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WWE Smackdown Live Recap 07/24/2020

The Smackdown Live after Extreme Rules: Horror Show from the Performance has the first appearance in ring by Sasha Banks and Bayley. Banks and Bayley are carrying all the gold (Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships and Women’s Tag Team Championships) but why does Sasha still have the belt. She was on Raw on Monday and they let her walk out the front door with it. They cut a promo in the ring about how great they are. Nikki Cross accompanied by Alexa Bliss is done with this talk, she’s all fired up and wants another shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship since Bayley had to cheat to win. Bayley agrees to grant Cross a rematch if she beats a formidable opponent. From the way Bayley was describing the person it sounded like it would Banks but Bayley announces Bliss as Cross’ opponent. Now, we have best friends pitted against each other and the winner gets a title shot next week. The match between Bliss and Cross was really good but it was ruined by Bayley and Banks being on commentary. Cross ends up pulling out the win over Bliss utilizing the small package. Backstage there are no hard feelings between Cross and Bliss, they make up and are starting to prepare for next week.

Here comes the Firefly Funhouse, which I was most excited for, to recap the Swamp match from Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Bray Wyatt says everyone is wondering where Braun Strowman and he still does not tell us where he is. Is he still in the swamp? In the Funhouse, the lantern was there speaking to Wyatt in mumbles. Wyatt states that he had his turn to take out Strowman. It is too late The Fiend is now unleashed.

Matt Riddle comes out to take on Tony Nese. This is a great showing for Riddle, he makes light work of Nese. Riddle then grabs the mic to call out Baron Corbin. Corbin does come out and informs Riddle that he does not look the part for the ‘main roster’ and should head back to NXT. He then places a King’s ransom on Riddle. This states that a person will be rewarded for taking out Riddle. Riddle retaliates back that Corbin doesn’t have what it takes to hang on the Bro’s Show. He quickly turns around and Super Kicks Nese who was looking to cash in.

Naomi last week garnered a ton of social media love from the fans, which gave her a spot on Miz TV. The Miz and John Morrison are absolute gems. They were cutting jokes in the ring before she got there. Morrison did show off a great hashtag on the inside of his jacket #moremorrison and I’m all in on this! On Naomi’s entrance, Miz and Morrison were hot dog dancing in the ring (quite comical) and they continued dancing for maybe a couple minutes too long because now Naomi is annoyed. Naomi is all fired up in the ring saying that it’s been 10 years and she needs a shot. Boom, surprise guest of Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring. Evans drops some fire of her own saying that her social media love was just pity from the WWE Universe. That was the last straw and Naomi pops her in the face.

We transition into a backstage segment where Big E is standing outside the doctor/trainers office. Kofi Kingston walks out and informs E that he will be out at least 6 weeks. Now is the time for Big E to make a push for an individual title, Big E is apprehensive but Kingston assures him that Xavier Woods and him want and need him to do this. I have been waiting for Big E to make a run at the Universal Championship.

With Riddle’s loss last week for the Intercontinental Championship, a #1 contenders match was next up. This was a fatal 4 way between Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, Shorty G and Drew Gulak. AJ Styles was ringside to witness who his future opponent would be. The match had some great highflying spots and great match wrestling but Gran Metalik pulled out the win and will have a chance next week against Styles. Styles enters the ring to shake Gran Metaliks hand, he hesitates but then goes for the handshake. Styles smacks him in the face. Gran Metalik retaliates on Styles leaving him lying in the ring.

The whole Smackdown was a build up to the bar fight. The show opened with Jeff Hardy and Shaemus cutting promos about why and how they are winning. John Brandshaw Layfield (JBL) weighs in a couple times through the night hyping up the bar fight and saying that Hardy will win the match. The bar fight takes place at Irish Shannon’s Pub in Orlando with Shaemus’ personal bar tender attending bar. Right away, Hardy establishes that the referee’s only job is to count to 3. Shaemus and Hardy jaw jack back and forth. Hardy made a statement that I found very interesting; he said that Matt Hardy had to delete his WWE career. Don’t know if that was a shot or just a general statement. The jaw jacking went a little too long before the match itself actually started. The fight had the typical scenes with the clearing of the top of the bar, stools being smashed over banks and bathroom spots. I could have done without Hardy’s head going into the urinal. It looks like Shaemus is going to come out the victor of this fight when he leaves Hardy laying on the floor and places his hat over his face. He decides he’s going to celebrate early with a pint. When he comes back for the referee to count, the hat is removed and Brother Nero is underneath. Brother Nero beats on Shaemus, climbs the ladder and swanton bombs Shaemus on the floor, giving him the win. Please give me a follow @ms_wiper on twitter for more wrestling takes.

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