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WWE Smackdown Live Recap 09/04/20

Wow! Smackdown Live from the Thunderdome in the Amway Centre is setting up great stories for Clash of Champions.

The show opens up with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman heading down to the ring. This promo by Heyman was given so much time. It was phenomenal but let’s be real anytime Heyman has the mic he delivers gold plus interest. Reigns never received a thank you for anything that he did for the company so now he is done playing nice. Heyman use to be an advocate for the champion but the way he described himself tonight gave me goosebumps; Heyman is the Special Council to the Tribal Chief! Oh my goodness, using his family roots and heritage into the story is great! In that promo as well was a great addition that Reigns pulled Heyman from uncertainty to relevance. Reigns did not speak until the end but he did say that he was the Universal Heavyweight Champion and not just the Universal Champion that I found intriguing.

This leads into a backstage segment where Jey Uso wants to know why Reigns is working with Heyman and Reigns just says that he has it covered.

Heavy Machinery has a match against The Miz and John Morrison that might end up having implications later on to go against the champions at Clash of Champions. Morrison takes out Tucker at ringside to give The Miz a chance to beat Otis. Otis ends up taking over the match and takes out The Miz with the caterpillar and then a Vadder Bomb in the corner for the win. After the match, Morrison decided to steal the Money in the Bank briefcase from Otis. Later on in the evening we learn that Morrison didn’t actually steal the contract he just took Otis’ lunch box.

One of the biggest stories coming out of tonight is Bayley and Sasha Banks trying to obtain the Women’s Tag Team titles. This is a rematch from Payback. Commentary did a great job playing up that Banks has no belts. During the match, there was some miscommunication between Bayley and Banks. Needless to say, Banks and Bayley do not pull out the win. Banks ended up with a nasty knee injury that the medical team and officials try to look at. Banks turns away all attention and they just leave the ring even though she can’t walk. Bayley starts to help her out of the ring and then BOOM boots her in the head. Bayley just snaps and methodically tears Banks apart; she sticks to the knee and turns to grab a chair. She first puts it on the knee but then changes her mind and wraps it around her neck and jumps off the top rope.

Why didn’t any of the medical team or officials come out to help her? Honestly, they were just there and ran to the back to turn a blind eye? I know that everyone hated these ladies but couldn’t Tamina or any random person have come out to help Banks. Here we go though, finally we are going to have this feud between Bayley and Banks but with the knee and neck injury to Banks when will this happen? I have always said that I want this feud to happen at Wrestlemania so if this is them writing Banks off to have her win the Rumble in January to challenge Bayley for Smackdown Women’s Title then I will sit back and patiently wait because that is all I ask for.

Sami Zayn comes out with the original Intercontinental Championship and is upset with the ring announcer and production truck for not referencing him as the Intercontinental Champion. Out comes the real Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy who states that all Zayn has to do is ask if he wants a chance at the belt. This is very confusing because Zayn never lost the belt nor was he stripped of the belt so who is the real champion?

AJ Styles decides that he is apart of the discussion as well since he was cheated out of the Intercontinental Championship when he dropped the belt to Hardy in his mind. Styles drops Hardy but Zayn gets the last laugh being the last man standing and leaving the ring! This is very intriguing and an interesting story is being set up here. Zayn is the real champ and Hardy is interim so there should be a match to unify the belts but this is pro wrestling and not MMA.

Big E is all excited since Xavier is heading back to the WWE tonight by showing up on Talking Smack and it is his birthday. E has a cake to give him and gets all excited when he learns that he has shown up in the parking garage. Once in the garage though, E learns that it is Sheamus there to beat him to oblivion. E takes a massive beating and ends up taking the White Noise into a windshield. Let’s just say that this takes E out of the fatal 4 way match later in the night to determine the #1 contender at Clash of Champions. Backstage Heyman talks to Adam Pierce that we later learn is to give Jey Uso a chance in the fatal 4 way match. Holy crow that is huge! I don’t think one of the Uso’s has ever had a singles push and I am all in for the possibility of family pitted against family especially since Heyman’s promo earlier was all about family. Backstage Uso talks with Reigns, who looks like the Godfather overseeing Smackdown on his couch, and all that Reigns says is that this is your chance and if your brother (Jimmy) were here he would capitalize on this. Holy crow, talk about lighting a fire under somebody while creating competition at the same time. The match gets underway with Riddle heading out first, followed by Corbin who states right away that these changes are not cool and that the match shouldn’t continue under the circumstances. Before the bell rings everyone is battling outside the ring. This is going to be a good match once the referee gets everything under control. The match itself was amazing and Uso capitalizes on an opportunity off the Bro-Ton and then the frog splash to win. This story at Clash of Champions is going to be stellar! I can’t wait for how this will unfold because there are so many layers that can be told.

Another great build has been with Alexa Bliss! Backstage after the Firefly Funhouse video where Bray Wyatt announces that there will be a new friend joining the Funhouse next week, Bliss runs up to Nikki Cross to apologize for breaking her coffee mug the week before. In the background, we see Ramblin’ Rabbit on a stack on boxes just dancing away! Yes, this is how the puppets should be used randomly in the background because The Fiend is always watching and always looking for a new target. Bliss is killing this character change right now with the dreads, her blank stare and over the top emotions. Bliss hugs a very confused Cross.

Now, we are left to wonder what is really going on with Bliss and who will be the new friend in the Funhouse? Will it be Bliss as a completely changed woman to help The Fiend take over Smackdown? Will it be Strowman joining back up with an old friend to again take over Smackdown? Or just maybe will it somebody new that we will never see coming that has been the theme of WWE since Summerslam! Either way next week on Smackdown is must watch and is it Friday yet? For more wrestling takes please follow me @ms_wiper.

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