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WWE Rebooting On Fandango

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It’s noted in the Survivor Series Kickoff preview here on dot com that we’ll see the “return of a new and improved” Fandango (something Michael Cole also stated on this week's Raw).

While Fandango has continued to work on


live events, he hasn’t been seen on television since an episode of

WWE Superstars

back in August. In fact, that match taped on August 25, 2014 against


, was his only win in his past 50 matches. Below is an excerpt from dot com’s coverage:

Plus, the WWE Universe will see the return of a new and improved Fandango, who will be competing on the Kickoff. What can the WWE Universe expect to see from the the fleet-footed Superstar’s first televised match in three months?

To say Fandango has been lost without a plan would be an understatement, as he’s been relegated to nothing more than an enhancement talent.

Fandango Tweeted the following about his reboot from his verified Twitter account:

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">November 18, 2014

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