WWE Smackdown House Show Results (11/12/11) - Frankfurt, Germany


Wrestling News World reader Jack sent in the following report from yesterday's WWE Smackdown house show from Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany:

* Daniel Bryan b. Tyson Kidd b. Justin Gabriel in a Triple threat Match After Bryan locked the Lebell lock. Pretty good match.

* Brodus Clay b. Ted DiBiase. Not the worst but it was ok

* Hunico b. Yoshi Tatsu OK match, just short

* Ezekiel Jackson b. Jinder Mahal After using His submission move. Good match.

* Sheamus b. Wade Barrett after a Brogue Kick. Really good match from both sides! In fact, my favorite bout of the night!

* Randy Orton b. WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes in a Street Fight After using the RKO. Also a really good match.

* World Heavyweight Championship Match: Big Show b. Mark Henry (c) via disqualification after Henry used a steel chair. Both showed their finishers in the match. Low One with no spectacular Action.

* Alica Fox b. Natalia with Aksana as referee

* Aksana b. Natalia

Biggest Pops:
- Randy Orton
- Big Show
- Ted DiBiase

Most Heat:
- Jinder Mahal
- Cody Rhodes
- Mark Henry

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