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WWE Smackdown Live Recap 09/11/20

Smackdown Live from the Amway Centre opens with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman heading to the ring. This duo looks menacing together and I can’t wait for what they will say or do. Heyman as always cuts a killer promo about the bloodline and does a great job building up Jey Uso to be a formidable opponent for Reigns. Heyman invites Uso to come out. Uso thanks Heyman for the history that their family has with him. Heyman flips the script and says that he should be thanking Reigns because Reigns told Heyman to put Uso in the match. Heyman just does what he is told by his boss. Holy crow, Reigns is actually the Godfather and everyone does his bidding. Does is appear to anyone else that Heyman is nervous around Reigns? That’s the vibe I get from the duo. Interrupting the family meeting is Baron Corbin complaining about Reigns abuse of power putting his cousin in the match. Sheamus interrupts as well to say that the match should have been a triple threat and he didn’t have time to prepare for Uso to be in the match. Uso steps up and decides to throw out a tag match challenge of Corbin and Sheamus against Uso and Reigns. Reigns is indifferent to the challenge. In the main event we have Corbin and Sheamus to the ring and Uso shows up but Reigns is no where to be found. Uso does all of the dirty work and then Reigns shows up to kick Uso out of the ring and get the pin. At the top of the apron, Uso raises their hands in victory but if looks could kill, well we will just have to wait for Clash of Champions to see what happens.

Sami Zayn is the true Intercontinental Champion and I don’t care what anyone says to that. We see him backstage arguing with an official about the title match between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. The match is about to begin but Zayn comes out to plead his case that he is the real Intercontinental Champion and the others are frauding the title. Zayn gets removed by security and walked to the back. Styles and Hardy are always good. Styles works on Hardy’s knee again but the match ends in a disqualification when Zayn attacks Styles from behind. He then Helluva Kicks Hardy and leaves the ring area. Hardy after taking a beating on his leg has a hard time climbing up the ramp to the point he collapses. We find out that the medical staff helped him to the trainer’s area and that his collapse was due to dehydration. Yes, you read that correctly, dehydration not the beat down he experienced on his already injured knee. You can’t make this stuff up folks. Zayn runs into the trainer area and asks are you sure it was dehydration for why he collapsed, Hardy heard enough and fought back against the mouthpiece of Zayn.

The Street Profits showed up on Smackdown Live this week to antagonize Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Cesaro and Nakamura had a nice little party set up with champagne and popcorn (ok, not much of a party but maybe their favourite things) to have after they beat Lucha House Party. Nakamura specifically tells the Street Profits to not touch any of it. During the match, Cesaro is throwing the Lucha’s around but the jumbo tron pops up a video of the Street Profits throwing a better party. This distraction gives the Lucha House Party the win and they join the Street Profits in the back to continue the party.

One of the major storylines coming our of Smackdown Live last week was Bayley’s vicious attack on Sasha Banks. Why would she do that to her best friend? Is Banks alright? Well, all those questions will be answered tonight when Bayley walks to the ring to cut the best promo of her career. Bayley has the same chair in her hand that she used to take out Banks, she gives it a kiss and then sits on it in the ring. She is jealous that no one asked or was concerned how she was doing; everyone wants to know how Banks was. As a said above, this was the best promo she has delivered, Banks just wanted the lime light and was using Bayley to get there but the joke was on her; Bayley was using Banks to get what she wanted. Bayley does not care about Banks at all and she attacked Banks because she is useless. Wow, fireworks! Bravo Bayley! If nobody bought into her heelwork before they sure as heck better be behind it now.

As Bayley is leaving the ring area, Nikki Cross comes out for the fatal 4 way match to determine the #1 contender at Clash of Champions. Cross was a victim of circumstance and took a chair shot from Bayley. The other contenders in the match are Tamina, Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss. Bliss was the standout here, her look changes more and more every week. Before the match begins, Bliss and officals are checking Cross to see if she can compete. Cross says she is good and the match is underway. During the match, Bliss, in front of the announce table, grabs Cross and in a trance like state delivers the Sister Abigail to Cross. Bliss looks off into the oblivion and walks out of the ring area to the backstage area taking herself out of the match. The match becomes a triple threat and looks like either Tamina or Evans have the best chance of winning since Cross is laid out at ringside. Evans goes for the pinfall but it is broken up by Cross who finds another wind and ends up winning to become #1 contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions.

Otis is really taking off in the Heavy Machinery duo. The theme they come out to has Otis’ name plastered across the screens but no Tucker. I don’t know if that is an undersight on the WWE or purposeful, I’m going to go with the latter and if the break up happens I’m going to be very sad. I also feel that they have lost a ton of steam with Otis in the last couple months, that boy was the hottest commodity and now he’s lukewarm. Otis has a match against John Morrison after he stole the briefcase last week. This week Otis has the briefcase and the lunch box just to taunt The Miz and Morrison. During the match, The Miz runs off with the lunchbox. Tucker is beside himself but Otis doesn’t seem too phased. Here comes another bait and switch as backstage we see Otis produce the contract out of a lunchbox in the briefcase. Miz and Morrison are hoping they have the contract now since they have a lunchbox. Morrison corrects Miz stating that the contract is not transferrable to another superstar. Miz states that his lawyer told him there is always a loophole in every contract and he’s going to find it by showing him. Well, they don’t have a contact they have an apple core. I’m actually a little intrigued by this loophole that Miz mentioned. I will have to wait and see what it turns into but I have a feeling we will be talking about this for a long time to come.

Another teaser from last week was who is going to be the new friend in the Firefly Funhouse. Bray starts out by saying that he misses the Universal Championship and maybe a little hint in there that he will challenge Reigns again. He then moves to a box that has the new friend in it, his name is Pasquale the Persevering Parrot. Bray removes the lid to give him his grand entrance and he doesn’t come out. Turns out that he passed into the beyond because Bray forgot to put air holes in the box for him. I originally thought that Mercy the Buzzard ate him but I guess he has ate Ramblin’ Rabbit enough that he is too full for a parrot. The devil boss puppet enters the Funhouse to scold Bray for his negligence in taking care of the parrot and losing the Universal Title. He then introduces the new puppet to Bray as his special advisor, Wobbly Walrus. This is a Heyman knockoff and I feel a little underwhelmed by the new friend. I will see how this plays out first though before I say I hate it.

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