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WWE Smackdown Results (3/7/14) - The Summit's Peak

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WWE Smackdown Results - (3/7/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

The show begins with a highlight, showing Daniel Bryan confronting Triple H for a match at Wrestlemania XXX. After Triple H demands Daniel leave the ring, Kane and the security are called out to take Daniel out of the ring. Highlights of Daniel's match later in the night against Batista are shown, as the Authority come out and distract Daniel. Batista throws Bryan into Randy Orton, who then attacks Bryan in the ring. Orton attacks both men, as Bryan takes out Kane into Triple H. Bryan lays in the ring, as Triple H talks over him, but is kicked in the head. Batista hits Bryan with a Batista Bomb and Triple H hits him with a Pedigree.

Batista is welcomed to the ring. Batista says last week, he asked where all the real men in the WWE went. Batista says the answer he got was Dolph Ziggler, who he called a little pretty boy looking to make his 15 minutes of fame. Batista says he destroyed him, like he said he would. Batista says on Raw, he faced Daniel Bryan, with the same outcome. Batista says he is the superhero, but is humble and doesn't need to be cheered. Daniel Bryan interrupts.

Bryan says Batista thinks he is the hero, but asks the audience, who boos the question. Batista says he isn't either, and says the business went wrong when they let fans into the locker room, because that is all Bryan is. Bryan says Batista's skinny jeans are cutting off the circulation to his brain, because Bryan did take out Kane and Orton, while kicking Triple H. Bryan says he had Batista beat. Bryan says he is a fan, and is like all the people, and tells Batista he should be embarrassed a fan nearly took him out. Batista says he shouldn't assume that he knows what he is thinking, he is bigger, faster, stronger and better looking than Bryan. Batista says he is smarter, because when he returned, it became his universe. Batista says if Bryan keeps running his mouth, he will end his existence in his universe. Bryan says he doesn't want to exist in a universe where belly button tattoos and nose rings are cool. Batista swings for Bryan, but takes out Batista with a Dropkick. Kane interrupts.

Daniel is attacked from behind by Batista, as Kane joins the assault. Big Show makes the save. Vickie Guerrero interrupts, saying they are acting like a bunch of animals. Guerrero makes a tag match, between Kane and Batista against Daniel Bryan and Big Show.


A highlight from Raw is shown, where Christian assaulted Sheamus backstage.

Christian is already in the ring. Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring.

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler

They lock up, as Ziggler gets a Side Headlock. Ziggler is pushed into the ropes, as he takes out Christian with a shoulder. Christian slaps Ziggler ad whips him. Ziggler runs the ropes, and follows with a strut. ZIggler runs at Christian with a Clothesline. Christian slaps Ziggler, but is hit with a flurry of Elbow Drops. Pin, but a kick out. Christian pushes Ziggler to the floor, but misses with a Baseball Slide. Christian picks up Ziggler, and slams him into the apron. Christian follows with a Catapult into the steel steps.


Christian slams Ziggler, head first, into the mat. Christian connects with another Catapult to Ziggler in the ropes. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler pulls on the neck of Ziggler, but is hit with a Chin Breaker. Ziggler grabs him, but is elbowed in the face. Christian connects with a kick and goes off the second rope. Christian goes for a Crossbody, but is hit with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler connects with multiple punches in the corner, followed by a Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Ziggler jumps over the top of Christian, and connects with a DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Christian backs to the corner, but goes for a pin with his feet on the ropes. The pin is not counted, as Ziggler runs to Christian. ZIggler is blasted with a boot, but manages a Facebuster from the top rope. Ziggler pins, but a kick out. Alberto Del Rio gets on the announce table, distracting Ziggler, allowing Christian to hit the Killswitch.

Winner: Christian (Pinfall)

Renee Young asks Christian in the ring about why his anger is directed at Sheamus, as he comes to the ring and assaults Christian. Sheamus misses with a Brouge Kick, as Christian crawls up the ramp.


Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) vs. RybAxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel)

Jey and Axel start off, as Ryback immediately tags. Jey dodges a hit from Ryback, and connects with a headbutt and chops. Jimmy is tagged, as they both connects with chops and slaps to Ryback. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback locks in a Side Headlock, and runs the ropes, as Axel tags himself. Jimmy runs the ropes, but Axel pulls them down. Axel goes to the floor, driving Jimmy into the apron. Axel is whipped, but knees Jimmy in the face. Pin, but a kick out. Axel connects with a Slingshot Elbow to Uso on the apron, as Ryback is tagged. Ryback twists the arm, and picks up Jimmy, then slamming him. Ryback gets the elbow of Uso, who stands out. Ryback connects with a Bodyslam, as he goes second rope. Ryback goes for a Splash, but Jey is tagged. Ryback is hit with a Superkick in the gut, and slapped. Uso connects with a Full Nelson Slam. Jey follows with a Corner Hip Attack. Pin, but Axel breaks it. Axel is sent to the floor, as Jimmy and Jey Superkick Ryback in the ring. Jimmy dives to Axel on the floor, while Jey connects with a Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos (Pinfall)

Raw Rebound


Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Kane, ask he speaks of him constantly challenging Triple H. Kane says he will rip off his beard, and shove it down his throat.

Diva's Champion AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka vs. Natalya and Eva Marie

Tamina starts off with Eva, taking her in a Headlock. Marie locks in a Headlock of herself, and takes out Tamina, with a shoulder. Eva connects with an Arm Drag, as Eva is backed into the corner. AJ shoves her, as Tamina stomps her. Lee is tagged, as she whips Marie. AJ connects with a Back Elbow. Pin, but a kick out. Eva is backed into the corner again, as Tamina is tagged. Snuka connects with a European Uppercut, and tags AJ. Lee connects with a kick to the gut of Eva. AJ locks in a Sleeper Hold, as Marie crawls to her corner. AJ grabs her legs, but is kicked away. Natalya is tagged, as she cleans house. AJ is hit with multiple Snap Suplexes. AJ kicks Natalya, but she is hit with a Michinoku Driver II. Pin, but Tamina breaks it. Tamina gets in the ring, but is taken out with a Discus Lariat. AJ goes for the Black Widow, but Natalya reverses into a Sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: Natalya and Eva Marie (Submission)

A Paul Bearer Hall of Fame video is shown.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring.


Dean says he can handle getting beat up and hurt, but can't tolerate being lied to by someone he trusts. Ambrose says he was under the impression that the Shield had each others backs. Dean says Seth walked out on them in the middle of a war. Dean says he knows Seth is hear, because he called the Summit, but after all the wars they have been through, he will start another one. Seth makes his way to the ring.

Roman says he hopes Rollins though about what he has to say. Rollins says him leaving them in the middle of a match wasn't probably the best time to prove a point. Rollins says the Shield hasn't been the same for a while. Seth says he sacrificed himself for the greater good. Dean says he left them for dead. Ambrose said he fought off, and he walked off. Seth says for the first time in months, they are working together. Seth says he has proven his point, and is half way there. Rollins gets in the ring, and says they can all walk away. Rollins says they are all talented, but together, no one can touch them. Rollins says they need to be the Shield and take this place back. Dean starts pushing Rollins, as Roman pushes Dean away. Rollins says he knows what will make him better, as he slaps Dean across the face. Rollins says that felt great, but says he will sacrifice again. Rollins takes a shot from Ambrose, and asks if they are done. Rollins puts out his fistm as Roman joins in. Dean joins in too, putting them all on the same page again.


Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up, as Del Rio goes after the arm of Sheamus. Del Rio backs him into the corner, but connects with kicks. Sheamus fights back, connecting with shoulders in the corner. Del Rio is sent over the top rope, as Sheamus dives off the apron. Del Rio moves, but is caught in a Rolling Senton on the floor. Del Rio throws Sheamus into the barricade, and rolls him back into the ring. Sheamus connects with knees to the face of Del Rio. Alberto rolls to the floor, as Sheamus follows, but is sent into the steel steps. Del Rio connects with a Dropkick to Sheamus' arm against the steps.


Del Rio connects with an Enziguri in the corner to Sheamus. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio locks in an Arm Bar, as Sheamus gets out with punches. Del Rio is whipped, but kicks Sheamus. Del Rio runs the ropes, but is sent through the rope and gets his arms stuck. Sheamus then connects with a Clothesline. Sheamus runs to a cornered Del Rio, but is kneed in the arm. Sheamus then connects with a Tilt-a-whirl Slam with the other. Pin, but a kick out. Sheamus gets on the apron, connects with clubs to the chest. Del Rio snaps Sheamus' arm into the ropes, and connects with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker, but is hit with a High Knee. Del Rio runs to Sheamus, but is hit with an Irish Curse. Sheamus goes for another, but Del Rio locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Sheamus picks up Del Rio, and connects with a Powerbomb. Del Rio has it locked in still, as Sheamus gets the bottom rope with his foot. Del Rio connects with a Brouge Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus (Pinfall)

The Wyatt Family appear on the Titantron. Harper asks John Cena when he will realize that it will be a great big nothing, referring to his fame and glory. Wyatt says Cena feels the need to fill his void to protect his legacy. Wyatt says his father is war, his mother is the streets, and the world is his teacher. Wyatt says he can't save Cena, there is nothing for him to fix. Wyatt just wants to sit back and watch as it all burns down.

Backstage, Saxton interviews Batista about his match. Batista says he will run through Show and Bryan, whether Kane is there or not. Batista says after, he can focus his attention on becoming the name and face of the WWE.


Josh Matthews introduces the Panel of Experts Booker T, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Alex Riley.

Lana introduces Alexander Rusev, as he comes to the ramp and stands on the podium. Rusev introduces himself in Bulgarian.

Backstage, Young interviews Bryan and Show about their match. Bryan says Triple H isn't a real man because he hides behind anyone like Orton, Batista, and Stephanie. Show asks if he should get skinny jeans to be a real man. Show says their team is like David and Goliath, but changes his mind to Respect the Beard, Fear the Giant.


Batista and Kane are in the ring. Big Show enters the ring. Daniel Bryan enters the ring.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show vs. Batista and Kane

Bryan and Kane started, as Kane whips Daniel. Kane connects with and elbow. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel is whipped again, as he connects with a Thesz Press. Daniel takes Kane to the corner, and tags Show. Big Show whips Daniel into Kane, who connects with a Dropkick. Kane is put in the corner, and hit with a chop. Show connects with headbutts, and runs the ropes. Kane connects with a Dropkick, as Batista is tagged. Batista and Kane go for a Double Suplex, but Show Suplexes both of them. Daniel runs the ropes, and Suicide Dives onto both men.


Show connects with chops to Batista. Show tags Bryan, as he connects with kicks to the chest of Batista. Bryan throws him into the corner, and connects with more kicks. Bryan backflips out of the corner, connecting with a Running Lariat. Bryan connects with kicks to the chest of Batista, but misses with the Roundhouse. Batista connects with a Spinebuster. Pin, but a kick out. Kane is tagged, as he connects with strikes in the corner, and sits Daniel on the corner. Bryan headbutts Kane, as he falls of the corner. Daniel connects with a Missile Dropkick. Batista is tagged, as he stops Bryan from getting to Show. Batista whips Bryan into the corner, who does a Shawn Michaels bump. Bryan runs the ropes, but is hit with a Spear. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb, but gets out with a Roundhouse Kick to the head. Show is tagged, as he take out Kane. Show takes out Kane with a shoulder, as Bryan is tagged. Bryan connects with a Flying Headbutt, but the pin is broken by Batista. Show takes him to the floor. Kane is kicked in the corner, but catches Daniel in a Chokeslam. Bryan slides into a Pin, but Kane grabs the ropes. Show hits a KO Punch, allowing Daniel to roll him up.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Big Show (Pinfall)

Show holds Daniel on his shoulders to end the show.


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