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Tonight's WWE Smackdown episode will once again take place from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is the second consecutive episode of Smackdown to air live from the PC.

There's no official word yet on what matches will be featured tonight, if any at all, but there will certainly be the WrestleMania 36 contract signing between Roman Reigns and WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg.

WrestleMania 36 host Rob Gronkowski will also appear tonight on FOX to hype his big appearance on The Grandest Stage of Them All. RAW Superstar Mojo Rawley previously indicated that he will be appearing alongside Gronk

WWE has not issued an official preview for tonight's SmackDown or 205 Live, as of this writing. Stay tuned for updates on the shows and be sure to join us tonight at 8pm ET for live coverage.

Good evening everyone! It's me, it's me... Chris Deez, as usual, ready for another potentially bizarre episode of Smackdown! WWE have been very quiet regarding tonight's show, outside of the Universal Championship contract signing, so let's just hope for the best!

Michael Cole introduces us to the Performance Centre before running down tonight's show. Goldberg and Roman will be live to sign the contract for their WrestleMania match, Paige will be appearing to confront Bayley and we will see a recap of John Cena and Bray Wyatts epic rivalry. Cole informs everyone about the new format for WrestleMania 36 and also confirms that Rob Gronkowski will be here live tonight.

Mojo Rawley is out here to introduce his best friend Gronk to the WWE Universe. Gronk comes out to the ring dancing like a lunatic and starts hyping up how much of a WWE fan he has always been. King Corbin cuts the two best friends off, demanding they get on their knees and bow down to their king.

Elias is out now. Baron asks if he’s following him everywhere, and the Drifter says he’s had a song in his head that Corbin needs to hear. Corbin agrees to let him play it if it’ll shut him up, but of course it’s about how dumb Corbin sounds and whatnot. Baron gets in Rob’s face and the football man gives him a shove, revealing that Mojo’s dropped down behind him to trip him up. Corbin goes after them but Elias comes up behind him and dumps him to the floor!

Gronk says that although he can't make matches, he is advocating that Elias and Corbin face off at WrestleMania. We see Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura backstage on their way to the ring for an impromptu match against Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak. Wow!

Grade B

Decent start to the night, I enjoy Gronk although he certainly isn't for everyone. Great energy and Corbin was the perfect foil for the faces to get over. Elias vs Corbin though? Not for me. I like both guys involved, but the match does nothing for me. On a sidenote, WWE avoiding using the word 'coronavirus' is a bit much now. The sooner they admit to it being a thing, the sooner they'll stop looking ignorant. Huge match for tonight, Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak taking on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Wow!

Daniel Bryan & Drew Gulak vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura and Bryan kick things off. Bryan sends Nakamura to the floor and hits a suicide dive, but just before the Artist tags Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg catches Bryan coming off the top with a backbreaker before sending Gulak to the floor, before breaking for commercial. Back from the break, Cesaro and Nakamura are dismantling Bryan. Cesaro holds Bryan in the ropes for a nice sliding German from Nakamura. Beautiful stuff.

Gulak tags in, as does Nakamura, and the former Cruiserweight Champion is doing pretty well against the King of Strong Style. Nakamura counters a Gu-Lock with an armbar. Gulak responds by rolling Nakamura up for a pin. Nakamura kicks out and rocks him with a windmill kick. Cesaro tags in and pops Gulak up for a European uppercut. Gulak fights off Cesaro and tags in Bryan. They roll up Cesaro while Gulak fends off Nakamura. Bryan & Gulak win!

Winners - Daniel Bryan & Drew Gulak

Grade - A

A really fun match, with the real story here being the blossoming relationship between Bryan and Gulak. All 4 men looked great, a few nice spots and Bryan/Gulak keep their momentum going forward. These guys would make a great team going forward and going after the tag team championships. Gulak is a star, i'm thrilled he is finally getting to show it. This match consisted of 4 of the best wrestlers in the entire world right now and the result was a wonderful TV match. This was the first no audience match that I've truly enjoyed and not noticed the lack of fans.

Paige has joined us via satellite from sunny England! Before she can get started, Bayley and Sasha Banks cut her off. After talking a bit of smack, a fed-up Paige delivers the news she was here for. At Wrestlemania, Bayley will defend her Smackdown Womens Championship against Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks! Afterwards, we are treated to a partial re-run of John Cena vs Bray Wyatt from Wrestlemania 30.

Grade - B

It's always nice to see Paige return and this was huge news regarding the Womens Championship match. Bayley defending her gold in a 6 pack match and having to face off against her best friend Sasha is an intriguing piece of booking, I won't talk too much about the Bray/Cena recap just as i didn't last week with the Elimination Chamber re-run, but Bray losing to Cena at WrestleMania 30 was an absolute crime.

Back from the Mania 30 re-run, Cole reminds us of last weeks fantastic confrontation between FunHouse Bray and Cena. Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison make their way to the ring for the latest episode of The Dirt Sheet. The heels talk their usual brand of smack, entertaining as always before we see them impersonating almost the entirety of the Smackdown tag division. Fantastic stuff! The heels are soon cut off by Heavy Machinery. Another impromptu tag match? Okay!

Before the champs took to the mic, we cut backstage to an impassioned Alexa Bliss who laid out a challenge to Asuka for a match next week.

The Miz and John Morrison vs Heavy Machinery.

Back from commercial, Otis and Miz have started us off. Miz wants no part of otis, so tags in his partner Morrison. Otis takes a load of kicks but keeps hulking up throughout! Otis gets Morrison up in the air for a stalling suplex, passes him over to Tucker while tagging his partner in and Tucker finishes off the move, planting Morrison down. Miz tags in but gets dominated quickly, the action spills to the outside and Tucker goes flying over the top to take out the heels. Classic heel teamwork gets the champs back on top back in the ring. Tucker tries to make the tag to Otis but Dolph Zigglers music hits.

 Dolph comes down to ringside and joins Cole on commentary. Eventually Dolph interrupts the match and shows Otis some photos of himself and Mandy getting close and personal. An incensed Otis wipes out EVERYBODY, manhandling Dolph, demolishing the champs and smashing up the arena. He grabs a steel chair and unleashes his rage on the heels at ringside. A devastated Otis is consoled by best friend Tucker and the win is awarded to Miz & Morrison.

Winners - Miz & Morrison by DQ

Grade - A

This was absolutely superb. A pretty good tag team match was taken to the next level through the continuation of the Otis and Dolph feud. Seeing Otis snap as his emotions took over was a thing of beauty, finally getting his hands on Dolph. I hope this can somehow be extended until we have live audiences again, as the pop for Otis' eventual win will be insane.

Contract signing time! Roman and Goldberg both make their way out to the ring. Goldberg says he's glad Roman challenged gim but didn't expect him to have the balls to do it. Roman runs down the list of legends he has beaten and promises to add Goldberg to that list. Back and forth, insults aplenty and the match is official. Show's over folks!

Grade - B

Simple but effective. This didn't need to be any more than it was. Both men showed lots of intensity, traded verbal blows and set their WrestleMania showdown up quite nicely. The only negative for me is that a contract signing not ending with a fight feels a little strange.

Thanks for joining me! Hope you enjoyed the show, we will see you for more live coverage on Monday for WWE Raw!

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