Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles meet in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will sign their WWE Backlash match contract, and Heavy Machinery reunites alongside Braun Strowman against Dolph Ziggler, The Miz & John Morrison.

Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown on FOX at 8/7 C and join us here for live coverage!

Smackdown Live Coverage

Here we go! The latest that the blue brand has to offer and boy am I excited for tonight!

The show kicks off with the contract signing between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. I'm just gonna say right now, I know what happens here and I'm very sorry that you have to endure what is about to happen.

Sheamus is still determined that he had nothing to do with the car accident from 2 weeks ago. He wants Jeff to take a urine test and bad a doctor in the ring with him. Get ready folks...

Jeff agrees to the test so that the match can happen on Sunday at Backlash.

And there it is. There's the piss. Jeff throws his piss in Sheamus' face. Welcome to Smackdown guys.

Grade D

Nope. I ain't here for this. It's not the Attitude Era anymore. Awful. I'd also like to point out that contract signings for non title matches are ridiculous.

The New Day Vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

In the early goings it's all New Day here despite Cesaro's best efforts through using his insane strength. Nakamura turns things around with a kick to the face as we break for commercials.

We come back to see Cesaro dominating as only he can, but it's not long before Big E does he thing and crushes the Swiss Superman. Kofi with the hot tag changing the script, hits a Boom Drop but Cesaro interrupts a Trouble In Paradise. Nakamura counters a cross body splash into a three count.

Winners - Cesaro & Nakamura

Grade B

A good, fun contest that was unfortunately marred by a horribly botched ending. Messy pin aside, this was a lot of fun and should set up Cesaro & Nak for a shot at New Days titles. I wouldn't be upset if they eventually dethroned New Day. Backstage we see Sheamus and Jeff beating the hell out of eachother before being separated.

AJ Styles Vs Daniel Bryan - Intercontinental Championship Tournament Final 

A measured start to the match sees both men feeling each-other out to try and gain the advantage. Eventually its Styles who takes control first with a cheap shot to the throat. Bryan turns things around with a dive to the outside. Commercial time.

Back from the break and Bryan is on top, wearing down AJ with submission holds. AJ turns things around with a stunning dropkick, leading to both men trading blows and counters.

Pin, reverse, pin, reverse, pin, reverse, pin, reverse. Lots of back and forth again, with both guys coming close multiple times and hitting LOTS of heavy offence. Another break, but we come back to Bryan trying to apply the Yes Lock.

Bryan avoids a springboard splash to the outside, throwing AJ shoulder first into the ring post. Bryan takes full control now with AJ hurting from that ring post bump. Bryan is showcasing his ruthless side to perfection tonight. 

Agyer some more dominance from  Bryan, picking AJ apart, he hits a top rope Frankensteiner followed by the Yes Kicks. As usual though, the last kick doesn't hit and AJ hops back up to take Bryan down. 

The entire match has been a glut of reversals and counters. Yes Lock into armbar, armbar into Yes Lock, Yes Lock into Calf Crusher. Bryan sets AJ up on the top rope but gets grounded. Bryan, determined to hit his move, finally gets AJ with a top rope back drop.

AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash and Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner - AJ Stylss

Grade C+

Sorry but i didn't enjoy that. I wanted to. I hyped it all week long. It was boring, it was slow and it had FOUR commercial breaks. Sorry. Not a fan at all. A long match doesn't always mean a great match. I'm.pleased for AJ, he should have a great reign.

Next up it's time for the new womens tag team champions Bayley and Sasha Banks to celebrate their new found gold!

Bayley Dos Straps is on fire as usual and hypes up her best friend Sasha for a while. The constant backpatting is making it increasingly obvious that the friendship could be on it's last legs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross interrupt, before being interrupted themselves by The IIconics on the big screen.

Grade C

Sasha and Bayley didn't get enough time here before being interrupted. A needless segment that did nothing for any if the 3 teams involved. Nikki and Alexa even botched a simple throw out of the ring on Bayley. Eugh.

Heavy Machinery & Braun Strowman Vs The Miz, John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler

Otis bails on his team mates to run backstage and stop King Corbin from harassing Mandy Rose. Otis is back and clearing house!

Caterpillar for the 1, 2, 3 on Dolph.

Winners - Heavy Machinery & Braun Strowman

Grade C

Another pointless match, did nothing for anyone involved and didn't make me want to watch Backlash. A complete waste of a show.

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