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WWE SmackDown Intercontinental Championship Betting Odds

Tonight's SmackDown is going to be massive, with the reveal of WWE's new Thunderdome along with a championship match. The championship match for tonight will be for the Intercontinental Championship, as champion A.J. Styles faces Jeff Hardy.

888sport has some betting odds available for this particular match, so let's break them down below. A friendly reminder that WWE/Pro Wrestling betting is only legal in the U.K., but DraftKings will release a SummerSlam game for Americans to enter and wins prizes. 

A.J. Styles vs Jeff Hardy Betting Odds

  • Favorite: A.J. Styles (-455)
  • Underdog: Jeff Hardy (+280)
  • Title Holder to End Event: A.J. Styles (-770)
  • Method: Pinfall (-360)

At first glance, this seems to be an easy pick here. A.J. Styles is the overwhelming favorite, given odds to beat Jeff Hardy well over 80%. Hardy himself comes in as the underdog, given a 26.3% chance to pull off the upset.

How many times have we seen a screwy finish in WWE? Too many times to count, so there is the possibility that Jeff Hardy wins the match via disqualification or count out. This would see Jeff Hardy hit as an underdog for bettors, while A.J. Styles still keeps his belt.

A.J.'s odds to leave SmackDown as the Intercontinental title holder are much higher than his odds to win this match. So there is some value in considering Jeff Hardy at +280, without worrying too much about Styles dropping the belt. 

A.J. Styles vs Jeff Hardy Betting Tip

Leave A.J. alone in this match, as his odds are far too expensive. Styles should win, but for -455 it's not worth paying to see if someone with the pedigree of Jeff Hardy can knock him off. If you fancy Hardy to win the belt or win the match without pinning or submitting Styles, then grab Hardy at +280.

The method market should be left alone, as -360 for the expected pinfall is not worth the money. However, Styles does have the calf crusher submission move in his arsenal. Feel free to go with a long shot bet at +650 for their match to end in a submission instead. 

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