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RAW Results 3/31/14 – The Game Has been Played

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RAW Results March 31, 2014
From Verizon Center in Washington, DC
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

RAW Starts


Out comes Taker in his famously slow and eerie way. To the corner of the ring, and he raises the lights. Taker into the ring. Video recap of Taker in the casket last week on RAW. "Undertaker!" chants fill the arena.

Taker – 21 men have stepped up, and 21 men have been set down. Now I do not claim to be better than my victims, but at the showcase of the immortals, I will go farther than anyone else, and that's why The streak stays alive. I'm sure Brock Lesnar is thinking, how am I going to break The Streak. Well, Brock, what you should be thinking about is what's going to happen when I take out out to the deep water, when your feet can no longer touch the bottom. What are you going to do Brock? Are you gonna try and take me to the bottom with you, or are you going to try and swim back to shore? Every opponent of mine has made that decision, have been in the same spot you will be this Sunday, and they have tried to swim back to short, but not one of them have made it yet! Now I know, Brock, that you're very dangerous, and there are many who think my time will come, that it's inevitable that The Streak will be broken.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Taker – But there are many more who believe in three things. Three things that can't be beat – death, taxes, and The Streak. Brock Lesnar, this Sunday at WrestleMania, you will rest in peace...

Brock's music hits. Brock and Heyman out to the stage.

Heyman – I don't mean any disrespect. (heat) My client means disrespect, but I don't. ("CM Punk!" chants start.) This isn't a match that Brock has to win, this is a match that Taker must not loose. You can beat on my client's body with a demon's fury until hell freezes over, but all it takes is one moment, one F5, three seconds later The Streak is over. ("CM Punk!" chants end.) This Sunday the WWE presents to you the most historic WrestleMania moment since Hulk Hogan defeated Andre the Giant when Brock breaks The Streak at WrestleMania! (heat) Now, that's not a prediction, that's a spoiler.

Huge heat as they almost leave, but then Brock turns back to look at Taker. Brock slowly heads for the ring. Taker readies himself. He throws back his hood, then removes his beautiful leather cloak. "Undertaker!" chants. Brock stops, looks at Taker, then backs away. "You suck!" chants for Brock. Brock then heads to the ring, gets right up next to it, stops, smiles and backs away again. Brock around the side of the ring, Heyman around the other as fans yell nastiness at Brock. They meet at announce through more heat from the fans. Brock walks around the ring to the ramp, so he's completely circles it once, but Heyman is still behind Taker and slides in a chair to distract. Brock in, but Taker is ready. They go back and forth a bit, but then Brock with a clothesline. Brock picks Taker up and lands an F5! Taker on the mat, completely selling the move, as Brock poses over him. Brock leaves the ring as Taker slowly regains his composure. Brock on the ramp, Taker on the mat as RAW goes to commercial.



Promo for WrestleMania week, and all of it happening on the WWE network.


Recap of Brock's attack on Taker.

Announce Segment

They talk about what can happen at WrestleMania to Taker.

Big E vs ADR

Big E to the ring wearing his new Big E t-shirt. ADR out to face him.

ADR kicks at Big E, on him with head butts. ADR runs the ropes over and under Big E, but Big E free and takes ADR down for two. Blows on ADR in a corner. ADR whipped, shoulder block in the corner. Big E on ADR for two. Big E lifts ADR high, then drops him for two. Big E heads for a shoulder block, but ADR moves and Big E meets post. ADR on Big E with blows, then out and stomps Big E's arm on the stairs.


Arm lock on Big E. Big E up and elbows free. Slow suplex on ADR for two. Big E rushes ADR and eats an elbow. ADR locks Big E's arm and hangs over the top rope on it for the four count. ADR up, flies, is caught by Big E! Back breaker on ADR. Big E slow to his feet, but so is ADR. Clotheslines to ADR, then a belly-to-belly. ADR gets his knees up for Big E's splash. Big E avoids the big kick, then lifts and drops ADR for two.

Big E pulls ADR up, lifts him, but ADR wiggles free and lands a back cracker for two. ADR poses, works the fans, then ready for his finisher, but Big E blocks and splashes for two. Down comes the straps, but an arm cracker from ADR. ADR tries to lock on his finishing hold, but Big E up. Blows to Big E's head, and the hold is locked. Big E up again and slams ADR for a long two, but ADR grabs the bottom rope to stop the count.

ADR tries to flee, but Big E drags him back in. ADR set up top. Big E up, but ADR with blows. Big E knocked down, but still on the second ropes. ADR double stomps Big E to the mat from up top. A big kick to Big E's head, and ADR gets the three.

Winner – ADR (10:39)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Go to the WWE App and vote who Corporate Kane should face tonight – Rollins, Ambrose or Reigns. The Authority has a plan to end #YesMovement. Bray and family will be talking about Cena as well.


Announce Segment

Cole talks about how creepy things are getting between The Wyatts and Cena. Video recap of Cena facing Harper last week, but at the end Cena was tied in the ropes wearing the sheep mask.

Backstage Segment

Harper is whistling Whole World.
Bray – We're all just bleeding from the inside out. It lives and breathes, and like everything else, it craves change. Problem is, it becomes to easy to be enamored with the gardens, to turn a blind eye to the landfills. You can't just whisper in people's ears anymore and get them to understand you, to believe in you. You have to pry their eyes open, and force them to watch. Do I have your attention now kids? Hahahaha! She said I was a child born to lead, that I would be the one to teach them the difference between diamonds and dust. That I would be the one to take everything they love and burn it to the ground, leave nothing but ashes. She said that I would change the world. They're going to cry for you John. They won't understand, not at first, but in time, they will forget you, and you'll be left with nothing, and they will see you the same way that I do, as a monster, John. (singing) He's got the whole world in his hands.


Announce Segment

Recap of Total Divas and the fight between Nattie and Summer Rae.

In Ring Segment

Summer Rae out in red fringed ring gear.


Summer Rae vs Nattie

Summer Rae still in the ring dancing around and showing off her Barbie legs. Vickie is on announce. Nattie out in black and pink, and on a mission to the ring.

Nattie takes Summer Rae down and all over her with blows as Summer Rae screams and yells. Nattie pulled face first into the second buckle, then Summer Rae all over her. A slap to Nattie, then a clothesline takes Nattie down. Chinlock on Nattie on the mat. Nattie up, but slammed back by her hair. Summer Rae tries to pose and drop a leg, but Nattie moves out of the way. Nattie runs the ropes, all the way up Summer Rae's back, then a low drop kick to Summer Rae. Suplex by Nattie, then another. Summer Rae bitch slaps Nattie, but taken down. Another slap to Summer Rae and Nattie grabs her as she screams. Nattie is kicked off from Summer Rae. Summer Rae from the ring, but Nattie grabs her by her hair. Summer Rae with a kick knocks Nattie back. Summer Rae in and pins Nattie for three.

Winner – Summer Rae (2:22)

Summer Rae celebrates on the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Trip and Steph out, but in their power suits – her with a gray shirt under her's, and him with a white shirt and a fleshy-peach tie and pocket square.

Steph – My husband and I are benevolent people, that's why we give you the opportunity to say farewell to #YesMovement before my husband destroys Bryan at WrestleMania.

Trip – Here's the thing Steph, I don't know how much they will care. This generation, there is no loyalty. They really don't care, they just want to be a part of something. They don't want to do something, that would require work and effort, they just want to feel a part of something. So they have a flavor of the day, something they can latch on to, but they move on when they're done.

Steph – They discard it.

Trip – I'll give you and example, one year ago at this time, what was the thing that was so huge?

Steph – After WrestleMania...

They both sing a tune very badly and do the Fandango dance.

Trip – That's it, what was that guy's name?

Steph – Fandango.

Trip – No, no, no. Fahn-Dahg-Gooo! Remember him? Remember it was the biggest thing in the world, then you threw it away and didn't give a crap. The sad thing is, that kid is a quality talent, a solid B+, maybe an A player, but you don't care, you just move on.

"CM Punk!" chants, but after each one, a couple people yell, "Sucks!"

Steph – Can I ask you guys a question. Who here wants to see Bryan tonight. Let's see, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Wow! You're right, even I can get them to chant "YES!" Look at them, they ate it up! I'm part of something!

Trip – They will do anything, it doesn't matter.

Steph – It's amazing! Chant all you want, Bryan won't be here this evening. (heat) I don't expect you to understand, but that's just what's best for business. What's best for Bryan is him head to New Orleans a little early and rest up.

Trip – Trust me, it's in his best interest. You people need to understand, Bryan and #YesMovement are a myth, a fallacy. You want to believe that Bryan is an A+ player, but he isn't, and no matter how many times you come out and chant yes, it doesn't make it true.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – Here they go again.

Trip – I'll give you an example of that, it's like all the people that think I have all the power and success, because I married well. (heat) I'll be the first to admit, that I married spectacularly. (they look into each others eyes sweetly and kiss) But the reason I have the power is because of my dominance in the ring. It's the reason I got to the top and stayed at the top. It didn't matter which flavor of the week you threw my way. ("Boring!" chants start) It didn't matter what guy you jumped on, the be all, end all, the one guy that did it all, ended the reign of tyranny of Triple H. the same thing happened over and over again. You don't believe me, take a look.

Video of Trip's history, narrated by Steph. Booker T, Scotty Steiner, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Foley, Jericho, Angle – but in the end, none of it matters because none of it lasts. In the end it's The Game, and only one man knows how to play it. He destroyed every pretender, turned all false idols into rubble. One man who has shattered the dreams of the screaming hordes. He cannot be stopped. He will not be stopped. At WrestleMania he will put and end to your next sacrificial lamb, your chosen voice, your chosen one. In the end, there's only one Triple H.

Steph – I gotta admit Baby, I do love watching you in the ring.

Trip – Here's the thing, it's not that any of those guys aren't great, they are, all of them, HOFs, all of them, but the reality is, they were just players in the game, and I am The Game. I am The game now, more than ever. Since you've all cried so much about it, not only am I going to beat Bryan at WrestleMania, and put and end to this pathetic #YesMovement, I'm then stepping in with Orton and Batista and prove I am the most powerful man in the WWE. I will walk out of WrestleMania as the COO of this company, and WWE WHC! (heat)

Steph and Trip are about to leave the ring, but Batista's music hits. He comes out in snug jeans, a blue t-shirt with a #33 Georgetown tank over it, a tweed golf hat, and new sunglasses after Steph broke his last week. Hopefully new jeans after Batista really broke his last week. In his brand new looking work boots, Batista heads to the ring. A smattering of "Batista!"chants in his hometown.

Batista – I love this, love what you're doing, saying goodby to #YesMovement, it's very cute, but I couldn't help but notice, I wasn't in your video. That's because you never beaten me.

Trip – No, yeah, you said that before. A bunch of times actually, it's as if you can't think of anything else to say. By the way, nice shirt, you pick it up in the gift shop when you were picking up new glasses from last week? (shock) Don't you have a match with Orton you should be getting ready for?

Batista – Shouldn't you be worrying about your match with Bryan? And not focusing on a Championship match you might not have. I forgot, you're the brains of this organization, you're the brawn. (Steph laughs)

I hear voices in my head... Orton comes out, talking on his way to the ring.

Orton – Wait a minute Steph. Wait a minute, Steph if you're about to do what I think you're going to do, and slap the taste out of Batista's mouth like last week, could you wait until I get a little closer to the ring, so that I can get a front row seat. On second thought, leave Big Dave alone, I want the opportunity to beat some respect into him later tonight in our match. Trip, Steph, you both know I have the utmost respect for you, and I think it's apparent what is truly best for business is a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania. I'm not thrilled, but I know it's what's best. Trip, I know you will beat Bryan and #YesMovement, and I would be honored to defend these titles against you on the grandest stage of them all, but I have to ask one more time, if for no one elses sake but your own, would you please reconsider this Triple Threat Match. ("What?")

Trip – Randy, no amount of ass kissing is going to get you out of this. Your reign as WWE WHC is coming to an end very soon, unless you can find it within yourself to be The Viper again. 'Cause the reality is, if you're The Viper, I don't know if I can beat that guy. If you're going to find him, find him soon as you're facing Batista tonight and it's No DQ.

Trip and Steph leave the ring, so Orton poses with both belts at Batista. Then the stare each other down.


8 Man Tag Match – Usos & Los Matadores vs RybAxel & The Real Americans

All four teams are in the ring together.

Ryback and Uso tie up. Uso backed into a corner. Ryback with a clean break. They lock again, Uso backed into a corner. Ryback without a clean break, but the Uso on him hard. Uso on Ryback's shoulder,but then free. Chops to Ryback,then a knee to Uso. Arm drag on Ryback, then another. Twin brother tags in, they double super kick Ryback for two.

Forearms to the Uso, but Axel tags in and eats a clothesline. Diego tags in and lands on Axel while Uso hold him. Cousin tags in and flies in on Axel. Fernando with a drop kick on Axel, then into an arm bar on the mat. Uso tags in and chops Axel. Axel whips, but Uso out with a clothesline. Diego tags in and punches Axel, then his cousin tags in and they double team for two.

Uso tags in and another chop on Axel. Axel with a big punch and Cesaro tags in. Cesaro on Uso with an upper cut, then more. Uso with a huge clothesline/Upper cut that drops Cesaro to his knees! Swagger tags in and they double team Uso Uso into a corner. Uso whipped, but Swagger lets go early and Uso has to make it work. Big upper cut on Swagger, then a DDT. Clothesline sends Cesaro out, then Axel with a cheap shot. Ryback in and sent out. Fernando tags in and flies out one side, and Uso flies out the other side. An Uso with a flying cross body on Swagger for two, then sent out. Swagger knocks him from the apron. The Uso isn't moving much outside.


Drop kick from Cesaro on an Uso for two. Chinlock on Uso. "We, the people!" and "Cesaro!" and "Usos!" chants. Back breaker on an Uso, then a gut wrench for two. Swagger tags in, then tosses Cesaro onto the Uso in a corner for two. Ryback tags in with an elbow for two. Chinlock on Uso on the mat. "Let's go Usos!" and "We, the people!" chants. Uso fights back with a DDT on Ryback. Both down as the fans are wildly chanting. Axel with a cheap shot on the face corner upon his tag, but the other Uso tags in and all over Axel. Horrid Samoan drop as Axel flailed all over the place, but then a bun slam for a long two. Ryback breaks the count.

Ryback taken down with a kick to the jaw. Super kick to Axel, but Swagger had made the tag. Swagger pins, but Fernando breaks it up. Bodies flying, then Fernando flies out on someone. Uso counters Swagger bomb, then out of the patriot lock. Flying Diego as he tags in. Patriot lock on, but an Uso in. Los Matadores pulled a switch and the cousin gets the three!

Winners – Usos & Los Matadores (14:01)

The face teams celebrate on the ramp with El Torito.


Fandango & Sandow vs The Brotherhood

Summer Rae and Fandango in the ring. Summer Rae's top is of a flesh tone with sparkles, and she looked topless for a few moments. Sandow is there and ready to go, as is The Brotherhood.
Cody with hammer lock on Sandow. Sandow backs him into a corner. Sandow fights back and whips Cody, but then Sandow rolls out to avoid Cody flying. Fandango tags in and takes a hip toss from Cody. Kick to Cody, then whips Cody hard. Sandow tags in and head butts Cody. On announce they are talking about Summer Rae's 'injured' ankles that are so convenient. JBL goes off about Cole not being a doctor, and if he was, he should have done something when King was out here dying, but he didn't! (kayfabe only goes so far in my book)

Sandow pins Cody for two. Fandango tags in and stomps Cody. King tries to laugh off all of JBL's heel comments. Blows on Cody in the heel corner. Sandow tags in, then drops a knee to Cody for two.

Cody with blows on Sandow, but takes a drop toe hold to keep him from Goldust. Cody kicks Sandow off and tags out. Goldust with clotheslines on Sandow, then his 'vintage' upper cut. Spine buster on Sandow, then Fandango flies into an atomic drop off the top. Goldust up with a double cross body. Scoop slam on Sandow, but Fandango breaks the count. Cody in and up, flies off the top onto Fandango outside. Goldust with his final cut on Sandow for three.

Winners – The Brotherhood (3:22)

The Rhodes brothers celebrate in the ring, and ringside.


Announce Segment

Video recap of Kane getting his revenge on The Shield two weeks ago on Smackdown. Which member of The Shield faces Kane tonight?

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Honestly, guys, I almost feel bad for Kane. Look at this, it's like murderer's row back here. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who wins, because Kane is in trouble. And if his little geriatric sidekicks, New Age Outlaws, want to get involved, they're going to find out, why they call this (his fist) the new symbol of excellence.

Ambrose – The important thing to remember here is that we never disrespected Kane. Kane, and now the New Age Outlaws, disrespected us when they disrespected what this (fist) represents. At WrestleMania, in six days, we're going to teach those kids a lesson about attitude.

Reigns – Learn that lesson, and spread the word, The Shield is NOT to be messed with. Believe that! And believe in The Shield.

Backstage Segment

DEP! Washington D.C., we're here. They head to the ring.


Bray vs R-Truth

All in the ring, and ringside.

R-Truth tossed down, then Bray works the crowd. A kick to R-Truth, then he pulls R-Truth up for a head butt. Bray on R-Truth in a corner until the ref pull shim off. A couple big blows on R-Truth in the corner, then he's whipped. R-Truth floats over, dances, then kicks. More on Bray in a corner, but then they both run the ropes until Bray launches himself at R-Truth and nearly breaks his body. R-Truth tries to fight back, but blows about the head, and head butts leads to R-Truth choked in the ropes, then walked on by Bray. Bray on R-Truth back on the mat, ripping at his face.

R-Truth with blows on Bray, but can't get a head. R-Truth rolls out, looks at Rowan and Harper, then rolls in. A clubbing blow to R-Truth's back, then Bray on R-Truth on the mat until the ref pull shim off. Bray on R-Truth hair, then a face buster on Bray's knee. Head butts to R-Truth, then splashes him in a corner. Bray with a back bend in the corner. R-Truth pulled up, kissed, then Sister Abigail.

Winner – Bray (4:35)

Harper and Rowan in. Harper takes out Woods, sends him out of the ring. Bray off mic yells.

Bray – This is not the beginning, this is the end!

The lights go out, a spotlight on the three as they pose, but then another sheep mask walks into the group behind Bray. Bray turns and looks at him as he looks at Rowan and Harper. They all look around at each other. Off comes the mask and it's Cena in coveralls. Harper taken out. Rowan eats an AA, then Bray flees the ring. The fans are wild, almost as wild as Cena is in the ring, bouncing around, yelling at Bray, pointing at the WrestleMania sign. Bray sits on the ramp, smiles and mods. Cena puts his green headband and wristbands on to show that he really is the Cena he's always been. They glare.

Video recap of the high points of the segment.

Cena unzips his coveralls to show his jorts under them.


WWE Rewind

Vickie announcing the Divas Match at WrestleMania.

AJ vs Naomi

AJ in the ring pacing and hugging her belt. Naomi is ready for the match, Tamina is outside with all the other lumberjills, and Vickie on top of the stage.

Naomi with an arm bar on AJ. Naomi slammed back by her hair. Kick to AJ's face and she rolls out, but the Divas send her right back out. Out the next side, and they send her in. Naomi rolls AJ up for two.

Naomi kicked out, but no one bothers her. AJ has a fit. AJ out, sends Naomi in, then AJ tossed in. AJ ducks Naomi's kick, but lands her own for two. The fans don't really seem to care. Naomi eats corner, then kicked to the gut. AJ locks on her finishing hold. Naomi to a knee, but won't tap. Naomi back up, pushes AJ off, but takes a knee to the gut, then a neck breaker, but AJ only gets two.

Naomi kicks AJ in the head, then a SOLID drop kick. AJ kips up, but Naomi bombs her to the mat for two. AJ knocked out and the Divas at AJ. Tamina tries to protect AJ, and the Divas attack Tamina! AJ rolled in and takes rear view for three.

Winner- Naomi (4:03)

Tamina outside and still down in front of announce as AJ is down in the ring and Naomi celebrates. Vickie claps on the stage. AJ holds her belt and glares at Vickie.


Backstage Segment

Renee – John, after what we just saw, it's clear we can expect anything at WrestleMania when you face Bray.

Cena – Desperate times call for desperate measures, as you can hear. Bray continues to spread his propaganda, telling people that he will prove Cena is a liar and turn him into a monster. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Wyatt, a persona can do dangerous things when pushed, as you just saw in the ring. I will fight for what I believe in, and he forced me to fight. Sunday you will see fire, and you will see rage, and Cena will be a monster. Being a monster for a day will secure a legacy for a lifetime. Am I afraid? Yes. The greatest thing about fear is the moment you realize you have the courage to face it. Every Superstars' career has a beginning and an end. I'll be damned if my end is on Sunday, and I'll be damned if it's at the hand of Bray Wyatt! If you have a pair of shoes, run down to New Orleans and catch WrestleMania, or make history as we all watch it streaming live on the WWE Network! You're gonna see Bray, self proclaimed ruler of the world demanding change. Oh boy I'm going to give you change! You will have to change the way you walk, because I'm gonna stuff my foot up your ass!

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the Pre-show for RAW. Josh is with Booker T, Barrett and A-Ry! They talk up Cena playing games with Bray. Barrett says Cena will lose as it's threee on one, and those two outside make the difference.

Back to the ring and recap of Taker and Brock starting the show.

King in the ring to announce who will face Kane tonight.
Rollins – 11%
Ambrose – 9%
Reigns – 80%

In Ring Segment

The Shield music, Reigns to the ring.


Reigns vs Kane

Kane to the ring.

They lock up, Reigns backed into a corner, then reverses and on Kane with blows. Reigns backs up, rushes Kane but eats big boot. Blows by Kane. Big rights to Reigns. Reigns off the ropes eats a back elbow for one.

Clothesline in corner by Kane, then sidewalk slam. Kane is ready, and Reigns up, Kane sets up for his chokeslam, but Reigns forces his hand back and on Kane with blows. Reigns runs the ropes, ducks Kane and hits a Hugh launching clothesline. A kick to Kane's head and he's on the bottom rope. Reigns out and hits his beautiful running kick outside. Reigns sets up, but New Age Outlaws come out. Rollins and Ambrose attack them from behind. Kane up, but the eats Reigns' superman punch! The Shield into the ring and they surround him. They all attack and cause the DQ.

Winner – Kane via DQ (3:08)

They set up Kane, but New Age Outlaws in. The Shield takes out New Age Outlaws, and drags Kane with them so Kane can't be taken apart.


Piper's Pit!

Piper in the ring, all set up in red and tartans.

Piper – I love you too. It's WrestleMania season! Look out! 29 years ago today! I had the honor to be in the main event of the first WrestleMania ever! (pop) And let me note it, it was not I who got pinned in the middle of the ring. (pop) Thank you! But there was a man that played a huge role in WrestleMania, and making it the monster it is today. That man the 8th Wonder of The World, Andre The Giant! (pop) Now, this Sunday, 30 Superstars will be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and they will have their WrestleMania moment, and a chance to have their names linked with one of the greatest legends in the history of the business of professional wrestling. Now, if you're asking me who I think the favorite is, the odds favorite... (reaching up to show he's talking about Big Show)

Miz's music and out he comes.

Piper – Really? What are you doing? I'm talking here!

Piper – Really?

Miz – Really?

Piper – Really?

Miz – Really?

Piper – Really?

Miz – Really? Because I thohght you were going to bring out the odds on favorite to win the Battle Royal, here I am. Unlike you Piper, unlike Andre The Giant, I've won the main event of WrestleMania. Let's face it, those 29 other Superstars don't compare to the most must see Superstar of all time! That's why Piper's Pit doesn't compare to Miz TV!

Sheamus' music.

Piper – Really?

Sheamus – Hello Miz. Howdy Piper. People say it's better to appear stupid and keep your mouth closed, than open it and take away all doubt. I'm afraid that ship sailed a long time ago. As for TV shows, fella, you're not fit to hold Piper's kilt. When it comes to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, I see an Andre trophy and pint in my future and a brogue kick over the top rope in your's.

Piper – Now we're talking!

Out comes O'Neil talking.

O'Neil – Hole up! Hole up! Yeah, I said hold without the D! If anybody deserves to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, let me spell it out for you. It's T-I-T-U-S! After I win this Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX.

Piper – You stand over here, let me talk. Stay there.

O'Neil barks in Piper's face, then Ziggler's music hits.

Piper – Really? Are you serious? I'm talking here!

Ziggler – Piper, I'm sorry, I hate to come out and steal the spotlight, just kidding that's totally my thing, and exactly what I'm going to do this Sunday! Not only do I eliminate everyone in this ring and all the other 29, I etch my name in sports entertainment history.

Piper – You done?

Ziggler – Maybe! Maybe I'm not!

Piper – My turn! Alright, you, you, you, and you, yeah, you're all named You! I've been around long enough to know what's going on. Miz, come here, you're a nice kid.

Double eye poke to Miz's eyes, then Piper pushes him into Sheamus, so they brawl, and so it means Ziggler and O'Neil needed to brawl too. They beat each other down, and Piper is on the apron. 3MB, Young, Gabriel, Sin Cara and Ryder all come out to fight. Rey's music, and he runs to the fight. Rey with a hurricanranna on Sin Cara. Brogue kick on Drew. 619 on Sin Cara. Big Show's music hits and out comes the big man. He smiles his whole way down to the ring. All of them on Big Show as he rolls in, but he flings them all off. Young chokeslamed to the mat. Kofi slapped down. Slater face first to the mat, then a knock out. Ryder and Ziggler in each hand, both chokeslamed to the mat. Big Show looks at Rey. JBL yells, "Eat him Big Show, eat him!" Rey begs Big Show to leave him along. Big Show head for the ropes, so Rey hits his 619 the way he did back in the day, and kicked Big Show in the gut! Rey up top, flies on Big Show, but he's caught and tossed out onto all the rest who were outside waiting to catch him. Piper in and raises Big Show's hand as his music plays.

Piper – Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal!

Piper and Big Show hug, then Big Show starts flipping up Piper's kilt. Piper stops him and they have a great laugh about it.



Recap of Orton kissing up to Steph last week on RAW, then Batista got into the middle of it and made comments about drooling on Steph.

No DQ Match – Batista vs Orton

Batista to the ring. Orton out to face him. Trip's music plays and he comes out holding hands with Steph. They head around the ring, then over to announce. Steph sits with JBL, Trip over with King.

Batista shoulder first into the post, then rolls out. Orton out after him and slams Batista into the barricade, but he comes out with a clothesline for Orton. Orton eats the barricade and all tied up in the camera cables as Trip says this is all his. Steph remind him it's both of theirs. Batista blocks Orton and lands a few blows, but then Batista into the barricade by the timekeeper's area. Orton clotheslines Batista into the timekeeper's area. Batista grabs a chair while he's on there and on Orton with the chair. Chair to Orton's back. Orton sells, but ducks so Batista with the chair hits the post. They fight onto announce and Steph acts like she's never been that close to the action before. Batista spine first on the barricade. Orton grabs a chair and nails Batista across the back with it. Orton holds the chair high and gets some pop for it.

Batista into the ring and Orton in after, but Batista with kicks and blows on Orton, clotheslines him from the ring. Orton at announce, then Batista slams Orton's face on announce. Trip taunts them both, wanting to see The Viper and The Animal. Orton back first into the apron. Batista with a chair, but Orton with a kendo stick and beats Batista with it. Batista reverses, sending Orton into the stairs. Orton slid in, Batista follows. Orton eats a spinebuset. Steph comments that this was a WrestleMania main event, but Trip will be joining them this time. Back breaker on Batista. Batista to the apron, pulls himself up. Orton sets up and lands his DDT.

Orton calls for love and heat, but then Bryan is on Trip on announce. Orton sees this and tries to pull Bryan off, so Bryan on Orton, then back beating the hell out of Trip on announce. Orton sends Bryan into the stairs as Trip over to her husband. Bryan in, Orton follows, but then Orton eats a Batista spear. Bryan up and kicks Batista in the head. Bryan goes flying goat and takes Trip down! Bryan kicking and beating the hell out of Trip. Trip into the timekeeper's area, then over the stairs, and Bryan with a kendo beating Trip. Trip into the ring, so Bryan follows. Drop kick on Orton on apron as Trip rolls out. Bryan poses and leads the "YES!" chants from the fans. Steph is on the bottom of the ramp with Trip, screaming, "This isn't WrestleMania!" Bryan points at the WrestleMania sign as Trip staggers up the ramp and Steph screams.

Winner – N/A (9:12)

Video recap of the high points of the match!

On the stage Trip yells, "You are done!"

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Heyman / Brock
All Piper's Pit interruptions

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