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WWE Smackdown Live Streaming Results (10/17/17)

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Smackdown Live

Welcome WNW fans to another week of SmackDown. Coming to you live from Daniel Bryan's home State of Washington. We're Coming off a week in which Sami Zayn had saved his brother Kevin Owen's. Sami will in fact kick off this week's show. What will he and Kevin Owen's have in store for the WWE Universe? Also WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to make an Survivor Series announcement. Follow us LIVE to find out, plus much more. 

Live From The Key Arena in Seattle Washington.

In-Ring Segment Daniel Bryan/Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens

Before Bryan speaks the crowd really behind chanting his name. Then YES! chants break out. Bryan say's it's great to be home. He goes through the tonight's card and line-up. He wants to address Sami Zayn. He say's he was disappointed in his actions. Sami Zayn interupts Bryan and comes out to the ring. Zayn tells Bryan he's still a great guy and he took owenership of his career. He say's to Bryan he thought he would understand why he did what he did. He mentions he is still has an in ring career and pauses and looks at Bryan. Zayn says the WWE didn't uphold their end of the contract. Making him undesirable. He say's he doesn't care what anyone thinks, and it feels amazing. He tells Bryan if he worked smarter and not harder he wouldn't have had to retire. He does praise Bryan's career. He say's now the last person he would want to be like is Bryan, that he's ended up being a house wife. Kevin Owen's is making his way to the ring. Owens says he's so happy he's seen the light. He say's Bryan has become the Mr. Bella. Bryan say's Owens's resents him because he does what's best for the fan's. Kevin Owen's says Bryan is now the Authority. Zayn say's Owens is right, he call's him a sell out. Daniel Bryan has had enough and starts to walk to the back. Bryan say's he is going to find a couple of dude's to punch them both in the face.

Video Package of the Hell In A Cell match between Charlotte and Natalya. Then a recap of last week's backstage brawl between the Women's locker room.

(Commercial) Charlotte Flair is making her way to the ring during the break.

Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Becky Lynch VS Natalya, Lana, Tamina W/Carmella as Guest Commentator

Naomi and Natalya kick it off. Natalya on the outside and Naomi over the top rope with a dive onto Tamina and Natalya. Back in the ring, Becky comes in and hits Natalya with a spinning heel kick. Natalya on the outside. Becky with the tag to Naomi. Natalya tag's in Lana. A quick tag to Tamina. Tamina hit's Naomi with a big kick to Naomi's face. Tamina with a cover, Naomi kick's out at 2. Tamina has Naomi grounded. Naomi desperate to make a tag. Tamina tag's in Natalya, couple quick kicks to Naomi in the corner. Another tag to Tamina. Again Naomi is grounded. Naomi with a kick to Tamina, dazing her for a second. Tamina then tag's Lana. Lana continue's to ground Naomi. Lana goes to the corner and knock's off Becky off the apron. Naomi finally tag's in Charlotte. Charlotte with chops to Lana. Charlotte is in full control of Lana. Charlotte attempts the figure 8 but Lana kicks Charlotte to the corner. Lana attempts a roll up, Charlotte reverses Lana into the figure 8. Lana taps out.

Winner's: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Naomi.

After the match Natalya throws Charlotte into the announce table, Natalya grabs a chair but Charlotte kicks Natalya down. Charlotte grabs the chair and Natalya runs into the WWE Universe.

Back Stage Segment Daniel Bryan/Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn

They ask Bryan if they've found anyone.? He say's Randy Orton & Shinsuke Namkamura will face them tonight.

Breezango presents: Fashion Files Pulp Fashion Featuring The Asension

Tyler Breeze eats a cheeseburger and Fandango say's he's allergic to pickles. The Asension gives Fandango with a GIANT syringe. Breeze comes to and say's he has no allergies, but the bun was terrible. They turn around and the briefcase is missing. Fashion Files 4 is then announced.

Baron Corbin is making his way to the ring. (Commercial)

Baron Corbin VS Sin Cara 

Baron Corbin is on the mic and ask's if the WWE Universe would like this match to be for the US Title?. He say's too bad, the open is closed. Sin Cara with a fury to begin the match. On the outside is Corbin and Sin Cara hit's Corbin with a baseball slide. Sin Cara to the top of the ring post, Sin Cara with a cross body to Corbin. Sin Cara back in the ring and the ref count's to 10.

Winner: Sin Cara via Count Out

Back Stage Interview: Renee Young with the Uso's/Gable and Benjamin

She ask's about their next challenge, They say they are feeling good. 5x ish. They pretty much are feeling good. Gable and Benjamin come in. Gable say's he too feels good. He say's he feels they are going to be the next Tag Team Champions. They end with saying RESPECT, The Uso's go for a hand shake but take their hands away and leave the Uso's hanging.

Jinder Mahal is making his way to the ring. 

Luke Harper And Eric Rowan Video, Deep in the Woods somewhere.

They are calling themselves the Bloodgent Brother's.

Back from Commercial Video Package of Jinder in India.

Jinder Mahal is announced by The Singh Brother's

Jinder say's there's only certain thing's you get to experience as the Modern Day Mahrajah. Nothing but the finest as WWE Champion, the first ever Indian born Champion. He say's he was asked by a little boy, What's next? He say's he was told he didn't have the respect in America. (Crowd chanting, He can't wrestle) But quickly reminds them that he is the WWE Champion. He then say's he is challenging The Beast Brock Lesnar. AJ Styles interupts the segment. AJ Styles. (Crowd chanting AJ Styles) He say's Jinder has never beat AJ Styles. Jinder say's he is a loser and there is no real competition on SmackDown. AJ say's if he is a loser then Jinder should have no problem facing him for the WWE Championship. Jinder say's he's at the back of the line. Standing toe to toe AJ hit's Jinder with forearms and hit's Jinder with a Paylay kick. Jinder quickly retreat's towards the back.

Booby Roode VS Dolph Ziggler (Re-Match From HIAC)

Roode comes out first. Ziggler comes out with his new dark entrance.

Ziggler quickly hit's Roode with a fury of punches to the corner. Roode out of the corner with a clothesline. Ziggler to the outside. Ziggler hits Roode with an dropkick to Roode on the outside. Back in the ring Ziggler in control of Roode. A standing elbow to Roode. Ziggler has Roode grounded. Roode tries to counter and sling shots Ziggler into the corner. Roode hits Ziggler with a modernized Rock Bottom. Ziggler attempts a roll up, Roode kicks out at 2. Roode attempts the same, but Ziggler counters and rolls up Roode and holds the tights. He gets the 1,2,3 pinfall. A match that ended rather quickly.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Announce team mention's the TLC PPV and the line-up card for Sunday.

205 LIVE Preview

Brock Lesnar set to respond to Jinder's challenge on Mondy Night Raw.

Aiden English with an Original Piece. 

The New Day interupts with jokes on Aiden English. Rusev comes into the scene and say's it's Rusev Day. Aiden tries to continue, and Rusev say's another time.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


Main Event

Shinsuke and Zayn kick off the main event. Zayn with the quick ringing of Shinsuke's arm, Shinsuke counters with his own. Zayn with an arm lock back on Shinsuke. They break apart and Shinsuke with a fury of kicks ro Zayn. IN the corner Shinsuke with a boot to Zatns face. Shinsuke with a tag to Orton, Zayn backs up and Owens comes in with the tag. Orton with a right hand to Owens. Orton goes for the RKO but Owens ducks out of the ring. Orton follows. Orton hits Zayn, and Owens tosses Orton into the barricade. Owens yells out "This is my show".


Back from commercial Shinsuke has Owens on the top rope, Zayn interfers and Owens hits Shinsuke with a leg tackle from behind. Zayn in from the tag. Zayn working on the leg of Shinsuke. A quick tag to Owens. Owens with kicks to Shinsukes leg. A running senton on Shinsuke by Owens. Owens puts Shisuke in a chin lock. In the corner Shinsuke, Owens tries a splash, Shinsuke gets out of the way. He hits Owens in the corner with a knee. He tags in Orton. Orton takes out both Zayn and Owens. On the outside Orton with a back body drop on the ring barrier. Orton tries to hit Zayn with a DDT on the outside. He drags Zayn near the announce table and Orton slams Zayn into the announce table and the table implodes. Back in the ring, a pin attemt by Orton. But Owens hits Orton with a super kick. Shinsuke tosses Owens to the outside. Zayn rushes Orton but Orton hits him with a powerslam. Owens distracts the ref, and Zayn with an low blow to Orton. Zayn sets up Orton with the Helluvah Kick. He goes for the pin on Orton. 1,2,3. And Zayn steals the match over Orton.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Via Pinfall

In the back both Owens and Zayn are talking to Daniel Bryan, they ask him what do they have next for them after beating the top two guy's on the roster. Bryan say's it's not up to him, it's up Shane McMahon.

Owens and Zayn come back out, Owens gloats on the mic about the win against Orton and Shinsuke. Saying there is nothing anyone can do about it. They end the show by Owens announcing himsef and Zayn as his best friend.

SmackDown Ends. 

Good night everyone, see you all next week!

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