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WWE Raw Viewership Tumbles But Gains Each Hour

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw did an average viewing audience of 3,797,333 viewers on the USA Network. The show was down an average of 232,334 viewers from last week's episode, which held the 4 million viewers mark. Below is how this week's hours broke down:

Hour one - 3.577,000
Hour two - 3,891,000
Hour three - 3,924,000

The takeaway here is that viewership grew as the show aired, which is always a good thing. WWE has had a hard time growing the Raw audience from hour to hour with the third and final hour usually dropping off. It's certainly reasonable to assume people heard about The Rock and tuned in as there was a 347,000 viewership differential from hour one to hour three.

Monday Night Football over on ESPN garnered an average viewing audience of 13,122,000 viewers. TV by the Numbers has more data at this link.

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