WWE Smackdown Open Thread (11/21/14) - Live Results & Discussion


WWE Smackdown Results - (11/21/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

Michael Cole is in the ring, welcoming Triple H, who walks to the ring by himself. Michael Cole says we are two days from Survivor Series, as he reminds Triple H of the stipulation involved in the match. Cole says if Team Authority loses, they no longer have power in the WWE. Cole asks if this is the last time they can conduct an interview in this situation. Triple H cautions him on the questions he asks, otherwise it will be his last interview period. Cole asks another, saying the WWE Universe will be in pure glee at their loose. Cole reminds him of the stakes. Triple H says the opinions of the audience regarding him don't matter. Triple H says he appreciates them, but without them, there is no Universe. Triple H says he and Stephanie have the best interest of the WWE in mind. Their opinions are irrelevant when it comes to him making decisions. Cole asks if this is because their egos have gotten to large. Triple H says life is a marathon, not a sprint. Triple H says he was given the name the Cerebral Assassin in the Attitude Era. Triple H reminds everyone of the elite like Rock, Austin, Undertaker and Foley. Triple H says there is an argument that they are bigger stars they he was, but he stresses he is still going strong. Triple H says he is smarter than all of them were. Triple H says that is what he means when he says, "the Authority always wins." Triple H says they are the constant and will be here forever. Cole asks how Raw would be without the Authority. Triple H speaks of Vince McMahon's genius, and him outlasting everyone else. Triple H says there are only two people on the face of the planet that can do what he does. That is Stephanie McMahon and himself. Triple H says without the Authority this place has no future. Triple H says the company might have a year or two lasting, but only a couple of months until everyone is begging for the Authority to come back. Cole asks if they win, what will everyone expect. Triple H says he would like to invite Team Cena to the stage. Triple H says he wants to know what Cena has to say about Cole's question in the interview, and his response to it.

Cole asks John Cena if he feels responsible for his teammates. Cena states that he is asking them to make a leap of faith, putting their livelihood on the line. Cena says he knows the Authority will hold all of them with vengeance, so that's why they must win.

Triple H says if Team Cena loses at Survivor Series, every member will be fired.

Rusev makes his way to the ring.


United States Champion Rusev w/ Lana vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler grabs the leg of Rusev, but is backed into the ropes. Rusev throws an elbow to Ziggler, as he rolls out of the ring. Ziggler runs the ropes, but is taken out by a Back Elbow. Ziggler fights back, following with a Dropkick. Rusev takes Ziggler down with knees to the gut. Rusev runs to Ziggler, but pulls the ropes down. Ziggler connects with another Dropkick, taking Rusev to the floor. Ziggler is thrown into the steel steps.


Rusev is hit with a Chinbreaker. Rusev runs to the corner, but is rolled up. Ziggler goes for a Fameasser, but is picked up. Ziggler rolls him up, but is kicked out. Rusev goes for a Slam, but Ziggler gets out, hitting a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler connects with a Stinger Splash, following with punches in the corner. Rusev connects with a Spinning Heel Kick. Ziggler reverses a Slam into an attempted Zig Zag, but Rusev slams into him. Rusev goes for the Accolade, but is hit with a Zig Zag. Rusev is pinned, but kicked out. Ziggler goes for a DDT, but is thrown away, and hit with a Superkick.

Winner: Rusev - Pinfall (Superkick)

After the match, Rusev locks in the Accolade.

Backstage, a knock is on Kane's office. Kane says he just the man he wanted to see.


Backstage, Kane speaks to Cesaro, saying his loyalty to Team Authority is not ignored. Cesaro says he enjoyed embracing John Cena on Raw. Kane says what wasn't funny was Erick Rowan joining Team Cena. Kane wants Cesaro to slaughter the lamb that is Rowan. Cesaro says, "long live the Authority."


The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores

Miz and Diego lock up, as Miz is rolled up. Diego connects with a Senton to Miz's back, as Fernando tags himself. The two switchblade the ropes, as Mizdow is taken out. Miz locks in a Headlock, as Mizdow is tagged. Mizdow connects with a Neckbreaker. Miz tags himself back in, as Diego cleans house. Miz is taken to the floor, as Diego throws him into the Usos. Mizdown throws himself into Gold and Stardust. Diego connects with a Crossbody for the win.

Winner: Diego - Pinfall (Crossbody)


Dean Ambrose talks about his eccentricities saying he has a few screws loose. Dean Ambrose says he is a survivor. Dean says when he was younger, his mother sent him to the store with $20 to buy some cigarettes and some scratch off tickets. Dean said some guys found him and roughed him up pretty good. Dean says when he told his mother, she gave him a pair of brass knuckles, and told him to not let it happen again. Dean says that was his survival kit. Dean sasys he is not his own survival kit. Dean says he will survive and put Wyatt down.

Bray Wyatt is in a cell, saying he is Dean's father. Bray says this is to remind him that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Bray says this is his future. Bray says this is what is to come when Dean prays to a false deity. Wyatt says they could have ruled the world, but he changed that. Instead, Wyatt says he will leave the cell, and will leave Dean drowning in a pool of his own filth, like his father. Wyatt says it will never end in the cell. Wyatt says it never ends.


Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

AJ is dressed as Nikki Bella. They lock up, as AJ fixes her bra and trunks. AJ locks in a Headlock, as Brie transitions into an Arm Bar. AJ gets out, as Bella smashes AJ into the corner. AJ slams Bries head into her chest. AJ takes out the bra stuffing and hits Brie with it. Bella locks in a Half Crab, but AJ grabs the rope. AJ locks in a Guillotine. AJ locks in a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Brie connects with a knee, following with a Missile Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Nikki gets on the apron, but AJ throws Brie into her. AJ rolls her up for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee - Pinfall (Roll Up)


Cesaro vs. Erick Rowan

Cesaro slaps the mask off of Rowan. Erick throws him around and out of the ring. Rowan follows picking him apart with strikes. Cesaro fights him off the apron, and goes for a Suplex. Rowan gets back into the ring, but is hit with a Dropkick. Cesaro goes to whip Rowan, but is locked in a Bearhug. Cesaro goes to roll him up, but Cesaro hits some headbutts. Cesaro runs the ropes, but is hit with a Power Slam. Cesaro puts Rowan into the ropes, and locks in a Sleeper. Cesaro goes top rope, but is thrown to the mat. Rowan connects with a Pumphandle Backbreaker. Rowan follows with a Torture Rack.

Winner: Erick Rowan - Submission (Torture Rack)

Luke Harper comes down to the ring. Harper keeps attempting to get into the ring, but walks away.


Renee Young interviews Team Cena, about they will all be fired if they lose. Big Show says they now both can fight for their jobs. Ryback says tonight the Big Guy and Big Show will feed on Rollins and Ryback. Ziggler says he has been put through the ringer. Ziggler says when he had the IC Title, he shared it will everyone. Ziggler says there is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Rowan simply says freedom, as the whole team says it putting their fists together.

Big Show and Ryback vs. Seth Rollins and Kane

Ryback takes Rollins to the corner. whipping him to the opposite. Rollins rolls to the floor. Seth gets back throwing strikes, and show is tagged. Ryback is tagged back in, as Rollins is thrown back. Rollins goes off the top rope, but is caught in a Front Powerslam. Ryback sends both Rollins and Kane over the ropes. Triple H and The Authority interrupt.


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