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WWE Smackdown Live Event Results (1-16-17) - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Smackdown Live

Below are the results from Smackdown's Live Event emanating from the Arkansas State University Convocation Center in Jonesboro, AR. I was in attendance, so these will be in a bit more detail than usual.

Match 1:

Tag Team Turmoil for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Ascension vs. Breezdango vs. American Alpha (c) vs. Vaudevillians vs. The Usos

This was a Gauntlet style match with a new team coming after every fall.

Fall 1 : Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Ascension

Moderate match, with Slater playing the damsel throughout most of it. Slater hit a hot tag to Rhyno, who cleaned house and hit a Gore on Viktor to pick up the first fall.

Fall 2: Heath Slater and Rhyno vs Breezedango

A bit of a fast match, with a lot of interference spots y Breeze and Fandango. Slater went for a roll-up to finish it, but was countered by Fandango into another roll-up, where he had the tights.

Fall 3: Breezedango vs. American Alpha:

Short match with a lot of Breezedango's Fashion Cops gimmick coming into play. Gable picked up the fall after a Hart Attack.

Fall 4: American Alpha vs. The Vaudevillians

This was a surprise to see The Vaudevillians on the card! But this turned into a squash, with Jason Jordan hitting an Angle Slam on Aiden English for the fall.

Fall 5: American Alpha vs. The Usos

The Usos got a ton of heat throughout the match! It was honestly the second loudest heat of the night, right behind The Miz. This was a great tag match, which showcased both teams move sets, and went a bit on the long side at about 15 minutes. I'm willing to bet they will be the next feud for the Tag Titles. The ending saw Gable pin Jimmy Uso after hitting Grand Amplitude.

Match 2:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kalisto

Honestly, this was the match of the night. The crowd got sucked right into it, and treated both men as faces throughout. Right at the beginning, though, it appeared there may have been some tension issues with the second rope, as Ziggler talked with the ref over it. but after that, they went hard, with plenty of near falls and great spots. Ziggler eventually hit a Superkick to pick up the win. After the match, Andrea D'Marco tried to interview Ziggler and ask him what he thought the key to his success tonight was, and he just dropped the mic.

Match 3:

WWE Women's Championship Match

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch

This was a decent length match, with a lot of the same spots that we've been seeing in their series. The finish came about 10 minutes in, with Becky locking in the Disarm-her, Alexa dislocating her elbow and popping it back in, then hitting the Twisted Bliss.

Match 4:

Intercontinental Title Match:

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

The bell rang before Maryse had left the ring, which brought on a Miz promo directd at the ref, then Ambrose, about how he never lost the title due to the fact the match should have been thrown out when Maryse interfered. Miz tried to get Ambrose to relinquish the title and call off the match, but Ambrose tosses the title to the ref and nails Miz with a cheap shot. This ended up being one of the longer matches of the evening, with a number of near falls. Eventually, Maryse got caught trying to interfere and got sent to the back, which led to Miz being distracted just enough for Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds for the win.

Match 5:

Nikki Bella and Naomi vs. Natalya and Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth)

Naomi has a new light-up robe similar to her shoes, with a neon green fuzzy interior. Naomi saw a lot of the action in this match, and looked to be back at 100%. Eventually the match broke down after the hot tag to Nikki, and in the chaos, Nikki planted Natalya with the Bella Buster for the win.

Match 6:

Six-Man Tag Match:

Mojo Rawley, Jack Swagger, and Apollo Crews vs. The Wyatt Family

First things first, if you haven't been to a live event and been a part of the fireflies, you are missing on an amazing experience. Swagger got a decent ovation, as the We The People still resonates here. (Take that for what you will.) Orton got some of the biggest pops of the night, and because of that, he toyed with the fans all through this match. He paced the floor, would tag in and immediately tag back out when the fans cheered it, and just did everything he could to not be involved. The end saw Orton finally come in after Bray had Apollo Crews set up for Sister Abigail, which he then tossed into the RKO for the win.

Match 7:

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match:

AJ Styles (c) vs Baron Corbin vs. John Cena

AJ came out first, which I normally hate for a title match. But when you consider Cena is in the same match in a VERY pro-Cena area, then you have to put him out last to keep the fans hyped. That being said, throughout the match, there were great dueling chants for AJ and Cena. Early on, AJ played chicken and Corbin dominated a lot of the match. But when Cena started going, he pulled out a decent nuber of moves you only see on special occasions, like the flip-out powerbomb and tornado DDT. Styles hit the Styles Clash on Cena and nearly had the three when Corbin pulled the ref out of the ring. This led to Cena eventually hitting an AA on Corbin, which AJ then hits a low blow on Cena for the pin. After the match, AJ taunts a young fan, then gets a chair to attack Cena. AJ misses, then takes an AA from Cena to send the crowd home happy.

Live Notes:

The majority of the lower bowl was sold out, and the floor was completely sold out. The bleacher section behind me (directly across from the ramp) was moderately full, while the side bleachers were mostly empty. From a merch point, the selection tonight was not as large as WWE normally runs, which was disappointing. Taker's new Digging Holes and Taking Souls shirt was the only one to completely sell out. Orton's, Nikki Bella's, Ambrose's, Enzo's and AJ's were pretty hot. And AJ's gloves were down to just certain smaller kids and adult sizes. Cena's had three separate boxes worth, and they were all about half full. Roman Reigns was easily the worst seller (granted, he wasn't on the card for obvious reasons), with the box nearly full when I left the show at 11 PM CST.

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