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WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/25/15): Lesnar & Reigns Win Big

Welcome to our WWE Royal Rumble coverage featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.
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Welcome to our WWE Royal Rumble 2015 "Open Thread" featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results
Sunday, January 25, 2015
From Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with a video package hyping the match that this event is named for. A lot of the favorites heading into the Rumble tonight, Bryan, Reigns, Wyatt, get a bit of time. There's also a bit of time devoted to Lesnar vs. Rollins vs. Cena.

The pyro is lit, and we're ready to begin. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, and to the beginning of the Road to WrestleMania. We're ready for action right away as the New Age Outlaws make their way down to the ring.

Road Dogg and Gunn are wearing Philly Fanatic hats. Dogg says they're just getting silly in Philly. The Road to WrestleMania starts right here, but at this age, he hopes they make it to the next mile marker. Dogg asks the crowd if they're ready, and they seem like they are. Road Dogg does his normal spiel to a huge pop, and Billy Gunn of course follows it up with a 'suck it' that the crowd absolutely loves.

The Ascension is out next, and the Philly crowd is showing them no love. We get a recap of the Ascension's beatdown at the hands of various tag team legends on Monday Night Raw.

Tag Team Match
The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

Viktor and Billy Gunn look to kick things off for their respective teams. We get a lock up and Gunn goes right for a head lock. Viktor fights him off, and falls to a shoulder block. Viktor tries for a hip toss, but Gunn reverses it, and follows it up with an arm drag. Gunn locks in an arm bar and hangs on. Viktor fights up, but Road Dogg tags in. Viktor is able to back Road Dogg into the corner and tag Konnor. Dogg scores with a series of jabs and a big forearm to Konnor's face. Dogg hits a knee drop to Konnor's face, and Konnor responds by backing him into the corner and squashing Dogg with a clothesline. Konnor stomps on Road Dogg before tagging out to Viktor.

Viktor goes for a pin, getting a one count, and goes right into a rear chin lock. Dogg is able to fight to his feet, but runs right into a knee to the midsection. Viktor drops a fist on Dogg's face, to a chorus of boos, before tagging out. Konnor comes in and lays into Road Dogg with a series of right hands before driving his face into the canvas and getting another one count. Konnor goes for the rear chin lock, driving Road Dogg down to the mat.

Road Dogg fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Konnor hits a big right hand. Konnor tries for a belly to back suplex, but Road Dogg pivots in mid air and lands on top of Konnor. Konnor tries to drop an elbow, but Road Dogg moves. Viktor tags in and goes for a rear chin lock, but Dogg fights it off, ducks a clothesline, and tags Gunn. Billy comes in and takes Viktor down before tossing Konnor over the top. Billy hits Viktor with a tilt-a-whirl slam, but misses with the famasser. Konnor makes the blind tag and hangs Billy up on the top rope, and comes into the ring where he hits a back elbow while Viktor goes low, wiping out Gunn's legs. Konnor pins Billy and gets the three count.

Winners: The Ascension

We get a recap of Sting's appearance on Raw, and Cena pinning Seth Rollins to keep his opportunity in the title match tonight, as well as giving Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan their jobs back. Cole also recaps Ryback and Ziggler qualify for the Royal Rumble match, with Rowan failing to qualify.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are shown backstage. Steph asks where Sting was hiding. Triple H said 5 people told him Nikolai Volkoff pulled up in the parking lot, but nothing about Sting. Stephanie says this is the house her father and grandfather built, and they need to handle Sting. Hunter says if he walks in, he'll destroy Sting. Paul Heyman walks in to interrupt. Heyman says he's not here to make problems, he's here to solve problems. They had a problem with Cena as the champion, he gave them Lesnar. They have a problem with Sting, he has a solution, Brock Lesnar.

Back in the arena, it's time for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match.

Miz and Mizdow are the first team to make their way out to the ring, and there's a pretty huge pop for Mizdow on their way out to the arena.

The Uso's are out next, and they get a good reaction out of the Philly fans as they make their way down the aisle.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Uso's vs. The Miz and Damien Mizdow

Before the match, Miz calls for silence as he pulls off his shades. He gets boos, but Mizdow gets a ton of love. Miz sends Mizdow to the outside. Miz and Jey kick things off. Miz takes Jey into the corner and kicks away at him, then whips him across the ring. Jey comes right back with a series of chops. Jimmy makes a blind tag and after a backbreaker from Jey, Jimmy leaps off the top with a body splash. Jimmy chops at Miz in the corner, but Miz comes back with his signature corner clothesline. Miz goes up top, but Jimmy stops him, crotching Miz. Mizdow imitates being crotched. Miz knocks Jimmy off the top, and he leaps off into a shot to the gut from Jimmy.

Miz connects with a jawbreaker, but puts his face down into a kick from Jimmy. Miz sends Jimmy crashing face first into the bottom rope, and begins stomping away as Mizdow mimics him and gets all the love from the crowd. Miz locks in a rear chin lock, and denies the tag. Jimmy fights his way up, but Miz connects with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Miz looks over at Mizdow, but refuses him the tag, pulling his hand away. Miz turns around into an enzugiri from Jimmy.

Jey tags in and hits a couple of clotheslines, and a fist to the face, before connecting with a Samoan drop. Jey charges Miz in the corner and hits a running hip thrust. Jey sends Mizdow out of the ring, and kicks out of a couple of roll ups by Miz. Miz connects with a nasty DDT, but it's only good enough to keep Jey down for two. Miz buries his knee in the back of Jey's knee, but can't come up with the figure four. Jey connects with an enzugiri that sends Miz to the outside. Miz blocks Jey's attempted dive, but Jimmy dives out and wipes out Mizdow, then gets clotheslined by Miz. Jimmy dives out at well, but the dive doesn't look great as he takes out Miz. Back in the ring, Miz hits the SCF on Jey, but it's not enough for three. Miz beats on Jey in the corner, then backs away and charges into a superkick.

Jey heads to the top and hits a big splash, but the pin is broken up by Mizdow. Mizdow sends Jimmy into the ring post shoulder first, then hits Jey with the SCF. Mizdow rolls out of the ring, and Miz goes for the pin, but Jey kicks out at two.

Miz gets back to his feet and pulls Jey up in the corner with him. Jey fights out of it, sending Miz to the mat, and kicking Mizdow away. Miz is back on Jey, attempting another superplex. Jimmy makes the tag, and hits Miz with a superkick. Jey connects with a powerbomb, and Jimmy comes in with the splash from the top rope for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Uso's

Cole throws things to the expert panel with Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Cory Graves. Young asks what they're looking forward to. Booker immediately says the Rumble. Graves picks the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, sighting Rollins' two chances to win. Saxton says he's interested to see if Cena can tie Ric Flair for Championship wins, and reminds us that Lesnar doesn't have to be pinned to lose the belt. We also get a recap of the pre-show match where Cesaro and Tyson Kidd beat New Day in tag team action.

Backstage, Joey Mercury is shown playing WWE immortals on a tablet. Jamie Noble looks confused and asks if he can get it on his phone. Rollins walks in and asks what they're doing. Are they playing games before the biggest match of his career? He doesn't want them relaxed, he wants them focused on doing what they need to do to make sure he walks out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Noble says Rollins is the future, but Rollins disagrees and says he's the right now.

We get a WrestleMania promo that reminds us that there's only 63 days until the biggest wrestling event of the year.

The Bella Twins are out to the ring for the next match, and they don't get too much of a reaction out of the crowd, who don't seem all that excited for this one.

Natalya is out first for her team, followed shortly by Paige. They get a bit of a reaction as they walk to the ring hand-in-hand, but it's still a bit subdued.

WWE Divas Tag Team Match
The Bella Twins vs. Natalya and Paige

The bell rings, and Paige and Nikki begin circling each other. Paige tries to fights Nikki off, eventually working her back into the corner and making the tag with Natalya. Natalya comes in and takes Nikki to the mat, but Nikki's able to fight up, and tag out to Brie. Brie comes in and works over Natalya's arm, but Natalya comes right back with a couple of rights before tagging out to Paige and hitting a double team stalling vertical suplex. Paige pins Brie for two, then connects with a series of head butts before digging in with a series of knees to the gut. Natalya tags in and hits a dropkick to the side of Brie's head. Brie comes right back with a kick to the side of Natalya's head. Paige causes a distraction that allows her to make a tag and hit a big kick to Brie's face.

Natalya tags in and tries for a slam, but Brie reverses it, dumping Natalya on the back of her head. Nikki tags in and floats over, snapping Natalya's neck. Natalya fights back with a couple of forearms, but Brie slams Natalya's face into the canvas. Natalya fights off a rear chin lock, but falls to a shoulder block from Nikki that's good for two.

Brie makes the tag and comes in with a flying forearm that's good for two. Brie clamps on a rear chin lock and holds Natalya back from making the tag. Natalya fights out, and Brie buries her knee in Natalya's gut before driving her knee into Natalya's face for another two count. Nikki tags back into the match and we get a crazy double team move that flips Natalya over and puts her down for another two count. Nikki locks in a headscissors, locking her legs around Natalya's head. Natalya stands with Nikki on her shoulders, dropping her down in an electric chair drop.

Nikki is up to her feet first, and she grabs Natalya's leg, but Natalya almost reverses it into the Sharpshooter. Nikki fights it off, and hits a running clothesline in the corner, but misses a second attempt. Natalya reaches for the tag, and kicks Nikki away, but Brie pulls Paige off the ring apron to prevent the tag. Nikki hits Natalya with a giant forearm, and she gets the three count.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Roman Reigns is shown backstage talking about breaking Kane's elimination record, he says it doesn't matter as much as winning the whole thing tonight. Gold and Stardust are shown, and Stardust of course spits out a ton of confusing stuff, and Goldust agrees. Rusev is shown, saying he doesn't care who the champion is, he'll crush him. Miz and Mizdow are shown, Miz saying things, and Mizdow copying him, inserting 'he' instead of 'I', except for when it comes to 'I will win the Royal Rumble'. Big Show says everyone will find out what a vicious giant he is when he annihilates them. Fandango is shown and says the roster underestimates the power of the tango, but they'll find out tonight. Bryan is shown saying last year, the Authority kept him out of the Rumble, but he made his way to the grandest stage of them all. Does he think he can do the same thing this year? Yes, yes yes!

We get a video package for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, highlighting Lesnar's dominance, Rollins' emergence on the scene as a challenger with a wild card up his sleeve, and Cena's fight against the Authority.

John Cena is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the crowd is SINGING! They're singing 'John Cena sucks' along with Cena's music. Cena gets a ton of her when he gets into the ring, but there are still a couple of fans out there.

Seth Rollins is the next man out to the ring, and of course he's got Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury in tow, and his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Cole comments on that fact that Rollins has two chances to win the match tonight, something the expert panel hit on earlier, and something they go over three or four more times.

Brock Lesnar is the last man to make his way into the arena, accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman. Lesnar looks to be in amazing shape, and he gets a great reaction out of the crowd on his way to the ring. Lesnar really stares down Rollins before getting into the ring, and during the formal ring introductions from Lillian Garcia.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings and Rollins bails to the floor. Lesnar hits Cena with a German suplex right off the bat, then stares down Rollins. Lesnar picks Cena up and hits another German suplex. Rollins heads into the ring and is shouldered by Lesnar, but Noble and Mercury pull him down, then they eat a double German suplex. Rollins and Cena come together for a moment, but it doesn't last, and Lesnar buries a couple of knees in Rollins' gut before hitting him with a German suplex, and of course he's got another for Cena.

Lesnar shoves Rollins over, then suplexes (regular) Cena over, sending him across the ring. Lesnar sends Rollins over with a nasty German suplex, putting him down right on his shoulder. Lesnar suplexes Cena again, then follows up with a suplex for Rollins, just literally tossing him across the ring. Lesnar catches Cena with a body shot, then he clamps on the kimura lock.

Cena fights up, lifting Brock up, and Rollins springboards in, knocking both men down and forcing Lesnar to break the hold. Rollins kicks away at Lesnar repeatedly, then catches him with a couple of rights. Lesnar begins to fight back, but Cena comes in and Cena and Rollins hit a double suplex. Cena connects with an AA, and Rollins tosses Cena from the ring. Rollins goes for the pin, but gets one. Lesnar tosses Rollins from the ring, and suplexes Cena right out of the ring as well.

Lesnar heads out to the floor where Rollins connects with a single leg dropkick to Lesnar's shoulder, driving him into the ring post. Cena kicks Lesnar into the ring post, then gives chase to Rollins, heading into the ring. Cena connects with a couple of shoulder blocks, and a belly to back suplex. Rollins avoids the five knuckle shuffle, but Cena plants him with another belly to back suplex. Lesnar is in out of nowhere with a German suplex for Cena. Brock hits another, and doesn't release, but Rollins is in with a superkick to the side of Lesnar's head. Rollins knees Lesnar in the back to send him out to the floor, and Cena almost scores a pin, getting Rollins for two.

Rollins hits Cena with a back elbow, and a blockbuster from the middle rope, but the pin is broken up by Lesnar. Lesnar hits Rollins with a couple of clubbing blows before tossing him from the ring. Cena hits Lesnar with a series of strikes, and it takes three tries but Cena knocks Lesnar down with a clothesline. Rollins sprinboards into the ring, but Lesnar catches him and connects with the F5. Lesnar pins Rollins, but Cena is in to make the save.

Lesnar punishes Cena with another German suplex before heading out to the floor. Lesnar begins taking apart the Spanish announcer's table, slamming one of the monitors on the ground. Lesnar heads back into the ring and walks into three consecutive AA's from Cena. Cena pins Lesnar, but Rollins pulls Cena from the ring. Rollins connects with the curb stomp on Lesnar, but Lesnar is still able to kick out at two.

Lesnar rolls out of the ring and Heyman's there to give him a pep talk. Lesnar is pretty quickly up on his feet, but Cena charges in from behind, sending Lesnar crashing into the timekeeper's area through a barricade.

Cena heads back up to the apron, and Lesnar is getting up. Cena hops down from the apron and whips Lesnar into the steel ring steps shoulder first. Lesnar is still trying to get to his feet, so Cena drives the steel steps into Lesnar's face, sending him on top of the Spanish announcer's table. Rollins catches Cena with a baseball slide, then he heads to the top rope. Rollins leaps off the top rope and sends his body crashing through Lesnar and the announcer's table into a pile of debris.

The crowd is absolutely loving this match. Cena tosses Rollins back into the ring, and he follows, getting locked up in a small package for two. Rollins connects with a superkick for another two count. Rollins charges Cena in the corner and he's shouldered, but Rollins reverses the AA and lands on his feet. Cena is able to catch Rollins with a sit-out powerbomb though, but it still can't keep Rollins down for three.

Rollins rolls out to the apron, and Cena pulls him into the corner and up the turnbuckles. Cena tries for a superplex, but Rollins fights it off. Rollins jumps over Cena and runs across the ring with him for a buckle bomb, but he can only put Cena down for a two count.

Rollins and Cena both struggle back to their feet. Rollins tries for the curb stomp, but Cena catches his foot and turns it around into the STF. Rollins reaches for the ropes, but Noble and Mercury are in to break things up. EMT's are shown bringing in a stretcher to take Lesnar out. In the ring, Rollins hits a big powerbomb on Cena, assisted by Noble and Mercury, but it's still only enough for two.

Rollins has the money in the bank briefcase, and he charges Cena, but he's back dropped over the top rope. Cena focuses on Noble and Mercury, hitting a double AA to send both men crashing to the mat. Rollins is back in the ring, and he charges right into another AA, but Rollins kicks out at two.

Lesnar is still being checked on outside, and Cole says he's at least got a broken rib based on preliminary reports. Rollins and Cena trade punches, and Rollins fights out of an AA. Rollins connects with a curb stomp, but it's not enough to keep Cena down for three. Rollins looks frustrated, and he heads to the top rope. Rollins busts out a phoenix splash! Lesnar's in out of nowhere and he hits a German suplex on Rollins and then on Cena. Lesnar tries for another German on Rollins, but Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins hits Lesnar with the briefcase twice, and tries for the curb stomp on the briefcase, but Lesnar is up and shoulders Rollins for the F5. Lesnar pins Rollins and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar

We get replays of some of the awesome sights from this match, including Rollins' dive to the outside to wipe out Lesnar, and of course Rollins' amazing phoenix splash. Lesnar proves he's an absolute monster once more.

Cole asks who will face Lesnar in the main event at WrestleMania, and of course that will be determined next, and it's all about the numbers. He throws it to what's become one of my favorite standards of the Royal Rumble, the statistic promo that highlights every crazy factoid about the rumble including total weight of participants, shortest time, all time eliminations, etc.

Lillian Garcia is in the ring to run down the rules of the Royal Rumble Match and introduce the first two participants in the Rumble.

The Royal Rumble

The Miz is the first man to enter the Royal Rumble, and Michael Cole notes that this will be Miz's eighth Rumble.

#2 is R-Truth, who definitely gets a better reaction than Miz, drawing a few 'what's up's from the crowd.

Miz calls for quiet as hell pulls off his sunglasses again, and the bell rings to kick things off. We get a lock up, and R-Truth puts Miz in a headlock. Miz fights out, and falls to a shoulder block. Truth dances a bit, and tosses Miz to the apron. Miz slides back in and tosses Truth to the apron. Truth runs right into a big boot from Miz in the ring.

Truth connects with a big back heel kick, but he's tosses to the apron again. Truth climbs to the top, but he's crotched by Miz, and entrant number 3 comes out and it's Bubba Ray Dudley!

Bubba gets a huge pop, and Miz looks like he's seen a ghost. Bubba hits Miz with a couple of big clotheslines, and a big backdrop. Bubba hits Miz with a couple of jabs, and a huge elbow to the top of the head. Bubba slams Miz to the mat, and looks up at Truth, holding Miz's legs. Truth dives from the top with a head butt to Miz's groin.

Big EC-Dub chants from the crowd. Bubba shoves Truth and tells him to get the tables. Miz is up and he attacks Truth from behind, but Truth helps hit the 3D! Bubba tosses Miz from the ring as the clock counts down and Luke Harper makes his way out at #4. Bubba back drops Truth from the ring before Harper gets to the ring.

It's just Harper and Bubba and they trade right hands. Bubba asks for another and he gets one. Both men hit big clotheslines but neither budge. Bubba tries for the Bubba bomb,but can't connect. Bubba is finally able to put Harper down to the mat. The clock counts down once more, and this time, it's Bray Wyatt who makes his way out into a darkened arena with his lantern.

Wyatt brings the lights up, and comes in to stare down Bubba. Harper attacks Bubba from behind, and he and Wyatt team up stomping away at Bubba. Bubba tries for fight back, but Wyatt tosses Bubba into a big boot from Harper, then tosses Bubba over the top rope. Harper and Wyatt look at each other, and have some words, but decide to wait for the next entrant, who turns out to be Curtis Axel at #6.

Erick Rowan attacks Axel from behind, and looks to be taking Axel's spot. Rowan makes his way into the ring, and Harper points his fingers at Rowan, then turns to point at Wyatt. Rowan attacks Wyatt, but Harper attacks Rowan from behind. Rowan gets the better of both of his former parters, splashing both in the corner, but Bray eliminates both Harper and Rowan in one go, dumping both men to the floor as they fight. The clock counts down again, and #7 is the Boogyman(?).

Of all people, the Boogyman is out to take up a spot in the Royal Rumble, stalking his way down to the ring slowly. Boogyman makes his way into the ring, and Wyatt yells that this is his world. The two circle each other, and Wyatt does his spider walk toward Boogyman, then hits him with a big clothesline. Wyatt dumps Boogyman over the top rope, and he's out of this one.

Wyatt gloats in the ring by himself while he waits for entant #8, who turns out to be Sin Cara.

Sin Cara is down and he hits an immediate springboard reverse splash. Cara is sent to the apron, but he avoids elimination. Cara leaps from the top, but he's caught with a right hand from Bray, who then hits Sister Abigail. Bray eliminates Cara by tossing him over the top rope, and Wyatt calls for a mic. Wyatt says open invitation, he hopes everyone in the back got the message, this is Bray Wyatt's year. Wyatt begins singing 'the whole world', with the arena joining in while the clock counts down. Entry #9 is Zack Ryder.

Ryder comes down and scores with a couple of right hands, and even gets his knees up when Wyatt charges in the corner. Ryder hits a missile dropkick from the second rope, and running forearm, and the broski kick in the corner, but when Ryder tries to toss Wyatt from the ring, Wyatt reverses and tosses Ryder from the ring instead.

Wyatt again gloats, saying it's only going to take him half a minute. Entry #10 is Daniel Bryan, and the crowd goes nuts.

Bryan charges into the ring and lays into Bryan with a series of right hands. Bryan flips over Bray out of the corner, then connects with a flying clothesline. Bryan hits Bray with a series of four dropkicks in the corner. Bryan follows up the dropkicks with some vicious kicks to Bray's chest. Bryan seats Bray on the top turnbuckle, and hits a top rope hurricanrana right before #11, Fandango, makes his way to the ring.

Fandango goes right for Bryan, hitting him with a big dropkick. Fandango whips Bryan into the turnbuckle hard, then tries for a belly to back suplex. Bryan lands on his feet and kicks Fandango in the side of the head. Bryan shoulders Fandango and does an airplane spin before taking Fandango over toward the ropes. Fandango fights off elimination, and the clock counts down once more. #12 is Tyson Kidd.

Bryan runs at Kidd and eats a kick, then a springboard dropkick. Kidd attacks Wyatt, but Fandango takes Kidd's attention. Kidd seats Fandango on the top turnbuckle, and Bryan kicks him in the back of the head. Kidd connects with a dropkick to Fandango in a tree of woe, and Kidd and Bryan trade blows before hitting simultaneous cross body blocks. Entry #13 makes their way out, and it's Stardust.

Stardust hits Kidd with a springboard forearm. Stardust attacks everyone, hitting Fandango with a kick to the side of the head, and almost tossing him out. Fandango pops back in and tosses Stardust over the top, but not to the outside. Bryan hits a belly to back suplex on Kidd that sends him over the top and to the floor. Bryan sends Wyatt out to the floor, and Bryan dives through the middle ropes to take out Wyatt on the floor. Wyatt sends Bryan into the steel steps, and #14 makes his way out and it's Diamond Dallas Page!

Stardust stomps away at DDP right away, laying him out in the ring immediately. DDP comes right back with a diamond cutter. Fandango blindsides DDP, laying him out with a series of right hands. Fandango heads to the top rope, but DDP hits the ropes, crotching Fandango in the process. DDP hits the diamond cutter from the top rope, but then he's attacked by Bray Wyatt. DDP connects with another diamond cutter out of nowhere to lay out Wyatt. He gets a big bang out of the crowd, and #15 reveals himself to be Rusev.

Rusev goes right for DDP, and he avoids a diamond cutter, kicking DDP in the face, and eliminating him. Rusev also tosses Fandango over the top and to the floor to eliminate him.

Rusev and Wyatt stare each other down, but they're caught with a double missile dropkick from Bryan from the top rope. Bryan kicks both hard in their chests, but Wyatt catches Bryan's foot. Rusev sends Bryan to the apron, and Wyatt crashes into Bryan to send him out to the floor.

The clock counts down and Goldust makes his way out at #16.

The crowd is turning, booing immediately. Goldust sets Wyatt up in the corner for shattered dreams, but he's sent to the apron by Stardust. Stardust doesn't realize he hasn't eliminated his brother, and the two end up trading blows. Big Daniel Bryan chants from the crowd. Lots of boos. Stardust stomps away at Rusev in the corner, and Goldust takes it to Wyatt as the clock counts down and Kofi Kingston makes his way out at #17.

Kofi comes in and hits a couple of dropkicks on Gold and Stardust, and Wyatt sends Kofi out to the apron, but can't knock him to the floor, as Kofi leaps back into the ring with a giant springboard forearm. Everything is kind of breaking down with more guys in the ring, everyone's just brawling mostly. #18 comes out, and it's Adam Rose, accompanied by his Rose Buds.

The wind seems totally sucked out of the crowd after the Daniel Bryan elimination. Rusev tosses Kofi over the top rope, but he's caught by the Rosebuds and put on the apron. Rusev tosses Adam Rose over the top, but he's not caught in the same way. Rusev backdrops Kofi to the apron, and kicks him in the head to knock him to the floor.

Goldust works on Wyatt while Rusev and Stardust square off and entry #19 makes his way out, and it's Roman Reigns, coming through the crowd to a decent amount of heat initially.

Goldust and Stardust go right to work on Reigns, but he shrugs them off, hitting Stardust with a big clothesline in the corner, then following up with a clothesline for everyone else in the match. Reigns tosses Goldust over the top to the outside, then he clotheslines Stardust to the floor.

Reigns holds off both Rusev and Wyatt as the clock counts down and #20 comes out, Big E.

Big E hits a giant belly to belly suplex on Rusev to launch him across the ring. Rusev is able to put Big E down in the corner, and he hits a running cannonball. Big E tries to send Rusev over the top, but he won't go. #21 makes his way out, and it's Damien Mizdow.

Mizdow is the first person to get a pop since Bryan was eliminated, but Miz is down to take him out of the match and take his spot. Reigns tosses Miz from the apron before he even gets into the ring, and after some hesitation, Mizdow makes his way into the ring, and hits Wyatt with a low DDT and Big E with a backbreaker neckbreaker combo. Rusev eliminates Mizdow, and Miz is furious, as is the crowd. Entry #22 is Jack Swagger.

Swagger gets a good 'we the people' reaction, but people are just not happy about Bryan. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb on Rusev, but he can't eliminate him from the match. Rusev and Wyatt team up on Swagger while Big E and Reigns trade blows in the corner. After a bit of brawling, we're ready for #23, Ryback.

Ryback heads down to the ring and goes right for Rusev, hitting a big spinebuster. Ryback takes out everyone in the match, including Reigns. Ryback gets the biggest pop for taking out Reigns. Ryback hits Rusev with a meathook clothesline, but he can't get him out of the ring. Wyatt attacks Ryback from behind, and chokes him in the corner. Now we're getting CM Punk chants from the crowd.

Entry #24 is Kane.

Kane goes right to work on Ryback, Reigns, and Rusev. Kane tries to get Ryback up and over but Ryback is holding on for dear life. Kane is able to get Ryback to the apron, and Big E does the same with Swagger, but neither can make the elimination. The 25th man to enter the Rumble is Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose goes right for Kane, then hits Wyatt with a rebound lariat before wiping out Rusev. Ambrose heads to the top and wipes out Kane with a crazy dive. Ambrose hits Rusev with a couple of quick right hands in the corner. The clock counts down once more, and we've only got a couple more people to go as entry #26 is Titus O'Neil.

Titus heads in and he's immediately taken out by Ambrose and Reigns.

Ambrose hits Wyatt with a big running dropkick, but he's not able to even get Wyatt out to the apron. Wyatt has apparently been in the match for 38 minutes. Entry #27 is Wade Barrett.

Barrett heads down to the ring, and it's getting a bit more crowded. Barrett plants Ambrose, and again, things are breaking down with everyone just kind of brawling to kill time. Ambrose tries to toss out Barrett, but he just can't get him over the top rope. Entry #28 is Cesaro.

Cesaro makes his way in and immediately begins hitting everyone with European uppercuts. Cesaro hits Ambrose with a big pop-up uppercut, but he can't get Ambrose out to the floor. Rusev is able to get Big E out to the apron, and he kicks him to the floor to send him out of the match. Entry #29 is The Big Show.

The Big Show makes his way down, and everyone is on him right away. Show powers out of it and shoves everyone to the mat. Kane catches Ambrose with a chokeslam, and Show does the same to Roman Reigns. Show and Kane push Ryback over the top and to the outside, and someone else follows shortly after, but I didn't catch who. Show and Kane team up on Cesaro in the corner as the clock counts down once more, and Dolph Ziggler makes his way out at #30.

Dolph Ziggler fights off a chokeslam from Show, and hits a bunch of superkicks. Ziggler tosses Barrett to the apron and superkicks him to the floor. Cesaro catches Ziggler in a big swing, sending him around for 12 revolutions before clotheslining him to the apron. Cesaro turns back around to Ziggler, and he's pulled out to the apron as well. Ziggler and Cesaro trade blows, and Ziggler superkicks Cesaro out to the floor.

Kane backdrops Ziggler to the apron, but Ziggler avoids elimination. Ziggler leaps off the top rope right into a KO punch from Show. Show and Kane pick up Ziggler and toss him over the top rope and to the floor. Show shoulders Wyatt and takes him over the top rope to the floor.

It's down to Big Show, Kane, Ambrose, and Reigns. Reigns and Show square off, while Ambrose and Kane pair off. Both Ambrose and Reigns avoid chokeslams. Ambrose hits rebound lariats on both Kane and Show, and Reigns hits a superman punch on Show as well. Show and Ambrose try to team up to eliminate Show, but they can't get him out of the ring. Show catches Ambrose around the throat and hits the chokeslam.

Show knocks out Ambrose and he and Kane toss Ambrose out to the floor.

Show and Kane stomp away at Reigns, and they try to toss him over the top, but Reigns fights back. Kane and Show put him back down, stomping Reigns into the mnat. Show and Kane go to eliminate Reigns again, and Show tries to also eliminate Kane, but it doesn't work. Kane and Show argue and begin trading right hands.

Kane and Show grab each other around the throat, and Reigns eliminates both men to a giant chorus of boos that may be bigger than last year when Batista won.

Show and Kane head back into the ring and hit a double chokeslam to take out Reigns. The Rock's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Rock takes out Kane, then hits Big Show with a series of rights. Rock puts Kane down with a spinebuster, then connects with the people's elbow. Show catches Rock around the throat, but Rock kicks Show in the groin. Reigns hits a superman punch, and Rock puts Show down with a Rock bottom. Rusev's back in the ring out of nowhere, and Reigns hits a spear. Reigns tosses Rusev over the top rope, and people are not happy. Apparently Rusev had not been eliminated, he had just been tossed out.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar is shown watching in the back. Rock hugs Roman, and holds up his hand in victory, but the crowd still isn't thrilled. Hunter and Stephanie make their way out to the arena to stare down Roman and Rock, and they don't look happy. Roman points to the WrestleMania sign, and the Authority make their way toward the back.

Rock hugs Roman, then gets out of the ring as quickly as possible to avoid the heat that Reigns is getting from the crowd.

Pyro explodes around the WrestleMania sign, and Reigns poses, as Cole throws it to the fallout show.

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