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RAW Results - I Sold Out A Long Time Ago, That's Why I'm Still Here

WWE Slammy Awards

RAW Results December 9, 2013
From Key Arena in Seattle, Washington
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about the Slammy Awards, and which awards need to be voted for on the WWE App!

RAW Starts


Setting up for the Slammy Awards, announcing Foley, New Age Outlaws, Eve, Bret hard and HBK will be on the show.

Announce Segment

King and Booker T are hosting the Slammy Awards, so Cole is on announce with JBL. Cole goes through how to download the WWE App, and then how to vote for each of the Slammy Awards.

Bryan vs Fandango

Bryan to the ring in front of his hometown "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan is glowing, and the fans are truly loving him. Summer Rae out in a purple dress, and then Fandango out in his ring gear and a purple ruffled satin shirt, unbuttoned to his belly-button. They dance out to the ring, then pose as the fans are Fandango-ing.

Shoulder block drops Bryan. Fandango runs the ropes over and under Bryan into a drop kick. Upper cuts to Fandango. Bryan runs into a running knee for two. Snap suplex on Bryan for two. Bryan pulled up by his hair, then chopped back into a corner. Bryan whipped, then takes some blows. Bryan whipped again, then hits a drop toe hold on Fandango so he eats corner. Bryan with kicks to Fandango's back as Summer Rae freaks outside. Bryan then wrenches on Fandango's arm. Bryan sets up as the fans go wild. Fandango's legs wrapped, but no surfboard, Bryan just jumps and drives Fandango's knees into the mat for two.

Bryan runs the ropes, then sent out through the ropes, but back in as Fandango flies out to air. Flying goat on Fandango! Bryan gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, sends Fandango into the barricade, then hits his running knees on Fandango out there. Fandango rolled in, Bryan climbs, but Fandango catches him and lands a powerbomb on Bryan for two.


Bryan with a clothesline on Fandango, and pumps up. "YES!" kicks on Fandango, but he mostly misses the last one. Bryan for two. Bryan with his running drop kick on Fandango in a corner, then kicks. Bryan tries for the same on the opposite corner, but Fandango moves and Bryan crashes. Fandango slams Bryan to the mat for two.

Fandango up top, but Bryan moves out of the way. Bryan pumps up again and climbs. Bryan dives, then lands his running knee for three.

Winner – Bryan (8:43)

Bryan breaks the hometown curse and the fans chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"
Bray – It is your ravenous behavior that draws me to you. Your unwillingness to comply is testing my patience. The clock is ticking Bryan, I need you to understand that I do not wish to watch you suffer. In my world, there's no such thing as a happy ending. There are no fairy tales. I won't take you up to Pa's house and roll you down a field of dandelions. The story ends the same way it started! With destruction, and (too quiet to hear) I need you to know, I don't want to hurt you. I don't care if it kills me, I promise that I'm going to prove to you that you are a monster, just like me. In that moment of serenity, I take all the pain away. Join us. Join us Bryan. Hahahahaha.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans but led by Bryan waving his arms in the ring.

Slammy Awards

Justin announces Booker T and King to host the Slammy Awards. King welcomes us to the Slammy Awards. Booker T is most excited that the WWE 'Universe' will be heard tonight. Booker T asks if King's ever laughed out loud. Booker T announces the New Age Outlaws to the stage!

Road Dogg out in a powder blue ruffled tux, Billy Gunn's is painful orange!

Dogg – How do we look? (Billy bends to show his bum.) I know Billy's pants don't fit, I told him. (Dogg does his sexy entrance that I cannot keep up with, but you know how great he is on mic!)
Gunn – Are you not going to let me talk again this year?
Dogg – Billy, you're not very good at it. You only had one line that consisted of two words...

"One more match!" chants.

Dogg (laughing) – That's three words, your line only consisted of two words, and we're not allowed to say it, and you'd probably screw it up anyway.
Gunn – I got two words for ya!

Dogg slaps his hand over Gunn's mouth as the fans yell, "Suck it!"

Dogg – You can't say that, we got three words for you, the nominees are...

Video of the nominees.

LOL! Moment of The Year
Vickie Guerrero fired as RAW GM
Titus O'Neil throws up on JBL, Michael Cole & Zeb Colter on Smackdown
The Great Khali & Jinder Mahal try to charm Santino's cobra on Smackdown
The Rock Concert at 20th Anniversary of RAW

Vote now!

In Ring Segment

Santino to the ring.


Slammy Awards

Dogg – The winner is, The Rock Concert!
EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!! I just wanna say to The Rock that this represents my beauty, all if this!

Santino vs Sandow

Sandow on Santino with forearms to the back. Santino rolls Sandow up for two. Big E is on announce talking up HBK, Hart being backstage and how humbling it is to be in their presence. Sandow takes Santino's power walking down hard, then a Russian leg sweep. Huge heat from the fans, then elbow of disdain for two. Big E talks up Sandow's talents, but will beat him at TLC. Dueling chants for Sandow! Santino takes Sandow down, then splits under him and hip tosses. Out comes the cobra, but Sandow takes Santino down with a low drop kick and the you're welcome for three.

Winner – Sandow (2:30)

Big E into the ring, holding his strap high. Sandow talks smack, so Big E feints a head butt at Sandow who jumps back. Big E smiles up at Sandow who isn't at all impressed.

Slammy Awards

The Shield out in all black tuxes, shirts, ties, vests etc.
Ambrose – I know, I know. I look great. We already picked up two awards, but this is one we know nothing about.
Rollins – That's right my man, 2013, all that justice we dispensed was man to man, straight up, haha.
Reigns – If you're thinking about crossing, or double-crossing The Shield, you're going to pay the price, and that's why...
Ambrose – You'll never see our names in this category. The nominees are...

Double-Cross of The Year
Mark Henry turns on John Cena during Henry's retirement
HBK turns on Daniel Bryan and costs him WWE Championship at HIAC
Paul Heyman turns on CM Punk, costing him WWE Championship MITBLM at MITB
Triple H turns on Daniel Bryan and costs him WWE Championship at SummerSlam

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In Ring Segment

Kofi to the ring.


Slammy Awards

Rollins – And you winner is...
Reigns – Shawn Michaels!

HBK out in a black tux with a white shirt, champagne vest, and slightly darker tie. Someone else must have dressed him.
HBK – I've got a lot on my mind, but I've been told I can't talk too long. (heat) I've been fortunate to win a lot of Slammys through the years, but never the Double-Cross. It's pretty ironic, cause over 25 years, I've double-crossed a lot of people, I mean, and it takes four years after retirement to win this Slammy. I have been double-crossing people for as long as I remember, and now I win? The injustice, the injustice right there.

"You sold out!" chants from a few fans.

HBK – Listen Pinhead, I sold out a long time ago, that's why I'm still here. Thank you all very much, I enjoyed every second of it, thank y'all!

Kofi vs Miz

Miz with a big smile, as the bell rings he looks ready, but takes a drop kick from Kofi. Kofi on Miz in a corner, more blows and kicks. Kofi stops a kick and lands one of his own on Miz's face. Blows on Miz, but then Miz gets a foot up. Kofi again takes Miz down with a kick to the face for two.

Another kick to Miz's chest, then another to the face! And then another kick to Miz's face as he sits there, for two. JBL, "This is a Kofi I like, where's he been?" Miz ducks TIP, then from the ring. Kofi is pissed and Miz is leaving the match to really huge heat. Kofi doesn't agree and attacks Miz at the top of the ramp. Miz brought down, face slammed onto the barricade, then back in. Kofi with a slingshot off the top rope onto Miz for two. Miz grabs Kofi and rolls him up for three with a handful of tights.

Winner – Miz (2:36)

Miz celebrates to his music, then turns around into TIP! Kofi's music plays him out as Miz looks rocked on the mat.

Slammy Awards

Eve out in a beautiful red gown with her hair in a long auburn Bob with waves just skimming her shoulders.
Eve – It's my pleasure to return to the WWE to present Diva of The Year. Whether you're on Team Total Divas, or the AJ led opposition, the Divas work their butts off and have had one heck of an exciting year. The nominees are...

Diva of the Year
AJ Lee
Eva Marie

Vote Now!

In Ring Segment

Rey out in black.


Slammy Awards

Eve – Welcome back, your voted have been counted. The 2013 Diva of The Year is – Bella Twins!
Nikki out in the exact same red dress that Eve is wearing, but a very short version. Brie is in a short black and silver sequined dress.
Brie – Wow WWE 'Universe', we are so honored.
Nikki – Thank you for your love, we are so shocked. Seattle, you're too good to us. 2013 was great, may 2014 be even better for the Bellas!

8 Man Tag Match – Rey & Cody & Goldust & Big Show vs Ryback & Axel & The Real Americans

Ryback grabs Rey raises him high, but Rey wiggles free and all over Ryback with kicks. Drop kick to Ryback's knee sets him up, but Ryback flees the 619. Big Show tags in, than they lock up. Big Show pushed back, Ryback talks smack. They lock up, Ryback pushed to his bum. Big Show on Ryback with blows, then whips Ryback who hits the mat. Ryback into the face corner. The fans hushed, then Ryback slapped. Goldust tags in and works over Ryback through, "Goldust!" chants.


Headlock on Rey on the mat, but Rey up and climbs all over Cesaro with head scissors. Goldust tags in and all over Cesaro for two. Cesaro gains control, tags Swagger in, and Goldust with a big clothesline on Swagger, then Swagger telegraphs and eats an upper cut. Blows on Swagger on the corner until a distraction and Goldust down taking a chop to the knee. Cesaro tags in. Goldust holding his knee outside, and Cesaro with a huge clothesline outside, then rolls Goldust in for two.

Axel tags in with a drop kick on Goldust. Axel gets two on Goldust, then grinds his forearm into Goldust's face. Ryback tags in and on Goldust, Cole says Ryback says their tag name is Rybaxle. JBL talks about what a horrid name it is. Cole says JBL gave them the name, but JBL claims it was in jest, and are all the better names taken? Cesaro with a blind tag and when Goldust thinks he has Swagger down, Cesaro in on Goldust. Double stomp on Goldust for two.

Chinlock on Goldust that doesn't look like much of a hold. Goldust up, elbows free, then backslides Cesaro for two, then Goldust's sick power slam! Both down. Swagger tags in and keeps Goldust from reaching his team. Cesaro tags in, and The Real Americans try to stop Goldust and eat a double DDT! Cody tags in and on Axel.

Cody rolls up Axel for two, hits his brother's upper cut, then slingshot missile drop kick for two. Cody riles the fans, then climbs, hits his moonsault for two, but Ryback saves. Big Show in and takes out Ryback with a spear, then a double spear on The Real Americans outside! Axel blocks Cody, Rey with the blind tag. Disaster kick, then 619. Rey flies for three on Axel!

Winners – Rey & Big Show & Cody & Goldust (11:50)

Zeb looks about to cry on the apron. The faces celebrate and pose in the ring.

Announce Segment

Cole is again explaining how to download the WWE App.

Slammy Awards

King says the next category is a big one. Everyone wants to be Superstar of The Year. Booker T says the presenter is the Superstar himself, Shawn Michaels! HBK back out.
HBK – Did I mention I won a Slammy already tonight. Just saying to the long list of names I have, I think we're going to add Mr. Slammy. This next Slammy Award for WWE Superstar of The Year goes to the man who has dazzled you, entertained you. Te man who each time he's stepped into that ring has given nothing short of an A+ performance. Remind you of anybody? I'm just saying, as we go forward in the Slammy Awards...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

HBK – Perhaps, instead of calling it the WWE Superstar of The Year, just give it some thought, perhaps we call it the HBShizzle? At first it will feel it will feel odd, but you just keep saying it, HBShizzle, then it just rolls off your tongue, and you're gonna love it. The nominees are...

Superstar of The Year
Brock Lesnar
CM Punk
Big Show
Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton
John Cena

In Ring Segment

Sin Cara to the ring.



In Memory of Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Slammy Awards

HBK – And the winner is (looks twice, struggles a bit), Daniel Bryan.
Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and HBK hands him the Slammy as they glare. HBK has troubles letting go of the Slammy, then leaves. Bryan glares after him.

Bryan – First of all, I'd like to thank Shawn Michaels for the HBShizzle Award! I honestly think if it weren't for Shawn, I wouldn't be in the WWE, but also, if it weren't for Shawn, I would be the WWE Champion!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – I'm not angry about it because The Authority don't want Daniel Bryan to be Superstar of The Year, it's the people, the people who have voted me Superstar of The Year. The people, right here in Seattle who have voted me Superstar of The Year! And you thought 2013 was good, 2014 will be even better, and I've got one more thing to say, go Seahawks!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Sin Cara vs ADR

ADR to the ring to face Sin Cara. Video of Sin Cara beating ADR last week on RAW! Split screen – ADR speaks in Spanish, obviously ripping Sin Cara apart.

Sin Cara ducks ADR, then on him in a corner with blows and kicks. Sin Cara pulled back and then kicked by ADR. Sin Cara with a cross body, then rights on ADR. Sin Cara stomps ADR. ADR with a snap suplex on Sin Cara, then Sin Cara ducks a quite lame and wimpy kick from ADR. ADR rolls out of the ring to regroup. ADR on the apron eats a drop kick from Sin Cara. Sin Cara flies out over the top on ADR. ADR into the barricade, then kicked in the head. Sin Cara sends ADR back into the ring, then kicks him some more. ADR reverses in a corner and kicks Sin Cara in the head. ADR up on the second ropes, but Sin Cara rolls out of the way. Sin Cara climbs, but ADR ducks out.


Chinlock on Sin Cara on the mat. During the break ADR attacked Sin Cara in a corner and gained control. Head butts to Sin Cara, then ADR stalls before rushing Sin Cara and getting an elbow. Sin Cara on ADR for two. ADR fights back with a back breaker for two.

ADR slaps at Sin Cara, taunting him. Sin Cara into the barricade outside, and ADR all smiles. ADR rolls in to wait the count out. Sin Cara up and into the ring, eating a snap mare and headlock on the mat. "This is awesome!" chants. Sin Cara with blow son ADR, free, then sunset, but ADR with a low drop kick to a sitting Sin Cara for two.

ADR rushes Sin Cara in a corner, but then eats a swinging DDT. Head scissors on ADR, then Sin Cara's slingshot back elbow on ADR for two. ADR attacks Sin Cara's arm, and ADR calls for his finisher, but Sin Cara counters with an interesting slam! Sin Cara climbs as JBL wonders about this change ins Sin Cara. Sin Cara up top is caught by ADR. ADR climbs, sets up, but Sin Cara with punches and somehow powerbombs ADR fro the top, but ADR lands badly on the back of his head and can't hide it. Swanton on ADR for three.

Winner – Sin Cara (10:57)

ADR hasn't moved at all while Sin Cara celebrates in different corners. Cole quickly sends the show up to the stage for another Slammy Award.

Slammy Awards

Prime Time Players out, O'Neil with his whistle and in a black tux with white shirt and black tie. Young in a tux also, but black pants, white jacket with black piping, black shirt and white bow tie. They're mostly opposites, except both in black pants.
Young – Look at you in your custom made suit, and I'm wearing a white tux in the winter time!
O'Neil – A little fashion snaffu. A live WWE event is one of the greatest places for you, the WWE 'Universe' to make your voices heard, loud and proud, and may actually determine the fate of a WWE Superstar. Throughout the year you've joined us in chanting, 'What's up?' with R-Truth, or Daniel Bryan's "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" And you've lifted your hands to the dancing with the Fandangoing.

Young – Wait a second big man, you mean to tell me we're presenters and we're not even nominated? We dance, don't we have a chant?

"Millions of dollars!"

O'Neil – Since you've inserted yourselves, we'll insert ourselves for honorable mention. ('Millions of dollars' chant & dance) And your nominees are...

Fan Participation of The Year
"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"
Let's go Cena/Cena sucks!
What's up?


Slammy Awards

O'Neil – And the winner is, Daniel Bryan!

Bryan out to big hugs.

Bryan – I'm a bit at a loss as far as what to say, so there's only one thing left to say, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

In Ring Segment

Tons of Funk to the ring, all in purple and gold.


Clay vs Woods

Drop kick on Clay, he pushed Woods off, then Woods back on him with blows, but Woods is being held up by Clay, then powerbombed. Clay with a splash off the second ropes and it's over.

Winner – Clay (0:39)

Clay's arm is raised, but then he starts dropping elbows on Woods. The Dactyls flee the ring., and Sweet T grabs Clay to get him away. R-Truth into the ring in suit with vest, but minus jacket. Clay leaves the ring yelling that he's the main event player.

Slammy Awards

Miz to the podium in a black tux with white vest and tie, hair slicked back and looking quite dapper.
Miz – Despite Kofi's best efforts, I'm here to present Insult of The Year. What do a billion dollar princess, a bald blubbering walrus, a a deranged skipping psychopath, and a Yosemity Sam lookalike all have in common? When it comes to insults, they're all awesome. Here's the nominees.

Insult of The Year
Stephanie McMahon insults Big Show
AJ insults Total Divas
Paul Heyman's insults toward CM Punk
Zeb Colter's insults

In Ring Segment

Punk out to the ring, after calling for it to be clobberin' time!


Slammy Awards

Miz – And the winner is, Stephanie McMahon degrades Big Show on RAW.

Steph out in her black suit. She shakes Miz's hand, and lifts the Slammy like it's a weight, over her head. She's all smiles and actually looks a little giddy.

Steph – What some people consider an insult, I consider a huge compliment because all of you have recognized what's best for business, thank you.

Punk vs Ambrose

The Shield to the ring, even though only Ambrose is in this match. Ambrose tells the other two to hang back.

They lock up, Punk on Ambrose's arm, into a hammerlock, and Ambrose into a corner front first. Ambrose slammed to the mat for two. Side headlock on Ambrose, Punk pushes off and takes the shoulder tackle. Punk on Ambrose's arm, sitting on Ambrose's back, wrenching Ambrose's arm back. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk continues on that left arm and gets two on Ambrose.

Punk gets Ambrose face down on the mat, that arm wrenched back through more "Punk!" chants. Ambrose fights back, on Punk, but telegraphs and is kicked for it. Hammer lock on Ambrose takes him down. Punk on Ambrose's ear, then holds Ambrose bent and back into a corner. Punk then tries to fly off a corner onto Ambrose who somehow gets a knee into Punk's ribs, and while it doesn't look pretty, Punk sells it. Ambrose on Punk with punches to the face, then wrenched in the ropes. Punk with blows on Ambrose, but then eats the corner. Shoulder block to Punk's ribs in a corner. More blows on Punk, then a chinlock on the mat. Ambrose pins for two.

Ambrose with a chinlock on Punk on the mat as Rollins and Reigns look on. Punk works his way to his feet, then is whipped. Another huge shoulder block to Punk's ribs in a corner. Punk whipped and takes another shoulder block to the ribs! Punk whipped, but this time moves out of the way. Ambrose sells this, Punk gets him up, but Ambrose gets free and flees the ring. Punk on his knees struggling, but up to knock Ambrose off the apron. Punk then flies out onto Ambrose, obviously in pain from his ribs as the fans chant for him. JBL, "Is Ambrose out?"


Chinlock on Punk on the mat. Punk spins and head butts Ambrose to get free. Ambrose with a sleeper, legs scissored around Punk's body. Punk up, suplexes free of the hold. Punk sells the pain, but so does Ambrose. Both slowly to their feet. They exchange blows, Ambrose into the ropes, holds on so Punk's drop kick lands himself on the back. Ambrose in Punk's face talking smack, but Punk reverses into a swinging neck breaker on Ambrose. Again exchanging blows, this time Ambrose runs into the kick, and double handed clotheslines. Running knee and clothesline on Ambrose, Punk slowly climbs. Punk points with one hand and lands his Savage elbow (badly) for a long two.

Both slow to their feet, the fans cheering for Punk who calls for the ending, but Ambrose punches the ribs when up there. Ambrose with a suplex on Punk for a long two. "CM Punk!" chants. Punk setup top, and Ambrose up, sets up, but Punk blocks and head butts free. Punk with a cross body, but Ambrose rolls through for two. Punk kicks Ambrose in the back of the head for two! "This is awesome!" chants, and JBL agrees.

Knee to Punk's ribs, then he's tossed out between Rollins and Reigns as Ambrose distracts the ref. They both stare down at Punk. Ambrose out, gets in both Rollins and Reigns faces, saying that he can do it on his own. Ambrose rolls Punk in, talks more smack, then gets in. Rollins and Reigns leave ringside. Punk on Ambrose for two. Punk gets Ambrose up hits GTS for three.

Winner – Punk (17:31)

Rollins and Reigns come back down the ramp. Punk watches, but then ends up taking a spear from Reigns when Rollins distracts. The Shield leaves through the stands, and Punk is left sitting in the center of the ring.


All about the Championships. Bob Backlund, Buddy Rogers, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino, Triple H, HBK, Booker T, SCSA. Whose fantasy will become a certainty, a Champion of Champions.

Slammy Awards

King talks about extreme moments, and how he had the most extreme one ever. Booker T asked what it was? King said when he kicked the bucket on live TV! Booker T doesn't want to talk about that. King talks about Foley invented extreme. Booker T said extreme was created when Foley was thrown off the top of the cell by Taker. They introduce Foley who comes out in a very ill-fitting tux with a medium aqua tie, but not a bow tie.

Foley – Thank you!

"Foley!" chants
Foley – As that match between Punk and Ambrose illustrated, being a WWE Superstar means giving ever breath you take, every drop of sweat, every beat of your heart to the WWE 'Universe', especially those of you, right here in Seattle, Washington! Daniel Bryan has two Slammys and he's marrying Brie Bella, he can leave my cheap pop alone. But for many of us, being a WWE Superstar means giving you an extreme moment that you can remember forever. Take it from me, these don't feel like moments, they feel like entire careers, or entire lives passing before your eyes, as you drop an elbow off a ladder, crash through a table, or even get tossed off the top of the HIAC by Taker. The bar's been raised even higher, the nominees are...

Extreme Moment of The Year
The Shield triple power bombs Taker on Smackdown
Ryback spears Cena through the LED Light Board at Extreme Rules
CM Punk exacts vengeance on Paul Heyman at HIAC
The Wyatt Family crush Kane at SummerSlam

In Ring Segment

Usos to the ring in blue to solid pop.


Slammy Awards

Foley – And the winner is, Punk exacts vengeance on Heyman at HIAC.

Punk staggers out, still in ring gear, still holding his ribs, looking like heck. Foley hugs him and Punk grimaces.

Punk – I feel slightly strange accepting any award not wearing pants. I appreciate anyone who voted for me, thanks for the Slammy. Thanks for Heyman for being one hell of a target. If you thought that extreme, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you to tune into the PPV on Sunday and watch what I do to three member of The Shield. Thank you Seattle!

Usos vs

Bray is sitting at the bottom of the ramp, rocking. Rowan and Harper are in the ring staring at the Usos.

Harper removes Rowan's mask, then Rowan in to be worked over by an Uso (wearing a shirt, so not sure which one). Drop kick knocks Rowan through the ropes and out. The Uso tags out, and both of them fly out onto Rowan and Harper. The fans love it, Bray keeps rocking.


Headlock on Jey by Harper. During the commercial Rowan threw Jey into a corner upside-down. Harper takes Jey down for two. Rowan tags in and slams Jey to the mat. Jey dives at Rowan and is caught, then takes a fall-away slam. Jey whipped, then takes blows. Rowan rushes Jey, but Jey moves out of the way and both are down. Both tag out. Jimmy with clotheslines on Harper, then lands a Samoan drop and gets the fans chanting before landing his father's favorite bum slam in the corner for two. Jimmy hung up on the second rope, then tied up in the top and second ropes by Harper. Jey releases his brother, knocked off, but Jimmy up and flies to splash, but Rowan breaks it up. Rowan out thanks to Jey outside, then Jey lifted and launched off the apron onto announce. Harper with a sick clothesline on Jimmy for three.

Winners – Rowan & Harper (8:33)

Video recap of the highlights of the match. Bray outside looking up at Rowan and Harper, talking them up. Then their music ends, lights go out, and Cole and JBL are lost. They go back up to King and Booker T.

Slammy Awards

King says the WWE 'Universe' has done well on their votes so far tonight, but this is where is gets difficult, it's Match of The Year. Booker T says that it's said this next presenter could be the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart! Bret comes out in a traditional tux, hair tied back, looking good.

Bret – There are thousands of matches in the WWE every year, and the hardest achievement of any Superstar is to have the best match of the night, every night. A good match can captivate an audience, and change a night, but a great match could change WWE history. I've held many honors over my career, but Match of The Year is one I cherished the most. (Bret vs Diesel at Survivor Series 1995 & Bret vs HBK at WrestleMania XII) There's been many great matches this year, but the four that stand out the most, that blew us away, let's take a look now.

Match of The Year
Taker vs CM Punk at WrestleMania 29
John Cena vs The Rock for WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29
Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) at WWE Battleground
Steel Cage Match – Triple H vs Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules

Stage Segment

Nattie comes out for her match, but heads straight over to Uncle Bret to give him a huge hug. Then Nattie poses on the stage and heads for the ring.


Slammy Awards

Bret – Well, the votes have been tallied, and the winner is,
Cena vs The Rock at WrestleMania 29.

Cena out, hugs his friend Bret to a mixed reaction, lots of heat.

Cena – Now I know why they call this the home of the 12th man, I can't even hear myself speak. (pop) WrestleMania 29 was a great match on a great night, with one of the greatest opponents I've ever been in the ring with. I know there's some folks tonight who disagree with the choice, but I thank everyone who voted for this match. It is a match and a memory I'll never forget, and since you voted, you must feel the same way. Thanks very much.

Nattie vs Tamina w/ AJ

All three in the ring waiting.

Tamina kicks Nattie, slams her back the mat. Nattie eats a back elbow, then stomped to the back. Nattie whipped, falls, then takes a running knee. A bum slam in the corner, then Nattie pulled up and knees to the gut. Nattie choked in the ropes, then whipped again. Kicks to Nattie's chest as she sits, then a chop after she's pulled up. Nattie fights back, clotheslines Tamina. AJ on the apron, Nattie attacks her. Tamina attacks Nattie, picks her up and spins her, Nattie's feet kick AJ in the head, knocking her from the apron. Nattie got Tamina down, fumbled a bit, then locked on the sharpshooter. Tamina tapped out.

Winner – Nattie (1:39)

AJ is sitting in front of announce looking petulant.

In Ring Segment

Trip's music. He comes out hand in hand with Steph who is all smiles.


Ascension Ceremony

Bryan, Miz, Khali, Henry, Booker T, Bret Hart, Kane, HBK, Big Show, Foley, Punk, Ziggler, ADR, Swagger, Christian, along with Trip make up 16 Champions.

Steph – We are joined here tonight by some of the greatest and most decorated Champions to ever assemble in one ring. At the pinacle of that list is the King of Kings, 13 time Champion, my husband, Triple H. which is why it's only fitting he preside over this historic Championship Ascension Ceremony.

Trip – Thank you Steph, thank you to all the great Champions who stand in this ring tonight. All of you know what it takes to be a Champion. The hard work, the dedication, the sacrifice to be at the pinnacle of your industry. Some of you have been WHC, some of you have been WWE Champion, a select few have actually been both, but all of you have etched your place in history that only winning the Championship can.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan is trying not to smirk to noticeably at this. He breaks into a laugh.

Trip (trying to yell over the chants) – All of you are here to witness a ceremony that symbolizes an epic moment in time. (Miz is starting to laugh. Henry has a hand over his face and hiding his face behind Steph a bit as Trip tries to yell over the chants. Bryan is absolutely glowing.) A (something) changing moment in time.

"DANIEL BRYAN!" chants fill the arena, and Bryan is in absolute shock. HBK is being a goof, trying to get the fans to quiet down, waving his arms, but with that mocking look on his face. Henry reaches out, grabs Bryan's hand and raises it high. The fans go wild for this! Henry lets Bryan's hand go, then motions across his own throat (take that as you will).

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan is bright red, in awe, and grinning like I've never seen before, the happiest little boy on Christmas morning.

Trip – That's a lot of family for one building Daniel. I should have known, a lot of them look just like you. (Bryan makes a funny face about that comment.) This is an epic moment in history, a game changing moment in history, as this Sunday, the WHC and WWE Championship will be suspended above this ring, and in a TLC Match, two great Champions will compete, but only one Champion will leave, he will be the Champion. The Champion of Champions. So, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to bring those men to the ring, the men who will walk to the ring Champions in a quest to become immortal. First, let me introduce you to the WWE Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton.

Orton out to the ring in an Orton t-shirt, the WWE Championship belt over his shoulder. He poses for the fans.

Steph – And his opponent, the WHC, John Cena.

Cena out in his white Cena t-shirt, salutes, raises his belt high and heads for the ring that way. He gives a dark blue Cena shirt to a little boy ringside, then into the ring to pose.

Trip – John, Randy, I'm going to ask you not to hand over your respective Championships to be suspended over this ring. For one of you, it's the last time you will be known as Champion.

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

They hand over their belts.

Orton – Better than anyone, I know what you are capable of. But I also know what you're not capable of. Remember years ago when you were making a name for yourself, you claimed you had ruthless aggression. Well, if you had it then, you don't have it anymore, because if you did, you'd have put me in the hospital last Monday on RAW. You couldn't do it, did have the stomach, and will regret that decision for the rest of your life. Last week you said I had all the God given natural ability in the world, but I have gotten lazy.

One fan loudly yells, "boring!"

Orton – I did not get lazy. Sometimes when you're that much better than all of your piers, you lack motivation, you get complacent.

"Boring!" chants are getting louder from numerous fans.

Orton – John, fear not, I have all the motivation I need to beat you at TLC, hanging right here (pointing at the belts). You say you don't care about being the face of the WWE, but that's a lie. I know you John, image is everything to you, but you're going to be the man that lost the most important match in the history of the WWE. Meanwhile...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Orton (trying to be louder than the chants) – Meanwhile, I am the greatest Superstar of this generation, or any other! Just look around you, look at the men in this ring! Look at Foley back there. Hey, Mick! I took years off of his career. Years, literally years off his life. HBK, I've embarrassed him on multiple occasions. And there wouldn't have had to have been a screw job in Montreal, if I'd been competing 16 years ago. Where are you Bret? I'd have left you laying unconscious if I'd been in that ring. (heat for Orton, and Bret glances to his left where HBK stands next to him) John Cena I need you to understand something. This Sunday at TLC, everything you've worked so hard for, everything you've fought so hard for, will come crashing down all around you.

"You suck!" chants.

Cena – It's funny (mixed). I couldn't help you mentioned the word work. A little example for one second.

Cena steps back, puts an arm around Bryan and pulls him up to stand beside Cena. Bryan lights up with that huge grin. The fans go wild! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – Tell these people your name please.

Bryan – My name is Daniel Bryan. (huge pop)

Cena – We'll get to know you a little bit more. Daniel, where you from?

Bryan – I'm from Aberdeen, Washington. (huge pop)

Cena – Was either you your mother or father a WWE Superstar at all? Father, or mother, either on.

Bryan – No, ah, my dad's a log scaler, actually.

Cena – Since you've been here, you've had to work for everything you've got.

Bryan – "YES!"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – You hear that, they chant and cheer for him because he works, and he earned it. A guy like you have been given every single thing in the WWE. I'm about to hit you in the face with some truth. Ever since you came to the WWE training center, you were bullet-proof, couldn't be fired, nobody could touch Orton because they (TPTB) liked you, and they helped you, and when you got to the WWE you were sheltered by the best performer in the business. Nothing's changed Randy, all you do is hide behind Trip, all you do is hide behind Steph, and you have the balls to stand in this ring and say you're better than everyone here? Say you're better than all of this? You have always blamed everyone else for your behavior, you've pointed fingers, and made excuses. You've had behavior problems in the ring, and you've had behavior problems outside the ring. And the sad thing is, the TLC Match is the biggest in WWE history. That's why everyone's here tonight, this changes the very course of the WWE, but you want these Championships because you're selfish, believe you deserve it, and maybe, just maybe, if you carry this around you can say, hey guys look, I'm finally what I was supposed to be ten years ago. Every single time I've held either of either of these Championships, my business card reads the same, you want some? Come get some! (pop) Here's the real truth, whether these guy like me or not, they respect me. Whether it's Trip, HBK, Booker T, no one wanted to give Ziggler a chance, what I do? I said let's fight. Everybody said it was bad decision to give Punk a Championship match when he was going to leave the WWE, all I saw was the best in the world. The only legitimate Championship match he's ever gotten was against me, and he won! (Bryan is all smiles & huge pop)

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena (to Bryan, shaking his hand) – If I win on Sunday, I look forward to our re-match, a fair re-match. (To Orton) See, that's what being a Champion is all about, a certain level or respect. Last week I didn't want to take you out, I just wanted to prove that when the chips are down, I can be just a brutal as you. So right now, I'm going to make one more statement, because I know exactly what this means. (Cena extends his hand to Orton) This Sunday will be physical, and it will be brutal, and I will be at my very best, I just hope you are too, because after Sunday, no one wants to listen to just another Randy Orton excuse. Good luck on Sunday, you're going to need it.

Cena's hand still hanging out there, then Orton finally shakes. They release hands and Orton takes a cheap shot. Cena takes Orton down. They brawl, but then are pulled apart. All it takes is Swagger, Miz and Ziggler to hold Orton back, most of the rest are on Cena. ADR doesn't look as if he's there at all, his eyes are kind of vacant, and he has one hand on Orton, sort of. Punk tries to help hold Orton back, and Orton purposefully pie faces Punk. Punk starts on Orton with blows, then Trip takes Punk down, hard! Trip starts screaming at Orton as he's held back, but Punk to his feet and grabs Trip. A big punch drops Trip, but then Punk turns into sweet chin music from Trip's bestie. Bryan on HBK with his running knee. Orton grabs Bryan for an RKO, but Bryan pushes Orton off, directly into Steph who falls to the mat and doesn't move, even though her head misses the mic by at least half a foot, and she knows how to take a bump – most likely in better shape than she's ever been. Trip pushes Bryan aside and rushes to Steph's side. Orton on his knees beside Trip. Trip realizes Orton is there, stands, kicks Orton in the gut and then a pedigree. Cena and Kane rush to Steph's side with Trip. Most of the rest leave the ring. They get Steph to her feet and she stands with Trip, Kane and Cena looking down at Orton. Orton comes to and looks up at the four of them and shakes his head no, and looks about to cry.

Biggest Pop
Daniel Bryan – by leaps and bounds
CM Punk
Bret hart

Biggest heat
The Shield
Most Mixed

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