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WWE Smackdown Live Streaming Results & Discussion (10/3/17)

Smackdown Live

Welcome wrestling fans to WNW's Smackdown Live stream. Tonight's edition of Smackdown is the last show before the Hell In A Cell PPV. Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens are set to meet face to face. Baron Corbin looks to once again take down the perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. The Usos plan on reading The New Day their last rights. To kick off tonight's Smackdown, Shinsuke Nakamura is set to address the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. There's much to look forward in tonight's action!

(Pepsi Center) Denver, CO.

The WWE Universe takes a moment of silence to the victims in the Las Vegas Tragedy.

A video package of Jinder Mahal mocking Shisuke Nakamura from last week's edition of Smackdown has kicked off the show.

In Ring Interview with Renee Young And #1 Contender Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee mentions that some say Jinder may have gone overboard recently in his verbal attacks. Shinsuke says sticks and stones may break his bones but names will never hurt. Shinsuke mentions this Sundays Hell In A Cell match and that he will become WWE Champion. The interview is interuptted by the Singh Bros. They inroduce Jinder Mahal. But Jinder is already in the ring and attacks Shinsuke from behind. On the mat Jinder is taking it to Shinsuke, but Shinsuke intervenes and hits Jinder. Shinsuke sets up in the corner, ready and waiting for Jinder to come to his feet. The Singh Bros then hold onto Shinsukes leg and Jinder takes advantage. Shinsuke tries fighting back. 3 onto 1 and Shinsuke has no shot. Jinder then hits Shisuke with the Collass. Jinder holds the title up in his own victory.

Carmella Ms. MITB & Natalya vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch

Carmella and Becky kick off the match. Becky with a fury of kicks. Carmella jumps out to the outside. Both Becky and Charlotte baseball slide into Nattie and Carmella. (commercial) Back in the ring Charlotte has the upper hand on Carmella. A tag to Becky and Carmella then takes advantage. With a tag Nattie is controlling Becky Lynch, wearing her down in the corner. Having Becky grounded, puts her in a chin lock and is keeping the pressure on Becky. With a distraction and the refs back turned, Nattie puts Becky in the corner and adds kicks to the mid section. Nattie and Carmella are in full control. Another distraction Becky rolls up Nattie for the pin. A 2 count. Becky tags in the Queen Charlotte. Charlotte with a back suplex and goes for the pin. A 2 count as Carmella breaks up the pin. Charlotte attempts the figure four. Carmella hits Becky on the outside with the MITB briefacse and distracts Charlotte. Nattie then hits Charlotte and puts her in the sharpshooter.

Winners By Submission Natalya & Carmella

Video package of the lead up between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens

The Glorious one, Bobby Roode is next and in action!

Mike Kanellis Vs Bobby Roode

Kanellis already in ring after the commercial break. Bobby Roode is making his way to the ring. (Roode an absolute crowd favorite in Denver.)

Match opens up with a lock up in the corner, Roode smoothly moves away from Kanellis and backs off. Playing to the crowd, Kanellis takes a shot at Roode. Now Kanellis turns to the crowd, Bobby Roode quickly to his feet and hits Kanellis with a massive spine buster. Roode then hits Kanellis with the Glorious DDT. Roode with the 1,2,3.

Winner Bobby Roode

Post Match: 

Dolph Ziggler comes out with drums, party streamers and poppers. He gets on the mic and says to Roode that after all these years he's finally weasled his way into the WWE. Ziggler asks the crowd if everyone is happy now? Does everyone like his entrance? He tells Roode on Sunday his entrance will be rememberal. Exiting the ring Roode taked the mic and says to Dolph his entrance was terrible, and says to Dolph, This is how you do it. Bobby Roode's music hits and shows Dolph what a real entrance looks like. Dolph in disgust turns away and walks to the back as Roode continues his Glorious ways.

Uso's In-Ring Segment (Reading Of The New Day's Rights)

The Usos says that the New Day arent stepping inside with 3 men. The other one has to be on the outside eating Booty O's. And they Welcome The New Day to The Uso's Penitentiary. Where there's no twerking, no trombones, no Booty O's.

They mention that they have been holding down the WWE Tag Team Division since Day 1. That it's not just a T-Shirt. Its a way of life.

New Day then comes out. Kofi says they arent in the mood to promote their products, but holds up their new underwear line, and now for sale at They say that each and every time they have a match, fans go home saying that their match was the best of the night. That each time they left a match they leave as winners. And after the last match with the Uso's they left as Tag Team Champions. Thay they will be leaving the Uso's in a pile of day 1 ish. Big E ends with "Because?! (Crowd chants "New Day Rocks".

Back Stage Segment Jinder Mahal

He tells us to take a look at earlier footage from tonight. Saying Shinsuke underestimated his intelligence. He also said that it will again happen this Sunday at Hell In A Cell.

Tye Dillinger VS Baron Corbin

Dillinger and Corbin start the match exchanging blows. Corbin tosses Tye to the outside. Dillinger quickly gets back into the ring. Back and forth they go in the corner. Corbin on the outside slides back into the ring and Dillinger hits Corbin with a Super Kick. A turning point in this one, Tye climbs onto the apron from the outside. Corbin goes for a punch, Dillinget then ducks, but then hits Tye with an elbow and throws him off the apron and into the steps, sternum first. Back into the ring, Corbin has the upper hand. He ties up Dillinger while he's on the ropes. KIck to the mid section. Corbin goes for a body slam and Tye counters with a roll up for the 1,2,3.

Winner Tye Dillinger by Pin Fall

Post Match:

AJ Styles says nothing is handed to him in the house that AJ built. If he focused more, maybe he could have beateb John Cena, maybe even beaten Tye Dillinger tonight. He says he throws tantrums and shortcuts will not work Sunday against him.

In-Ring Segment with Dana Warrior 

Breast Cancer awareness with Susan G. Komen. She mentions for the past 6 years Komen and WWE have been fighting together against Breast Cancer. WWE Womens superstars along with three Breast Cancer survivors are receiving an award in their fight against Breast Cancer. They are receiving their very own pink WWE Championship belts. The names of the recipients are: Lauren Schwartz. Michelle Segura. Rochelle McKenzie. Congratulations to these 3 women. As well as all the other women that are winning the fight against Breast Cancer.

Randy Orton VS Aiden English

Rusev is in the ring with Aiden English. They replay last weeks Rusev Day being ruined by Randy Orton.

Rusev says last week Randy ruined his day last week. He says this Sunday he will break him on Sunday. Cut short, Randy Orton's music plays.

Rusev distracts Orton from the apron. English takes advantage of the distraction and takes the upper hand on Orton. An irish whip reversal by Orton, he throws English into the air and hits English with the RKO out of no where. 1,2,3 for the win. Rusev stares down Orton as he walks to the back.

Winner By Pin Fall Randy Orton

Video Package of last week's match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Back Stage Segment Shane McMahon & Sami Zayn

Sami says to Shane that at Hell IN A Cell he's going into the match with no ordinary Kevin Owens. He says that he was his best friend, his best man at his wedding and look at what Owens did to him. Shane said he appreciated his concern but that he will do what he needs to do, and Zayn should do the same.

Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens Face to Face In-Ring Segment

Shane is out to the ring first, he says he's waited a long time for this and calls out Kevin Owens. Owens doesnt come out and Shane says he's a no show and a coward. He says he disrespected his family and father. That he hid behind Sami Zayn. But on Sunday he cant hide anywhere. Shane then changes the stipulation to this Sundays match to a falls count anywhere match.

Kevin Owens is in the crowd with a mic. He says to Shane are you looking for me? He then starts to walk down to the ring, but changes his mind, and says Ive already spent enough time in Denver and walks up the steps into the crowd. Shane says, ill take the fight to you and looks for Owens. Shane opens a curtain into the concourse and Kevin Owens ambushes him from behind. Kevin Owens is is taking to Shane. Back and forth with punches. Kevin Owens then tosses Shane into a wall. Kevin Owens takes Shane and power bombs Shane into an table. Laid out Kevin Owens leaves and heads to the ring. They replay what just happened, and Kevin Owens has a mic and is in the ring. He says he has no idea what is coming on Sunday. Kevin says he likes the idea of falls count anywhere. So he can beat him everywhere. Inside and outside the ring. He says he is going to beat him so bad that Shane will forget his kids names. He then says Shane doesnt need to worry about jumping off the Cell. That He will throw him off the Cell.

Shane is slowly making his way back to the ring. Owens meets him in the audience. Kevin with a fury of punches. Shane blocks a punch and throws Owens over the barricade. Back on the outside of the ring, Owens takes Shane and throws him over the announce table. Shane and Owens back in the ring. Shane tries to fight off Owens. Kevin is just too much and knocks Shane down. Kevin Owens starts to leave the ring but stops. He goes back into the ring and grabs Shane. Shane punches Owens a few times but Owens stands him up and head butts him just like he did to Vince a couple of weeks ago. Shane will not stay down, he tries getting up. Owens throws Shane into the ropes for the pop up power bomb. Kevin Owens music plays as he sits on the outside apron and stares down Shane lying inside the ring. With a blank stare from Owens he walks up the ramp and stops and once again stares down Shane.


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