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WWE SmackDown Betting Odds: July 10, 2020

Betting odds are out for tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown, with quite a handful of wagers. There are eight total bets between the two scheduled matches, as we break them down here.

The New Day vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura Odds

The tag team champions, The New Day, enter their match on Friday as the odds on favorite at -250. Translated odds imply an over 70% chance that the New Day leave with their Tag Team Championship. Cesaro and Nakamura (+175) don't present great value, even if they were to win.

Cesaro is the favorite to be involved in the match result, out of all four superstars. Cesaro currently has odds to be involved in the match decision at -134, while teammate Nakamura is the underdog at -106.

Big E (-125) is the favorite to be involved in the match result for New Day's corner, while Kofi Kingston is the underdog at -112. Reading these odds, bookmakers are undecided on how this match will end but seem convinced that the current champions will retain. 

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Odds

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross enter their match on Friday night as the odds-on favorite at -200. This implies just over a 65% chance to win, as Bayley and Banks are the underdogs at +140. It might be tempting to take Bayley and Banks as the underdog here. Anyone who hoists a combined three belts as an underdog usually provides great value.

Oddsmakers seem a bit more convinced on how this match will end. Bayley is the favorite to be involved in the match result at -215, which are higher odds than either team winning straight. Banks is the underdog at +150. For the challengers, Cross at -177 is the favorite to pick up the win for her team, while Bliss is the underdog at +125.

The best value on the board for Friday night actually falls into group betting.

Heel vs Babyface Odds

Group betting, in any sport, usually provides the best and realistic value. This is typical in NASCAR or golf, where the field is so large you simplify the betting into groups to increase your chances of winning.

For WWE, and specifically SmackDown, the group betting falls into heels or babyfaces. The difference here, compared to the sports mentioned above, is that there is no large field of entries you're betting against. So if you decide to group bet WWE, it's mainly because there is no clear cut winner and the group value is worth taking.

The babyfaces (Bliss, Cross and The New Day) both winning their matches has odds at +150. If you like both Bliss/Cross and New Day to win - it might be cheaper to take this bet as opposed to two separate wagers. A bettor can wager $100 to win back $150 with this group bet, as opposed to spending $200 to win back $100 (Bliss/Cross) and $250 to win back $100 (The New Day). 

This is very similar to a parlay as well, in which a bettor selects more than one winner and only receives winnings if all the bets hit. In this case, both Bliss/Cross and The New Day would have to win in order for a bettor to see a successful cash out.

For the heels (Cesaro/Nakamura and Bayley/Banks), they are underdogs given odds to win both of their matches at +260. This means a bettor would have to wager $100 to win back $260, easily the best value on the board for Friday night.

A split result (a babyface team and a heel team each win a match) is the favorite however, given odds to occur at +100. So as you can see, it might be more beneficial to bet on both matches at once as opposed to each individually. 

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