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WWE Smackdown House Show Results (4/18/12) - Sheffield, England

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Wrestling News World reader Phil McManus attended today's WWE Smackdown live event from the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, England and sent in the following report:

Great Khali b Jinder Mahal
Typical slow and cumbersome match with Khali.

Uso's & Percy Watson b Drew McIntyre, Tyler Teks & Curt Hawkins. Good match with Drew really playing the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio b Mason Ryan in a squash match.

Alicia Fox b Natalya with Aksana as guest referee.

Brodus Clay & Booker T lw/Hornswoggle b Mark Henry & Christian. Didn't start well with with Brodus saying Newcastle instead of Sheffield, but that was soon forgotten when Booker T came out. Really good quality match.

Randy Orton b Kane in a no DQ match.

Sheamus b Daniel Bryan to retain the WHC. Great match crowd very loud and divided!

Biggest Pop:
Big Show
Booker T

Host Heat
Cody Rhodes

Most Mixed
Daniel Bryan

Wrestling News World reader Nick Woods attended and sent in the following report:

Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal via pinfall - very poor match all in all

The Usos and Percy Watson beat Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and Drew McIntyre via pinfall - good, typical tag team bout

Alberto Del Rio beat Mason Ryan via submission - very quick match, basically a squash match

Alicia Fox beat Natalya via pinfall - special ref Aksana - quick roll up after Natalya argued with Aksana

Brodus Clay and Booker T (with Hornswoggle) beat Mark Henry and Christian via pinfall - pretty slow match really (I'm guessing Christian must still be injured because he didn't do many moves when in the ring)

Big Show beat Cody Rhodes via pinfall to retain IC - Cody gave a good promo before the match, which gave him a lot of heat; decent match

Randy Orton beat Kane via pinfall - no DQ match so involved use of kendo stick, chair and fighting on the ramp; Randy won with an RKO onto a steel chair

Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan via pinfall to retain WHC - good match, although Daniel Bryan did most of the work; Sheamus did a few powerful moves and then ramped it up at the end of the match

Was great to see Booker T, Brodus Clay and Christian - was not expecting to see any of them tonight! Daniel Bryan got a very mixed reaction - lots of support from male = members of audience, but Sheamus was supported by the kids.

Biggest pops
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
Booker T

Biggest heat
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan

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