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WWE Smackdown Results (12/26/14) - Nearing the End

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WWE Smackdown Results - (8/22/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

Hulk Hogan is welcomed to the ring. Hogan mentions he is running Smackdown tonight, and goes over his favorite moments, like celebrating with Daniel Bryan after he won the WWE Championship and winning the Tag Team titles with Edge. Seth Rollins interrupts.

Rollins says he really wanted to just shake the hand of Hogan. Rollins goes on to say that Hogan is kind of like the Seth Rollins of the 80's, based on their accomplishments. Rollins says Hulk was one of the reasons of him getting into wrestling, but he has no business being in the ring. Seth says if Hogan is going to be in power tonight, he might as well tell the people about the future of the WWE. Hogan says when it comes to the future, he isn't sure about him being the future. Hogan says Dolph Ziggler as one of the names, as this brings him out.

Ziggler says it is humbling to hear that from Hogan. Dolph says Seth is right, though, that he is the future. Ziggler says that is all he talks about. Rollins says Dolph doesn't see the big picture, saying it isn't a popularity contest. Rollins threatens to Curbstomp Ziggler, but Dolph reminds him he gets back up every time. Big Show interrupts.

Show says to Rollins, sometimes you just have to take what you want by force. Show says he will knock out Hulk Hogan, and as a bonus, take out Ziggler too. This brings out Roman Reigns.

Reigns tells him if Show comes through the ropes, he is going to get punched in the mouth, in front of his wife and kids, referring to Rollins and J&J. Hogan asks the audience what they think about a tag match, while he makes it official, where Ziggler and Reigns will face Rollins and Show.


Ryback vs. Kane

Ryback hits Kane with some strikes, taking him to the corner, but is stopped short with a Big Boot. Kane takes him to the corner, hitting him with some strikes. Kane hard whips Ryback to the corner. Ryback ends up getting hit with a Spinebuster. Rusev makes his way to the ring, but is stopped before he gets in the ring. Ryback escapes a Chokeslam with a Meathook and Shell Shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback - Pinfall (Shell Shock)

Rusev gets in the ring, but keeps Kane from attacking. As he turns around, he is blasted with a Superkick by Rusev. Kane then chokeslams Ryback twice, left for Rusev, who locks him in the Accolade. Multiple refs try to break the hold, but they can't and Rusev lets go after Ryback passes out.


Backstage, Hulk Hogan puts Rusev in a United States Championship Match.

Alicia Fox vs. Naomi

They lock up, as Naomi locks in a Side Headlock. Fox connects with a Single Leg Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Naomi does a Float Over, and is kicked away. Naomi connects with a Spinning Calf Kick. Fox connects with a Spinning Backbreaker. Fox connects with a Northern Lights Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Naomi hits a Roundhouse off the apron, following with a Stunner into the ropes. Naomi connects witha Flipping Lariat. Naomi goes for a Sunset Flip, but is put into the mat. Fox goes to the top rope, but is hit with a Gamengiri. Naomi connects with a Split Legged Moonsault for the win.

Winner: Naomi - Pinfall (Split Legged Moonsault)


Raw Rebound

Jimmy Uso talks about Naomi being on a roll. Naomi cheers him on, as they do their handshake and kiss.


Adam Rose vs. R-Truth

Truth ducks a clothesline with a split, but is taken out by Rose in the corner. Rose pins, but a kick out. Adam connects with a Snap Suplex. Truth connects with a Spinning Calf Kick, and is taken out with clotheslines. Truth goes for a Suplex, but is thrown into the ring post. Rose connects with a Party Foul.

Winner: Adam Rose - Pinfall (Party Foul)


United States Championship Match: Rusev [C] w/ Lana vs. Dean Ambrose

They lock up, as Dean was taken to the corner. Dean switches, as he throws kicks and shoulders to Rusev. Ambrose puts Rusev in the ropes, as he throws two Dropkicks. Dean then connects with a Tope Suicida. Dean brings him in the rope and rolls him up. Pin, but a kick out. Rusev drops Dean on the ropes, as he connects with Elbow Drops. Rusev locks in a Rear Headlock. Dean stomps on Rusev's feet, but is hit with a knee to the gut.


Rusev connects with a Fallaway Slam to Dean. Rusev then connects with a Superkick. Rusev goes for the Accolade, but Ambrose crawls to the ropes before he can lock it in. Dean rolls up Rusev, but a kick out. Dean connects with a Jawbreaker Lariat. Dean then goes off the top rope for an Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Dean throws Rusev to the barricade, as Bray Wyatt interrupts the match.

Winner: Dean Ambrose - Disqualification (Interference)

Wyatt attacks Dean, as the two fight on the floor, and over the announce table. Wyatt clears the announce table, but is hit in the face with a chair.


Tag Team Champion The Miz vs. Jimmy Uso

Miz locks in a Waist Lock, as he stomps down Jimmy. Miz rolls to the floor, as Miz goes to follow him. Jimmy throws Miz into the apron. Uso takes Miz to the corner, with some chops. Jimmy goes for a hip, but Miz rolls out. Jimmy throws him back into the ring, as Miz pleads. Miz goes for a handshake, but is blasted with two Superkicks. Jimmy hits a Samoan Splash for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso - Pinfall (Samoan Splash)


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins and Big Show

Ziggler does an Arm Drag to Rollins. Roman is tagged, as Rollins gets away, and tagged Show. They lock up, as Roman runs the ropes. Show takes out Roman with a shoulder. Rollins is taken down by the arm, and thrown into the corner. Ziggler is tagged, as he connects with a Neckbreaker.


Show connects with a Final Cut to Ziggler. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler is whipped to the corner. Show goes again, but is taken out with a Fameasser. Rollins is tagged, as he cuts off Ziggler. Rollins misses with a Splash, as Roman is tagged. Reigns cleans house, as J and J try to interfere. Rollins rolls up Reigns, but he kicks out. Rollins hits a Superkick, but another kick out. Roman ducks a Roundhouse, and picks up Rollins. Show goes for a Chokeslam, but gets out. Ziggler hits a Superkick, and Roman a SPear. Roman is taken to the floor, as J and J attack him. Rollins then hits a Tope Suicida. Ziggler goes after Rollins on the apron, but he jumps in the ring. Rollins is then hit with a Spear from Roman.

Winners: Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler - Pinfall (Spear)

Reigns and Ziggler celebrate to end the show.

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