Braun Strowman Injured - Work or Shoot?

Braun Strowman

After last night's WWE Payback event, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns both were reported to have sustained injuries after their brutal contest in the main event. While WWE has reported these injuries on their website, they are reporting that Roman has further internal issues (which is a kayfabe injury as it plays into the storyline) while Braun has torn his rotator cuff and labrum (a labrum tear is part of what put Finn Balor on the shelf for so long).

All we can confirm at this moment is that Strowman was with doctors this afternoon and the injury is believed to have been caused when Braun charged the ambulance door and knocked it off its hinges. This could still be a "worked" injury in the sense that they could be making a legitimate minor injury seem like a more severe one.

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