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WWE Smackdown Results (11/28/14) -Seize the New Day

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WWE Smackdown Results - (11/28/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

In the ring, Miz and Mizdow welcome everybody to Miz TV. Miz says the most notable thing from Survivor Series was him winning the Tag Team Championships. Miz speaks of his guest for the night, the man who knocked out John Cena, the Big Show. Show makes his way to the ring.

Miz says the Superstars have a lot of negative things about Show. Miz says Show's only mistake was joining Team Cena in the first place. Show says Miz is correct, saying he has to protect himself and his family. Show begins to talk about Erick Rowan, doing the same thing as the people, judging him without knowing his situation. Daniel Bryan interrupts.

Daniel says it's been far to long. Bryan says Show asked if anyone wanted to speak against him on Raw, and Bryan is here to do just that. Daniel first starts by asking the crowd if they are ready for his Smackdown. Bryan says since he is running the show, he has some great matches planned out. Bryan first puts Ryback against Seth Rollins in a singles match. Bryan also makes an Intercontinental Championship match, between Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler.

Miz begins to interrupt, asking for Daniel to stop stealing the spotlight. Daniel says Mizdow already has taken it from Miz. Daniel wants to continue, as Show gets in Bryan's face, asking for him to get out. Bryan reminds everyone about his plans for Rusev should he not do the Pledge of Allegiance. Bryan says there will be a United States Championship Battle Royal, with the featured participants being Miz, Mizdow, Show and Erick Rowan.

Rowan makes his way to the ring.


United States Championship 20-Man Battle Royal: Rusev [C] vs. Adam Rose, Justin Gabriel, Big Show, Cesaro, Curtis Axel, Damien Mizdow, Diego, Erick Rowan, Fernando, Goldust, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Miz, Sin Cara, Stardust, Titus O'Neil, and Tyson Kidd

Gabriel is the first eliminated, as Cara follows shortly after. Slater is thrown out by Rowan. Cesaro takes Axel out. The Matadores throw Rose out. Show then takes both Diego and Fernando out at the same time. Show and Rowan have a stand off, as they go at it. The two trade strikes, as Rowan goes after him in the corner with some splashes. Rowan then takes out Show with a Clothesline, eliminating him. Rusev takes advantage, eliminating Rowan.


The Miz is eliminated by Stardust, as Mizdow throws himself out. Swagger eliminates Gold & Stardust. Jimmy goes to the top, but is kicked out by Titus. Titus goes for Jey, but is eliminated by Uso. Kidd connects with a Pendulum Gamengiri and eliminated Uso. Rusev, Swagger, Cesaro and Kidd are the final four. The three heels go after Swagger, as he holds his own against all of them. Swagger cleans house and connects with a Swagger Bomb to Rusev. Kidd slingshots in the ring, but is caught and thrown out by Swagger. Rusev goes for Swagger, but stops as Cesaro goes for it. Rusev is thrown out by Cesaro, but catches closely. Swagger eliminates Cesaro off the apron, as Rusev Superkicks him to the floor.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Rusev - Elimination (Superkick)

Kane is behind the merchandise table, selling shirts. Santino Marella goes up for a shirt, but Kane scowls at him, as he yells and runs away.


Bray Wyatt speaks of Dean Ambrose climbing the ladder looked like an angel ascending to the heavens. Wyatt says there isn't room for people like them up there, and they belong somewhere different. Wyatt says he laid suffering, along with his own thoughts, as the pain started to feel euphoric. Wyatt says for a short while he felt like he failed Dean, but actually failed himself. Wyatt says Dean's demons mold him, but he molds the demons. Wyatt says they are at his command and the Devil does some strange things. Wyatt says they have reached the point of no return. Tables, Ladders and Chairs will be where Bray will smile after putting him back where he belongs. In the dirt; with the rest of the insects.


Diva's Champion Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs. Emma

They lock up, as Emma is taken to the mat with a shoulder. Emma rolls up Nikki, but a kick out. Emma is hit with a Hammerlock Body Slam. Nikki throws Emma to the corner, but is locked in to the Dilemma. Emma gets out and slaps Nikki in the face. Emma is hit with a back elbow and a second rope Heel Kick. Nikki finishes with a Rack Attack.

Winner: Nikki Bella - Pinfall (Rack Attack)

Nikki starts talking about AJ, as she says that Lee always talk about her sob story. Nikki says she has worked harder. Bella says she is what a real Diva's Champion looks like. Nikki says through her fearless eyes, AJ will always be a pathetic and manipulating little girl. Lee interrupts, taking out both Bellas.


Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins w/ J & J Security vs. Ryback

They lock up, as Rollins is backed into the corner. Ryback catches a boot and trips him up. Pin, but a kick out. Seth locks in a Headlock, but is thrown into the ropes. Rollins is caught in the air, and hit with a Body Slam. Rollins rolls out of the ring, but returns in with strikes. Rollins is chopped in the corner multiple times. Rollins reverses and does some of his own. Ryback returns the favor with a Clothesline. Ryback throws Rollins into the opposite corner, and runs to him, but his shoulder hits the ring post. Rollins attacks him on the floor, and rolls him back in. Rollins connects with a Corner Elbow Strike. The two trade chops in the middle of the ring. Ryback runs the ropes, but is taken out with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback goes to throw Ryback into the corner, but is rolled up. Kick out. Rollins connects with a Reverse STO into the turnbuckles to Ryback. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins connects with a fist from the second rope. Rollins goes for it again, but is hit with a Front Powerslam. Rollins takes a knee to Ryback, following by throwing him into the steel steps.


Rollins has a Side Headlock applied, but Ryback reverses into a Body Slam. Rollins rolls to the apron, and is sent into the ring. Rollins runs the ropes, but is hit with a Back Body Drop/ Ryback goes for a Powerbomb, but Rollins gets out with an Enzuigiri. Rollins follows with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins is caught on the top, as Ryback picks him up. Rollins gets out into a Powerbomb position, but Ryback holds on. J and J distract, as Noble hits Ryback's hands. Ryback connects with a Bucklebomb. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins runs the ropes, but is Gorilla Press Slammed onto J and J. Ryback connects with a Meat Hook, following with a Shell Shock. Kane runs to the ring with a chair. Ryback connects with a Spinebuster to him, as he grabs the chair. Rollins holds onto it, as Kane connects with a Big Boot.

Winner: Ryback - Disqualification (Interference)

Rollins hands the chair to Ryback, as he unloads on the back of the Big Guy. Kane then connects with a Chokeslam to Ryback onto the chair. Kane rips off the the Ryback shirt he was wearing from before, and stands over him.


New Day (Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston) vs. Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil) and Curtis Axel

Woods starts off against Aexl, taking him out with a Dropkick. Kingston is tagged, as he Double Stomps the arm of Curtis. Kingston runs the ropes, as he and Woods kick Axel and Big E connects with a Splash. Big E holds Woods in a Wheelbarrow into a Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Slater distracts, as Axel hits a Dropkick. Slater is tagged, as he connects with stomps. Titus is tagged, as he does a Rib Breaker. Axel is tagged back, as he is hit with an Enziguri. Kingston is tagged, as he cleans house. Kingston is thrown to the corner, but hits a Springboard. Axel breaks the pin. Big E is tagged, as he catapults Kofi to the floor. Big E and Woods connects with a Big Ending and DDT.

Winners: New Day - Pinfall (Assisted Big Ending)

Santino Marella does a WWE Shop sales pitch.


Raw Rebound

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Daniel Bryan. Daniel speaks about how much he has missed the WWE Universe. Daniel says the last thing he wants to do before he is taken out, he is making Kane vs. Ryback in a Chairs Match official for TLC. Renee asks if he will be back soon, as he starts a Yes chant.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Luke Harper [C] vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler immediately pins, but a kick out. Ziggler takes Harper out with a Dropkick, as he falls to the floor.


Ziggler throws Harper into the ring post, and into the ring. Ziggler connects with a Crossbody and pins, but a kick out. Ziggler goes for a Splash, but hits the corner. Harper stands on Ziggler's neck. Harper goes for a Suplex, but drops Dolph, and hits an Uppercut. Pin, but a kick out. Harper locks in a Headlock, but is taken out with a Jaw Breaker. Ziggler connects with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Ziggler follows with a Neckbreaker. Ziggler connects with an Elbow Drop and pins. Harper goes for a Powerbomb, but Ziggler rolls him up. Kick out. Ziggler connects with a Jumping DDT. Ziggler goes for a Superkick, as Harper moves. Ziggler then rolls him up. Harper connects with a Swinging Side Slam. Harper goes for a Powerbomb, but Ziggler reverses into a Facebuster. Ziggler hits a Fameasser. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler goes top rope, but Harper trips him. Harper follows with a Big Boot and a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler rolls out of the ring, as Harper throws him over the announce table. Harper throws Ziggler around, but hits a Superkick. Harper is counted out, as Ziggler rolls into the ring.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler - Countout

Harper attacks Ziggler, and grabs the Intercontinental Championship. Harper goes to hit Ziggler with the belt, but he hits a Zig Zag to Harper. Ziggler stands over Harper as the show ends.

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