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WWE Smackdown Results (2/7/14) - The Gauntlet Continues...

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WWE Smackdown Results - (2/7/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

Daniel Bryan is welcomed to the ring. Bryan says the crowd is great, but goes on to speak of what happened on Raw. Bryan said The Authority would consider making him the face of the WWE if he beat Orton, but he says he wants to be him. Bryan says when he beat Orton, Kane showed his true colors, by Chokeslamming Bryan. A highlight is shown.

Bryan says ever since Kane aligned with The Authority, he tried to stay out of his way. Now, Bryan wants to know why his former tag partner and friend would stab him in the back. Kane makes his way to the ramp. Bryan says he can't hear Kane from the ramp, and wants him to come down to the ring so they can talk. Kane doesn't accept, but however, does apologize. Kane says he acted on his own, and it was unprofessional. Bryan asks Kane what the hell he is talking about. Bryan reminds Kane of Team Hell No, and their hugging it out. Bryan wonders what happened to that Kane. Bryan says that Kane made him a better person and was his friend. Bryan said The Authority tried to put him in a suit also, but he told them to shove it. Kane embraced it. Bryan said Kane should get his mask back and get rid of Corporate Kane. Kane said they had history, but it's just that. Kane says their days as a team are over and that they aren't friends and never were. Kane says in this business, you can make friends or money, and he is well off. Bryan says he is too, because of everyone in the arena right now. Bryan then challenges Kane, but he is put in a match against Antonio Cesaro.

The Shield make their way to the ring.


Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston are in the ring.

The Shield (United States Champion Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns) w/ Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston

Kingston and Ambrose lock up, as Dean does a Side Headlock Takeover. Ambrose does a Wrist Lock, but Kofi fets a Headlock in. Kofi trips Dean, and does a Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler is tagged, as he and Kofi do a Double Armdrag. Pin, but a kick out. Dean runs the ropes and tackles Ziggler. Dolph ducks a Clothesline, and connects with 10 Elbow Drops. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler is backed into the corner, as Roman is tagged. Roman chokes Ziggler in the ropes. Dean is tagged, as he kicks Ziggler's arm. Dean then connects with a Twist Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Dean goes for a Suplex, but Ziggler reverses into a Dropkick. Kingston is tagged, as he goes for a forearm. Dean catches him, but throws him into the ropes. Roman then connects with a Flying Dropkick from the floor to the apron. Roman gets back in the ring and pins, but a kick out.


Dean connects with a Butterfly Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Dean locks in a Chinlock, and knees Kofi. Dean sits Kofi on the top rope, and follows up. Kingston knocks Dean down, and connects with a Diving Crossbody. Dean holds Kofi from getting a pin, but Kingston connects with a Spinning Roundhouse. ZIggler tags, as he cleans house on Roman. Ziggler connencts with punches in the corner and a Neckbreaker. Ziggler goes for a Fameasser, but Reigns reverses into a Spinning Slam. Roman goes for a Superman Punch, but Dean tries to tag. Roman moves, as Kingston takes out Dean. Ziggler then hits a DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler goes for a Zig Zag, but Roman pushes him off. Roman then connects with a Superman Punch, and follows with a Spear. Roman then tags Dean, so he gets the pin for the win.

Winner: The Shield (Pinfall)

The Wyatt Family cut a promo on the Titantron. Wyatt says they are consumed with pride, beating their chests, trying to see who has the sharpest teeth. Bray says The Shield believes them to be a joke, but if only they could see the monster behind his eyes, they would see how real he is. Harper says those who deny them will be the first to burn.


Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Ryback is in the ring.

Sheamus vs. Ryback w/ Curtis Axel

They lock up, as Sheamus locks in a Side Headlock. Ryback pushes him against the ropes, but takes him out with a forearm. Axel tries pulling on Sheamus leg. Sheamus goes back to Ryback, as he is thrown against the ropes. Sheamus is popped up, but catches Ryback into a Rolling Senton. Sheamus goes to the floor, and connects with a Brouge Kick to Axel. Sheamus, on the apron, connects with clubs to the chest. Ryback reverses, and powers Sheamus to the mat with a Spinebuster. Ryback connects with a Clothesline in the corner, and hard whips him into the opposite. Ryback connects with a Body Slam, followed by a Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback works the left shoulder of Sheamus, but he gets out. Ryback picks up Sheamus, connecting with a Backpack Stunner. Ryback goes top rope, and goes for a Splash. Sheamus blocks a right hand, and connects with fists. Sheamus connects with clubs. Sheamus goes for a Running Knee, but he is picked up. Sheamus connects with White Noise, and goes for a Brouge. Sheamus runs to him, but Ryback reverses it into a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback goes for a Meathook, but is hit with a Brouge Kick.

Winner: Sheamus (Pinfall)


A Legend's House teaser is shown.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio about his attack on Batista. Young asks him why he continues to antagonize Batista, as he says he will tame the animal.

The Real Americans make their way to the ring.


Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro w/ Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter

They lock up, as Daniel gets a Waist Lock. Cesaro takes Daniel to the mat, but he is wrestled to the corner. Cesaro chops Daniel multiple times. Daniel connects with kicks to Cesaro. Daniel gets a Muay Thai clinch with knees, and then whips Cesaro. Antonio is kneed in the gut. Cesaro connects with a European Uppercut. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro tries to pin Daniel, but he bridges out. Daniel pops up, and does a Monkey Flip. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro goes for a Powerbomb. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro locks a Side Headlock, but is thrown against the ropes. Cesaro runs , but is hit with an Arm Drag. Daniel locks in an Arm Bar. Cesaro picks him up, and connects with a Suplex. Cesaro whips Daniel to the corner, and connects with a European Uppercut. Cesaro connects with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro locks in a Headlock, as Daniel stands out. Cesaro whips Daniel, as he backflips out. Cesaro is taken out with a Clothesline. Daniel connects with a Dropkick to the corner, and sits Cesaro top rope. Daniel connects with a Frankensteiner. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel connects with kicks to the chest of Cesaro, but misses with a Roundhouse. Cesaro rolls him up, but a kick out. Daniel goes for the Yes Lock, but Cesaro puts him into a Backbreaker.


Cesaro digs a knee into the side of Daniel's head. Bryan stands out, and pushes him to the corner. Cesaro gets out with a Big Boot. Daniel grabs the ropes down, sending Cesaro to the floor. Daniel goes on the apron for a Busaiku Knee, but he hits Swagger. Daniel throws Cesaro into the barricade, and back into the ring. Daniel dives off the top rope, but is hit with a European Uppercut. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing, but is rolled up. Cesaro connects with a Clotheslines. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Daniel gets out. Bryan runs from the corner, doing a La Mistica into a Yes Lock for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (Submission)

Kane makes his way to the ring, but Cesaro attacks him from behind. Cesaro then connects with a Neutralizer. Kane then connects with a Chokeslam.

Renee Young interviews Randy Orton backstage, asking him about his upcoming matches. Orton says the fact that Bryan beat him was a fluke, and will prove that by beating Christian, Cena, and Cesaro and Sheamus following. Orton says he will win the Chamber, and remain the greatest Superstar of this generation or any other.

AJ makes her way to the ring.


An Ernie Ladd video is shown.

An Alexander Rusev vignette is shown.

Diva's Champion AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

They lock up, as Lee gets a Side Headlock. Nikki throws her across the ring. Bella tries to roll up Nikki, but powers her into the corner. Bella connects with a Body Slam. AJ is thrown to the corner, but gets a Sleeper Hold on. Nikki backs AJ into the corner, but connects with a Dropkick to the back of Bella's head. Lee goes for a Neckbreaker, but is hit with a Backbreaker. Bella throws AJ, and goes for a Argentine Slam. Tamina goes on the apron, as Brie is thrown into her. Nikki is distracted, as AJ kicks the rope into her neck. Lee the locks in the Black Widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee (Submission)

Titus O'Neil "interviews" Renee Young backstage. Titus is asked why he attack Darren. Titus says they tagged for 2 years, but for 731 days he was off. Titus says he could have won a lot of belts in that time. Titus says Darren has nice hair, but that is about it. Titus says he looks and smells good, and the only weight he will carry is championship gold. Darren attacks Titus, ambushing him before being pulled off by refs.


Goldust is in the ring, with Cody Rhodes.

Goldust w/ Cody Rhodes vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

They lock up, but Wuatt is taken over with an Arm Drag. Wyatt throws Goldust, but misses with a corner Splash. Wyatt then leans backwards, as Goldust backs away. Wyatt runs the ropes, and connects with a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Wyatt goes to the floor, and hits Goldust on the apron. Bray connects with a Falling Headbutt. Wyatt locks in a Claw Hold on Goldust's shoulder. Wyatt whips Goldust into the corner, but he gets out with a Springboard Elbow. Wyatt misses with a Clothesline, as Goldust connects with an Uppercut. Goldust connects with punches in the corner, and connects with a Headscissors Takeover off the top. Wyatt runs the ropes, as Goldust connects with a Spinebuster. Goldust goes after Wyatt goes to the floor, as he connects with a Flip Senton. Wyatt takes the attack on Goldust, as the rest of the family attack Rhodes. Wyatt connects with a Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt (Pinfall)

Cody covers Goldust from the Wyatts, laying over his body. The Shield appear on the Titantron, addressing their eailier promo. Dean says they have a lot of pride, because they are the best unit in the industry. Dean says they will own at the Chamber. Seth says he will scrape their beards with the bottom of his boot. Roman says one of the them could have become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but they cost them that chance. Dean tells them to believe in the Shield.


Christian makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

They lock up, but back away. Orton gets a Side Headlock, but is thrown against the ropes. Christian takes out Orton with a shoulder. Orton takes the attack, but is thrown out of the ring. Christian connects with a Dropkick through the ropes, and goes for a Plancha. Orton moves out of the way, and throws Christian back in the ring. Orton goes for Christian to the corner, but is hit with an elbow. Christian goes top rope, and connects with a Crossbody.


Orton is whipped to the corner, but ducks under a boot from Orton. Christian has the legs, but Orton drives Christian into the ring post face first. Orton connects with a Back Suplex to Christian across the barricade. Christian is thrown back into the ring and pinned. Kick out. Orton connects with Garvin Stomps. Christian is hit in the corner with a European Uppercut. Orton then hard whips Christian back and forth. Orton goes up to him, but is hit with a slap. Orton then connects with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Orton has a Headlock, but is hit with a Back Suplex. The two trade strikes in the missile of the ring, where Christian gets the upperhand. Christian connects with fists in the corner, but is taken out with a Clothesline. Christian goes to the floor, but snaps Orton in the ropes. Christian goes top rope, and connects with a Diving Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Christian connects with a Flashpoint. Christian goes for a Killswitch, but is hit with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Orton throws Christian into the ring post, and puts him on the apron. Orton goes for a DDT, but Christian pushes him into the ropes and slaps him from the floor. Christian goes top rope, but misses with a Frogsplash. Orton connects with a Rope Hung DDT. Orton goes for an RKO, but it is reverses into a Backslide. Kick out. Christian goes for a Killswitch, but is pushed into the corner. Christian goes for a Springboard, but is hit with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton (Pinfall)


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