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WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/26/14) - Batista Is Going To Wrestlemania

Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of WWE Royal Rumble 2014. Click on the post above for streaming live results of the 30-man Royal Rumble match, John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar and more.
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Welcome to our exclusive live play-by-play coverage of Royal Rumble. Here, we'll provide streaming live results so you always know what is going on.

Royal Rumble Kickoff Results

We're live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Royal Rumble Kickoff. Josh Mathews does the honors, welcoming us the sold out Consol Energy Center. He announces attendance as 15,715. Josh welcomes us to the expert panel with Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Mathews asks Shawn Michaels about entering at number one and winning. HBK says the strategy overall is you don't want to get eliminated. Ric Flair said go to the ring, knowing this can be a career-defining moment.

Duggan says he's not a big strategy guy - fire, ready, aim! They preview the upcoming WWE Tag Team Championship match and Mathews asks HBK if The New Age Outlaws can become the tag champions for a sixth time. Shawn says the Rhodes brothers has been a great story, but he's going NAO. Flair is taking the Rhodes brothers, as is Hacksaw. He said second generation wrestlers have a better feel for it.

We go to Renee Young in the social media lounge. She plugs the hashtag #RoyalRumble, keeping in mind the numbers 1, 27 and 30 are popular. Renee reads a series of Tweets before passing it back to Josh Mathews.

Mathews plugs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and John Cena. They roll footage from Raw, specially last Monday on Raw when the fight spilled into the crowd and into a sky box. Back to Consol, Mathews asks Ric Flair who walks out as champion. Flair says Randy Orton as we see JBL being introduced in the arena. Hacksaw picks Cena as Jerry Lawler is introduced in the building. We go to footage of Raw where workers drew their Royal Rumble entry numbers.

They preview Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan. HBK says he never kicked anyone he never liked. He took Bryan but Flair picked Bray Wyatt. We go to announce and it's time for the WWE title bout.

WWE Tag Team Championship Kickoff Match
- Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws

The entrances:

Road Dogg has a mic and starts running through his routine. Are you ready? No, hell no, Pittsburgh are you ready? Now then, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages... the New Age Outlaws! Billy Gunn grabs the mic and if you're not down with that, SUCK IT!

Goldust & Cody Rhodes are out next with the WWE Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.

The start:

The bell rings and we're underway. Road Dogg and Cody Rhodes lockup to start the action off. Rhodes drops Dogg down to the mat for a less than one count.

Mid-match notes:

Rhodes shoves Road Dogg and they go for another lockup. Dogg hits a couple of lefts but when he taunts Cody, he counters. Dogg counters again, telling Cody it's not his first rodeo. Cody flips Road Dogg over the top rope to the outside. Gunn gets involved and he's to the outside. Goldust gets involved off the apron and a suicide dive from Cody to the outside. Just as the action heads back for the ring, we go to commercial.

We're back with Billy Gunn and Goldust as the legal men. Gunn tags in Road Dogg, he gets a two count on Goldust. Dogg applies a rear chinlock on Goldust, the referee checks him. The crowd cheers Goldust to his feet and he whips Road Dogg into the ropes. Dogg counters and gets a two count. Road Dogg puts Goldust into the corner but Goldust counters into an inverted powerbomb.

Billy Gunn tags in and goes to work on Goldust. Somebody forgot to tell Billy Gunn to age as the years come along. He gets a two count on Goldust. Out of nowhere Goldust hits a powerslam on Goldust. He needs a tag and he gets it but not before Gunn tags in Road Dogg. Cody goes on the offensive first, taking control of the bout.

Nice heel kick from Rhodes but Gunn gets in the ring. He ends up hitting a missile dropkick on both of the New Age Outlaws. However, when he was dealing with Billy Gunn, he nearly got the pump handle slam from Road Dogg. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes but Billy Gunn made the save at the count of two.

The finish:

Goldust and Billy Gunn work on the outside. Gunn gets on the apron and unbeknownst to Cody, makes a tag. He hits the fameasser on Rhodes as Cody was working on Road Dogg and gets the three count.

Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg

We go to the expert panel where Michaels puts over his correct prediction. They plug Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar. Flair says Big Show is the most gifted big man in the business today but Brock Lesnar is a bad, bad man. HBK says it's so hard to bet against Brock Lesnar. Hacksaw talks it up before they run a video promo for the Royal Rumble match.

Hacksaw picks Dolph Ziggler to win the 30-man Royal Rumble match. Michaels goes with The Shield because he's worried with CM Punk entering number one. Ric Flair picks Batista. Josh Mathews declares the Road to Wrestlemania begins in moments.

The show proper opens with a video package highlighting (what else) the Royal Rumble match!

Hello everyone and welcome to Wrestling News World’s live coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble. I’m Sean Hopkins and I’ll be providing live updates for every match throughout the night. Keep your browsers pointed here and keep refreshing this page for more information.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. As stated on the pre-show, Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt will be kicking things off tonight, and Bryan comes down to the ring first to a giant pop from the fans in attendance.

The lights go out, and Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring with Rowan and Harper in tow.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt sits in his chair at the bottom of the ramp before blowing out the lantern, and making his way toward the ring. Wyatt climbs the stairs and steps into the ring, and the bell rings. We’re ready to kick things off! Wyatt looks intensely at Bryan and stares wide-eyed at him. Wyatt continues to yell and pace while the crowd goes nuts for Bryan. We get a lock up and Bray pushes Bryan into the corner, but Bryan fights back with punches. Wyatt stops him cold with a knee to the gut, and a back elbow that drops Bryan to the mat. Wyatt stomps away at Bryan, stomping on his fingers and punching away. Bryan fights back with a series of rights and a running knee to the gut. Bryan buries his knees in Wyatt’s face and chases off Harper, but the distraction allows Bray to attack from behind. Bryan ducks a clothesline and leaps through the ropes to take out Harper.

The ref sees Rowan coming for Bryan, and he tosses them from ringside. Wyatt talks to his boys for a bit before sending them off to the back, telling them he doesn’t need them. Wyatt turns around into a giant cross body from Bryan. Bryan brings things back into the ring and heads to the top rope. Bryan leaps off with another cross body for a one count. Bryan hits Wyatt with a couple of European uppercuts, and some stiff kicks to Wyatt’s legs. Wyatt whips Bryan into the corner, but Bryan gets a boot up. Bryan seats himself on the top turnbuckle, but Wyatt chops him off and down to the floor. Wyatt heads to the outside after Bryan and he hits him with a big right hand. Wyatt laughs at the commentary team, and charges Bryan, but Bryan moves and Bray crashes into the ring steps and goes flying.

Wyatt makes it back into the ring and Bryan goes right after the leg, kicking Bray’s thigh. Bryan kicks Wyatt in the back a couple of times, then props him up in the corner for a kick to the chest before taking Wyatt out with a dragon screw. Bryan stomps at Bray’s chest, and ties Wyatt’s legs up, pulling his arms back and curb stomping Wyatt into the mat.

Wyatt fights back, backing Bryan into the corner and head butting, and hitting Bryan. Bryan fights back with kicks to the legs, then he ties Bray’s leg up in the ropes and hits a running dropkick square to Wyatt’s knee. Wyatt rolls to the apron and stands up and Bryan attempts to suplex Wyatt back into the ring. Wyatt is able to reverse it, brining Bryan to the apron. Bryan scores with a couple of forearms, but Wyatt grabs Bryan’s arm and wrenches it while dropping to the floor, driving Bryan’s face into the mat.

Bray picks Bryan up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring. Bray picks Bryan up and sort-of suplexes him, tossing him across the ring. Wyatt traps Bryan in a rear chin lock. Bryan is able to fight to his feet and out of the hold, but Wyatt stops him by tossing him over the top rope. Wyatt goes to the outside after Bryan, putting him on the apron and hitting him with forearms while Bryan’s head is trapped against the ring post. Wyatt hits a splash, driving Bryan’s head against the post again, and Bryan drops to the outside.

Wyatt heads back out and drops on Bryan, hard with a running senton. Bray screams at the crowd before tossing Bryan back into the ring for a two count. Bray kicks at Bryan’s head, which Bryan has been holding since the assault against the ring post. Bryan kicks at Wyatt, but Wyatt comes back pulling Bryan neck first into the middle rope. Wyatt goes for a couple of pins, but can’t keep Bryan down. Wyatt scores with a couple of big rights before clamping on another rear chin lock. Bray takes Bryan down with a big standing slam, just chucking Bryan down to the ring. Bray drops to his back and stands on his hands and feet, inching across the ring toward Bryan before rolling over and charging in with a huge splash.

Wyatt pins Bryan for a two count, the goes right back to the trusty rear chin lock. The crowd tries to pull Bryan back into it, and Bryan is able to fight out of the hold, but Bray puts him right back down with a big body slam. Wyatt goes for an elbow drop, but Bryan rolls out of the way and Bray crashes to the mat. Both men stand, Bryan ducks a clothesline and scores with a running forearm. Bryan scores with kicks to the side, and he’s able to send Wyatt crashing into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold, before he kicks the turnbuckle into Wyatt’s face. Bryan puts Bray on the top rope and hits a nice hurricanrana for two.

Bryan hits a big European uppercut, backflips over Wyatt out of the corner, and runs right into a huge back elbow from Wyatt. Wyatt pins Bryan for two. Wyatt picks Bryan up to his feet and tries for a suplex, but Bryan falls to his feet and low bridges Wyatt, sending him to the outside. Bryan goes to the apron and hits an AMAZING flying tornado DDT, driving Wyatt’s face into the arena floor.

Bryan crashes into Wyatt, sending him into the barricade, before bringing things back into the ring. Bryan goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick, then begins to pepper Wyatt with kicks to the chest, and one to the head. Bryan goes for the pin, but he’s only able to get two. Bryan goes to the corner and charges into Bray, hitting a big dropkick. Bryan goes for a second and scores, but on the third attempt, Bray comes back with a huge clothesline that’s good for two. Bray pulls Bryan to his feet and goes for Sister Abagail, but Bryan turns it around into a roll up for two. Bryan gets Wyatt into the Yes Lock, and Bray bites Bryan to break the hold. Bray mounts Bryan and punches him repeatedly.

Bray takes Bryan into the corner and seats him on the top rope. Bray head butts Bryan, but Bryan comes right back with head butts of his own. The two continue to trade blows until Bryan scores with a head butt to send Bray crashing back to the mat. Bryan stands on the top rope and goes for the flying head butt, hitting Bray square. Bryan stands and the fans are right behind him, but Bray rolls to the outside. Bryan hits a dropkick through the ropes, and then dive out on top of Bray. Bray catches Bryan and scores with Sister Abagail right into the barricade!

Bray brings things back into the ring and he picks Bryan up to his feet. Bray kisses Bryan on the head and scores with Sister Abagail for three.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Harper and Rowan return to the ring to celebrate with Wyatt, before all three men make their way to the back.

Refs are out to check on Bryan, and we go backstage.

Paul Heyman is standing backstage with Renee, and he says as the advocate for Lesnar, he wants to apologize for the scene they’re going to see tonight. His client is going to challenge for the WWE World Championship, and there’s a giant standing in his way. Brock has no compassion for his opponent, because he’s going to go through Big Show and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This is the dawning of a new era, because the WWE universe is going to be subjugated to Brock the unmerciful.

Michael Cole sends it up to Josh Matthews and the expert panel. Matthews introduces the participants, Ric Flair, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Shawn Michaels. Matthews asks for some insight into the last match. HBK says the future is in the hands of Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. Michaels says he’s going to continue to put all his chips in on Bryan in future matches, and when the time comes for him, it’ll come big time. Matthews turns to Flair to ask about Brock vs. Show, Flair says he’ll go with Brock all night long. Hacksaw says the Big Show man-handling Brock has to be in the back of Brock’s mind.

Singles Match
- Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Big Show

Big Show’s music hits, and the big man makes his way down to the ring for the next match of the evening.

Brock goes on the attack before the bell, mounting Show and raining down with punches on the big man. Heyman tosses a chair into the ring and Lesnar cracks Show across the back repeatedly.

Big Show rolls out of the ring to avoid more punishment.

The match still has not started. Show rolls back into the ring and Lesnar goes right back on the offensive with a series of kicks. Heyman hands Lesnar the chair again while the ref checks on Show. The bell rings and Lesnar rears back with the chair, walking right into a big KO punch from Show. Lesnar rolls to the outside and Show follows, tossing him around. Show hits Lesnar in the gut before bringing things back into the ring. Show is moving slow from the pre-bell assault. Show waits for Lesnar to stand, hitting him in the gut again. Show goes for another knock out punch, but Lesnar gets Show on his shoulders, hitting the F-5 instead. Lesnar goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner Brock Lesnar

Following the match, Lesnar stalks around the ring with chair in hand. Lesnar climbs the ring steps and comes back into the ring, bringing the chair crashing down across Show’s back. Lesnar continues the assault, driving Big Show out of the ring and to the floor. Lesnar follows, continuing to tattoo Show with chair shots. Lesnar beats on Show so hard that the chair falls apart, so Heyman throws him another.

Lesnar tosses the chair back into the ring and stares down at Show before walking to the back with Heyman by his side.

Trainers are down to check on Show, who has impressions of the chair and giant welts rising on his back. Show walks slowly to the back with a trainer and ref flanking him on either side.

The Shield are shown backstage, Ambrose says night after night, they've shown themselves to be an unstoppable force. That doesn't make them a lot of friends, but the hounds are on the loose tonight, and all 27 of their opponents are going over the top. Reigns says it'll be the 3 of them left at the end, and Rollins says at that point it truly becomes every man for themselves. But at the end of the night, even when there's only one standing, the Shield will still stand. Reigns says he's pretty confident he's got the winning number. Ambrose asks what Reign's number is, but Reigns won't tell. There's a bit of in-fighting, but Rollins says that the only number that matters tonight is 3, then he says believe in the Shield.

Renee is standing backstage with Randy Orton, Orton says Cena is a man that he's beat. After tonight, he'll beat him again, and Cena goes to the back of the line. Renee brings up Brock Lesnar, and Batista, and says that even Bray Wyatt wants to throw his hat into the ring. Orton says Lesnar and Batista are good, but not great, and Wyatt is a Duck Dynasty reject. Orton says he's the one and only face, not Punk or Daniel Bryan and he's going to make sure tonight that everyone knows that it's not John Cena either.

We get a video package highlighting some of the recent history between John Cena and Randy Orton, focusing in on the events of the last few weeks that led directly to this match.

Randy Orton is the first man to the ring for the match, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans on his way down the ramp.

John Cena is out next, and the challenger gets a much warmer welcomes from the crowd, although there are still some audible boos.

Lillian Garcia does formal ring introductions, and we're ready to kick things off.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

The bell rings, and Orton and Cena begin circling each other. We get a lock up and Orton goes right into a head lock, grinding Cena down and taking him over to the mat. Cena traps Orton in a head scissors, but Orton fights right out of it. Orton kicks Cena in the gut, and takes him to the mat, stomping away and dropping a knee. Orton takes Cena over with another headlock takeover. The crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan. Cena fights out of the hold and takes Orton down with a shoulder tackle. Cena tosses Orton into the corner, and bulldogs him out. Cena charges Orton in the corner and runs right into a big back elbow.

Orton picks Cena up for a big suplex, and gets a near fall. Orton stomps at Cena's head, then kicks him in the chest. Orton head butts Cena for another two count before clamping on a rear chin lock. Cena fights out of the hold while the fans chant a bunch of different things to entertain themselves. Cena almost gets Orton into a Boston crab, but he's kicked out of the ring. Orton follows Cena to the outside, picking him up and slamming his head into the apron. Orton slides into the ring and suplexes Cena in from the apron for another two count. Orton goes right into another rear chin lock.

Cena fights out of the hold and clotheslines Orton over the top and to the outside. Cena slides out and tries to whip Orton into the ring steps, but Orton reverses it and Cena crashes into the steps shoulder first. Orton picks Cena up and tosses him into the ring. Orton goes for the pin and gets another two count. Orton screams at the fans, saying they should be chanting his name. Cena catches Orton off guard and shoulders him, but Orton fights out of it and scores with a DDT for another two count.

Orton stomps at Cena's ankles and wrist while the crowd chant 'you both suck'. Orton mounts the turnbuckle and poses, and Cena catches Orton with an electric chair drop for a two count of his own. Cena hits a running shoulder block, then another, and a belly to back suplex. Cena smiles at the crowd, then calls for the five knuckle shuffle, but Orton kicks Cena in the head and scores with a powerslam instead. Cena ducks a clothesline and tosses Orton up for a quick neckbreaker for two.

Cena goes to the top, but he's stopped by Orton. Cena fights Orton off with head butts, and Orton crashes back to the mat. Cena stands on the top rope and hits a leaping rocker dropper, which is good for two. Cena stares at Orton, waiting for him to stand, and he tries for the AA, but Orton drops out of it into his signature backbreaker for another two count for the champ. Cena rolls out toward the apron, pulling himself on the ropes. Orton tries for the suspension DDT, but Cena gets to his feet and back drops Orton over the top rope and to the outside.

Orton gets to his feet quickly and hits the suspension DDT on Cena from the ring apron to the floor. Orton rolls Cena into the ring and goes for the pin, getting two. Orton cocks his ear to the fans, then drops down to the mat. Orton tries for the RKO, but Cena counters, dropping Orton down and locking in the STF. Orton crawls toward the ropes, grabbing it and forcing Cena to break the hold.

Orton rolls to the apron, and hangs Cena up on the ropes, dropping to the floor. Orton heads back into the ring, right into a belly to back suplex, and a five knuckle shuffle from Cena. Cena shoulders Orton, but Orton grabs onto the ropes. Orton kicks the ref in the scuffle, and Cena drops Orton down and traps him in the STF. Orton taps and Cena breaks the hold, allowing Orton to roll to the outside. Orton has the World Championship, and he uses it to blast Cena with a shot to the face. Orton pins Cena and the ref recovers to count two, but Cena kicks out.

Orton stares at the ref unhappily, stalking him in the corner. Crowd is chanting 'this is awful'. Cena jumps to his feet and hits the AA, but Orton kicks out at two.

Cena picks Orton up, and Orton scores with an RKO, but Cena kicks out at two.

Crowd is chanting 'we want divas' as Orton stands and poses for the fans. Orton backs up, away from Cena, and he tries for the punt, but Cena moves and shoulders Orton. Orton fights out of it and traps Cena in the STF. Cena holds his hand up, but refuses to tap. Cena gets his arm in between Ortons and he turns things around into a crossface. Orton rolls Cena over into a pin for two. Orton shoulders Cena and hits him with the AA. Orton pins Cena, but he only gets two.

Orton picks Cena up, and Cena hits the RKO, but it isn't enough to keep Orton down for three.

Cena picks Orton up and seats him on the top rope. Cena shoulders Orton while sitting on the top rope, but Orton fights out of it. Cena is able to score with a tornado DDT from the middle rope, and he goes right into the STF. Orton crawls toward the ropes, but Cena pulls himback into the middle of the ring, and the Wyatts video cue comes on and the lights go out. When they come back on, the Wyatts are surrounding the ring out of nowhere. Cena attacks, and turns around into an RKO for three.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

Orton leaves through the crowd, and the Wyatts stand on the outside of the ring. The Wyatts get into the ring and Rowan holds Cena up for a boot from Harper. Roward splashes Cena in the corner, and Harper follows up with a giant cothesline. Wyatt calls for Harper and Rowan to hold Cena up, and Bray hits Cena with Sister Abagail, yelling 'behold the creators of the new world' before kissing Cena on the forehead and driving him into the mat.

Cena makes his way out of the ring, and slowly up the ramp and to the back.

Renee Young is backstage with the new WWE Tag Team Champions, the New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg says Renee needs a little work on that intro, and he does his usual spiel. We get a re-cap of how the Outlaws won the belts (for the first time since 1999!). Renee says history was made. Road Dogg says 14 years between title reigns is a WWE record. The Rhodes brothers found out what the rest of the world knew all along, the Outlaws do tag team wrestling better than anyone else. Dogg says they've got an after party to go to, and Renee isn't invited. He tells Billy to give her the two words, and Billy screams 'new champs!'

We get a video package with a lot of superstars explaining why they'll be the ones to win the Rumble match. Participants include the Miz, the Uso's, Big E Langston, Fandango, Batista (who just says 'exactly'), Damien Sandow, Ryback, and Rey Mysterio. Basically, it's just everyone's chance to get a bit of face time on camera and brag on themselves.

Things go up to the expert's panel when Josh Matthews asks for their selections. Hacksaw says in 1988, there were a lot of guys favored to win, and Hacksaw wasn't, so he's going to pick someone unexpected, and he'll pick Dolph Ziggler. Shawn Michaels picks the Shield, or CM Punk, to get 4 picks. Ric Flair picks Batista, and tells the crowd to learn to love it.

We get a brief rundown of the rules of the match, and it's time to begin as CM Punk makes his way to the ring as entrant #1.

Punk's first opponent is none other than Seth Rollins.

The Royal Rumble

The bell rings, and it's time for the best match of the year (in this humble writer's opinion)! Punk backs Rollins into the corner and buries his shoulder in Rollins' midsection before trying to get him out of the ring. Rollins turns it around and tries to take Punk over the top. Punk fights back with elbows and kicks, but Rollins stops him short with a big right hand. Punk catches Rollins with a back kick, but misses a high kick and allows Rollins to score with a running single leg dropkick. Rollins charges into the corner with a flying forearm, and Punk retaliates with a running knee. Punk calls for the GTS, but Rollins scores with an enzugiri. The clock runs down.

Entrant #3 is Damien Sandow.

Sandow comes in and targets Punk right away, teaming up with Rollins to try and dump Punk over the top. Punk fights both men off and drops them with a combination neckbreaker DDT on Rollins and Sandow respectively. Punk almost has Rollins over the top rope, but Rollins fights it off. Sandow attacks from behind while the clock counts down again.

#4 is Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes squares off with Sandow, scoring with Cross Rhodes, but Rollins attacks from behind. Rhodes takes Rollins into the corner, and Punk backdrops Sandow over the top rope.

Damien Sandow has been eliminated.

Rollins and Rhodes continue to fight, and Punk holds Rollins so Rhodes can get a shot. Rhodes and Punk team up, trying to get Rollins over the top.

#5 is Kane.

Kane goes right after Punk, kicking away at him in the corner. Kane whips Punk across the ring and charges in with a big clothesline, following up with a side slam. Kane waits for Punk to stand and he goes for the chokeslam, but Punk kicks Kane in the side of the head and dumps him over the top.

Kane has been eliminated.

#6 is Alexander Rusev.

Rusev is an NCT wrestler, and he comes in hitting a giant spinning kick on Rollins. Rusev tries to toss Rollins over the top, but Rollins hangs on. Rusev his another kick to the side of Rhodes' head and tries to send him over the top. Rusev turns around and hits a giant fall away slam on Punk, sending him to the mat. Rollins jumps on Rusev's back.

#7 is Jack Swagger.

Swagger hits a Vader bomb on Rollins, then on Rhodes. Swagger and Rusev trade right hands, and Rusev hits a giant running clothesline, then splashes Swagger in the corner. Rusev gets Swagger up in the corner, but Swagger, Rhodes and Rollins triple team Rusev.

#8 is Kofi Kingston.

Kingston comes in and takes the fight right to Punk, almost getting him over the top. Rhodes hits the beautiful disaster kick on Swagger. Kofi gives up on Punk and targets Rusev, but Rollins hits him with a double ax handle to the midsection. Rhodes tries to get Punk over the top, but can't. Swagger almost has Rollins over, but he can't finish it out. Kofi and Rhodes team up on Rusev as the clock winds down.

#9 is Jimmy Uso.

Uso goes after everyone, settling on Kofi Kingston in the end. Punk tries to head butt Uso, but Uso shakes it off and head butts Punk. Uso eats a dropkick from Rhodes. Swagger buries his shoulder in Rusev's midsection in the corner. Kofi and Rhodes square off for a bit before Kofi turns his attention to Rollins. Rhodes is taken to the apron by Uso.

#10 is Goldust.

Goldust attacks everyone, hitting a powerslam on Rollins before being taken out by Rusev. Punk, Rhodes, and Rollins team up against Rusev, but it's short-lived. Kingston, Punk, Rollins and Rhodes try to get Rusev out, eventually dumping him over the top.

Alexander Rusev is eliminated.

Punk takes Kofi to the apron, and Kofi falls into Rusev's arm, Rusev drops him on the barricade and buries hisknee into Kofi's midsection. Kofi isn't out as he stands on the barricade and runs for the ring. Kofi leaps to the apron, and he's still in it!

#11 is another Shield member, Dean Ambrose.

The Rhodes brothers look to eliminate Swagger as Ambrose turns to Kofi. Ambrose and Rollins team up, working over Jimmy Uso, choking him with their boots. Ambrose turns his attention to Punk while Swagger gets Goldust to the apron. Kofi breaks things up and Goldust rolls back into the ring.

#12 is Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler comes in with a missile dropkick, and he attacks the Shield, but Ambrose is able to turn things around. Ambrose crotches Ziggler on the top rope, and takes him to the apron. Goldust breaks things up, and Ziggler is back in the ring. Both Punk and Swagger almost go over, but bother are able to hang on.

#13 is R-Truth.

Truth walks right into an assault from Rollins and Ambrose. Ziggler tries to get Rhodes out of the ring. The Shield take Truth to the apron, and Ambrose kicks him off to the floor.

R-Truth is eliminated.

Rollins stops Jimmy Uso from going to the top, and Ambrose kicks him to the floor as well.

Jimmy Uso is eliminated.

Swagger kicks Kofi on the apron, but Kofi hangs on to the bottom rope by his feet, pulling off Swaggers boot in the process. Kofi whacks Swagger with the boot and gets back into the ring.

#14 is Kevin Nash.

Nash makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd, clotheslining Swagger over the top.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

the Shield stare down Nash, and Nash takes them both on, fighting them off. Nash tries to eliminate Rollins as Ambrose tries to do everything to stop him. Punk almost has Ziggler out, but Ziggler won't give up. Ambrose gets back into the ring just in time for the next entrant.

#15 is Roman Reigns.

Reigns comes into the ring and takes the fight to everyone, hitting Cody Rhodes with a giant spear. Reigns catches Kofi and tosses him over the top.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

Ziggler scores with a kind of DDT on Reigns, but Reigns gets up and kills Dolph with a huge spear before tossing him to the floor.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.

Reigns low bridges Nash and sends him to the floor.

Kevin Nash has been eliminated.

The Rhodes brothers try to eliminated Reigns, but Ambrose and Rollins break it up.

#16 is the Great Khali.

Ambrose tries to keep Khali from coming in,but it doesn't work very well. Khali knocks away all members of the Shield until Reigns connects with the superman punch, and the Shield team up to toss Khali over the top.

The Great Khali has been eliminated.

Goldust accidentally eliminates Cody, and then Goldust is eliminated by Reigns.

#17 is Sheamus.

Sheamus charges the ring and brings the fight to all three members of the Shield, tossing Reigns into the ring post shoulder first, then burying his shoulder in Ambrose, and then Rollins' midsections. Sheamus traps Ambrose in the ring ropes and beats on his chest, then hits the Irish curse backbreaker on Rollins, and the brogue kick on Reigns. The Shield attack Sheamus as a unit in the corner.

#18 is the Miz.

Miz is almost able to eliminate Ambrose, but Reigns breaks it up. Miz turns to Reigns, trying to take him out in the corner,but Ambrose and Rollins break it up. Punk is hanging out under the bottom rope in the corner. Ambrose and Rollins team up on Sheamus while the clock winds down.

#19 is Fandango.

Fandango catches Miz with a kick, and both men almost eliminate the other. Sheamus gets in on the action, as does Ambrose. Reigns beats on Miz in the corner after things are broken up. Reigns turns to help Ambrose attack Sheamus while Fandango and Miz continue their brawl.

#20 is El Torito

El Torito comes in with a hurricanrana to Rollins, and then a flying head butt to Miz. Punk looks non-plussed. Torito charges Punk, but Punk catches him by the forehead. Punk picks him up, and is caught with a hurricanrana. Fandango catches Torito with a big forearm, then presses him overhead. Torito reverses into a hurricanrana to send Fandango to the apron, and then he hits a missile dropkick to send him to the floor.

Fandango is eliminated.

Reigns presses Torito, and tosses him to the outside on top of Fandango.

El Torito is eliminated.

#21 is Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro takes Miz down and goes right for the giant swing, right into a dropkick from Punk. Cesaro catches Punk with the giant swing, but it's broken up by the Shield. Cesaro crashes Ambrose and Rollins into each other, and then puts Rollins into the giant swing. Cesaro gets about 30 revolutions before the clock runs down.

#22 is Luke Harper.

Reigns catches Cesaro with a huge spear. Ambrose almost takes Sheamus out with a hurricanrana to the apron. Cesaro works on Miz in the corner, as Sheamus beats on Harper. Reigns has Punk staggered, but Punk fights back before being taken down with a huge right hand. Cesaro and Rollins trade blows.

#23 is Jey Uso.

Harper has Punk out on the apron, and Jey hits Cesaro with a superkick. Cesaro and Harper trade giant uppercuts, and Harper sends Cesaro to the mat with a giant boot.

#24 JBL.

JBL stands from the announcer's table, and he gets a huge pop as he walks into the ring in suit and tie. JBL takes off his jacket and tosses it to Cole, and Reigns dumps him over the top.

JBL has been eliminated.

Cesaro gives almost everyone uppercuts, and the crowd chants that JBL still has it. Rollins almost suplexes Miz over the top to the outside.

#25 is Erick Rowan.

Rowan tosses Miz to the apron, and when Miz comes back in, Rowan dumps him right back out to the apron where Harper sends him crashing to the floor.

The Miz has been eliminated.

Jey Uso takes it to Rowan, but Rowan traps him in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Ambrose stomps on Sheamus in the corner. Rowan puts Uso on the apron, and Harper sends him to the floor with a running boot.

Jey Uso is eliminated.

#26 is Ryback

Ryback comes in and tries to eliminate Cesaro, and then Sheamus and Rollins at the same time, but he's unsuccessful. Sheamus and Cesaro trade uppercuts, and Sheamus gets the upperhand with a big forearm.

#27 is Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio targets Ambrose, and then Ryback. Worth noting that both Rollins and Punk are still in the match at over 40 minutes. Ryback chops Del Rio in the corner, and Cesaro almost slingshots Ambrose over the top. Rowan beats on Reigns while Harper tries to take Ambrose out. Cesaro slams Rollins in the middle of the ring.

#28 is Batista.

Batista takes out everyone he comes into contact with, immediately eliminating Rowan.

Erick Rowan is eliminated.

Batista and Ryback square off, and Ryback tosses Batista into the corner. Batista back drops Ryback to the floor.

Ryback has been eliminated.

Del Rio catches Batista with a kick to the side of the head, knocking him to the mat. Batista picks Del Rio up with one arm and tosses him over the top rope.

Alberto Del Rio has been eliminated.

#29 is Big E Langston.

Big E goes after Batista with a big belly to belly suplex. Langston takes Sheamus out to the apron and pounds away at him. Punk gets in a couple of shots to Batista, knocking him down to his knees, and Punk and Ambrose team up for a second to try and get Batista over the top.

#30 is Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio takes Rollins to the apron with a hurricanrana, and then hits a big seated senton. Punk catches Mysterio over his shoulders and Mysterio turns it into a hurricanrana. Crowd is not happy Daniel Bryan isn't in the ring. Langston shoulders Sheamus, and Sheamus drops down and clotheslines him to the apron, and then clotheslines him to the floor.

Big E Langston has been eliminated.

Cesaro trades more uppercuts with everyone, then hits a giant boot on Harper. Mysterio catches Rollins with a drop top hold into the ropes, and hits the 619. Rollins catches Mysterio with an enzugiri that knocks him to the outside.

Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

The Shield take Harper to the apron, and Reigns taks him out with a superman punch. Ambrose blindsides Reigns, trying to take him out, but it doesn't work. Cesaro almost has Rollins and Ambrose, but can't take them both out. Reigns takes out Rollins, Ambrose, and Cesaro. Reigns turns around into a spinebuster from Batista, and Sheamus hits the brogue kick on Batista. Punk connects with the GTS to Reigns, and Kane comes from out of nowhere to eliminated Punk.

CM Punk has been eliminated.

Kane beats on Punk and dismantles the Spanish announcer's table, chokeslamming Punk through the table. Kane leaves through the crowd.

The crowd is still chanting for Daniel Bryan, but there are three men left in the ring and they are Reigns, Sheamus and Batista.

The crowd is non-stop booing. Reigns runs into a clothesline from Sheamus, and Batista peppers Sheamus with rights. Sheamus turns things around, but Batista scores with a clothesline in the corner on Sheamus before slamming Reigns to the mat hard. Sheamus catches Batista with a couple of big kicks, and then hits a rolling slam. Sheamus points to the WrestleMania sign, then begins to psych himself up while the crowd chants 'no'. Sheamus misses the brogue kick as Batista ducks out of the way. Sheamus misses a short-arm clothesline, but he's able to avoid a Batista bomb. Sheamus is dumped to the apron, and Reigns knocks him off, breaking Kane's record for most eliminations.

Batista tries to eliminate Reigns, but Reigns rolls back into the ring.

Batista and Reigns stare each other down before trading rights. Reigns hits a giant clothesline coming out of the corner, and he drops to one knee to set up the superman punch. The crowd is entirely behind Reigns as he runs right into a big spear from Batista. Batista shakes the ropes and stomps his foot, and then turns around into a giant spear from Reigns.

Reigns goes to throw Batista over the top, but Batista turns it around and tosses Reigns instead.

Winner: Batista

The crowd is not happy as they chant 'no', still not recovered from a Rumble without Daniel Bryan. We get a recap of some of Reigns' eliminations over the course of the match, including the eliminations of his own partners. Batista stands on the turnbuckle, and poses for the fans, who don't seem to pleased.

Batista points at the WrestleMania banner, as fireworks go off to end the show.

Thanks for joining us here at WNW for live coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble. I'm Sean Hopkins, have a great night!

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