man Tag Match – Ziggler & Big Show & Big E & Henry vs Axel & Ryback & Sandow & ADR

All the wrestlers in the, except Big Show who comes out. Split screen to him talking about how he's been compared to Andre The Giant his entire career, and that's pretty big shoes to fill. So, to cement that legacy, I'm putting my name into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I'm going to throw 29 other out of that ring and show everyone what being a giant is all about.

Big E and Ryback lock up. They try to muscle around. Big E into the corner and stomped down as the ref pulls Ryback off. Blows on Big Show, but then Ryback runs the ropes over and under Big E, and takes a shoulder block. Shoulders in a corner, but then Ryback tries to fight back. Belly-to-belly on Ryback for one.

Henry tags in and whips Big E into Ryback. Head butt drops Ryback. Axel tags in and clotheslined to the mat. Axel into a big boot. Ziggler tags in and on Axel with a blow as Henry holds him. Axel taken down with a neck breaker for two.

Ziggler eats heel corner, then Ryback tags in and all over him with blows. Ziggler scooped and slammed to the mat for one. Ryback acts cocky, whips Ziggler. Ziggler floats over and a drop kick sends Ryback into the corner face first. The heels pile in, but so do the faces and the faces drive the heels out.


Ziggler into announce, then ADR rolls Ziggler back in for two. Sandow tags in and they double team Ziggler, then Sandow stomps Ziggler. Sandow on Ziggler with blows on the bottom rope, the screams, "You're welcome!" "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ryback tags in with a long delayed vertical, but Ziggler fights down and gets two for it. But then Ryback on Ziggler for two.

Axel tags in and stomps Ziggler's ribs as Ryback holds him. Axel yells smack, then slaps at Ziggler's head, mocking him. Big Show and Henry stomp in their corner. Ziggler reverses into a big DDT, but Axel holds Ziggler as Sandow tags in. Sandow keeps Ziggler in the match, drops a knee, then a reverse chinlock on the mat. Ziggler up, but takes knees, but Ziggler ducks. Ziggler caught and snake eyes!dop struggles to his corner and tags in Big Show. Body drop on Sandow, then he back splashes Sandow in a corner. Clothesline in and slapped down. Ryback in and takes Big Show down, but Big E in and takes Ryback out. An enziguri by ADR takes Big E out. Famouser by Ziggler takes out ADR. Axel bounces Ziggler off the post and out. Big Show clotheslines Axel. Sandow attacks Big Show from behind, but he eats a chokeslam for three.

Winners – Big Show & Ziggler & Big E & Henry (9:03)


Recap of the No DQ Match between Bryan and Orton. Batista speared Orton and Bryan picks up the win. Batista then with a Batista bomb on Orton.

Backstage Segment

Renee – With you still being in the building, it's safe to assume you didn't quit?

Batista – I never quit anything in my life. I don't care if it's Trip or Bryan, I'm leaving WrestleMania with what I came for the WWE WHC.


Kofi vs Bray

Kofi in the ring and ready. The Wyatts make their way to the ring. It goes to a video of the feud between Bray and Cena, set to music as Bray talks.

Bray on Kofi with blows, then a head butt. Drop kick to Bray who laughs. Bray with a big blow on Kofi, but you could see him slapping his own arm for the noise. Kofi whipped, but gets it feet up. Kofi off the top, but Bray ducks. Clothesline turns Kofi inside-out. Bray stomps Kofi's head, then he's on Kofi with forearms on the mat. Bray lifts Kofi and slams him chest first across his knee. Blows to Kofi in a corner, then a running splash. Bray back bends in a corner, smiling. Bray grabs Kofi and hits Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Bray (2:55)

The Wyatts pose over Kofi's prone body.


In Ring Segment

Trip to the ring again as JBL blames everything wrong that's happened on WWE TV on Bryan.

Trip – As I said earlier, I'd like to ask Bryan to come out here. There's some things I'd like to get off my chest, face to face, man to man, so Daniel, if you don't mind coming to this ring right now.

Bryan out cautiously, but with a smile and "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan on the apron, then in.

Trip – First of all, thank you for coming out here, I appreciate it. I want to get a few things off my chest, and trust me, it's not a popular decision I've made to stand out here, I'll be lucky if my wife talks to me tonight. But I want to say this, and look you in the eye like a man. ("What?") A lot of things have led to this moment, a lot of things have led to this. ("What?") From SummerSlam to now a lots gone on, and I want to explain that everything I've done to you is because I believe it's what's best for business. None of it is personal, and here's the thing. You might tell me to go to hell, but I want you to hear this and understand. This isn't personal, it's about what's best for the WWE. You might not understand that, and I'm not gonna stand out here and debate the difference between right and wrong. I don't expect you, or them, or anyone to understand the burden of having to make the decisions I have to make day in and day out about what's best for this company. But that being said, a lot has happened. Last week you crossed a line you don't come back from. I'm willing to let it all be water under the bridge, because the truth is, it doesn't matter what led us to this moment, but we are in this moment and it feels like it was just supposed to happen this way. Like we were supposed to be in the ring together, but the fact is that in three weeks, we're going to step in the ring together, and we're going to fight, and I'm not going to apologize one bit for what I do to you in that ring, nor should you apologize for me. We;re gonna do what we do better than anyone else at WrestleMania, but when it's all said and done Daniel, you've crossed a line, and I have no choice but to put an end to all this. I don't want to, I have no choice. I have no choice but to end this little #YesMovement. I have no choice to put an end to this uprising.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – I have no choice but to shut that down! If shutting it down means I have to put an end to you Daniel, then no apologies. That's what I have to do, because it's what's best for business, and I'll do what's best for business every time. But as a man, I just wanted to look you in the eye and let you know, no hard feelings in all of this. (extends his hand) May the best man win.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan shakes his head and says "NO!" off mic.

Trip – Okay, that's alright. If I was you, I'd do the exact same thing, probably a lot worse. You know, before I leave I want to let you know one other thing, and that's, man I have dumped a ton on you since SummerSlam, I've stopped, you thrown road blocks in front of you, I've beaten you, I've done everything possible, I have dumped a world on top of you, and yet you're still standing here.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants, and Trip looks contemplative about the chants as he looks at Bryan. Bryan smirks.

Trip – You know why they say that, because they respect you. They've seen you go through it all. They've seen you walk through a mountain of crap that I have dumped on you when anybody else would have folded a long time ago, and took their ball and gone home, not you. I gotta tell you, you got a big set.

"CM Punk!"

Trip – And if nothing else Daniel Bryan, you have earned my respect.

Trip walks by Bryan and is about to leave the ring when Steph's voice can be heard shrilling.

Steph – Respect? Respect? What Daniel Bryan did last week was not only disrespectful, it was illegal. You endangered the lives of the people you put in that ring, and those around the ring, you endangered my husband's life and mine, and that's why I'm formally pressing charges. You spit in the face of my family and you will face the consequences. Officers! Arrest that man!

Six uniforms out with night sticks and head for the ring, past Trip on each side. At the bottom of the ramp Steph and Trip argue off mic. Trip said he had this. Steph said he didn't handle it very well, did he? You respect him, what the hell is that? I didn't want to embarrass you like this. This is my business! Trip says it's our business. Steph says he's right, and...

In the ring they take Bryan down and cuff him, night sticks on his back and the back of his neck. Steph smirks and Trip into the ring.

Trip – Enough! Enough, get off from him. This is not what I want. Let him go. This is not what I want and you need to back off. After all, you're not even real cops. (laughter and cheers) Get out of here. Besides, I'm really looking forward to doing this myself.

A big boot to a sitting Bryan who's cuffed on the mat. Trip starts stomping and beating Bryan. Steph cheers Trip on. Off comes his jacket and tie. Out of the ring Bryan into the stairs. Bryan sideways into announce. Bryan kicks and head butts Trip. Trip slams Bryan back first, on the cuffed hands on announce. Bryan is screaming as Steph yells, "Get him!"

"You suck!" chants as Bryan shoulder first into the barricade. Trip pulling on Bryan's hair, then slaps and punches Bryan. Steph yells her famous, "Tear his head off!" Bryan into the barricade gut first. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan kicks at Trip, but Trip beats Bryan down and then lands him on announce. Steph starts her own chants as she points up. "Not much left now, is there?" asks Steph. Trip points up, mocking Bryan. Trip's shirt is ripped, Bryan's is ripped off, then Steph slaps Bryan. Bryan yells, "You hit like a girl!" at Steph until she hits him more. Bryan into the corner of the ring, then Trip with a chair, slamming Bryan's head between the post and the chair – though obviously not touching Bryan while making a lot of noise. Off comes Trip's shirt as Steph is in Bryan's face. Trip drags Bryan by a foot into the center of the ring. Steph tells Trip to, "Finish him baby!" Of course Trip sets up, waits a long time, then hits his pedigree on Bryan. Steph into the ring to chant and point before kissing her husband. Trip points at the WrestleMania sing.

Trip - My ring! Our ring! Our house! Our show! This belongs to us! There is no #YesMovement!

Trip gently pulls a long silver chain from around Steph's neck. Steph holds the necklace over Bryan and mocks him with it.

Biggest Pop
Goldust dancing

Biggest Heat
Fake cops

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