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WWE Smackdown Live Results & Discussion (10/31/17)

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Smackdown Live

Stay tuned for live Smackdown results starting at 8pm EST and be sure to join the discussion down below! Just remember - if we hit over 100 comments, we will draw a name of a commenter at random to win a free shirt from WWE Shop!


Tonight's preview!

Shinsuke Nakamura faces Kevin Owens, the winner joins Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. AJ Styles takes on the his second Singh Brother (Samir) in Jinder's honor. Also a big 2-3 falls match between The Glorious One Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. And much more so make sure to follow for a Spooktacular Time!

(Norfolk Scope Arena)  Norfolk, VA 

In-Ring Segment Shane McMahon

"Happy Halloween Norfolk" Survivor Series mention against RAW. He say's why did SmackDown lay Seige on RAW? He say's since SmackDown has been around it's always been the 2nd show. He say's he put together a Team along with Daniel Bryan to beat RAW on a weekly basis. Creating the land of opportunity. But the one idea they put together was to kick RAW in the mouth with the invasion. He thanks the fan's of SmackDown, for coming to the show's each and every week. He mention's Daniel Bryan and the way he was treated and disrespected. Set up, and beat up. He ask's where was Kurt? Where was Stephanie at that moment? He say's there will be Hell to pay for that. He tell's Kurt to bring their very best. He mention's the partial team for SmackDown, making himself as well the Team Captain for SmackDown. He then end's with announcing "Let's get down to the action". Bobby Roode's music play's. Setting up the 2 out of 3 falls match between Roode and Ziggler.

Bobby Roode Vs Dolph Ziggler 2 out of 3 Falls Qualifier for Team SmackDown 

(Commercial Break)

Ziggler early pin attempt. Ziggler playing to the crowd. Roode's turn. Glorious DDT attempt by Roode. But Ziggler counter's. A strong clothesline to Ziggler. Roode with an neck breaker from the second rope. Goes for the pinfall, Ziggler kick's out. Roode tosses Ziggler to the outside. On the outside, Ziggler with a shot to the midsection of Roode. An irish whip attempt by Ziggler gets countered by Roode and into the barricade goes Ziggler. Back in the ring. Out of no where a Super Kick to Roode. Ziggler for the 1-2-3. Ziggler get's the first pinfall.

Both wrestler's to their feet, Ziggler goes for the quick pin. Roode kick's out. Ziggler baseball slides Roode to the outside. Ziggler now in full control after his first pinfall. Back inside Ziggler hit's the famouser, goes for the pin but Roode kick's out at two. Back and forth Roode slings shots Ziggler into the corner and goes for the pin, Roode get's the pinfall. Tied at one fall a piece. A modified Rock Bottom to Ziggler, Roode for the win, but Ziggler kick's out. A huge DDT to Roode by Ziggler, Roode straight in the air after the DDT. Greusome looking, but kick's out at two. A Zig Zag to Roode and Roode kick's out, this is after an attempt by Roode with the Glorious DDT, but countered by Dolph. Both guy;s leg's are staggering, but both to their feet. Ziggler warming up the band in the corner but Roode side steps, multiple attempts by both guys, but Roode counter's at the end and hit's the Glorious DDT for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bobby Roode, both by pinfall. Joining Team SmackDown

(After the match, Renee interviews Roode and mention's SmackDown UP! RAW Down, #underseige)

205 LIVE Preview

Back Stage Segment

New Day, Rusev and Aiden English

All decked out in costume's. Rusev say's Team RAW can come in and attack at any time. Rusev pours out Big E's candy and flips out.

Charlotte, Naomi, Becky, Carmella, Lana, Tamina, Natalya 

Nattie say's it's a shame she's not the captain, and mention's the match between her and Alexa. But she say's there's always a weak link. And that Team Raw wins they know who to blame, and that's Charlotte.

Baron Corbin Vs Sin Cara

3rd time's the charm for these two. Baron Corbin comes out first.

(Commercial Break)

Corbin using his power against Sin Cara, Corbin goes for the mask and tries to rip it off his face. He tosses Sin Cara to the outside. Corbin again on the outside attempts to take the mask off Sin Cara. Sin Cara in the ring attempts the suicide dive to Corbin but Corbin hit's Sin Cara with a forearm. Corbin again tries to rip the mask off. Sin Cara finally tries to take control, he then spears Corbin onto the announce table. The ref counts to 10 and the match ends in a double count out.

No Contest Double Count out

Back Stage Interview

Renee Young and The Uso's 

They say they have Smackdown locked down, and they will prove it against RAW at Survivor Series. Benjamin and Gable come in and mention that next week they have the opportunity for the Tag Titles next week. They begin to mock The Uso's with the Uso chant.

Singh Brothers announce The WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

In-Ring Segment 

Jinder says AJ Styles fears him. The Singh Bros mocking Brock Lesnar's in ring moves. Jinder say's The Beast will be conquered. And he will be called the Beast Master. He then speaks in his language. AJ Styles music hit's and interupts Jinder.

AJ Styles Vs Samir Singh

AJ Styles with the Styles Clash and the match is over. (Squash Match)

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match Jinder and the 2nd Singh Brother attack AJ from behind. Jinder takes AJ Styles across the ring post from the inside and bends AJ in half. Then Jinder hit's AJ with The Collass. AJ lying lifeless in the ring hold's up the title, and... grab's AJ once again and hit's him with another Collass.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Back Stage Segment

Kevin Owens say they are going to takeover SmackDown and it will become the Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Show. They also mentioned how Shane put himself as the Captain of Team SmackDown. Not agreeing with his decision.

Bludgeon Brothers Video Package

Rusev and Aiden English In-Ring Pre Match 

Aiden starts to sing his Halloween vignette. But the New Day interupt's.

Big E Vs Rusev

Rusev with kicks to Big E takes him down. Big E counters and takes down Rusev. In the corner Big E stomps Rusev in the corner. Rusev gets to his feet on the outside apron. Rusev pulls the arm of Big E through the ropes and takes him down. Rusev is on the attack of the arm of Big E, ramming his shoulder into the ring post. In the ring, Rusev applies an arm bar and is wearing Big E's arm down. Continuing the attack on the arm, Rusev pulls his arm through the top rope and snaps his arm down. Big E tries to counter but Rusev say's no. Taking down Big E once again. Applying pressure once again to Big E's left arm. Big E powers out and hits Rusev with two huge belly to belly suplex's. Big E then hit's Rusev with a Big Splash. Rusev to his feet and hit's Big E with a huge boot. Big E picks up Rusev and slams him down. Aiden English tries to distract Big E on the mic, he hits Woods with the mic and then runs from Kofi. In the ring, Big E hit's Aiden with his finisher. Distracted, Rusev then kicked Big E in the back of the head, Big E goes down and Rusev pins him for the win. 1-2-3.

Winner: Rusev by pinfall

Back Stage Segment Rusev and Shane McMahon with Aiden English

Rusev say's he wants to be on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Shane says he'll have his shot, but must beat AJ Styles. And the winner goes on to represent Team Blue.

Fashion Files (Stranger Things) Chapter Twenty

Fandgao has a plate of Eggo's and feeds something under a table covered with sheets. Tye Dillinger comes from the sheets and Breeze says "another 11? Dillinger say's "No I'm a 10, The Perfect 10. The lights go out, and theres a disturbance. The lights go on, flickering and a clown picture, like a jig saw mask say's "Let the games begin".

Kevin Owens Vs Shinsuke Nakamura Qualifier Match 

Quick strikes early from Shinsuke. Owens rolls out of the ring. Owens runs at Shinsuke, but Nakamura hits Owens with knee. A quick pinfall by Shinsuke, but Owens kicks out. On the outside Nakamura irish whips Owens into the barricade.

(Commercial Break)

Shinsuke still in control. But Owens kicks Nakamura in the face and starts to punch Shinsuke in the face. Now Owens has Shinsuke in a chin lock. Nakamura tries to fight out, but Owens hits the DDT, he then goes for the pin. Nakamura kicks out at two. Couple of forearms and a knee from Shinsuke. In the corner is Owens and Nakamura hits Owens with a running knee strike. Attempted pin by Nakamura, but KO kicks out. Sami Zayn is walking out, KO goes for a quick pin, but Shinsuke kicks out. On the top rope Shinsuke has KO and attempts a powerslam, KO counters with a top rope neck breaker slam. Attempted pop up power bomb, but Shinsuke counters with a knee strike. Zayn eventually pulls KO out of the ring. With the distraction from Zayn, KO throws Shinsuke into the steps. KO hits the frog splash and goes for the win. Nakamura kicks out. KO tells Zayn to set up the table for him, Randy Orton music hit's and Zayn is waiting for him, Randy Orton comes from the crowd and slams Zayn into the table. With the distraction, Nakamura with a spinning heel kick to KO and Shinsuke Nakamura pins KO for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall 

My Thoughts of tonight's SmackDown:

The match between Dolph and Roode was a good start to kick it off. A very good SmackDown this week compared to recent weeks. The 3 x match between Corbin and Sin Cara to me doesn't seem to appealing. Mainly because Sin Cara hasn't been on TV until this fued, so not much of any build up. Mainly just being thrown together. The fashion files is a funny segment in which I enjoy and wish were longer. I do enjoy the build up between The Usos, and Gable and Benjamin. I think this match is gonna be a good one. Both teams are very fun to watch. The Rusev and New Day skits are getting boring. Just because there's no titles between them right now, so not much will come of it I think. The main event between Owens and Nakamura was a great finish, a ton of action and Zayn and Owens are great as heels together. Overall this week was very enjoyable, hopefully the fans tuned in to watch this week.

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