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WWE Smackdown House Show Results (4/13/12) - Belfast, Ireland

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Wrestling News World reader Dan Kelly was in attendance at tonight's WWE Smackdown live event in Belfast, Ireland and sent in the following report:

Stadium was completely full, which is the first time I've seen WWE do so for a while.

1. The Great Khali vs Jinder Mahal.
Pretty standard Khali match. Kids were surprisingly into him, and he did a lot of posing. Not a whole lot of action, but it did go on a little longer than needed. Khali won with chop and Khali bomb.

2. Tyson Kidd and William Regal vs Hunico and Camaco.
Regal cut a promo speaking about how he's often the heel in Belfast, but tonight he wanted to thank everyone for the memories over his career as it might be his last visit. Crowd were very into Regal. Actually a pretty good tag team match with Tyson Kidd impressing with some excellent athletic moves. Hunico and Camacho played their part, and Regal can still go despite his age. Enjoyable match ended with Regal hitting his running knee for the win.

3. Alberto Del Rio vs Ezekiel Jackson.
Ricardo hilarious throughout the bout. Pretty ordinary match with Zeke dominating for the most part. Del Rio got the win via submission. Didn't hang around long and quickly made his way to the back.

4. AJ vs Natalya.
Didn't see much of the match as I chose to use this match as a toilet break. AJ won with a roll up while Natalya argued with referee. A few YES chants from the crowd during AJ's entrance.

5. Cody Rhodes vs Big Show.
Cody Rhodes cut a very good promo on Belfast having little success stories coming from it. Show's music hit to a loud pop.

Rhodes spent the beginning of the match completely avoiding Big Show, which caused Show to take a mic and cut a funny promo. Decent enough match similar to their Wrestlemania bout. This time Show got the win with a chokeslam.


6. Mark Henry vs Yoshi Tatsu.
Surprised this match was on at all, and had been expecting Orton to face Henry. Absolute squash match with Tatsu not getting any move in that I remember. Henry wins with World's Strongest Slam and quickly makes his way to the back.

7. Kane vs Randy Orton- No DQ match
Crowd seemed very surprised when Kane's music hit, as did I. Orton received huge ovation as he made his way to the ring. Very good match up here with a few close finishes that kept the fans on the edge of their seat. Excellent work from Orton and he got the win with an RKO that Kane slightly botched from my view. Still a good match.

9. Main Event for World Heavyweight Championship
Out to the ring first was Daniel Bryan, who had his own section of fans that chanted YES throughout despite Sheamus' popularity with the majority of fans. I enjoyed chanting yes myself along with them and it eventually broke into a chant war between the fans. Excellent match, and what we should have seen at Wrestlemania here. Bryan's work rate is exceptional and he completely lived up to the hype in my opinion. Worked the crowd really well by taunting Sheamus. Bryan dominated the majority of the match and had the Le Belle lock a number of times. Sheamus got the win with the Brogue kick out of nowhere to finish what was a good bout.

Biggest pops
Randy Orton

Biggest heat
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan

Overall a good show that was saved by the latter half of card. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton two of the stand out performers of the night.

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