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Survivor Series is Sunday night and the last SmackDown before the battle of the brands pay-per-view kicked off with The Street Profits talking about the Undertaker whose Final Farewell will be at Survivor Series. Montez Ford of the Profits even gave and impression of the Phenom until the lights started to flicker like Undertaker was there. We then heard someone say Rest in Peace the famous words spoken by Taker and we saw what seemed like the signature black hat of the legend start to appear… Of course, it was not The Undertaker it was Big E wearing a black sombrero simply messing with The Street Profits. Big E and The Profits then started to exchange words once again since on Sunday the SmackDown Tag Champions The Street Profits would face the RAW Tag Team Champions. Big E then told The Profits that his New Day brethren were at SmackDown and Profits seemed to be surprised.

New Day were then shown in the ring and they talked a little about The Street Profits before talking about The Undertaker and even imitating him as well but as tribute. The Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn not The Street Profits then interrupted and talked about how The Undertaker was retiring so Zayn could never get his revenge for being choke slammed. King Corbin then came out and so did the tag team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The New Day seemingly turned the pairs against each other saying if they compete in a tag match the winners can face them for their titles and then Ziggler and Roode were about to attack Corbin and Zayn but were faking and attacked The New Day.

Street Profits then came to the rescue of the New Day and all this chaos led to an eight-man tag match where The New Day and The Street Profits battled Corbin, Zayn, Ziggler, and Roode. Team champions won with Montez Ford pinning the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn who did not want to compete in a match in the first place.

Daniel Bryan was then shown talking casually to Kayla Braxton until Zayn walked by and Bryan looked at him. Zayn took it personally and got in the face of the legend Bryan who put on a facemask then shoved Zayn to the ground. Zayn then promised that we would get revenge and left while Bryan turned to Braxton and said, “I take social distancing very seriously.” An official interview then happened where Bryan acknowledged and commented on the actions of Jey Uso against him a couple weeks ago.

Adam Pearce then appointed Otis as the final member of team SmackDown and Chad Gable and Otis left to go celebrate. Natalya yet again went to complain to Pearce about how she had to fight Tamina for a spot on Team SmackDown and Pearce said like Otis he got to give a spot on the women’s team but he gave it to Bayley since she is a proven leader. Natalya took this personally and then Pearce rushed her to the ring since her match was next. Seth Rollins then did a great promo ahead of his match with his former disciple Murphy who betrayed him last week and cost him a match against Rey Mysterio.

Natalya and Tamina then started their match while Bianca Belair and Bayley joined Corey Graves and Michael Cole on the commentary desk. There seemed to be a lot of heat between Belair and Bayley and hopefully it leads to a rivalry between the two because it would be amazing. Natalya won and Bayley went to celebrate and tried to call Belair over since Bayley called herself the captain. Belair did not initially go to the ring, but she eventually did. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott also went to the ring to stand with their teammates but they did not seem to take well to Bayley being captain either. This on paper is the superior team but I feel like team RAW will win with Lana being the sole survivor, but I hope I am wrong.

The WWE Champion of RAW Drew McIntyre then went to the ring and Roman Reigns and company joined him for a contract signing. I was not excited for their match at Wrestlemania 35 but I am for this match especially after this segment. The trash talk was great especially from Reigns. I have always been a harsh critic of Reigns but even I must admit he is the best thing going on in the WWE right now or at least top three. I have a feeling these two are about to kill it on Sunday.

Former disciple versus SmackDown Savior then happened next. The Mysterio family went to ringside to support their new family member Murphy but Murphy assured them that he could handle Rollins his former mentor by himself. Rollins tried to use a kendo stick on Murphy at one point, but Rey stepped in and so did Dominik, but Rollins just beat up both. This allowed Murphy to briefly get the upper hand, but Rollins quickly got the momentum back and then intimidated Aalyah who tried to help her man Murphy. It was a hard-hitting affair that ended with Murphy getting the winning and celebrating with the Mysterio family. As ridiculous as it would be, I want Murphy to become Murphy Mysterio.

Boss Time then began as the SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks entered the ThunderDome to address everyone. Asuka the RAW Women’s Champion joined Banks as well along with Michael Cole who led the discussion between the two. These two have had a long back and forth and at Survivor Series they would yet again face each other. Words were exchanged until Carmella once again snuck up on Banks and attacked her while Asuka just stood back and watched doing nothing since there was no love lost between her and Banks.

Kayla Braxton then went up to Jey Uso asking him for comments on what Daniel Bryan and she even asked if he had permission from Reigns to talk to her this time, I just love the sassy but biased Braxton! He responded and then Bryan went to the ring ahead of a rematch between the two. The new haircut must have gave him power because Daniel Bryan won even if it was by a surprise rollup, a win is a win!

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