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RAW Results 6/23/14 – ChoCOLEate Pools And Authority Fools

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RAW Results June 23, 2014
From Verizon Center in Washington D.C.
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cole talks about the 4 on 3 Handicap Match Main Event. RAW will start with Steph dealing with Vickie.

Raw Starts

In Ring Segment

Cole welcomes us to RAW Episode 1,100!

Steph comes out in a bright pink dress with black sides that shows off her curves in an amazing way! Video recap of Reigns winning the Battle Royal last week on RAW. Steph to the ring, belts hanging above. She gets serious heat.

Steph – As principle owner of this billion dollar business, there's one thing that I cannot accept or tolerate, it's gross negligence. When someone cannot complete a simple task – you can all relate to that! Take for example, last week on RAW Vickie couldn't get me, her boss, a simple cup of coffee. Therefore Vickie, I need you to come out here and face the consequences.

Vickie comes out in black pants and jacket, white lace shell under it, looking quite nervous.

Steph – Vickie.

Vickie – It's so great to see you're doing better this week. I always have the company's best intentions. I know who, who put that thing in your coffee, it was Roman Reigns.

Steph – It's interesting that you mention Roman Reigns, because that was you biggest failure to date. My husband and I gave you very specific and simple directions. What were those directions Vickie?

Vickie – That, uh, it was, he said...

Steph – It was not to allow Roman Reigns to compete in the Battle Royal last week. Very clear, very specific. Not only did Reigns, compete, he won! Therefore Reigns will be competing for the WWE WHC at the MITBLM. Which means Reigns has a one in seven chamce of becoming Champion. Vickie, that's on you.

Vickie – Steph, I apologize. It will never happen again. I promise.

Steph – You're damn right it won't happen again. Vickie for nine year, you've been riding the coat tails of your late husband Eddie Guerrero. We took pity on you, couldn't make you a Diva, therefore we made you a GM, but quite frankly, you couldn't even do that right.

"Eddie!" chants.

Steph – You know, maybe Eddie deserves that respect, but Vickie, you don't. Therefore I'm left with no other choice than to say that you...

Vickie – Steph, wait, just give me a chance, I will do better this time. I'll do anything. I'll even beg.

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Steph (to the fans) – You don't want her to beg? No, I do, I want to see that. Vickie, how much do you want it. I want to see you beg. On your knees Vickie. (Vickie, on her knees, hands clasped, grovelling.) Beg me! Get up, you're pathetic. You can't even do that right, Vickie. You're lick a cockroach, or a Twinkie, I can't even get rid of you. You never expire. But I tell you what. You get two options, either I fire you tonight, or you remain GM of Smackdown...

Vickie – Steph, thank you...

Steph – If, you can win your match tonight.

Vickie – A match? Steph, I'm not a competitor.

Steph – Is that your resignation? Yes? Resigning?

Vickie – Wait! Who is my opponent?

Steph – That's the best part, your opponent is me!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – So, what's it going to be? I knew it, you don't have the guts. Vickie Guerrero is officially...

Vickie – Believe it or not Steph, there's one name in this industry that people respect more than McMahon, and that is Guerrero! If there's one thing that Eddie taught me, it's to lie, cheat and steal. I accept, so if you will, EXCUSE ME!!

"Vickie!" chants!

Vickie stomps from the ring and up the ramp as Steph is left in the ring smiling.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about the other MITBLM announced for MITB. Later Trip will be there to announce who else will be in the ring with Rollins. King says Ziggler faces Bad News Barrett for the IC Title tonight.


Jimmy vs Harper

Usos out in green and pink to solid pop. Rowan and Harper out to what sounds like organ music, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands. They let the music run its course before Harper to the ring.

Big Steph to Jimmy as he runs the ropes. A big chop to Jimmy, but he comes back with a blow. Harper's blows are much stronger and he's in control. Jimmy on Harper, but he comes back with a back elbow to drop Jimmy. Jimmy Jackson Harper jaw for two.

Rowan grabbing at Jimmy in the ring, so Jey dives on Rowan outside. Jimmy turns around into a sick running clothesline for three.

Winner – Harper (1:34)

The organ music starts again as Rowan and Harper on the ramp and Jey tends to his brother.

Jey – Hey Rowan! Rowan, Rowan, where you goin'? We just starting to get a little Uso crazy. So why don't you bring your stinky ass back in this ring so I can kick it all over this nation's capital?

Rowan Anderson Harper over to the ring, and Jey flies out onto them.


Jey vs Rowan

The match started during the break. Jey backed into a corner, tries to fly, but caught and eats a fall away slam. Harper watching from outside the ring, looking quite vacant. Rowan gets two on Jey.

Jey caught up top and Rowan gets another two.

Jey set across the corner, then Rowan on him with blows. Rowan rushes, shoulder first into the post. Outside Jimmy flies on Harper, but inside Jey with a splash on Rowan for three.

Winner – Jey (1:53)

Harper grabs Jey, so Jimmy flies out. Rowan on Jey, then Jimmy in and completely taken apart by both Rowan and Harper. They go outside and Jey into the stairs, then eats a sick clothesline from Harper. Rowan and Harper back into the ring, Harper wailing. They pick up the TTC belts and pose with them, Rowan nuggling one with the side of his face. The fans are a mix of "YES!" and "NO!"


Bray – I am so very, very proud of you boys. After all, a leader that does not glorify the triumphs of his family is no leader at all. My brothers and I look down upon creation, trampling down upon the bodies of our own enemies, and soon all will see me climb that majestic ladder. Hahaha! My victory will bring forth a glorious new era, an era where the eater of worlds is crowned Champion of all those desperate needy souls that he had to trample on the way. I will not be alone, for my brothers will prove their eagerness to me as my disciples when they annihilator all these unworthy little creatures. United in splendor, we will roam the earth like giants, casting out the light of our message. Follow the buzzards.


Announce Segment

Bryan will address The Authority at MITBLM.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Rusev and Lana sight seeing earlier in D.C. They go to video.

Lana – We have come to the capitol of the United States of America, Washington D.C. to see why you revere this meager land. Just look at your treasured landmarks. Behind us is America's Capitol, where your ignorant leaders make laws that makes your country the laughing stock of the world. Your beacon of hope, the White House, where your disgraceful leader, the President of the United States makes decisions that makes your country inferior. This is why the Kremlin and the Russian Federation is the standard of excellence in government. The same Russian Federation that presented Rusev the gold star metal for his heroic contributions to Russia. Your treasured landmarks are pathetic. Your government is pathetic. Face it, America's pathetic. Your own citizens complain about your country. Wake up America. You're left with only one option, to bow down and embrace the true noble and fearless leader, Vladimir Putin. You can't ask what your country can do for you, when America can't help itself. No one can help stop the revolution of Rusev. Rise for the super athlete, Rusev.

Rusev – America, Rusev crush.

Fox vs Naomi

Paige to announce. Fox to the ring in leopard and red ring gear. Dactyls to the ring, dancing together.

Paige says Naomi is a great athlete and a great threat. Cameron on announce too as Fox and Naomi lock up. Drop kick to Fox as Cameron cuts down Naomi, claiming she's not a worry for Paige, but Cameron is. They focus all over announce, and not on Naomi's flipping clothesline. Paige cuts Cameron down, Cameron talks about how great she looks, not about her ring work. Naomi slammed down outside, and Fox stomps her out there. Back in the ring, forearms to Naomi's face, then a back breaker on Naomi for two as Cameron rips on Naomi more.

Fox pulls Naomi's hair and gets kicked in the face for it. Paige won't back down on announce, and talks up Naomi. Fishermans suplex on Naomi for two. Cameron talks about slapping Paige harder. Paige isn't worried about Cameron, but then Cameron calls Paige a rookie as Naomi is choked in the ropes. Fox dumps Naomi out through the ropes. Naomi sells outside. Cameron stumbles over her words while trying to talk herself up. Back in the ring Naomi takes Fox down hard for three.

Winner – Naomi (4:56)

Paige to her feet, smiling in at Paige as Naomi smiles out at her. Paige up on the apron, holds her strap high, then extends a hand. Naomi shakes it. Naomi walks away, turns back to Paige saying (off mic), 'You want this?' pointing to the belt. Cameron is silent on announce through all of this.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus taping his wrists.

Sheamus – You ready for a fight, lad?

Reigns – I didn't come in here looking for one. (He can barely be heard through the pop as his face is shown on screen.)

Sheamus – Me? I'm talking about our 4 On 3 tonight. It's going to be some scrap out there. I hope you're ready.

Reigns – I'm always ready, Sheamus. 4 On 3? Sounds to me they need more people.

Sheamus – See, that's what I love about you man, your intensity, your confidence. See, there's still a little doubt in my mind, because I still remember when you and your wee friends were running around, looking for any excuse to attack my good self, and anybody else in the WWE. At MITB, it's every man for himself, so any thoughts you had about stabbing me in the back...

Reigns – If I wanted to take you out, you'd be unconscious, right now.

Sheamus – Hahaha. See, I love the confidence. Mr. Roman Reigns, it's going to be fun tagging with you tonight, but it's going to be magical this Sunday, when I walk away the new WWE WHC, fella.

Reigns – Magical? I don't believe in magic. I believe in Roman Reigns, and so should you.


WWE Rewind

Rose defeating O'Neil on Smackdown, twice!

O'Neil vs Bo

O'Neil in the ring. Bo out to face him.

Bo – Titus, last week on Smackdown, you fell off your horse. But that didn't stop you, you got right back on, and fell off again! But that's okay, you proved to everybody that winning isn't everything, and tonight you're going to prove to everyone is that all you have to do is Bolieve!

Bo with a drop kick. "Let's go Bo!" chants. Back breakers on Bo, then he's tossed to the mat like a rag doll. Chops on Bo in a corner, then O'Neil beats him down. Bo whipped, but moves. Bo with his tornado bulldog for three.

Winner – Bo (1:08)

Bo with his victory. Back into the ring and Bo with the mic.

Bo – Hey buddy, I'm nine and Bo...

O'Neil slaps the mic out of Bo's hand and out through the ropes in one swipe. Bo out, picks up the mic with his huge smile on his face.

Bo – Silly me, Mr. Butter Fingers. But what I wanted to say was, Titus, you get back on that horse. And I wanted to say thank you to all of you. Just remember Titus, don't stop Bolieving!

Bo celebrates, blowing kisses to the fans, smiling the whole time.


In Ring Segment

Trip to the ring in his power suit, looking at the ladders as he heads out.

Trip – It's funny that I can come to a place like Washington, a place where officials are elected year, after year, after year that have no idea what they're doing, and yet I'm still the bad guy! When all I really do is what's best for business. That's not some empty catchphrase, it's at the root of what I do. That's why this Sunday, at the MITB, there will be not only a Championship Ladder Match, there will be a traditional contract MITBLM. Imagine which the winner will climb the ladder and get the briefcase, and within that briefcase, a contract that allows the owner a shot at being the WWE WHC, anyplace, anytime, inside a WWE ring, and it's good for one full year. It virtually guarantees the winner of that case, the ability to write their own future. This past Wednesday in my interview with Michael Cole on I told the world that the first entrant in that match would be Seth Rollins. I'm here tonight to tell you the rest of the lineup for that match. Before you think that I make my decisions based on favoritism, I remind you that everybody in this match is in it because, it's what's best for business. Up first is a former IC and TTC, a man who has made a highlight reel of himself in Ladder Matches, Kofi Kingston. Up next is a former MITBLM winning who parlayed that into being WHC, The Real American, Jack Swagger. Up next is a man that many of you think I don't appreciate the talent of, but I'm here to tell you that's the very reason he's in this match, Dolph Ziggler! Up next is a man that can fly, if need be, go to the extreme, RVD! Just in case you thought that was it, well then, I love doing this, I've got some bad news for ya, roit here, roit, roit, roit here, Bad News Barrett. Now, any of these men, any of them, you could make the favorite to climb that ladder and retrieve that contract, but if I was asked who I would believe would win, there's only one man I can tell you, one man I think will win this, Rob Van... I can't even say it with a straight face, it's so funny. No, there's only one man that I believe will win this, hell, I will go as far as say, I know he'll win this. He's a specialist, a technician, a ring general like no other, he is the future of the WWE Seth Rollins!

Rollins comes out in his new ring gear with a new t-shirt over it all. Video of Rollins turning on The Shield three weeks ago. Rollins into the ring, showing off his new shirt and his freshly bleached roots. "You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – Oh, come on, you guys, you're not over it yet? It's been three weeks since it happened. You really haven't moved on yet? (heat) That's too bad, because I'm over it, I've moved on. If you love Ambrose and Reigns as much as you say you do, then you should be thanking me. Every waking second, I am responsible for all their success, and don't you forget it. I took The Shield as high as we could go, then dropped the dead weight. You can call me a sell out all you want for it. Reigns can scowl and grunt all he wants, and Ambrose can get all twitchy and sputtery and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, it won't change a thing. I created The Shield, I have every right to destroy The Shield. It's no secret that The Shield got me this far, but this Sunday, I and I alone will climb the ladder. I and I alone will grab that contract. You can call me a sellout all you want, but after this Sunday, you'll be calling me Mr. MITB.

RVD's music and he comes out to the stage.

RVD – Hi guys. Hunter, Seth, you know, I can't help but feel like you guys don't take me seriously.

Rollins – No, Rob, I take you very seriously. In fact I'd take you more seriously if this was 2005.

RVD – Oh! Right, cause that's when you were asking Mom and Dad to stay up late to watch me on TV, because you wanted to be a wrestler. You might have forgot about this, but I happen to be a former MITB winner and former WWE Champion. Dude, I know for a fact that that man standing next to you totally remembers when I crushed his trachea at the first Elimination Chamber Match. What?

"RVD!" chants.

RVD – Good times! Hunter, as you're always saying yourself, it's lame to brag about the past, so I'll say this, let's live in the present, we got this MITBLM this Sunday. How about, if I beat your golden boy right now?

Rollins and Trip argue in the ring.

Trip – Let's get a ref in here and let's get this done.

RVD vs Rollins

Rollins with blows on RVD. RVD backed into a corner, kicked at. Rollins whipped, takes a heel kicked. Rollins whipped, then monkey flipped. Rollins in a corner, takes another heel kick, then RVD clotheslines Rollins from the ring. RVD over the top onto Rollins. Moonsault off the apron onto Rollins, then RVD showboats.


RVD choked in the ropes as the ref counts. Rollins with a slow vertical suplex on RVD, but then another and a third! Rollins only gets two for it as Cole talks up Vickie facing Steph later.

Chinlock on RVD on the mat. RVD up, but kicked at. Rollins telegraphs and is kicked for it, but comes back with a huge hooking clothesline on RVD for two.

Rollins stomps RVD down in a corner. Running blow on RVD in a corner, followed by a clothesline as RVD comes out, for two.

Facelock on RVD on the mat with leg scissors. RVD wiggles free of the legs, but still in the hold. RVD works to his feet, then elbows free. Arm drag on Rollins. RVD with leg scissors takedown on Rollins for two.

Clotheslines and a thrust kick on Rollins. RVD calls for rolling thunder, but Rollins up. RVD takes Rollins down and hits rolling thunder. RVD up, but Rollins up and RVD to the apron. RVD over the top with a huge DDT on Rollins. RVD up top, but Rollins avoids the 5 star frog splash. Rollins on RVD on the mat, forearms to RVD's face from behind. RVD lifted, power bombed into the corner. Curb stomp, but Ambrose attacks Rollins.

Winner – Rollins via DQ (7:02)

Blows on Rollins, then outside. Rollins into the timekeeper area. Refs are there trying to break this up. They get Ambrose backed off, but then he's free, runs across announce and dives on Rollins.

Ambrose – They may as well put me in that MITBLM right now, huh? (huge pop) If they don't I'm still going to show up in Boston. I'm still going to bash Seth Rollins' face in! I'm still going to grab that briefcase and walk out the door with it. I will screw up the entire PPV! (pop) I'm coming to MITB regardless, and I ain't coming to play nice!

Backstage Segment

Vickie stretching for her match in her EXCUSE ME! Tank top.



Recap of Rollins beating RVD, but then Ambrose got involved.

Backstage Segment

Trip – I don't think this is the best way to approach this.

Rollins – I don't want to be this close, then have him come out of nowhere. He's going to screw me over whenever possible. You've got to put Dean Ambrose in this match. You've got to put him in this MITBLM with me.

Trip – You want him in there so you can control him?

Rollins – I controlled Ambrose for two years, I know what I'm dealing with. I controlled The Shield for almost two years. You called me a ring general out there for a reason, I need to be able to have eyes on Ambrose at all times, please.

Trip – I get that.

Rollins – Please. Besides, I want to see the look on Ambrose's face when I'm standing on that ladder with that contract in my hands, crushing history.

Trip – This blows up in your face, it's going to be on you.

Rollins – I got this! Give me Ambrose. I got it.

Trip – Love your confidence man. You want Ambrose in that match? You got him. He's in.

In Ring Segment

Bad News Barrett to the ring.

Barrett – Ladies and gentlemen, last week Dolph Ziggler experienced a miracle, a fluke victory over me, then his already out-of-control ego went even higher. I'm afraid I've got some bad news, because after I beat Ziggler tonight and win on Sunday, Ziggler will be so embarrassed, he will be forced to change his name, just like your racist, constantly losing NFL team. Thank you very much.


WWE Slam of the Week

Ziggler beat Barrett on Smackdown.

IC Title Match – Barrett (c) vs Ziggler

Ziggler to the ring to face Bad News Barrett.

Barrett kicks Ziggler as King rips on Cole's coat and how they're talking about Cole's horrible coat. Ziggler choked in the ropes, then takes Barrett down for two. A drop kick on Barrett for two.

Barrett badly clotheslines Ziggler from the ring, and Ziggler had to do all the work. Ziggler sells it outside until Barrett out and bounces Ziggler's face off the apron. "Bad News!" chants as Barrett rolls in and gets two on Ziggler.

A knee to Ziggler face and elbow to the back of his head at the same time. But Ziggler comes back taking Barrett down. Ziggler on Barrett in a corner with ten blows, then a neck breaker, but doesn't cover. Famouser is missed, so Barrett hits winds of change for two.

Barrett pulls Ziggler up as there's dueling chants for the men. Ziggler bounces back with a zig/zag and both men are down. Barrett rolls from the ring to regroup as Ziggler tweaks in the ropes.


Ziggler with his epic elbows, as the fans count all ten, but Ziggler only gets two for it.

Barrett to the apron, shoulder to Ziggler's gut, the Ziggler elevated out of the ring to the floor. Barrett with the elbow off the apron. Barrett breaks the count, then grabs Ziggler and rolls him in. Barrett in and pins for two.

Barrett with a facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler bounces and wiggles all over the place, then up. Ziggler whipped, tries to float, is caught, then dropped onto Barrett's knee for two.

Barrett climbs, but Ziggler up, pulling Barrett off the corner face first for a long two.

Ziggler sells it all against the bottom ropes as Barrett is on the mat. "This is awesome!" chants. Barrett lifts Ziggler high and drops him face first, then gets Ziggler up, hits wasteland, but Ziggler kicks out!

Barrett freaks out, then glares. Ziggler pulls himself up in the ropes as Barrett gets ready. Ziggler ducks Barrett, hits his famouser for a long two! The fans are wild!

Both men are down, tired, but slowly start to get up. "This Is Awesome!" chants as Ziggler rolls Barrett up for another two. Barrett with his bull hammer for three.

Winner – Barrett (12:06)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Barrett celebrates in the ring, all bouncy when he could barely stand just moments ago.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Vickie, what's your level of concern as you get set to face Steph?

Vickie – What do you think Renee? I'm sorry. Look, I know I'm not the most beloved person back here. I also know that I've been The Authority's doormat for a long, long time. I have been insulted and humiliated more than any other person in WWE history. Tonight, I made a decision, I'm taking my dignity back. I'm not asking for forgiveness for anything I've done. I have no regrets.

Orton – No regrets. Is that what you said Vic? No regrets? See, I think you're going to regret the decision you made last Monday night on RAW when you put Roman Reigns in that Battle Royal. Tonight you're going to get exactly what you deserve. Just like this Sunday at MITB, I get what I deserve, and that's becoming WWE WHC. Now, I would say that it was nice knowing you, but we both know that would be a lie.


Vickie vs Steph

Vickie comes out to Eddie's old music! I don't know if this is new ring gear for Vickie, but I just noticed that on the black background, she has the gold flames that Eddie had on his boots for so many years, and Chavo had reversed on his. Video recap of Steph telling Vickie that she'd be facing Steph in the ring, then Vickie coming back talking up the Guerrero name! Steph comes out in her dress and a mic.

Steph – Vickie, I see you're all dressed and ready to compete, but you're standing in the wrong place, because our match isn't going to take place in the ring, it's going to take place over here.

Steph motions to a mud pool that had been set up.

Steph – I'm not even sure what's in that pool, but it smells horrible. Vickie...

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – The first one of us to go in that pool loses the match. Which is only fitting to end your career this way, because when you lose Vickie, you will be fired. Ladies...

Out comes Layla, Rosa (dark haired), and Fox to the ring. The three of them up on the apron, then in. Vickie flees the ring to the bottom of the apron. Vickie backs up the apron as Steph starts toward Vickie. Steph motions to the Divas as Vickie screams at Steph.

Steph – Why you so angry Vickie? Oh, no! Lie, cheat and steal, right Vickie, that's what you have to do! Look out! Get her!

Steph lifted by the three Divas, then fights free and pushes Rosa into the muck. Rosa is pissed. She slides out the other side. Layla rushes Vickie, who side-steps and helps fling Layla into the muck. Layla, face first into the muck, but leaves. Fox is third into the muck. Vickie leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, but then Steph runs at Vickie, kicks her in the back, then pushes her into the muck.

Steph – "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Vickie, you're fired! "YES!", you know what, I feel like singing a song, everybody join me! Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye! Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

Steph is singing, dancing around in circles, ignoring Vickie, but then she sees that she's between Vickie and the pool of muck.

Steph – Vickie, you need to consider your retirement!

Vickie grabs Steph by the hair and around the waist, and tosses Steph into the muck – which really looks like a mix of chocolate and butterscotch pudding. Vickie, on stage, as Eddie's music plays, she does his little chest wiggle dance (I have tears in my eyes). A ref over to help Steph, and she falls back in. He tries to help her again, and goes into the muck. Steph is screaming as she makes a huge show of flopping around in muck, then 'swims' out over the side. Steph them pushes the ref back into the muck.

"You suck!" chants.

Steph (off mic) – You just wait! I'll get you, all of you! Every last one of you!



Recap of Stardust with Goldust last week.

Backstage Segment

Byron – Please welcome my guest, Goldust. Can you talk about the recent transformation of your brother, Cody.

Goldust – Cody? No, no, no, that's not what I saw, I saw Stardust.

The lights change and you can hear Stardust singing.

Stardust – When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.

The singing was off-key, but more than that, the movements and the way he sold each word was over-the-top, and really creepy (you really need to see it to understand how wild he was).

Goldust – Wow! Now I'm the normal one.

Goldust leaves, Byron smiles, but then Goldust back to huff in Byron's face.

Kofi vs Swagger

Zeb – I want every real American to rise... "We, the people!"

Kofi to the ring as Cole says Kofi is on zeb's deportation list.

Kofi kicks at Swagger. Swagger behind Kofi, but Kofi free on more kicks until a shoulder block lands Kofi on the mat. Swagger runs the ropes over and under Kofi, then Kofi takes him down. Swagger puts Kofi in a corner, then on Kofi hard. Swagger with a huge short clothesline for two.

JBL is still ripping on Cole's horrid jacket. Swagger bomb on Kofi for two.

Zeb yells in to Swagger as Swagger has Kofi locked on the mat. To their feet and Swagger throws Kofi down. Kofi up, jaw buster, then Swagger eats feet. Kofi whipped, up over Swagger and takes him down in a huge botched move that neither sell, because they both think they came out on top. Drop kick on Swagger, then Kofi flies out onto him. Kofi flies and Swagger catches him. Kofi up on Swagger and takes him down for two.

Swagger on Kofi, gets the patriot locked on. Kofi struggles and kicks at Swagger, reaching for the ropes, then pulled back. Kofi finally taps out.

Winner – Swagger (3:57)

Cole talks about Swagger winning a MITBLM, and the camera comes in on Swagger's nose that's bleeding from the bridge. Video recap of the high points of the match. Zeb into the ring with his sign.

Announce Segment

At MITB, Paige defends against Naomi! They push MITB in Boston, and the WWE Network.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest, a member of a MITBLM...

ADR – Alberto Del Rio.

Renee – You're not exactly who I was expecting.

ADR – I'm not the one you were expecting, but I'm the one you should be talking to. I've been in MITBLM, and one of only two who have won and cashed it in. This Sunday, hahaha, I'm walking out the new WWE WHC.

Heyman – I apologize for interrupting you, but I kept hearing you throw around the number one. One. I happen to be the one, behind the one, in 21-1. I earned that distinction when my client, Brock Lesnar conquered Underaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania! I also happen to be the one behind the one who will climb the ladder this Sunday in the MITBLM, retrieve the titles and become the WWE WHC with all due respect Mr. Del Rio, that's not you, that's Cesaro.

ADR – Does this walking mono ever talk, or he's just your puppet?

Cesaro – See, I would talk to you Del Rio, but I only speak five languages, and none of them are loser.

ADR bows up, so Heyman pulls Cesaro away.


Sandow vs Big E

Sandow in the ring as Abe Lincoln.

Sandow – Four score and seven years ago, I was told that you don't find me entertaining. Look at me now! Are all of you happy? ("What?") Well, I am Honest Abe, and to be honest, I would rather spend another night in Ford's Theater than let you simpletons dictate my career. I am the master of my own destiny. I don't need anyone here telling me my work!

Big E out to face him.

They lock up and the top hat comes off. Sandow stomps Big E down in a corner, but keeps on the long coat. Sandow puts on the hat, but it comes off as Big E comes off the corner. Big ending and it's over.

Winner – Big E (0:55)

Big E tosses the top hat from the ring. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Tom – Big E, great job knocking off Abe Lincoln, but...

Big E (takes the mic) – Pardon me Tom, but earlier, in our nation's capital, we all saw Lana and Rusev denigrate and mock everything this great country stands for. But I say enough is enough. This is our country. This is our America. (he starts pacing and preaching) This is the, the land of the free. I say this is the land of the free! And the home of the brave! This is our country! We will not be defeated! We, will not be stopped!

Lana (on the stage in red) – You foolish American. Don't you know pride comes before the fall.

Rusev attacks Big E from behind, man handling him, then the big kick to the chest. Rusev stomps on Big E's back, then the accolade. Big E takes it, but Big E won't tap. "USA!" chants. Rusev finally releases the hold to serious heat. Video recap of the high points of the attack.


Backstage Segment

Renee – Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome John Cena. John, how do you feel about the main event tonight, and the MITBLM Sunday?

Cena – You need to listen up and listen good, because on Sunday that voice will say, we have a new WWE WHC. As for tonight, the ones I fight with will become my enemies. This Sunday seven men fight, and never before have so many Superstars been put in one Ladder Match to crown our Champion. This match will be brutal. Chances are people will be hurt. Chances are, careers will be on the line. Chances are there will be moments that last forever in WWE history. One thing is certain, there's one guarantee, and that's that this Sunday we will see a new WWE WHC. The time for talk is over, it's time to pick them. It's time for put your money in the back and decide which of the seven walks in a Superstar, walks out a Champ. Well, Boston's the home of the green monster, and green is the color of money, and my money says, the Champ is here. You can bank on that.

Renee – With that, let's head back to ringside.

4 On 3 Handicap Match

Cena out to the stage to show off his towel, then to the ring to show off his wrist bands, his shirt, then his hat. Sheamus out to join him in the ring. Reigns out through the crowd to new music. DEP! Out comes Bray, lantern in hand, many lights in the stands. Cesaro and Heyman out to the ring. ADR out with his white scarf that lands in a ladder. Last out is Orton. The faces are in the ring staring up, not at the heels


Cena and Orton circle. They lock up, side headlock on Cena as the fan into their dueling Cena chants. Orton holds tight, but Cena finally pushes out and takes a shoulder tackle. Orton distracted by fans in the front row and Cena attacks. Sheamus tags in and on Orton. Cena tags in and on Orton with blows. ADR tags in and on Cena in a corner. Cena reverses the whip, comes out with a bulldog. Cesaro tags in and comes in all bowed up at Cena. Test of strength, both hands, between Cesaro and Cena. Cena to his knees, but then Cena back up through the dueling chants. Cena dives at Cesaro running the ropes and is caught into a back breaker. Bray tags in and stomps Cena down in the heel corner. Bray slams Cena to the mat for two.

Bray dances Cena around the ring, then plants Cena to the mat for two.

A nerve pinch on Cena's right shoulder, but he's bleeding from his left shoulder, possibly onto Bray's white pants. Cena struggles to his knees, but then back down as Bray is on both shoulders.


ADR on Cena, landing Cena with a DDT for two. Cesaro tags. Boston crab on Cena. Cena fights back to his back, but Cesaro kicks him off. Cesaro sets up, but Cena reverses into a body drop. Reigns gets the hot tag and takes out all off the heel corner, then ADR down in the ring. Clothesline in the corner on ADR. Reigns out and bounces Orton off announce. Running kick on ADR through the ropes. Superman punches on Cesaro and Orton to keep them out. Back stabber on Reigns for two.

Bray tags in and all over Reigns for two.

Cesaro tags in with a gut wrench on Reigns for two.

Orton tags in against Cesaro's wishes and he's mad. Suplex on Reigns with a heel cover for two.

Facelock on Orton as Orton calls holds into Reigns' hair. Reigns up, elbows free, then head butts Orton. Orton slams Reigns down by his hair. Orton stomps Reigns, then ADR tags in and takes Reigns down for two.

ADR chokes Reigns in the ropes. Bray tags in and all over Reigns. Reigns comes back with a superman punch on Bray! Cesaro tags in, but then Reigns is able to tag out. Sheamus all over Cesaro, and the heels. Cesaro sent into ADR, knocking him off. Forearms onto Cesaro on the apron, more than ten, but couldn't keep Cesaro up. Sheamus is able to plant Cesaro, but Orton in with a back breaker. Cena in with an AA. ADR kicks Cena, but ends up eating an AA. Cesaro with an upper cut. Brogue kick on Cesaro for three.

Winners – Cena & Sheamus & Reigns (15:29)

Fire erupts and out comes Kane! Reigns into the barricade as ADR and Sheamus fight. ADR into a big boot. Chokeslam on Sheamus. Big boot on Cena. ADR chokeslam. Chokeslam on Cena!

Trip's music hits and he stomps out, mic in hand, and stands on the ramp next to Orton.

Trip – Ladies and Gentlemen, the eight participant in the WWE WHC MITBLM, Kane.

Spear from Reigns on Kane! Reigns stares up the ramp at Trip and Orton, seething.

Biggest Pop
Eddie's music

Biggest Heat

Most Touching
Vickie doing the Eddie shuffle and pointing toward heaven.

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