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WWE Smackdown Live Recap 07/17/20

On Smackdown Live’s go home show at the Performance Center before Extreme Rules: Horror Show, we open up with something new. The superstars are cutting promos describing the matches that will be happening later in the evening. Aj Styles, Matt Riddle and Daniel Bryan cut great promos hyping the Intercontinental Championship, Miz and John Morrison throw in a little comedy segment with Morrison admitting that he very afraid of Braun Strowman, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro announce that the winner of their tag match against New Day would determine who picks the stipulation.

First match of the evening is New Day against Nakamura and Cesaro. I could watch these two teams go back and forth every week and would not get bored. Great match, great chemistry in ring. The match ends with the sequence of Nakamura kicking Big E off of a distraction. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Big E for the win. This steers the advantage towards Cesaro and Nakamura since they get to choose the stipulation of the match for the tag team titles at Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Later in the show, Cesaro and Nakamura tease a steel cage match but ultimately decide on a tables match. This was no surprise but it means that the only way to win the match is to put a member of the other team through a table. No shenanigans, no outside interference, I’m ready for this match.

Next up is A Moment of Bliss, this segment had a lot of buzz behind it on social media as to who the special guest would be. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross applaud the 5-year anniversary of Evolution. Bliss starts hinting towards her guest, Cross takes over and gets crazy excited thinking it is her. Her comes Bayley and her ‘sidekick’ Sasha Banks to spoil the party. The fact that Bliss referred to Banks as Bayley’s sidekick popped me pretty hard and I hope that they keep running with verbiage like that to continue the rifts between Bayley and Banks. Bliss’ reaction when they enter the ring says it all, she is over it and so am I. Bliss finally announces her mystery guest is Asuka. While Asuka is making her way down the ramp, Bayley and Banks attack Bliss and Cross. Bliss finally announces you all need to figure this out in the ring and sets up a match between Asuka and Cross and Bayley and Banks. Great showing by the ladies but of course another match with Bayley means more use of the ropes to win. The highlight from this match was from outside the ring when Cross performs a Tornado DDT on Banks off the announce table onto the floor. Beautifully executed and it looked phenomenal! Later in the night Cross was doubting herself against Bayley on Sunday after listening to Banks and Bayley mean girl it up against her. Cross sees Bayley in her cross hairs and attacks Bayley leaving her hurt backstage.

Poor Morrison is scared for his life about his match with Strowman later; he is the monster after all. Miz tries to help pump him up by saying the hero always wins at the end a horror movie. Morrison tries to pull a Bayley and get Miz to change places but that isn’t going to happen. Right after this segment, it transitions into the Firely Funhouse. This is taking place on location at the Wyatt swamp. Bray Wyatt says he made the monster and he is the only one that can control the monster. This leads into the match between Morrison and Strowman. Before Strowman gets to the ring he cuts a promo on the stage stating that he needs to end Wyatt on Sunday or else The Fiend will come out. Strowman is legit scared of The Fiend, he is everything dark and evil that Strowman has ever done and he is knows that he cannot beat him. Wow! Although there were a lot of great tidbits in the promo, I could not get over Strowman yelling/screaming it out. It was difficult to understand at times. Wish he had done the calculated speech from a couple weeks ago. The match between Strowman and Morrison was over quickly but was done properly to show Strowman for the monster he is. Morrison sold so well to the point Miz called out the medical team. Morrison refused medical but could barely get out of the ring after the beating that was laid on him.

We have a rematch from last week between Naomi and Lacey Evans, this time they are dressed in ring gear and ready to go. These ladies hit hard but ultimately Evans pulls out the win by tying Naomi’s hair to the ropes. This little distraction allows her to hit the Woman’s Right. It appears that Evans is working her way towards another heel character, which she plays very well. I’m going to let this play out before I get upset about it.

The main event is here! This has been talked about throughout the show. The show opens with it, Bryan states that Riddle will win the match, Riddle is practicing strikes backstage with Drew Gulak, and there is an attempt to get a prediction from Jeff Hardy. The Intercontinental Championship match was amazing, they were given ample time to put on a great match. Riddle shows amazing strength giving Styles two gut wrench suplexes back to back in a great sequence. In the end, Styles pulls out the win after a great back and forth transition between submissions, Styles pulls out the veteran mind set and quick pins Riddle. This leads to a stare down in the ring and a handshake. Baron Corbin, who earlier in the night stated he had a beef with Riddle, quickly interrupts this handshake. He beats down Riddle, gives him the End of Days and leaves him lying in the ring.

Also on the night was Jeff Hardy talking to Kayla about the bar fight against Shaemus. Hardy states he is willing to take the risk of being in a bar if it means taking out Shaemus. During the interview, Shaemus comes out of nowhere and Brog Kicks Hardy in the face. The bar fight is announced for next week. Please follow @ms_wiper for more wrestling takes.

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