WWE Smackdown House Show Results (11/03/11) - Bilbao, Spain


Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent in the following report from last night's Smackdown house show from the Bilbao Arena in Bilbao, Spain. The opinions featured here are not those of Fernando as he simply translated this report.

First match: Daniel Bryan vs William Regal
Bryan comes out first with the briefcase, to a good pop. The comes Regal trying to get heat from the very start. Slow-paced bout with both contenders focused on playing the crowd (especially the young ones) and trying to get some pop/heat. Bryan comes out victorious with his finisher.

Second match: Johhny Curtis & Jinder Mahal vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd
Interesting bout dominated by the heels until Gabriel gets the win with his finisher.

Third match: Brodus Clay vs Trent Barreta
Clay dominated the whole match, being noticeable he's been given a strong push. Brodus ended up being cheered despite being a heel.

Fourth match: Tamina & Natalya vs Alicia Fox & AJ (with Aksana as the special guest referee)
A better than expected match on Smackdown Divas' part. Great work by Alicia with really interesting moves, and good moments by Natalya getting heat. Aj got the win for her team using her finisher.

Fifth match: Yoshi Tatsu vs Hunico
Hunico came out a la Sin Cara (mask and entrance). After that, he took off the mask, got a mic and began laughing at the crowd with commentaries such as "I've deceived you, I'm smarter than you..." The Mexican worked solid, and won with his finisher form the top rope.

Sixth match: Christian vs Sheamus
Very good fight with victory chances for both of them. Finally Sheamus picks up the win to a great pop.

Seventh match: Wade Barrett vs Ted DiBiase
Good bout on both's part, especially Wade Barrett who picked up the victory, knocking on title's (I assume the writer refers to the WHC) door.

Eighth match: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
Cody comes out first talking to the crowd. Asks for someone to translate his words because he's not going to stoop to speak Spanish, and tries to get some heat saying he expects Real Madrid (a pretty much hated soccer team here in Bilbao) to win the Champions League (the top trophy in European soccer) soon. A back and forth match with good spots by both. Orton won with the RKO.

Main event: Mark Henry vs Big Show for the WHC
A disappointing main event that lasted only eight minutes. In the end, Henry hit his rival with a chair causing the disqualification. So Henry retained the title, although he ended up taking Show's WMD.

All in all, great bouts except the first and the last. Good attendance (around 3,000 people) and the crowd was into the whole show, with Orton, Sheamus and Big Show getting the biggest pops of the evening.

As negatives, the original Sin Cara did not appear (IDK if he was on the card) and the merchandise for sale was "thin" with only a few t-shirts and hats.

The opinions appearing here are not mine, I've limited myself to translate.

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