WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/8/12) - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Wrestling News World reader Zach V. sent in the following report from Saturday night's Smackdown house show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We didn't get the Triple Threat main event with Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus as advertised. Instead, Booker T came up on the Tron and said that the fans would get to vote on the match we wanted between Del Rio and Sheamus: a street fight or 2/3 falls. Fans had to text in their votes, and the fans chose the street fight. There were also promos from Dolph Ziggler and Jinder Mahal throughout the night, as well as a video recap of the Kane/Daniel Bryan "hug it out" segment from Raw. WWE then asked us to tout our opinion on the matter. Divas Champion Layla and The Usos were advertised but did not appear.

* Antonio Cesaro b. Cody Rhodes & Sin Cara in a Triple Threat for the United States Championship. Cesaro cut a pre-match promo saying "success" in 5 different languages and said that the US was better than Canada, which confused me because he's not American either and said he would be our champ too. Great opener with lots of near falls, and the crowd was hot for this. Cesaro won after rolling up Sin Cara after a Swanton attempt to Rhodes. after the match, Sin Cara hit Rhodes with the Swanton.

* Roman Reigns b. Heath Slater. The match was quite average. Some good impact moves from Reigns towards the end, and the fans actually got behind Slater.

* Natalya b. Alicia Fox with the Sharpshooter. Fox kept chanting "USA," to which fans responded "Canada." Basic divas match, and Fox teased throwing Natalya's ring jacket into the crowd.

* Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel b. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis with a Spinebuster/Blockbuster combination. Great tag team match, in my opinion. Lots of tag moves between the teams, and at one point, Curtis hit Michael by accident and Tyson had the crowd chanting "fight." The two ended up hugging and eating a dropkick from Gabriel.

* Randy Orton b. Dolph Ziggler with the RKO after some false finishes. Fans were torn on this one, with lots of "Let's go Ziggler" and "Let's go Orton" chants. Great match, with both hitting their signature moves and a superplex from the top rope from Orton to Ziggler. After the match, Ziggler annouced himself "Still Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler."

* Wade Barrett b. Ted Dibiase with his new finisher. The fans were behind both men. Barrett controlled most of the match, but Ted got a little offense and even hit a sitout spinebuster.

* Ryback b. Jinder Mahal. Ryback got a huge pop and was way over. This was a usual Ryback match with the usual spots. Mahal did get a little offense and managed to escape Ryback's finisher twice before being clotheslined and Shellshocked.

* Sheamus b. Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Ricardo Rodriguez came out to do his intro but Del Rio came out and said that we didn't deserve to hear him, and sent Ricardo to the back. Del Rio cut an in-ring promo saying that we didn't like him and he doesn't like us. Sheamus came out and said he was going to kick Del Rio's arse all over Hamilton. Del Rio ripped a fan's poster, and Sheamus responded by giving the fan his shirt. The match involved fighting on the ramp, lots of kendo stick shots, Sheamus getting thrown into the stairs and being hit with a chair. Sheamus did try the Brogue Kick but stopped before he did it. The finish saw Alberto Del Rio being thrown into a chair in the turnbuckle, followed by a kendo stick shot and the Irish Curse for the win.

Copps was a packed house for this event. It looked more packed than the last Smackdown taping they had there in 2009 which featured The Undertaker. This was a good show. It easily matched the Raw house show I went to in March in Toronto, which was headlined by Kane vs. John Cena in a Last Man Standing match and CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match.

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