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WWE Releases Jimmy Jacobs Over Bullet Club Photo, Neville Upset

Jimmy Jacobs

Prior to this past weekend's live events, former wrestler and then-WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was released sometime on Friday evening. The reason for his release? A photograph.

Yes, the one pictured above featuring Jimmy posing with the Bullet Club during their "invasion" of RAW did not leave Vince McMahon too happy mostly because there was no other way for him to lash out other than firing Jimmy as collateral damage. The word is that McMahon is so upset that Marty Scurll is likely not even on the WWE's radar anymore.

Jimmy quickly announced his new shirt being available at ProWrestlingsTees, which pokes fun at the firing.

It should also be noted that Neville was furious about this turn of events when he arrived to the arena for RAW and it may have played a factor in his reason for leaving the building but we still don't have concrete information on that.

The petty actions taken here are truly unbelievable. Why not take action when Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles appeared in a series of Being the Elite videos several months ago?

This will hurt WWE in their attempt to hire people like Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada, who they had been courting for months in an attempt to hire them.

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