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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Odds: Betting Edge Worth A Look?

Early odds have been out for a few weeks now on who will win the WWE Royal Rumble in January. One of the more popular futures bets in the WWE/Pro Wrestling market, 888sport has elected to leave odds up on their sportsbook page for now.

Roman Reigns is the current favorite for the Men's Royal Rumble, given odds to win at +750. These odds are actually down, not by much though, as it was only +700 prior. The odds dropping aren't too concerning at the moment, but one superstar's odds have jumped up.

Edge now has the second-highest odds to win the Men's Royal Rumble match, leaping from +1000 to +850. The movement in odds are nothing staggering, but a 1.4% increase is actually quite noticeable. Breaking down the current WWE landscape, it seems bookmakers are beating bettors to the punch.

SummerSlam Impact on Royal Rumble Betting Odds

It would appear as if the scheduled WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre has oddsmakers thinking a bit. It's no secret that one of WWE's most recently successful rivalries has been Orton vs Edge. The idea Orton dethrones Drew of the WWE Championship, only for Edge to win the Royal Rumble and secure a match against Orton, seems favorable at this moment in time.

This doesn't necessarily mean Orton wins at SummerSlam, as WWE could very well book a three-month long rivalry before Orton leaves the Drew-feud with the WWE Championship nestled safely on his waist (or over his shoulder).

Three months from SummerSlam is Survivor Series (November), a perfect event for Orton to either win the belt or begin his new chapter without Drew, as champion. Usually, Survivor Series is a champion vs champion event and so the latter seems more likely. Again, Edge vs Orton for the belt is not set and stone - rather a reasoning as to why oddsmakers have given Edge a 1.4% bump in the implied probability to win.

The bookmakers are simply preparing the futures market, as the upcoming SummerSlam match could be very telling as to what plans WWE has with Orton-Edge and the championship. 

What about Drew? Unfortunately for McIntyre, it seems Orton vs Edge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania is likely. Drew has been a working champion, but WWE may elect to give him the championship back when live crowds return.

Should You Bet Edge Now?

For odds to win at +850, it's a bit early to take the winner of a match that is still half a year away. Roman Reigns is still the favorite as well, usually the top superstar for most betting markets. If you fancy yourself an 'Edgehead' then this is probably a safe and fun bet to take now.

Realistically, there's so many factors in play between now and late-January. With the current WWE story though, it's hard to argue that the company isn't looking towards Orton vs Edge for the WWE Championship at some point.

My best advice is to keep an eye on this market for now, but also leap on Edge's odds if you want to have some fun with this. 

Keep in mind that the odds might be taken down at any moment, so if you're feeling froggy then now is the time to hop. Personally, I'm going to wait a bit longer and see where Orton-McIntyre leads. 

Here is the current list of WWE Royal Rumble 2021 winner odds provided by 888sport: 

2021 Men's Royal Rumble Winner Odds

  • Roman Reigns (+750)
  • Edge (+850)
  • Daniel Bryan (+1000)
  • AJ Styles (+1200)
  • Braun Strowman (+1200)
  • Bray Wyatt (+1200)
  • Keith Lee (+1200)
  • Aleister Black (+1500)
  • Brock Lesnar (+1500)
  • CM Punk (+1500)
  • Matt Riddle (+1500)
  • Adam Cole (+1700)
  • Baron Corbin (+1700)
  • Kevin Owens (+1700)
  • Seth Rollins (+1700)
  • The Rock (+1700)
  • Andrade (+2000)
  • Drew McIntyre (+2000)
  • John Cena (+2000)
  • Karrion Kross (+2000)
  • The Undertaker (+2000)

2021 Women's Royal Rumble Winner Odds

  • Rhea Ripley (+600)
  • Ronda Rousey (+600)
  • Sasha Banks (+700)
  • Shayna Baszler (+700)
  • Io Shirai (+1000)
  • Kairi Sane (+1000)
  • Lacey Evans (+1000)
  • Nia Jax (+1000)
  • Alexa Bliss (+1200)
  • Bayley (+1200)
  • Sonya Deville (+1200)
  • Asuka (+1400)
  • Bianca Belair (+1400)
  • Charlotte (+1400)
  • Ember Moon (+1700)
  • AJ Lee (+2500)
  • Beth Phoenix (+2500)
  • Carmella (+2500)
  • Mandy Rose (+2500)
  • Nikki Cross (+2500)

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