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WWE Smackdown Live Results (1/16/18) - The United States Just Got Glorious

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Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live

Smackdown starts with the powaaaa! New Day! They hit the ramp with a ton of pancakes for the crowd. New Day cuts a promo about Woods taking on Jinder Mahal. Woods talks about maintaining America's principals, but not many talk about the principal of pancakes. They are delicious. He says a vote for him as US Champion is a vote for three. And the best things come in threes. Jinder hates threes, and hates America.

Xavier Woods vs. Jinder Mahal US Championship Tournament Semi-Final

Mahal hits a hard shot to start the match. A big boot that drops Woods fast. Mahal continues to hammer away at the neck and back of Xavier with knees and knee drops. Woods tries to fight back but gets shut down. Jinder continues to wear down Woods as we head to break.

We return and Woods is locked in a submission by Mahal. Mahal releases the hold and goes back to using his knees to focus on the neck and back of Woods. Woods starts to fight back but gets thrown onto the top rope. More knees from Jinder Mahal. Mahal slides out and uses the ring apron to choke Xavier. Woods slides out of the ring and only just barely makes it into the ring before the 10 count. Woods throws some hard right hands but then gets whipped hard into the turnbuckles. Mahal hits several hard crossface forearms, then locks in a headlock. Woods runs into a huge high knee from Mahal. We head to break again.

We return and Mahal is in control of Woods on the top turnbuckle but Xavier fights him off and hits a huge dropkick off the top. Woods with chops and Mahal with right hands. Woods with flying clotheslines. Woods hits a huge spinning forearm. Woods is able to hit an enziguri to the back of the head of Mahal and follows it up with a shining wizard. Only a 2 count for Woods, but it's close. The Singh brothers try to interfere but Big E and Kofi chase them to the back. Woods to the top rope but misses with the big elbow drop. Mahal throws Woods into the bottom rope and Woods looks stunned. Mahal hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Baron Corbin has a vignette about the Royal Rumble being his kind of match.

All the women on the Smackdown cut vignettes about winning the Royal Rumble. It was kind of poorly put together.

Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley United States Championship Tournament Semi-Final

The match starts a little slow with some headlocks and dodges. Bobby takes control slightly with some elbows and throws another headlock in. Mojo fights out and hits a running tackle. Bobby sent to the outside and then Mojo slides out and hits a big tackle that sends Roode flying into the barricade hard. We head to commercial break. We return and Mojo has Bobby in an abdominal stretch. Bobby fights out but misses with an elbow and then eats a big boot. Mojo pounces on Bobby and then shoves him in the corner and hits several tackles to the ribs. Mojo locks in a modified abdominal stretch. Mojo with another big tackle to the ribs of Bobby Roode. He goes for a third but Bobby dodges out of the way and Mojo crashes into the steel post. Bobby starts to fight back with right hands. Bobby with some clotheslines and a swinging neckbreaker. Bobby with the big blockbuster! 2 count. Mojo with a huge press to knock the wind out of Roode. He slams him into the corner and does it over and over. He eats a boot from Bobby and a spinebuster to follow up. Bobby hits the Glorious DDT for the win!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Immediately after the match, the Singh brothers attack Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal says next week will be Glorious! Bobby grabs a mic and says we don't have to wait until next week, let's do it tonight! Jinder says no, we'll do it when I say. He wants Bobby to have a week to think about it. He turns around and Daniel Bryan is standing behind him. Daniel says the United States Championship match...TONIGHT!!

Orton cuts a vignette about winning the Royal Rumble.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Naomi vs. The Riott Squad

Charlotte and Liv Morgan start the match. They lock up and Charlotte shows off her strength. Charlotte takes down Liv and then tosses her. Charlotte with some big chops and a german suplex. Tag to Riott. Riott gets her legs swept out and Charlotte locks her legs around Riott's head and flips her around three times. Becky tags in and hits a running forearm. Tag to Naomi with a running clothesline. Becky tags back in and we end up with a stand off on the outside of the ring. We head to break.

We return and Liv is in control of Becky. Tag is made to Logan who locks in a modified headlock. Logan hits a running tackle on Becky. Becky reverses an Irish whip and sends Logan over the top rope. Clothesline by Becky who then makes the hot tag to Naomi. Liv tags in also and eats a diving clothesline. Springboard kick by Naomi and then back and forth kick to Liv Morgan. Naomi with a springboard crossbody. Logan runs in and eats a spear from Charlotte. Ruby Riott hits a big kick from the outside to Naomi and allows Liv to pick up the win.

Winners: The Riott Squad

Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship

Interesting to note, both Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are out at ringside. Both men lock up to start and bounce around a bit before the ref splits things up in the corner. Bobby Roode starts sending off some right hands, and Jinder counters with some strong kick and them stomps of his own. Jinder goes after the ribs of Bobby because that's what Mojo had been focused on. Bobby gets Jinder in the corner and hits 10 right hands. Jinder charges at Roode but Bobby pulls down the ropes and sends him crashing to the floor. Bobby goes after him but Jinder tackles Bobby into the side of the ring and then suplex drops Roode onto the barricade. We head to break.

When we return Jinder is in control. He locks in an abdominal stretch and also punches the ribs at the same time. He releases the hold and drops several hard knees to the ribs of the Glorious One. Bobby starts to fight back but runs into a high knee from Mahal. Bobby tries to gain some momentum again but runs into a big boot that knocks Bobby hard to the mat. Bobby is down and doesn't look good. Mahal stomps hard on the back of the ribs of Roode. Bobby manages to clothesline Mahal out of the ring. Bobby goes to the apron and hits a diving clothesline off the side. He rolls Jinder in the ring and goes to the top to hit a high cross body! Jinder rolls through and gets a 2 count. Bobby still gets up first and hits a hard clothesline. Bobby hits the Blockbuster for a long 2 count. Both men go for a clothesline and both connect! Bobby is able to get up first which allows him to hit a big spinebuster. Mahal gets up and goes for his finisher but Bobby reverses and hits the Glorious DDT! 1-2-3!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Bobby Roode!

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