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WWE SmackDown Betting Odds: Aug. 14, 2020

Friday is finally here as WWE SmackDown plans to air a massive match to determine Bayley's challenger at SummerSlam. The match is a Battle Royal, in which all three brands will be able to compete in. As a result, 888sport has released betting odds, so let's break it down.

Triple Brand Battle Royal Betting Odds

  • Naomi (+100)
  • Rhea Ripley (+200)
  • Charlotte (+450)
  • Kairi Sane (+450)
  • Tegan Nox (+450)
  • Sasha Banks (+650)
  • Asuka (+800)
  • Dana Brooke (+800)
  • Nikki Cross (+800)
  • Candice LeRae (+1000)
  • Chelsea Green (+1000)
  • Lacey Evans (+1000)
  • Sonya Deville (+1500)
  • Mandy Rose (+1700)
  • Mickie James (+2000)
  • Ronda Rousey (+2000)
  • Bianca Belair (+2500)
  • Carmella (+3300)
  • Nia Jax (+3300)
  • Tamina (+3300)
  • Mercedes Martinez (+6600)
  • Natalya (+6600)
  • Stephanie McMahon (+6600)

Namoi is the favorite to win, which makes sense for multiple reasons. The fans have been getting behind Naomi, even calling for a hashtag to give her a chance (despite being a future Hall of Fame already). This movement has picked up some steam, to the point that it seems very real Naomi faces Bayley at SummerSlam.

For odds to win at +100 (50%), it seems Naomi is worth the bet. Rhea Ripley climbing up the ladder, now having the second-best odds, is a bit of a concern for those who fancy the glow. 

Ripley at +200 provides better value, but of the top two Naomi seems to be the better choice. Is there a situation any WWE bettor might consider taking both Naomi and Rhea Ripley?

It's worth consideration, as WWE could very well book a finish that sees both women eliminated last at the same time. This might result in Bayley fighting two women instead of one, so never discredit betting 'outside of the box' in WWE, such as this scenario. 

Dark Horses to Consider

Kairi Sane is an interesting take, as giving her a final send off match against Bayley seems very possible. There are two things certain surrounding Kairi Sane - one, is that she is done with WWE. This might prompt management to give her a proper epilogue. 

Second, her last feud on TV was with Bayley beating her senseless backstage. It seems the storytelling breadcrumbs are there for any WWE bettor wanting to take a chance on Kairi tonight. 

Four names also stand out from the above list, which begins with Chelsea Green. What makes Green interesting is that she was not on the betting ticket to open. She has not only found her way onto the ticket, but has found her way near the top half as well. Add that with that fact many believe she is in the new faction Retribution, her odds are intriguing to think about - but not realistic to actually win.

Both Sonya Deville and Bianca Belair seem to be in the 'on deck' circle in terms of superstars due for a push, as this match might provide a segue for it. However, Deville is in a rivalry with Mandy Rose, which might see both women eliminate each other or see the match in some way push their story forward.

Belair is intriguing to some but she is on Monday Night Raw. It seems the winner of this match will indeed be a SmackDown superstar, which is favored at -112. A Raw superstar actually has the lowest odds to win the match at +250, while an NXT star winning has odds at +175. This is another reason to seriously consider Naomi or Rhea Ripley, as the shows they represent are favored to win above Raw.

Stephanie McMahon Betting Odds

Stephanie McMahon at +6600 is a long shot that might be fun. The story developing seems to be that only WWE management will be able to take the belt off of Bayley. Physically, Stephanie would have to win the Battle Royal for this bet to hit - in which case you probably have better chance getting struck by lightning. 

However, the story seems to be leaning towards Stephanie having to use her power to challenge Bayley. So the idea of Stephanie actually winning tonight and challenging Bayley is fun to toy at +6600. Stephanie actually being the one to win tonight and physically take the belt from Bayley is not realistic though. Stephanie also isn't making any appearances at the performance center any time soon.

Make no mistake however, the story is inching towards Stephanie being the one to challenge Bayley the most, from a management (not in-ring) stand point.

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