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WWE Smackdown House Show Results (11/5/11) - Vienna, Austria

Wrestling News World reader Filip Ludin sent in the following report from the November 5th Smackdown house show in Vienna, Austria:

The Wiener Stadthalle arena was nearly full, I estimate 95%, there were only some small sections empty. Show started at 7:30 PM, Eden Stiles did the announcement. And now the matches.First match: Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal.
Bryan came out with his MITB briefcase. William Regal got a good crowd reaction. There was a lot of action on canvas, both used European Uppercuts on each other, Daniel Bryan kicked many times William Regal to his head and body. William Regal superplexed Daniel Bryan, Bryan used Le Bell Lock to win the match.Second match: Trent Baretta & Justin Gabriel defeated Jinder Mahal & Johnny Curtis.
Crowd was a bit dead in the beginning of the match but was much better in the end. There were many double action moves, Justin Gabriel used 450 splash to win the match.Third match: Brodus Clay defeated Yoshi Tatsu.
People weren't much into this match. Brodus Clay was dominating the whole match, used running cross body to pin Yoshi Tatsu.Fourth match: Hunico defeated Tyson Kidd.
Hunico came out in Sin Cara's outfit and put the mask off his face. He cut a promo in Spanish that he's better than Sin Cara. He also said Sin Cara doesn't like Europe so he's not there. Hunico took two signs from crowd with Sin Cara name written on them a destroyed both signs. There was a lot of action like double arm back breaker, hurricanrana from the top of turnbuckle, sharpshooter. Hunico used his finisher to win the match.Fifth match: Sheamus defeated Christian
Christian cut a promo before the match and said that the crowd has bad accent so people should shut up. If the crowd wouldn't shut up, Christian would go out. He went away from the ring but Sheamus caught him and put him back in the ring. There were Christian sucks chants and Sheamus got pretty big pops. Sheamus was then pursuing Christian around the ring. This was the classic Christian - Sheamus match with many moves like Powerslam and Back breaker on Christian. Sheamus won the match with Broad kick. Sheamus was then celebrating his victory with people in front rows.Sixth match: Alicia Fox & AJ defeated Natalya & Tamina.
Aksana was special guest referee. Classic Divas match, not much to write about.Seventh match: Ted DiBiase & Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett.
Cody Rhodes came with protective mask in his hand and said that Austrian audience is the ugliest he's ever seen. There was a lot of Cody Rhodes sucks chant after his promo. Randy Orton got big pops during whole match. This was another standard match, match ended with RKO.
Randy Orton celebrated victory with crowd.Eighth match: Big Show defeated Mark Henry via DQ
This match was set for World Heavyweight Championship.
Mark Henry got boos, Big Show pops. Both measured their strength in arm battle. Mark Henry took his championship and walked out of the ring but Big Show stopped him. Mark Henry then Irish whipped Big Show into steps. Big Show was scoop slammed by Mark Henry and Mark Henry then attacked on Big Shows's knees. There were many moves like DDT on Big Show, World Strongest Slam and Chokeslam. Mark Henry hit Big Show with steel chair which caused DQ. Big Show won but Mark Henry was still the champion. After the match, Mark Henry attacked Big Show with Big splash but Big Show forced back with Big rignt hand. There was goodbye chant for Mark Henry. The SmackDown house show lasted 2 hours with intermission.

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