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What time was it when SmackDown started? IT WAS BOSS TIME! The show started with the SmackDown Women’s Champion and Legit Boss Sasha Banks entering the ring ahead of a championship rematch with her former best friend Bayley. A recap of their feud then graced our screens followed by Kayla Braxton interviewing Bayley before she went to the ring. As a Bayley fan I miss her being champion, but it is Banks time now, pun absolutely intended. This was a Banks dominated match where she kept pressing Bayley to make sure she would not yet again lose a title on her first defense. Banks had plenty of aerial offense in this match with Meteoras, cross bodies, and even a Frog Splash. A frustrated Bayley brought in a kendo stick to distract the referee who as he was disposing it, she brought in her beloved chair, but Banks defended against it. After the unsuccessful attempts to cheat though Bayley still gained momentum even almost winning the match. It is amazing how these two can always add new things in their matches with each other and keep them fresh and different each time. Banks came out of her first title defense of her current reign with the win when she used her Banks Statement submission. As Banks was leaving with her title above her head Carmella cam from behind attacking and dispatching the Boss on the entrance ramp. This was the next feud I was expecting, and I cannot wait, it should be good.

Kevin Owens then went up to Jey Uso at the catering table and the now heel Jey was not friendly and the two Survivor Series teammates seem to already be off to a rocky start. Jey was then interviewed by Kayla Braxton right after a recap of how he turned heel and finally fell in line just like his cousin Roman Reigns wanted. Braxton then asked Jey to explain his actions against Daniel Bryan. Braxton was being critical of Jey’s actions and then Paul Heyman came and stopped the interview saying Reigns did not give his permission for an interview. Braxton continued to throw shade saying Heyman had a better seat at Reigns table than Jey. You got to love the sassy Braxton.

Rey Mysterio was then shown backstage on the phone trying to reach his daughter until his son Dominik interrupted saying Rey needed to get dressed and ready for his Survivor Series qualifier match against King Corbin but Rey was too busy worrying about the whereabouts of his daughter. Rey was then attacked by King Corbin.

Reigns then confronted Jey about his interview as well as his interaction with Owens. Reigns then stressed the importance that Owens had to be taught a lesson about disrespecting his family. Reigns then confronted Heyman and told him to find Adam Pearce. There is no question who is in charge and it is the Universal Champion, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

A dinged-up Rey Mysterio then went to the ring accompanied by his son to face King Corbin to decide who would be the third member of team SmackDown. Corbin started the match fast with a spinebuster and a pin attempt but was unsuccessful. He continued to beat down Mysterio for a little bit until the gutsy legend turned the tables getting back into the match. As things started to go in his favor Rollins entered and stayed at the ramp to observe the match of his rival Mysterio who he has been feuding with for almost half a year now. Seriously the Rollins, Mysterio feud started after Money in the Bank in May and is still going on somehow. This match was a great battle between the bruising strongman style of Corbin clashing against the high-flying style of Mysterio. Corbin at one point attacked Dominik and then Rollins attacked the downed Dominik causing Mysterio to help his son. Murphy and Aalyah then went to help and Mysterio tried to shoo them away but was distracted and it cost him, and it led to Corbin getting the win over Mysterio.

Another Women’s triple threat qualifier match for Survivor Series then happened between Zelina Vega, Ruby Riott, and Natalya. The finisher was a strange one with Natty using the Sharpshooter on Vega and Riott sneaking in to also use an arm bar on Vega and Natty let go of her finisher to deal with Riott but Vega instantly tapped as soo as Natty let go! Natty tried to vent her anger on the strange finish on Riott but Riott escaped. Riott with this win became member two of the Women’s SmackDown Women’s team.

Big E then was shown playing board games with a woman until interrupted by the Street Profits. They joked about the upcoming potential New Day/ Street Profits Survivor Series match and laughed a lot then as Big E left Billie Kay entered laughing. She then offered the Street Profits her headshot and any intel on the RAW roster she had to the Profits since she was just on RAW. The Profits then pointed out that they were also on RAW at the exact same time that Kay was. Kay always makes me laugh I would love to see her stay involved in SmackDown in any capacity to be honest.

A match for the fourth spot on the men’s team SmackDown then ensued between Rollins and Otis but throughout the match Rollins was distracted by Murphy who came out early on and stayed at the side just watching. The brute strength of Otis and the technical talents of Rollins clashed in yet again another fun match on this SmackDown that has not disappointed. Murphy then went on the apron and for some reason Otis went after him, but Murphy jumped down and Murphy’s distraction helped Rollins get the win adding confusion to the feud. Murphy left Rollins and now he might be back with him again? The Mysterios were also confused on what Murphy is playing at as well since they were shown watching the match as well and even Aalyah seemed confused by the actions of her boyfriend Murphy. Rollins then confronted Murphy about what happened, and Murphy then pointed to Rollins and called him the Messiah and pointed to himself and said Disciple. Aalyah then confronted Murphy and was angry but he calmed her down and said to trust him and that he knows what he is doing so it seems like Murphy is only tricking Rollins but we will see how this enfolds.

Lars Sullivan was interviewed by Corey Graves last week and this week he was interviewed by the other SmackDown commentator Michael Cole. Sullivan talked more about him being bullied while breathing very heavy because of his anger and did not wear a shirt for some reason. He then went on about how he then became the bully of the bullies as well as the bully of the kids who just watched him be bullied. He also said how he made kids eat whatever he wanted them to eat and it just made me think of a scene from the Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers which I will have below for comedy purposes.

Reigns with his connections organized a match between Owens and Jey which happened after the Sullivan interview. Reigns and Heyman of course watched this match to make sure Jey gave the Tribal Chief the desired result. Reigns even sent Heyman to ringside to make sure things went as planned. The match was very back and forth with no one controlling the match for long. Heyman did not do much to help Jey besides yell at the referee but the big factor in the match was when Reigns music played distracting Owens and the referee was distracted by Heyman and both of these led to Hey headbutting the privates of Owens leading to a winning pinfall for Jey. Reigns then entered and celebrated his cousins win closing the show yet again with Reigns and Jey and deservedly so.

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